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January 20, 2016-

"We loved every minute of our vacation!"

V. Taylor.

Custom Itinerary
LIR » Arenal Paraiso Hotel Resort and Spa » Cano Negro Riverboat Safari » Canopy Zipline - Ecoglide » Arenal Hanging Bridges » Hotel Luna Llena » Catamaran and Snorkeling Cruise - Lazy Lizard Sailing » Free Day - Beach Day Playa Tamarindo » Free Day - Another Beach Day Playa Tamarindo » LIR

January 17, 2016-

"Working with your company was a dream. I always plan every detail of our trips but Costa Rica was overwhelming to me. I was so lucky to accidentally stumble on your website. It was very easy and everything went perfectly!"

L. Nelson.

Custom Itinerary
SJO » Arenal Springs Resort and Spa » Whitewater Rafting Rio Balsa » Big 11 AMA Canopy » Arenal Volcano Nature and History Tour » Land Boat Land to Monteverde » El Establo Mountain Hotel » Hanging Bridges Guided Hike - Selvatura » Coffee Tour » The Falls Resort » Free Day - Beach Day Manuel Antonio » Manuel Antonio National Park » SJO

January 17, 2016-

"i can't say enough good things about your company and was so thankful I booked our Costa Rica trip with you. Your company has a great reputation with the tour operators and having those vouchers makes communicating with all the vendors so easy.Thank-You!"

M. Allard.

Custom Itinerary
SJO » Country Inn and Suites » Arenal Paraiso Hotel Resort and Spa » Canyoneering Adventure » Safari Float on Rio Penas Blancas » Free Day La Fortuna » Land Boat Land to Monteverde » Hotel Poco a Poco » Hanging Bridges Guided Hike - Selvatura » Free Day Monteverde » The Falls Resort » Free Day - Beach Day Manuel Antonio » Catamaran Cruise - Planet Dolphin » Manuel Antonio National Park » Free Day - Beach Day Manuel Antonio » Country Inn and Suites » SJO

January 16, 2016-

"Oh my gosh! You were all great! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your patience with all my questions and emails and concerns while planning this trip. You are all great! The way this trip was planned out was perfect, ending in Manuel Antonio at Hotel Mariposa. I appreciate how well you considered our interests, made sure we were getting what we would like, and executed the planning down to every detail. Thank you so much! I will recommend, and have already recommended PTW for planning a trip to Costa Riica. Gracias! y Pura Vida!

L. Dubay.

Custom Itinerary
SJO » Arenal Springs Resort and Spa » Arenal Volcano Nature and History Tour » Safari Float on Rio Penas Blancas » Land Boat Land to Monteverde » Hotel Los Pinos » Free Day Monteverde » Sky Tram and Sky Walk - Sky Adventures Monteverde » Hotel La Mariposa » Manuel Antonio National Park » Catamaran Cruise - Planet Dolphin » SJO

January 16, 2016-

"Your service exceeded my expectations. Very responsive to my questions and numerous changes in planning our trip. Will tell everyone about your company!"

1. Thomann.

Custom Itinerary
SJO » Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Hotel » El Silencio Cloud Forest Guided Hike » Arenal Springs Resort and Spa » Canopy and Rafting Combo » Arenal Hanging Bridges » Si Como No Resort and Spa » Free Day - Another Beach Day Manuel Antonio » Free Day - Another Beach Day Manuel Antonio » Catamaran Cruise - Planet Dolphin » Private transportation for 4 people to airport ( MA TO SJO ) » Manuel Antonio National Park » ATV Offroad Adventure in Manuel Antonio - Single » SJO

January 15, 2016-

"I am sharing with all my friends. will come back for sure."

J. Burch.

Custom Itinerary
SJO » Country Inn and Suites » Los Lagos Hotel Resort and Spa » La Fortuna Waterfall by Car » Whitewater Rafting Rio Balsa » Cano Negro Riverboat Safari » Land Boat Land to Monteverde » Monteverde Country Lodge » Coffee Tour » Selvatura Canopy and Guided Hanging Bridges Combo » Inn on the Park » Free Day - Beach Day Manuel Antonio » Country Inn and Suites » SJO

January 15, 2016-

"From our initial idea of going to Costa Rica exploring various websites of where to go and which travel agent to use, PTW was identified. From our early email exploring trips and developing an initial itinerary to contacting various agents on the phone (Enrique and Maria, thanks) getting their opinions , we modified our trip a couple of times and ended up with a perfect itinerary, the only downside is we didn't stay longer.
We did contact PTW by email when in Costa Rica, to modify our transportation time from Nayara. Their response was quick and accommodating.
We have never traveled using vouchers, candidly was a bit skeptical, never a problem or a question when handing them to the vendors.
PTW was always professional.
Thank you."

S. Shain.

Custom Itinerary
SJO » Si Como No Resort and Spa » Free Day - Beach Day Manuel Antonio » Damas Island Kayaking Safari » Free Day - Another Beach Day Manuel Antonio » Arenal Nayara Hotel and Gardens » Free Day La Fortuna » Land Boat Land to Monteverde » Hidden Canopy Treehouses Boutique Hotel » Hanging Bridges Guided Hike - Selvatura » SJO

January 14, 2016-

"It was great. My wife Audrey and I had a great time. We will highly recommend your company.Thanks again,"

P. Thompson.

Custom Itinerary
LIR » Flamingo Beach Resort and Spa » Free Day - Beach Day Playa Flamingo » Free Day - Another Beach Day Playa Flamingo » Catamaran and Snorkeling Cruise - Lazy Lizard Sailing » Free Day - Beach Day Playa Flamingo » Free Day - Another Beach Day Playa Flamingo » LIR

January 6, 2016-

"Your company covered all the basics and we feel like we had a well rounded trip. The only thing that could have been better, we didn't receive our waterproof map or animal guide on time, so rush shipping would have been appreciated. Other then that, the hotels were great and we had no problem with the vouchers. Very easy relaxed trip thanks to you!!! We had a great honeymoon!"

M. Blanchard.

Custom Itinerary
SJO » Arenal Paraiso Hotel Resort and Spa » Canyoning Pure Trek Ultimate Adventure Rappel » Arenal Hanging Bridges » Byblos Hotel » Surf Lesson - Manuel Antonio Surf School » Free Day - Beach Day Manuel Antonio » Manuel Antonio National Park » SJO

January 4, 2016-

"We were extremely happy with our vacation. Everything was taken care of. Your company took all the stress out of the experience. All of the transports went as scheduled and everywhere we arrived, we were expected. All we had to do was sit back and relax."

S. Springgate.

Custom Itinerary
SJO » Arenal Springs Resort and Spa » La Fortuna Waterfall by Car » Cano Negro Riverboat Safari » Land Boat Land to Monteverde » Hotel Poco a Poco » Free Day Monteverde » Hanging Bridges Guided Hike - Selvatura » The Falls Resort » Free Day - Beach Day Manuel Antonio » Pirate Cove Hotel » Cano Island Tour and Snorkeling - Pirate Cove Hotel » Corcovado National Park Tour Sirena Station - Pirate Cove Hotel » Domestic Flight Drake Bay to San Jose » Country Inn and Suites » SJO

January 2, 2016-

"I never use travel agents but because of this experience I will use you for my next vacation. You guys rock"

C. Dall.

Custom Itinerary
LIR » Westin Playa Conchal Resort and Spa » Free Day - Beach Day Playa Conchal » ATV Offroad Adventure - Single - Fourtrax Tamarindo » Catamaran and Snorkeling Cruise - Lazy Lizard Sailing » Canopy Zipline - Congo Trails » Tamarindo Mangrove on Kayaks » Whitewater Rafting Rio Tenorio » LIR

January 2, 2016-

"This was an amazing vacation. The first without kids in forever. You guys were great. Everything was easy and well organized and right up front for a fairly inexperienced traveler like myself to just relax and have a great time. Thanks."

