Nauyaca Waterfalls

Nauyaca Waterfalls is an incredibly beautiful set of waterfalls hidden deep within the forests of the south Pacific. The falls can only be accessed via a private farm by hiking or horseback riding. After completing the rigorous hike or leisurely horseback ride, visitors will be enthralled by the power and beauty these waterfalls present. The falls range in height; the tallest being over forty meters high and the smallest being a little over 20 meters. The power of the plummeting water can be heard throughout the area, a surreal sound that is both relaxing and refreshing. There are several deep pools that visitors can enjoy swimming in while absorbing the beauty of the rainforest that surrounds them, which still remains in a primitive untouched state.

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This breath-taking set of waterfalls is a must-see destination. Here you can swim, relax or just take in the majestic beauty of one of Costa Rica’s most popular natural spots.