Lowland Bird Watching Hike

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  • Birdwatching in the Hacienda Baru Wildlife Refuge is a must-do tour for avid birdwatchers or those who like to explore and learn about nature. Your guide, a fellow knowledgeable bird lover, will take you on a quiet early morning hike to witness the beautiful forest and point out different kinds of bird species or other wildlife you may find along the way. Your guide will bring along binoculars or a spotting scope so you can take turns getting a close look at these colorful, interesting creatures. Feel free to bring along your own pair of binoculars and camera too.

    In the early morning, your group will congregate in the head office before heading to the Hacienda Baru Biological Research Center a few miles away. This is where you will meet your nature guide who will tell you a little bit about the area before embarking on your birdwatching tour through the forest. No worries if you don’t have crystal clear vision for spotting birds; your guide will likely surprise you by his or her ability to spot interesting birds and plant species such as: Whimbrels, Pliers, Toucans, Tanangers, Honeycreepers, Sandpipers, Sanderlings, Pelicans and Frigate birds.

    During the tour you will hike through three types of ecosystems: the rainforest, mangroves and the beach. Even though they are located within close proximity to each other, they all have their own diversity of plant and animal life.

    This site is a beautiful and very natural place to see the birds. The Biological Center has done a lot of great work to preserve the area in order to protect the birds with well maintained natural woodland trails for noninvasive viewing.

    When you are done your hike, your guide will invite you back to the main house and provide you with a delicious typical Costa Rican breakfast, complete with hot coffee and gallo pinto, a traditional breakfast treat made with rice and beans.

    It is best to dress in lightweight hiking clothing with closed toed hiking boots or running shoes. Bring along bug repellent, bottle of water and a poncho in your bag just in case it rains. Included in this half-day tour is coffee, breakfast, admission to the centre, and a bilingual guide. Transportation is not included.

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    Location and GPS Coordinates: Latitude: N 9°16'16.07". Longitude: W 84°7'5.88"

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    What To Bring:

    Insect repellent, binoculars, camera, sturdy shoes, and rain gear.

    Location and Availability:

    The Lowland Bird Watching Hike is available from Dominical.

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    Overall experience: 10.00 out of 10 from 1 reviews

    For more information including detailed cancellation policies for this item, please visit www.haciendabaru.com. Click here for PTW policies.


    03/20/2015: Excellent. Very fun, educational, loved our guide, saw and learned about many birds and animals. Really enjoyed our breakfast outside breaking up the hike. The guides here are very passionate about eco-tourism and what they do. This makes a true difference! I would take this hike/tour again.

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