M. Wolfson.

Custom Itinerary
SJO » The Falls Resort » Manuel Antonio National Park » Catamaran Cruise - Planet Dolphin » Free Day - Beach Day Manuel Antonio » Damas Island Riverboat Safari » Free Day - Beach Day Manuel Antonio » SJO

January 2, 2016-

"Everyone was so helpful and supportive. All recommended tours and restaurants were fantastic! The lodging choices were also very good. Thanks for making this a wonderful first time experience in Costa Rica!"

K. Koeppen.

Custom Itinerary
SJO » Arenal Springs Resort and Spa » Canyoneering Adventure » Hotel Ficus » Free Day Monteverde » The Falls Resort » Manuel Antonio National Park » Free Day - Another Beach Day Manuel Antonio » Private Transfer to Cafe Mundo in Bario Amon for dinner -- Rount Trip » SJO

January 1, 2016-

"I am so happy I chose to use PTW for my vacation, as I had no worries! everything was set up in advance with transportation and great guides, which make the experience."

D. Allman.

Custom Itinerary
SJO » Mountain Paradise Hotel » Canopy Zipline - Ecoglide » Arenal Hanging Bridges » Safari Float by Kayak on Rio Penas Blancas » Hotel La Mariposa » Free Day - Beach Day Manuel Antonio » Manuel Antonio National Park » ATV Offroad Adventure in Manuel Antonio - Single » Catamaran Cruise - Planet Dolphin » SJO

January 1, 2016-

"Thank you. Overall, my dream Costa Rica vacation was what I had hoped for."

D. Dejong.

Custom Itinerary
SJO » Hotel Karahe » Manuel Antonio National Park » Night time Damas Island Kayaking Safari » Villa Vanilla and Rainforest Spices » Arenal Oasis Eco Lodge » Arenal Volcano Nature and History Tour » Free Day La Fortuna » Horseback Riding to La Fortuna Waterfalls » Land Boat Land to Monteverde » Trapp Family Lodge » Coffee Tour » Not Provided - El Bosque Lodge » Free Day Monteverde » Hanging Bridges Guided Hike - Selvatura » Esplendor Hotel Tamarindo » Pacific Green Turtle Nesting Tour at Night » Early Bird Watching Tour » Catamaran and Snorkeling Cruise - Lazy Lizard Sailing » LIR

December 31, 2015-

"I almost gave a 10 on everything but there were a few things that we definitely would have changed if we had known better. We certainly would have completely skipped Country Inn and Suites and spent an extra day at either Arenal Springs. Had we known what Monteverde was like we would have cut time down there and added time to Rafiki Safari Lodge. However, overall our trip was wonderful. It exceeded my expectations and was certainly much better than we ever could have done on our own. Your company did a great job and I would highly recommend!"

. .

Custom Itinerary
SJO » Country Inn and Suites » Arenal Springs Resort and Spa » La Fortuna Waterfall by Car » Big 11 AMA Canopy » Land Boat Land to Monteverde » Hotel Ficus » Hanging Bridges Guided Hike - Selvatura » Hotel Parador Resort and Spa » Free Day - Beach Day Manuel Antonio » Manuel Antonio National Park » Free Day - Beach Day Manuel Antonio » Rafiki Beach Camp » Free Day - Beach Day Manuel Antonio » SJO

December 31, 2015-

"Thank you. Fabulous vacation"

. .

Custom Itinerary
LIR » Mountain Paradise Hotel » Canopy Zipline - Athica » Cano Negro Riverboat Safari » Tamarindo Diria Resort » Catamaran and Snorkeling Cruise - Lazy Lizard Sailing » Free Day - Another Beach Day Playa Tamarindo » LIR

December 30, 2015-

"Very wonderful vacation that you put together for us. Glad we planned so much in advance and then just added a little while there. We took a night walk in villa blanca which was very good. We expected all drivers to speak english and provide some touring input on the rides - this only occurred with the second ride. We also were hoping the guided walks were a bit longer so we could see more. They seemed to stop too soon. We are very appreciative of the effort you made on our kosher food needs. Having a cooler was helpful and getting fruits and vegetables on the tours was nice. Thanks for everything. We would recommend your company again."

. .

Custom Itinerary
SJO » Villa Blanca Cloud Forest Hotel » Arenal Springs Resort and Spa » Rappelling and Rafting Combo » Free Day La Fortuna » Arenal Volcano Nature and History Tour » Hotel Parador Resort and Spa » Canopy Zipline - El Santuario Adventure » Manuel Antonio National Park » Catamaran Cruise - Planet Dolphin » SJO

December 30, 2015-

"Our honey moon was phenomenal. Costa Rica is a remarkable and amazing country. Thank you so much for the wonderful service and all the accommodations. Pacific Trade Winds helped take the stress out of the planning!! We definitely are recommending this company to others and will plan to use this company in the future."

. .

Custom Itinerary
SJO » Arenal Paraiso Hotel Resort and Spa » Big 11 AMA Canopy » Free Day La Fortuna » La Fortuna Waterfall by Car » Si Como No Resort and Spa » Surf Lesson - Manuel Antonio Surf School » Snorkeling Adventure - Tropical Surf School » SJO

December 29, 2015-

"I think you guys did a great job. Thank you!"

. .

Custom Itinerary
SJO » Hotel Bougainvillea » Poas Volcano, Doka, La Paz Waterfall Gardens » Whitewater Rafting Rio Pacuare - Exploradores » Arenal Springs Resort and Spa » Arenal Hanging Bridges » Big 11 AMA Canopy » Esplendor Hotel Tamarindo » Palo Verde National Park Tour » Pacific Green Turtle Nesting Tour at Night » LIR

December 28, 2015-

"Everything was great! We keep recommending your services and Costa Rica to all our friends. The daily guide of pick up at this time, bring this you are doing this- was perfect!"

. .

Custom Itinerary
LIR » Los Lagos Hotel Resort and Spa » Canopy Zipline - Ecoglide » Whitewater Rafting Rio Balsa » Canyoneering Adventure » Esplendor Hotel Tamarindo » Free Day - Beach Day Playa Tamarindo » Catamaran and Snorkeling Cruise - Lazy Lizard Sailing » Free Day - Another Beach Day Playa Tamarindo » LIR

December 26, 2015-

"This was an excellent vacation. We probably would do the transfers differently or rent a car. The roads were exactly as stated - not in good condition."

. .

Custom Itinerary
LIR » Hilton Garden Inn » Arenal Paraiso Hotel Resort and Spa » Tubing on Rio Arenal » Land Boat Land to Monteverde » Hotel Ficus » Hanging Bridges Guided Hike - Selvatura » Tamarindo Diria Resort » Free Day - Beach Day Playa Tamarindo » Scuba Diving Catalinas Islands - Aqua Center » Free Day - Beach Day Playa Tamarindo » LIR

December 25, 2015-

"We enjoyed the vacation very much and hope to return."

. .

Custom Itinerary
SJO » Esplendor Hotel Tamarindo » Free Day - Beach Day Playa Tamarindo » Catamaran and Snorkeling Cruise - Lazy Lizard Sailing » Los Lagos Hotel Resort and Spa » Free Day La Fortuna » Cano Negro Riverboat Safari » Wyndham Herradura Hotel » SJO

December 21, 2015-

"We have bragged many times about Pacific Trade Winds since returning to the U.S. We loved our trip. We so loved having everything arranged ahead of time. You did an awesome job."

