We believe in sustainable tourism and are proud to be a socially responsible company.  We allocate 5% of our annual profits to programs and...

Local Contributions

Nuevo Arenal Schools:  We regularly donate to each of the Nuevo Arenal schools.  Projects include routine maintenance, renovation projects, computers, drum sets for the school band, and even sponsoring young athletes to chase their dreams and showcase their skills in competitions in San Jose.

Community Association ADI:  The Nuevo Arenal ADI is the local community association in charge of development and progression of the town at the local level.  We have assisted them with various projects including the construction of the local police station, security camera program, town WiFi initiative, and fundraising rodeos, dances, parades, and horse shows.  We also contribute to the community’s annual Christmas for the Kids event which ensures every child in town receives a Christmas gift.

Children’s Playground:  Shape International approached us a few years ago requesting financial help to build a small playground in town.  Along with others in the community, we were happy to contribute the necessary funds.  The volunteers of Shape did a wonderful job of building it.  We have helped to maintain it since.

Sponsorship of Local Sports:  Over the years we have and continue to sponsor local soccer teams.

Local Reforestation:  We have assisted with local reforestation efforts alongside MINAE and the local Nuevo Arenal School.  The goal of the project is to restore biological corridors between Tenorio National Park and Arenal National Park as well as the shores of Lake Arenal.  MINAE provides the expertise, volunteer children from the school learn about the importance of reforestation and environmental respect, and we provide coordination, transportation, requests to local ranchers, and meals for all involved.

Stray Pets:  We regularly donate to local spaying and neutering projects.  We also help Homeless and Helpless, which is a local charity that rescues, rehabilitates and finds good homes for strays.  Our efforts pale in comparison to those of Doris Luby, who runs this amazing program. The difference she has made in this community is evident every day.

Other Local Efforts:  We have helped with many situations that have arisen out of the blue with various members of the local community.  Efforts have included assisting various local families in times of crisis over the years, donating food to poor families at Christmas, and donations to various programs with the elderly of Nuevo Arenal.  We have also chipped in on fundraising events to benefit Salvando Corazones CR, which provides rehabilitative services and support to girls that desperately need help.

Across Costa Rica and Beyond

Red Cross of Costa Rica

The Red Cross provides emergency support throughout Costa Rica.  They cover everything from search and rescue to EMT and ambulatory services country wide.  They provide medical supplies and equipment, food, water, shelter and more to those in need.  We support the Red Cross with monthly donations.

Titi Conservation Alliance

The purpose of the Titi Conservation Alliance is to conserve, protect, and reforest vital habitat to the mono titi or squirrel monkeys of the Central Pacific coast.  The alliance is comprised of local businesses, community leaders with the common goal of leaving the Central Pacific better than we found it.  The Titi Alliance promotes educational initiatives, habitat reforestation. 

The program has worked with local ranchers along the Rio Naranjo to create a biological corridor to connect two cut off populations of endangered squirrel monkeys.  To date the alliance has planted over 35,000 trees and plans to add over 10,000 more.  The program has also constructed dozens of monkey bridges over busy roads.  We are proud long time sponsors and members of this outstanding program.


The Costa Rica National Chamber of Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism promotes sustainable and responsible tourism.  They provide education and programs that benefit conservation and local communities.  We are proud members of this chamber.

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