Crocodile Man Tour

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Crocodile Man Tour
Crocodile Man Tour
Crocodile Man Tour
  • The Crocodile Man tour gives visitors to Costa Rica an opportunity to get up-close and personal with some of the largest crocodiles in the world - up to 18 feet long!

    The Tarcoles River is a wide, marshy mountain waterway running almost 70 miles across the southern part of Costa Rica’s volcanic range before spilling into the Pacific Ocean. Here can be seen hundreds of American crocodiles, and a large variety of shore birds, both native to Costa Rica and migrant birds from the North.

    Best of all, people of all ages can participate in this tour as it requires no physical activity and takes place on a comfortable motor boat, with covered roof. Your bilingual guide will take you to the areas that are most populated by crocodiles and introduce you to the interwoven mangroves that live at the mouth of the Pacific Ocean.

    The boat was specifically designed to cruise leisurely down rivers for nature observations including crocodile viewing. The sides are open so you can see the Tarcoles River crocodiles but extend high enough to keep a safe distance from them! The roof helps to cover you from the sun or light rain, and the built-in seats are aligned so you can sit beside those with whom you are traveling.

    Your experienced and knowledgeable nature guide will point out all the visible wildlife helping you to identify them. Although crocodiles are the main feature of this tour, birds and other interesting creatures like monkeys and iguanas will probably make an appearance as well.

    The river wraps up at the mouth of the Gulf of Nicoya where it meets the Pacific Ocean. In this area mangrove trees populate the shores, giving you front row seats to this unique wetland ecosystem. You will know you’ve reached the mangrove area when you see the distinctive root systems emerging high above the waterline. This interesting plant species harbors fish nurseries in its web of roots, as well as nesting areas in its branches for countless numbers of shore birds, creating a wonderful place for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts alike.

    At the end of the river, you’ll head back the same way before being returned to your hotel.

    Included in this tour is transportation, bilingual guide, and bottled water. One way transportation from Jaco is typically between 20 to 45 minutes; from Manuel Antonio about 1.5 hours. Depending on where you are staying the total time for tour and round trip transport to your hotel will be between 5 and 7 hours. It is recommended that you wear lightweight clothing, comfortable shoes, hat and sunscreen, plus bug repellent. Don’t forget your camera and binoculars too. Some people enjoy filming with a video camera from the comfort of the very stable boat.

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    Location and GPS Coordinates: Latitude: N 9°48'3.93". Longitude: W 85°23'54.27"

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    ☐ = Not Applicable

    What To Bring:

    Lightweight clothing, comfortable shoes, hat, sunscreen, rain gear, camera, binoculars, video camera if you like

    Location and Availability:

    The Crocodile Man Tour is available from Herradura, Jaco, Manuel Antonio, and Tarcoles.

    Tour Times:

    8:00am, 10:00am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm, 4:00pm

    Tour Type:
    ☐ Adventure
    ☐ Extreme
    ☑ Nature
    ☐ Surfing
    ☐ Fishing
    ☐ Romance
    ☐ Archaeology
    ☐ Beach
    ☑ Learning Family
    ☐ Culture
    ☐ Diving
    ☐ Zipline
    ☐ Hot Springs
    ☐ Rafting
    ☐ Hiking
    ☐ Birding
    ☐ Canyoning
    ☐ ATV
    ☐ Canopy Bridges
    ☐ Snorkeling
    ☐ Wildlife Hike
    ☐ Safari Cruise
    ☐ Waterfalls
  • Visitor Ratings

    Overall experience: 10.00 out of 10 from 5 reviews

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    07/28/2016: My son loved this very much and we got to touch the Croc's tail.

    12/31/2015: This was one the best tours in all of our trip! Loved it! Will recommend it to friends.

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