. .

Custom Itinerary
SJO » Country Inn and Suites » Magic Mountain Hotel and Spa » Cano Negro Riverboat Safari » Land Boat Land to Monteverde » Hotel Ficus » Hanging Bridges Guided Hike - Selvatura » Byblos Hotel » Manuel Antonio National Park » Free Day - Beach Day Manuel Antonio » Domestic Flight Manuel Antonio to Drake Bay » Rancho Corcovado » Cano Island Tour and Snorkeling - Rancho Corcovado » Domestic Flight Drake Bay to San Jose » Country Inn and Suites » SJO

December 21, 2015-

"Thank for helping make our vacation a memorable one. We were very grateful for the service and the communication from Antonio-"

. .

Custom Itinerary
SJO » Hotel La Rosa de Am√©rica » Hotel California - Happy Birthday Alana!!! » Free Day - Beach Day Manuel Antonio » Free Day - Another Beach Day Manuel Antonio » Rancho Corcovado » Cano Island Tour and Snorkeling - Rancho Corcovado » Corcovado National Park Tour - San Pedrillo - Rancho Corcovado Station » Domestic Flight Drake Bay to La Fortuna » Arenal Paraiso Hotel Resort and Spa » Free Day La Fortuna » Sky Tram and Trek Canopy Zipline - Sky Arenal » Arenal Hanging Bridges » SJO

What are people saying about Pacific Trade Winds and our Costa Rica vacations? Read some testimonials and view videos of our customers’ experience and see if a Pacific Trade Winds vacation is right for you.

Travel with Trust: Start your search with globally recognized organizations such as the Better Business Bureau  (BBB), Costa Rica Tourist Board  (ICT) and Costa Rica National Chamber of Tourism (Canatur).

Chris and Valerie´s on site feedback request about their vacation and thoughts about our customer service and booking process. This footage was taken during a waterfall rapelling adventure in Arenal Volcano Area in Costa Rica. We had so much fun taking this tour with you, It was really nice to meet you! Thank you for your comments.

February 2014

Alex´s video reviews about his vacation and our company. This footage was taken during Damas Island Mangrove tour in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Thank you for your comments Alex! The tour is very interesting and awesome too.

February, 2014.

Brent and Stephanie reviews of their vacation in Costa Rica. This footage was made during their stay in Arenal Springs Resort and Spa in La Fortuna Costa Rica. We were very happy to meet you and know that you were having a wonderful time!

February 2014

Carolyn and Richard review about our company and their vacation in Costa Rica. Footage was done in Manuel Antonio on Carolyne´s birthday. They are both very friendly and nice to talk too. We hope t see you soon!

February 2014

The following is a video one of our recent clients sent to us about their trip (thanks for sharing Dan, we love it!)

There are many ways to find reviews about our business online.  Here are a few links to specific pages with reviews about our services:

Better Business Bureau:  Over 60 reviews and counting with an average rating of 5 stars.

TripAdvisor: Average rating of 5 stars.

TrustLink: Over 25 reviews and counting.

TripAdvisor Thread Search Feature: Hundreds of reviews if you take the time to read all of the individual threads.

Google Search Feature: Hundreds of reviews from various sites.

Costa Rica Guide:  We perform all customer service and vacation planning for the clients of our friends at CRG.

Recent reviews

Dear Everyone at Pacific Trade Winds,

I want to write to THANK YOU again for putting together such a wonderful trip to Costa Rica.  My husband, daughter, and I all had such an amazing trip -- it will be something we remember for a lifetime. 

We loved each of the 3 areas we visited, liked the diversity of hotels and lodging, rich flora and fauna, had tons of fun on the different activities, ate way too much food, enjoyed some relaxation, and had perfect transportation with all the various drivers.   And for us, the timing and pacing of all was just right!

It was a great pleasure to visit your office and meet several of you in person.  And we want to thank you for all the treats! We ate the Maria crackers and Chiky cookies on the trip, and this morning I enjoyed a couple cups of the Tueste Oscuro coffee - which is rich, smooth, and delicious. 

I will highly recommend your services to anyone I know thinking of exploring Costa Rica, and I'll hope that we can return again in the not so distant future. Pura Vida,

Wiley Family, April 2014 

We took our family of four (2 adults and 2 boys – 12 and 13 years old) to Costa Rica for ten days in March 2015. My wife and I had been to Costa Rica a few years ago and had at least the beginning of an idea where we would like to visit with our boys and some of the activities we would like to experience, but even having a pretty good knowledge base, it can be an overwhelming experience to try to plan an active family vacation (on a budget) to multiple locations thousands of miles from home, so on the recommendation of some friends, we enlisted the assistance of Pacific Trade Winds – expecting they would be like the typical North American travel agent company and either offer some set itinerary or just book whatever we told them to. Boy was I pleasantly surprised. I can’t say enough positive about PTW. By the time our trip commenced, we had so much confidence in PTW that everything was completely stress-free. I’m so glad we chose PTW. Next time we’re coming to CR, we’ll be sure to call again. Thanks for an amazing family adventure.

FYI, we visited Manuel Antonio, La Fortuna (Arenal Volcano) and Tortuguero. All locations were incredible for their own reasons. Costa Rica is such an amazing country and the people are so warm, caring and service-oriented and they care so much for the environment and wildlife that shares their beautiful country. The rest of North America could learn a lot from the Costa Ricans.

Pura Vida Costa Rica!! We miss you.

R.  Ashton, March 2015

My wife, Leona and I would like to thank you again for all the help you were during our vacation in Costa Rica. The service you provided was excellent!  Everything you promised was delivered, on time and with a smile. It was great! Now that we’re home, we are starting to think about next winter’s travels. Thanks

P. Thiessen, March 2015

Thank you!

I will recommend you to everyone that intends to travel to Costa Rica. As for myself, my trip was a huge success thanks to PTW and your amazing staff.  I will be contacting you in a near future to make some new plans to visit other parts of your beautiful country. Pura Vida

S. St-Onge

Amazing vacation Gretchen!  Thank you for the attention to detail and quick resolution and customer service.  We will definitely recommend Pacific Trade Winds to others and we would definitely use your services again!

Probably one of the best March Break vacations yet.  Thank you!

A. McGovern, March 2015

I wanted to thank you for all your help in planning our trip to Costa Rica. We had a wonderful time. Everything was perfect, from hotels to tours...even the weather! If we ever have the chance to come back, we will get in touch with you again and we will make sure to recommend you to all our friends! Take care!

D. Marcotte, March 2015

Back home and can't thank you all enough. Everything went perfectly . I know many people will ask about our trip and I will be sure to recommend you. My sons and I may be back too! Thanks again,

J. Blois, March 2015

Thank you for a wonderfully planned vacation. We have a hard time choosing just one special detail as everything was wonderful—the hotels, shuttle staff, adventures at each stop, the food, the locals, the list goes on! We loved every minute of our time in Costa Rica and know we will return one day! Thank you to the entire Pacific Trade Winds staff for their time and patience as we worked to create the perfect vacation. Sincerely,

J.  Orton, March 2015

I hope you are doing well.  I just wanted to send you an email with feedback on our trip.  Everything was amazing and we had a wonderful trip. All our transportation was on time and we encountered no problems with anything getting to and from any of our hotels, airport or activities. All of our activities were great.  The guides were knowledgeable, helpful and gave us each great experiences.  We enjoyed all of them and have wonderful memories to take with us.

