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Walking the hanging bridges then visiting the Butterfly Garden and Hummingbird Gallery is an excellent way to absorb the richness of Nature while visiting the unique Monterverde eco-region. High up on the Continental Divide and sharing the same corridor as the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, this private protected park provides many opportunities to explore the amazing flora and fauna of this locale. Your bilingual naturalist guide, who roams these pathways daily keeping abreast of local wildlife activity, will be sure you don’t miss what is available at the time of your visit.

Heading out on the hanging bridges trail, you’ll be surrounded by the richest concentration of orchid species in the world. Epiphytes, or air plants, thrive in the rain forest environment often attached to the nutrient rich tropical tree bark. This leisurely hike consists of almost 2 miles of terrestrial trails with 8 well constructed stabilized hanging bridges. You will want to take your time and savor the experience as you begin listening to the bird calls and following their voices in hopes of an exotic sighting. Binoculars are highly recommended.

Because the bridges transport you to varying heights, you’ll be able to view the forest from all angles venturing into the tree tops and even from high above looking out and down at the spectacular mountain and valley vistas. Built to meet the highest standards, the five foot wide suspended bridges ensure your safety so you can focus your attention on the beauty around you. People who have had a fear of heights are often pleasantly surprised crossing these secure structures.

Back on terra firma, your mostly flat hiking trail is latticed with brick to give you a solid surface with safety traction even on a rainy day. Because you will be walking through a cloud forest there will likely be mist, if not rain, so be sure to bring rain protection. Your guide will point out interesting camouflaged insects doing their best to blend into the environment. With a wealth of information he or she will explain the importance of each creature or plant’s contribution to the survival of the eco forest. Looping back to the beginning on your unhurried hike, you’ll still have plenty of energy to check out the butterflies and hummingbirds.

The Butterfly garden, a 29,000 square foot expanse of tropical flowers with fruit stations, is the largest live exhibit in Costa Rica. Over 10 percent of the world’s species live in Costa Rica supported by the warm tropical rain forest environment. One of the most beautiful is the Blue Morpho butterfly with its brilliant blue iridescent coloring and an impressive 8 inch wingspan. In the butterfly house your guide will explain the magical transformations taking place starting with the egg hatching out a hungry caterpillar that dissolves into a liquid chrysalis before emerging as an insect with delicate wings and the gift of flight. Definitely a must see for children!

The Hummingbird Gallery, located next to a waterfall in an outdoor garden area with suspended feeders, is sure to catch your eye as over 100 aerial acrobats perform in the air around you. Your knowledgeable guide will help identify the various species including many of the 14 types that live here year around. With a comfortable sitting area you will want to capture the moment with your camera as well as just relax in the natural setting.

This relaxing half day tour includes round trip transportation, professional naturalist guides, and entrance fees.

What to Bring

  • Insect Repellent
  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Closed Toe Shoes
  • And Rain Gear

Location and Availability

The Guided Hanging Bridges, Butterflies and Hummingbird Combo is available from Monteverde

Tour Times

  • 8:00am
  • 10:30am
  • 12:30pm
  • 2:00pm

Tour Type

  • Nature
  • Learning Family
  • Birding
  • Canopy Bridges
  • Wildlife Hike

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy


Latitude: N 10°20'33.26". Longitude: W 85°12'4.66"


  • Overall 89.9% (72 Guest Ratings)
  • Experience: 89.3%
  • Expectations: 89.0%
  • Guides: 91.7%
  • Logistics: 89.7%
  • Value: 90.3%


This was rather touristy for us, though we loved the hummingbirds.


great guide


too many people. Butterfly enclosure disappointing and hummingbirds just 3 feeders.


Very nice guide compensated for the fact that we could not visit the Butterflies due to the bad weather. The hummingbirds were great and the walk through the cloud forest was an amazing experience.


The weather prevented us from doing butterfly exhibit so they recommended reptile exhibit but that was not worth admission not very many exhibits and felt little dreary but guide for it was the best.


This was OK, beautiful spot of course but it was all a little rushed and had a factory tour sort of feel to it. Would encourage people to spend some time wandering on their own.


My bad. Should have thought to book a night tour. Our guide was fantastic, but a bit too much time looking at plants.


There were no clouds so didn't see much. But it was beautiful. And warm.


Another great day. Our guide was very good. Busy at 'check-in' but well handled.


Hummingbirds were amazing. Guide was very helpful.


Check in on site very confusing, a lot of frustrated guests, lengthy waits, unclear movement from section to section on site. Good restaurant.


Very interesting.


We had a great guide! I wish I could think of his name. He spent lots of time helping us see lots of wildlife, especially the birds! This was our best tour of the trip!


Too many people at Selvatura - would have preferred to go to Monteverde without all of the crowds.


Nice hike and views, but nothing to write home about.


Had a lot of fun and this guide was one of our best. We had a TEST! - oh my - had to pay attention and learned so much about CR. Extremely well organized place - really kept the tourist moving without pushing. Very safety conscious.


Very knowledgeable and passionate guides.


Guide was very informative and pointed out several things we would have missed.


This tour has three parts. The hummingbirds was amazing! Everyone really got a kick out of the hummingbirds that fly right up to you and even land on you! Beautiful and magical. The walk through the forest on the hanging bridges was a great hike through various levels of the cloud forest and our guide was very engaging. These guides can spot wildlife with their telescopes and tell you all about it. Very educational.


Loved it.


No one's fault, but the weather meant that we saw fewer animals ... luckily there we had many more days in Costa Rica to see monkeys :)


Pouring rain after the hurricane Otto, so we saw very little wild life. Saw 2 owls. Hummingbird experience was good. Guides were excellent.


Beautiful hike and the butterflies are breathtaking. Don't waste your money on the hummingbirds! Takes all of 2 minutes.


Very pleased with the guides who were well trained and very helpful. Much better experience than Monteverde. Guide knew his birds and the flora and fauna, and was very happy to share this knowledge. Hummingbird garden was amazing, worthwhile to do at your leisure not with a guide. We just sat and watched. Butterfly area was okay, but we should have been there earlier in the day as that is when they would be more active.