Everything else went well and we appreciate your assistance with planning this vacation.  I hope you have a wonderful day and perhaps will be in touch again in the future for a second trip.

Take care!

S. Patel, March 2015

Dear Team,

It’s taken us a while after our wonderful trip with so many discoveries and new experiences to settle back into daily life. Now that we have, we’d like to get back to you about your organization of our trip. The trip itself was unforgettable from start to finish. We were very impressed with our drivers and the safety with which they drove, but they were also friendly and informed us of many things as we drove - some even stopped when they saw an animal or plant worthy of pointing out. Our tour guides were extraordinary. We have traveled a lot and have never been in a country where the guides (and drivers and other tourist people) were so well informed and so enthusiastic about their country, their job, and meeting hordes of tourists!

Our itinerary turned out to be very satisfying. But we also realize how much we weren’t able to see of your fascinating and beautiful country! If we return to Costa Rica, we will certainly be happy to ask you to help plan our trip. Sincerely,

J.  Regan and H. Tschäni, March 2015

Hi everybody. in your office  Our time is almost over BUT please let me tell you one thing , it was one  of my best vacation I had was with my  grandchildren and the arrangements you all offered were perfect It was not my first or last trip to your country.

S.  Rodax, March 2015

Dear Friends at Pacific Trade Winds,

My wife and I completed our trip and it was marvelous. Your service was SUPERB and I would highly recommend it to others planning a trip to Costa Rica. All the hotels you picked for us were great.

Gracias and Pura Vida!

E.  Scheinerman, March 2015

Hello Staff:

 I want to say a “BIG THANK YOU!!!” to you and your staff for all the planning and time spent on our vacation to Costa Rica.  We all had a wonderful time and really enjoyed ourselves!!!!  You live in a beautiful country with beautiful people. Also, thanks for having the Birthday cake & wine for Cindy at Arenal Springs Resort!!!  It was perfect, the chef made the cake in the design of the Arenal Volcano which was really awesome with lava flowing out…It was yummy!!!  Cindy seemed surprised and enjoyed celebrating her Birthday in Costa Rica. Once again, thank you so very much!!! And I will be happy to recommend you to anyone interested in vacationing in Costa Rica…Hey, who knows, we may come back!

Pura Vida!

S. Bloat, C. & J. Humbert and M. Grantz, March 2015

Pacific Trade Winds  rocks!!

We truly enjoyed our holiday in every aspect. Every pick up was on schedule when weather was an issue alternative options were available. We can't say enough about the service provided. I will highly recommend the company. Everyone was great before our trip and during. Thank you so very much

Dave and Carol Craig

Hello, we are back from Costa Rica after an amazing vacation. Your plan was excellent, and we did not have any difficulties whatsoever. Thanks for all the information. We would highly recommend your service as did all the travelers that we encountered.

D. and J. Manthei, March 2015

Wow - thank you! Both my husband and I were so impressed with the service we received from Pacific Trade Winds - our trip to Costa Rica went so smoothly (except for driving on some of the roads, of course!) and we had a wonderful time. I will definitely recommend Pacific Trade Winds to anyone who wants to travel to Costa Rica. We want to return and will use Pacific Trade Winds again . We saw so many wonderful sights and had such great experiences. I loved all the snakes we saw, especially the eyelash vipers. My husband loved the poison arrow frogs. Both of us enjoyed a day hiking in Rincon de la Vieja - especially hiking to the La Cangreja falls and swimming in the pool below the falls - that was magical. But everything was amazing: we saw toucans, monkeys, crocodiles, frogs, snakes, a scarlet macaw and other parrots, sloths, a caiman, lots of hummingbirds, interesting insects, cool crabs, and butterflies (including lots of Morphos butterflies). I even saw an anteater one night at the Cariblue!  Thank you for all your help and support. 

M. and D. Essig, March 2015

No doubt you hear this lot, but my wife and I would like to thank Pacific Trade Winds for taking the time to work through our itinerary with us and come up with an itinerary that worked for us.

 The trip to Costa Rica was amazing -- we saw some beautiful scenery and some amazing animals and met some great people. Thanks to all the staff that worked through all the details of our trip and helped us while we were down there. Pura Vida

E. Parkinson, March 2015

I just wanted to say thank you for organizing our trip to Costa Rica. We had a truly amazing time and enjoyed all of our excursions. We look forward to visiting Costa Rica again! Once again – thank you!

H. and N. Shah, March 2015

just wanted to thank you for the great job you did for us in Costa Rica.  Our trip was excellent; the tours you suggested that we include in our itinerary were informative and fun.  If Ruth and I ever come back to Costa Rica again, I will certainly be contacting you to make the arrangements.  I would definitely recommend your company to anyone interested in seeing your beautiful country. Thanks for a great trip.

P. Ponting, March 2015

Our trip was wonderful.   Thank you so much for a wonderful time and for Pacific Trade Winds allowing us to change our schedule last year because of Medical issues.  You all have a wonderful and beautiful country we will be back to visit again.  Thank you all so much

 S.  Santora, March 2015 

Thank you! You and your co-workers are worth your weight in gold. Never have I had such excellent services!

V. & S. Hougen, March 2015 2015

I just wanted to write to thank you for your help with this trip, which turned out to be all-around amazing, even though it rained every day until the final day, when we finally saw Arenal in its full glory.  I was super sad that we'd never see it, but the final day was perfectly sunny.  :)  All of the adventures were truly fun and amazing.

Costa Rica is beautiful, and the people are among the most friendly I've met anywhere in the world.  :)

S. Miller, February 2015

I am still talking about our trip to anyone who will listen - and I am passing along about how great a company you are and if anyone is planning a trip to Costa Rica to use Pacific Trade Winds.  I am also passing along that besides being a beautiful country, you are also a neat, clean and litter free country which says a lot about the people.  I wish more people in the United States would have the same pride in their country. Again, it has been a pleasure working with you.

M.  Kettell, February 2015

Dear Team at Pacific Trade Winds:

We had a terrific time in Costa Rica.  We were so pleased and impressed with the service that we received.  Every driver and tour operator was on-time, friendly & helpful.  Given all the logistics involved, we fully expected a few issues along the way, but everything went smoothly. Thanks again!

R. & H. Schlossman, February 2015

We just wanted to acknowledge to you and your company what a superb job you did in planning and carrying through on the travel and accommodations you recommended for us. The travel portion was always on time, friendly and reliable, and gave us total confidence. The guides and activities were also a big highlight.

The hotels were well located to our liking. It was such an enjoyable experience, we've told numerous people about PTW and how thorough and efficiently everything was handled. It certainly allowed us to fully enjoy and experience one of the most beautiful and friendly locations on our planet. Obviously we would use your services again in a heartbeat!

Many thanks and Pura Vida

J. & J Connor, February 2015

I would like to let you know that we had a fantastic time in Costa Rica. We enjoyed every minute of our time there and wish we could stay longer. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful package for us. You really hit all the notes for us when it comes to accommodations, transfers and all of the activities.  We could not be happier! Best,

E. and T. Svecova, February 2015

Dear staff at Pacific Trade Winds,

Four weeks ago my friend and I returned to New York from a fantastic trip. Thanks to the wonderful and professional work of the crew at Pacific Trade Winds, our trip to Costa Rica was unforgettable! Thank you for such wonderful service!

C. Kurland, February 2015

Hello to everyone at Pacific Trade Winds!

We are back home safe and sound after an absolutely wonderful honeymoon! We want to thank you guys so much for your excellent organization of this trip for us! It was so worry free, and every single transfer and activity went off on time and without a single hitch! We are so impressed! We loved every minute of it, including the 4 very rainy days at Arenal!

Thanks again, so so much!

A. &  M.  Clouthier, February 2015

Hola - Pura Vida!! The rest of our vacation was fantastic.  Thank You so very much for all your good work on our behalf. The transports were excellent as was the tours, accommodations, sun, beach, wildlife, etc.  Came home to temperatures of 5 F  /  -15 C. If only we could come back tomorrow. Winking smile emoticon Again, Muchos Gracias!

 J. and L. Carter, February 2015

I can't put into words how smooth and organized our trip was!  From being picked up at the airport it was wonderful service.  Everyone is so friendly and helpful. 

When we got to Tabacon and they gave us our complimentary drink, my sisters toasted to my birthday and the front desk took it upon themselves to upgrade us to two suites.  What a beautiful place.  I could go on individually at each place and all our excursions.  I am so happy I took all your advice and did the places and excursions we did! 

Thanks for the best vacation I have been on.  My sisters through the whole time were amazed at the things we did and the attention to detail!  They kept saying how will we ever top this!  BTW I'm so glad I surprised them and didn't ask them what we should do and just told them we were going!

You have out done yourself! With more appreciation than I can express!

D. Cardinell and the sisters, February 2015

Just want to say thanks, we are home again and missing Costa Rica already, we had a great time and everything went well. Thanks for all your help.

H.  Bamford, February 2015


Wonderful trip. Everything went perfectly. Will write a great review on TripAdvisor this weekend! Next February - will want to book another trip.

S. Villagomez, February 2015

I am a doctor and if you wish to use me as reference I would be more than happy to state that was the BEST tour I have ever done EVER!!

J. D. Cohen, February 2015

My family and I just finished our wonderful vacation in Costa Rica. We enjoyed all our activities and now I realize why you say "extreme adventure" - that we did have. Also, two of our favorite meals were the lunches (white water rafting and rappelling).

My daughter made it back home to San Francisco without incident, however my son and I had cancelled flights because of the snowstorm in Boston, MA - from warm sunny beaches into the snow and cold!? I want to thank your office for setting up a wonderful vacation for my children and me.

M. Kettell , February 2015

I was going through some of my photos from our trip to Cost Rica when I realized I had not written you to thank you for all your help in arranging the trip.   We had such a great holiday that we are tentatively planning on going back in a year or so.  Our favorite destination was Turtle Beach Lodge on the Caribbean coast.  We saw an abundance of wildlife and the service at the lodge was excellent.  We were quite spoiled by having a very good guide that for most of the time dedicated to the three of us.  For our next trip to Costa Rica we will definitely be contacting Pacific Trade Winds again for your help.

 Again thank you and the rest of the staff at Pacific Trade Winds for arranging such a great trip for us.  Sincerely,

R.  Coupe, February 2015

I just wanted to thank you all so much for a great experience; I will definitely recommend your agency to friends!

A.  Conn, January 2015

Hi! I just wanted to thank everyone at pacific trade winds for the amazing package and experience. It's my first time using a tour package and the staff was really patient, helpful and very professional from answering questions to pickups, transfers, hotels, tours and meals. I had an amazing time. As a hobby I enjoy making travel videos of my experiences. Since everything was booked through your company I listed it in my video with special thanks. Thanks again and I look forward to coming back to CR again.

A.  Cortes, January 2015

It was fabulous; every single day was filled with adventure! I would highly recommend Pacific Trade Winds to everyone. Thank you!

L. Easley, January 2015

Well, we're waiting in the Denver, Colorado airport for the last leg of our trip back to Montana. We just wanted to write & thank you for the wonderful trip you put together for us!  Everything went so smoothly & was so amazing - way beyond what we thought possible!  You guys are the best; thank you!

Sincerely, S. & S. Peace, January 2015

I wanted to write to you as soon as I returned.  The trip was wonderful. The places you had chosen were better than expected; each one outdid our last stay.  I loved the people the most and such beauty I have not seen anywhere.  You did an amazing job and once I get settled in I will write on trip advisor. Thanks again for an outstanding trip.  I have already recommended your company) to so many people.  Pura  Vida

C.  Connolly, January 2015

We really had a great time in Costa Rica. The last day of our trip we really needed to just relax. :) We loved all of the activities, Victoria cannot believe that she rappelled down that big water fall. I enjoyed the rain forest in Tortuguero and seeing all the wildlife. The Tamarindo Diria Resort really did a fantastic job for the New Year Eve dinner and party. We would recommend Pacific Trade Winds to anyone who is thinking about going to Costa Rica. Please tell the whole team thank you for making our vacation one we will never forget. I will send you some photos of us, right now we are getting ready to start teaching our course for college.

T.  Goldsberry, January 2015

I just wanted to say that we had an amazing trip and the Pacific Trade Wins staff had a lot to do with it. Everything was planned perfectly! All the drivers were on time, all your recommend accommodations and excursions were great, and you were very organized and friendly. I am very impressed and grateful I used your company, and will be recommending you to others.

G.  Sevilla. January 2015

We really had a great time in Costa Rica. We loved the country and the people. We will surely visit soon. Thank you to you all who helped us plan and modify our vacation. I just had one request. Everywhere we went we ate local dish…. hashed squash with creamy sauce. My family really enjoyed it. I am unable to find its recipe online. Do you know how its made? … :)  Thank you

P. Kalvakaalva, January 2015

I just wanted to let you know we had such a great time in Costa Rica. It's so beautiful there, we didn't want to come back!! We're actually looking into seeing what's involved with moving there lol. Mother nature sure had a cruel welcome home gift, so cold here!

The intinerary was great, we saw and did so much. We got some amazing videos of a sloth, and great pictures of lots of wildlife. Our favorite places were La Fortuna, and Samara. The hotel in Samara was great, very small, and is owned by a Canadian. I know Enrique was trying to get us a hotel closer to town, but this one was great, about a 20 minute walk to Samara. We didn't expect it to be so cold in Monteverde, if you have someone traveling there suggest a warm windbreaker. Ziplining was terrifying but fun, I rented a GoPro so I could get it on video.

Thanks for all you help making this a dream vacation. We're already throwing around ideas for our next big trip, somewhere in Europe. I'm sure you'll be hearing from me for help with that.

L. Brown, January 2015

 Our vacation was amazing!!!!! Pura Vida!

R. Palmer,  January 2015

We had a fabulous time in Costa Rica, and all of the arrangements were wonderful.  The country is beautiful and everyone was so nice.  The Cano Negro boat tour was great and we saw lots of monkeys.  The Ziplining was great too.  The Royal Corin resort was beautiful.  Thank you so much for all you did.  I would definitely recommend Pacific Trade Winds to anyone visiting Costa Rica Regards,

M. J.  Moffitt, January 2015

I write this email to express our gratitude for organizing a great vacation. Overall, this vacation and all the arrangement were way beyond our expectations. I have been to more than 40 countries but this vacation has etched very unique memories. In spite of the vacation arranged just 2 weeks before the departure date, all arrangements were flawless. The description of travel arrangement and accommodations were exactly as informed to us in advance, actually better than we expected. Overall, cannot thank you enough to arrange the trip that provided us the much needed family bonding time. I have several friends awaiting my feedback and I will ensure that they'll contact you for their vacation plans to Costa Rica.

What impressed us the most was the kind nature of the Ticos, going out of their way to help in everything. There is so much to write about but I will summarize in just one word: FANTASTIC.  Pura Vida!

 D.  Kaushish,  January 2015

Hola! Thank you very much for organizing a perfect trip! We are back in Houston but still missing Costa Rica!  Pura Vida! :)

S. Rao, December 2014

We had a great time in CR and thanks to your very good planning and execution it was enjoyable for us. All the accommodations were clean and comfortable and the transportation was prompt and comfortable. Pura Vida!!!!

K. Bhagavan,  December 2014

Sadly, our trip is coming to an end.  We have had a blast and we truly thank you for arranging such a wonderful trip. You allowed our dreams to come true.  Where will we be able to write a review so others will know what a wonderful company you run?

J. Cross, December 2014

Hello everyone,

We had a great trip and everything went smoothly thanks to your team.

I will recommend you to others. Feliz Navidad and Pura Vida.

S.  Benjamin,  December 2014


Thank you so much for planning our vacation it was amazing and incredible. I will definitely be going to you guys again when I decide to plan another Costa Rican vacation in the future. Again thank you so much

J.  Pavon, December 2014

Dear Pacific trade winds team.

We are on our way back to Canada and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the beautiful experience of Costa Rica that you created for us.

We enjoyed every single moment of our trip in your beautiful country.

All the tour guides were highly and amazingly knowledgeable and patient during the tour - highly appreciated.

Thank you again and we will definitely recommend your company to the others

S. Saadatian, December 2014

I just wanted to write and say thank you for all you did to make our vacation wonderful! We had a fantastic time and everything worked out beautifully. The drivers and tour guides were great! We will recommend you to anyone who is planning to travel to Costa Rica.

Pura Vida

C.  Bowman, December 2014

I just wanted to write you to say thank you for such a wonderful trip to Costa Rica. Your team was so attentive to detail and helpful when we wanted to change plans, and we really appreciated how you were able to accommodate us. Thanks again for being so great to work with. Pura vida!


D. king, December 2014

Thanks for keeping in touch with us. Everything is going terrific. Costa Rica is absolutely beautiful ! The people here are wonderful, very friendly, polite and helpful. We could not be happier with everything you have arranged for us so far !

Pura Vida !

L. Coleman,  December 2014

I just wanted to let you all know that everything went incredibly smoothly during our vacation, all of the drivers showed up on time (or a little early), all of the excursions were fun and the hotels were great!  Thanks again!

E.  Hogan, December 2014

We are back in the UK now having had a fantastic trip to Costa Rica thanks to PTW.  All the hotels were great, the transfers worked brilliantly from the first to the last (all the drivers turned up on time or early!), the guided walks and activities were spot on with guides who really knew their stuff and were enthusiastic. We can’t thank you enough for getting everything so right.  We were a bit concerned having done everything over the internet but we needn’t have worried.

Well done to everyone at PTW who worked on our trip.  Great job

Pura Vida!

S. Wells, November 2014

I want to thank you so much for all you have done to make our vacation so memorable and special!  We are leaving La Fortuna for Manuel Antonia and are excited for our next adventure but at same time sad to leave!  We have been so impressed with everything!  The hotel was impeccable, the service outstanding and your coordination of everything flawless!!  We are having such a good time. Every activity was amazing and the guides all top notch.

Thanks so much for a fantastic vacation of a lifetime. We can't wait to see what is ahead in Manuel Antonio!

B. Jensen, November 2014

Thank you so much. I can't emphasize how amazing of an experience I had in Costa Rica. This is my second time there and I definitely credit your company for setting us up with the itinerary, having great customer service and, responding to all my emails quickly. This morning, I already recommended your company to my coworker as I am very fond of your services. Everything was PERFECT. Your suggestions were PERFECT! I travel the world and this is by far my favorite country and I have not received service anywhere close to what I experienced in Costa Rica. Love you guys! Thank you so much again! I will be back!

N. Wong, November 2014.

Hola everyone!  Well, Fe and I are back from a wonderful vacation, thanks to all of you.  The trip was great with lots of activities and fun things to see and do.  From our first day to our last day in Costa Rica, it went like clockwork.  The people were most graces and always very helpful.  The weather was cooperative as well. Thanks again everyone! Gracias,

R. and F. Montafi, November 2014

We had a FANTASTIC time in Costa Rica!  You’re planning was seamless, and all the connections worked out perfectly!!!  (And there were a LOT of details and connections).  Thank you so much to you and your team for the exceptional job. All in all, the vacation was A++.  Thank you again, and you are more than welcome to use us as a reference.

H. Sauer, November 2014

Thank you for providing us with an unforgettable time in Costa Rica. Your services were provided with care and courtesy; the chosen hotels were excellent as were the selected activities after our many requested changes. We were glad to have met your dedicated staff in your Nuevo Arenal office. I will be happy to recommend your services to anybody at any time. Best regards, Pura Vida.

E. Perabo, November 2014

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much we appreciated your help in booking our wonderful vacation!

The zip lines had to be our favorite tour for the adrenaline alone! What fun, we would all do it again in a minute! Costa Rica is an amazing place, we all hope to return one day!

Thank you again for taking all the stress out of this adventure. All of your plans were great and everything went without a hitch! 

M.   Ronge, October   2014

I just wanted to send you a big thanks for our trip to Costa Rica. The places we stayed and the tours we took were perfect! The guides were really knowledgeable and fun. Selva verde was such a great place that we would love to return some day. Arenal was also fantastic. I would be more than happy to recommend your company to anyone I know traveling to Costa Rica and would certainly use you again when we return!  Pura vida !

L.  Romer,  October 2014

I just came back from my trip and had a wonderful time there.   Everything was very well organized.  Take care

W. Chung, October  2014

We have just returned from our Costa Rican Vacation and I want to thank you for all the valuable information you have provided and the tours you planned for us.  We were extremely pleased with each of the tours we took.  Tour guides and drivers were knowledgeable and friendly and we felt quite comfortable and well taken care of by each of them.  I would be happy to recommend your company to any of my friends wanting to travel to Costa Rica.

L. Holt, October 2014

I wanted to personally thank you, for making our anniversary trip so memorable. I know it wasn't easy for you to deal with 3 different couples and please 3 different couples and you did an outstanding job. The Arenal Springs Hotel was so beautiful and our anniversary dinner was beautiful.

Our excursions were perfect, I even got over my fear of heights and did the zip lining with the monkeys in the trees. The safari cruise was awesome and we saw an albino monkey (quite a treat)! White River Rafting wow!! So much fun. Costa Rica is truly beautiful and we are definitely coming back. I look forward to using Pacific Trade Winds very soon again! Thank you so much for your above and beyond work to make our vacation so wonderful.

J. Irwin, October 2014

We are back from our trip and I just wanted to thank you and everyone else for your help.  We had a great time and very much enjoyed seeing your beautiful country.  The hotels were beautiful, the drivers were all very nice and knowledgeable, and the activities were fun. I will definitely recommend you to friends. Thanks again,

N. Gee, September 2014

We just returned to Chicago and needed to thank you for organizing a fantastic trip!  All elements of our travel were on time, with friendly people, excellent facilities and great experiences!  We will be back and will coordinate with you again. Great job!  We had a blast.

J.  Postweiler, September 2014

We had a really good time on our vacation. I want to thank everyone who helped planning this. It could not have been better.  Thanks again!

A.  Bergstrom, September 2014

I wanted to thank you very much everything Pacific Trade Winds helped with for our first Costa Rica trip.  We had an amazing time and cannot wait to go back.  You were all very helpful and professional and we appreciated everything you did for us. Thanks again!

J. Schweitzer, September 2014

Thanks for great service with our travel in Costa Rica, we loved the trip and all of the hotels! Will recommend your service to others!

L. Quaife, September 2014

I just wanted to thank you guys for the terrific vacation you compiled for us last month. Everything went totally smooth and we couldn't ask more from the travel agents! Hope to come back to Costa Rica once more and will definitely work with you again! I will be happy to recommend you guys to anyone I know who wants to visit your beautiful country. Thanks!

L. Tonkonogy, September 2014

Hola Pacific Trade Winds Team,

I wanted to thank you for setting up the perfect vacation for us for our 10th anniversary!  I can not say enough about it.  The locations were beautiful, the people were so friendly and the excursions were awesome.  Everything went off without a hitch - all of the transfers were punctual and flawless, the meals were excellent.  The perfect organization of the trip lead to a completely no-stress, relaxing vacation.

I would like to highlight the special, hands-on attention from your team as we hand tailored the vacation to suit our needs.  Again, your efforts lead to a stellar vacation for my wife and I that we will never forget. Thanks again,

J. and S. Daigle, August 2014

Thanks for your help in making our Costa Rica vacation a great experience. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed our stay in Costa Rica. Thanks,

H. Dhange,  August 2014



R.  Mermelstein, August 2014

We returned from our trip to Costa Rica last night, and we want to thank you for helping us plan such an incredible vacation. We have nothing but positive things to say about PTW. The drivers and guides were professional, courteous, friendly and punctual. The companies that provided the activities operated under safe but enjoyable conditions. The hotels were accommodating, welcoming, clean and comfortable. The cooler was an added bonus. And we know it’s not fully your doing, but the weather was fantastic as well.

Thank you very much! You should be proud to be a part of such a wonderful company. Sincerely yours,

E. Luban and Friends, August 2014

I just wanted to say how impressed we were with all the details of our trip! Each leg of our trip was fantastic. All of the excursions were first rate; the drivers were personable and very knowledgeable.  Everything was perfect. I will highly recommend Pacific Trade Winds to anyone interested in traveling to Costa Rica and will utilize your services when we return.

Thank you,

B. Evans, August 2014

Dear Pacific Trade Winds,

Thank you so much for helping us planned such a wonderful trip to Costa Rica.  Everything was so beautiful, the people were so nice, the weather was fantastic, and the food was exquisite!  We had such a great time and will definitely tell our friends and families to visit Costa Rica.  Thank you for checking up on us to make sure we arrived safely on our first day and having a great time even though we didn't have access to internet till we got home but it was the action that speaks for itself. Thank you again for organizing a wonderful vacation for us.  Overall, we were very happy with our trip to Costa Rica and hope to do business with you again in the near future.

Pura Vida!!!

Truong-Nguyen Family, August 2014

Thanks to the team at Pacific Trade Winds, we had a lovely trip. Everything was very nice. If I had it to do over again, I would definitely ask for your help once again.Thank you again for your help – I just wanted you to know about those two things so that you might better assist other travelers.

Pura Vida!

J. Robson,  August 2014, 

I had a great experience with Pacific Trade Winds and would be happy to leave you a positive review :-)

A. Paciora, August 2014.

Thank you so much for organizing such a great vacation for us. We were very impressed with all the services, accommodations and tours we did. The experience was truly professional and we really liked the quality of personnel we dealt with including our transportation drivers, guides and every person we worked with in PTW. Appreciate the great service; we will make sure we recommend you to others who are planning a trip there from US.

N.  Prem, August 2014

We had a wonderful time in Costa Rica.  Everything went smoothly and we enjoyed every minute of it.  It is our hope to be able to go back to Costa Rica to relive this adventure.  Thank you so much for making this amazing vacation for us a reality. Once again, thank you so much for an awesome vacation. Pure Vida!

P.  Remz, August 2014

I want to thank you for planning a trip of a lifetime for me and my family. Costa Rica is a beautiful country with beautiful people. I stepped outside of my comfort zone with many of the activities and loved every minute of my experience, but it was the people of Costa Rica that made our trip special. We heard time after time, “I love my country, I love my life.” Our lives have been enriched by visiting Costa Rica and we will always have the wonderful memories of meeting new friends, exciting adventure, excellent food, beautiful scenery, animal encounters and family bonding time. Thanks again for your attention to details.  Pura Vida!

J. Hansen, August 2014

My sincere thanks and gratitude to all of you who have worked with me and made our trip to Costa Rica the most thrilling and fun filled vacation we had. You have been really amazing in every possible way and provided us with the best services possible.

I will be adding my best compliments to your agency online.

Again, it was a fantastic vacation in a land of paradise with equally beautiful people.

M. Cherukuri, August 2014

Hello  Pacific Trade Winds,

I am now back from vacation in Costa Rica.  I want to thank each and everyone of you for a wonderfully executed holiday package.  Very much appreciate the professionalism, flexibility, responsiveness and last but not least friendliness of each and everyone of you that we had the pleasure of interacting with. 

We will without hesitation recommend you to any and all who might solicit our opinion. Thank you everyone!

The Ghani family, August 2014

Thanks Gretchen, we had a great time in Costa Rica.  I just put up a good review on Trip Advisory for you guys. Regards

Dr. S. Mahboubian, August 2014

Our getaway was truly amazing! I can honestly say my next vacation will be booked through you! Thank you for email and again thank you for the wonderful vacation your company helped us with.

M. Davis, August 2014

Thank you! 

We all had an absolutely fantastic time!! The country was even more beautiful than we imagined, and everything was incredible. We really enjoyed our week there! Thank you so much for helping us plan our dream vacation. I'm so glad we ended up finding your company to assist us with the arrangements. The food was wonderful and the people warm and friendly. 

Ok, so I am recommending you to anyone I know who might want to visit.  And if I ever get the chance to return I will be sure to contact you. I think Pat Liberati is thinking of coming back with her family in the future, so you may hear from her as well.

Once again, muchas gracias!!!  Pura Vida!!

Darlene Gosnell, August 2014

I wanted to thank you for your assistance with our fabulous trip!  Everything was perfect, and I'll be reviewing your company TripAdvisor soon.  Every single other person you put us in contact with was fantastic.  Loved the fishing captain!

Both hotels we stayed in were fantastic, and we loved the zip lines and ATV's too. 

Thanks for everything!

D. Hartman, August 2014

We all want to thank you for a great tour. Every one of the guides and transporters were on time and very courteous, friendly and helpful. It was delightful to be with these people. We did get some rain in La Fortuna but enjoyed the tours in spite of it. Thank you so much for putting together a wonderful tour enjoyed by all. When and if we go to Costa Rica again we will certainly contact you and we will promote your tour company. Pura Vida

B. Richer & Venturing Crew 0442,  August 2014 

Thanks to Pacific Trade Winds for a great, well planned trip. Others we encountered who had used your service were also pleased. Hopefully, we will have the occasion to use your excellent service again. Sincerely,

P. Zuteck & S. Marker, August 2014

Dear Pacific Trade Winds,

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us arrange the trip of a lifetime. We fell in love with Costa Rica and cannot stop talking about our adventures with our family and friends (expect a few referrals!). We would like to share one if the many photos that we took with you.

Thank you once again, Muchisimas Gracias.

J. and D. Lowson, July 2014

Your planning was almost perfect - we had an incredible adventure and loved everything

The Palo Verde river trip was wonderful, we saw monkeys, crocodiles, and too many birds to remember, except the colored Macaw.  The hanging bridges were amazing  and the zip line was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

When we start planning our next trip, we'll contact you first!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

S.  Shinnick,  July2014

Our trip was absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for all your help. We hope to be back again.

T. Griffin & Family, July 2014

Thanks for your email and we greatly appreciate the offer from Arenas del Mar.  We will definitely review the trip on Trip Advisors, as it was such a great experience.  I thought I would send you directly, some of our impressions and highlights about the trip.  First, I can’t say enough good things about the attention of the Pacific Trade Winds team.  The attention and response during the planning process as well as during the trip was exceptional.  I especially appreciated the extra mile they went for my request to surprise Bill with a birthday cake.  They definitely helped the trip go off smoothly, with little to no stress!

Excursion activities:

WOW!  We had such a great time. The canyoneering was definitely an experience that will be long-remembered (and as someone who does not like heights, I was definitely put to the test!). 

We definitely plan to take a second trip to Costa Rica to take in all the things we couldn’t possible cover in the week we were there.  It is a beautiful country with wonderful, welcoming people.  We will certainly use Pacific Trade Winds when we plan the trip and highly recommend the company to others. Best Regards,

K. and B. Goodwin, July 2014

Pacific Trade Winds,

 We thoroughly enjoyed our honeymoon that you planned for us!  We also thank you for encouraging us to take our trip during the rainy season.  The activities you booked for us were in order rain or shine, and we received much personal attention from our guides.  We also were blessed enough to get to do and see everything despite the rain, including the elusive Arenal volcano, which was also one of our favorite moments of the trip.  It was breathtaking.

Thank you again for your excellent planning.  Every transport was on time if not early (having been in Guatemala and Mexico, I did not expect Central American time to run so smoothly!), and every guide was not only friendly but knowledgeable.  We felt safe at every turn, whether it was on an excursion, in a hotel, or on a transport.  It was truly a carefree vacation for us, and we are very grateful. Sincerely,

C. Richardson, July 2014

The entire Pacific Trade Winds team

We just returned yesterday from our wonderful 10 day trip.  I wanted to tell you personally how pleased and impressed I am with your services.  The responsiveness, ideas, great choices, and the professionalism you possess was fully reflected in our trip experience.  This is not taken for granted but is most deeply appreciated.  You are outstanding! I certainly will go on Trip Advisor, but I would be happy to be a personal reference as well if needed. Again. Thank you for everything. Pura Vida.

J. Klein, July 2014

Hola! We want to thank Maria and everyone else for making our trip stress free and full of exciting activities. Our guides were friendly, informative and care so much about Costa Rica and the environment. We loved Costa Rica and what a great example for the rest of the world.
Thank you again.

J. and T. Jones, July 2014

We loved Costa Rica and every Tico we encountered. It is no wonder that Costa Rica has become a popular destination. Our trip was seamless and there was never a hiccup with the transports to location and activities. Ten year old Willem declared that he wants to move to Costa Rica. Nicolas, the normally reticent 16 yr. old stated that our vacation in Costa Rica would be hard to top! Thank you for making it all possible. Pura Vida,

L. Shak, July 2014

Thank you very much... your company has been wonderful, you have made our trip here so easy to get around and amazing! We will surely use you again the next time we come!

J. Jobe, June 2014

Thank you for planning our amazing vacation, everything went perfect, my family was pleasantly surprised. I am passing along your name to anyone that wants to visit the beautiful Costa Rica. Pura Vida!

K. Beeman, June 2014

We just returned from our trip and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful experience. Pacific Trade Winds was extremely helpful, professional, and responded to all of my inquiries very quickly. All of the activities we took part in were amazing! The guides were knowledgable, professional, and super fun. We will carry these memories forever. Until our next trip...Pura vida!

J. Walker, June 2014

We are again back home with enough adventures to last a life time. Thanks for putting together a great trip. We had rain everyday, but not at a time to interfere with any of our activities. Participating with the Ticos in the Costa Rica World cup victories was an unexpected treat.  All of us arrived home exhausted, but happy delighted with our Costa Rican vacation. Thanks.

G. Forby, June 2014

We had such a wonderful vacation through Trade Winds and are all trying to get together for a reunion to swap pictures and stories. We are not quite ready to go to Costa Rica again but it's just a matter of time!  We have given your name out to friends and family though.

Thanks to your company again for the organized and efficient service. Hope all is well in Costa Rica. Pura Vida!

N. Braux, June 2014

Wonderful!  Thank you!  We give your agency 6 stars for customer service. We had a wonderful vacation, our trip was perfect!  We have already recommended you to our

D. Konopik, June 2014

Just wanted to tell you that we had a wonderful trip to Costa Rica. It's a beautiful country and the people are so friendly. We are very impressed with your company's service, very punctual. All the hotels were excellent; the guides were knowledgeable and spoke good English. Thank you very much for all your help. We have given your number to a couple of our friends.

V. Gujarathi, June 2014

Hello Pacific Trade Winds,

We returned from our trip yesterday and I wanted to thank you for your excellent service and support. The hotels and the activities were excellent. We loved Costa Rica. Everything worked out perfectly and I felt confident in your planning assistance. I will write an excellent review of your company for Trip Advisor.

I would absolutely use your company again and thank you for all your help.

K. Burns, June 2014

Just wanted to say thank you for your great customer service.
We had an amazing trip from start to finish. Everything was exceptional, including all the people. We will go through your company again for sure. It exceeded our expectations. Thank you!

A. and T. Becker, June 2014 

I did not check email while in Costa Rica but now that we are home, my sister Amelia and I wanted to let you know how impressed we were with your service. We went through several itineraries and your staff was most patient with us through all our questions and changes. We finally settled on Itinerary H - so again, thank you for your patience and help. We would highly recommend your services. Thank you again and hope to see you again soon.                                                                                                  

A. & A. Burns, June 2014

Just got back from our fantastic trip to CR. I wanted to send you a note and let you know how much we enjoyed our vacation in CR. Your team arranged every thing soooo perfectly we loved the hotels we stayed and all the adventures that you planned. Thank you very much and I will recommend you guys to all my friends. Everything ran like clockwork everyone on time and accommodating - most of all every one was so friendly and helpful. 

Thank you again Pura Vida! 

Affie, June 2014

Thank you very much for all of your help! We loved our trip and we are so glad we had your team help us make arrangements

Ben, June 2014.

Thank you so much for your great follow through and professionalism. I hope to be back to Costa Rica and to use your services!

Mary, May 2014

Hi Veronica, Gretchen and all my Friends at Pacific Trade Winds - We had a wonderful time overall - I took tons of pictures of your beautiful country and all the wildlife there. I will share once I get them sorted out.

La Fortuna/Arenal - Fantastic!!!

Arenal Springs - is definitely my favorite place to stay. I feel like a member of the family there.  

Adventures - Club del Rio was Fantastic - thank you so much for including.  Rio Celeste was a muddy mess but beautiful.  Cano Negro was great as always.  We did end up taking a taxi to the La Fortuna Waterfalls - incredible.  On the way I got a fantastic picture of the Keel Bill Toucan in the tree.  The Taxi driver stopped the car so I could take pictures. We even did some shopping in town which was great fun.

The hotel is lovely with its wildlife and private beaches. We saw more wildlife at the hotel then we did at Manuel Antonio Park.  The staff is phenomenal - attentive and very nice.

Catamaran trip was fun - lunch they served was excellent.

As I said your country is lovely and we did have a fantastic time and met some incredible people - the guides and the transportation you arranged were prefect. We will start planning our 2015 trip!

Pura Vida

Julie, May 2014

We are back safely in the UK.

We had a very good holiday thank you. We loved Samara and enjoyed Kalimba Lodges and the restaurants and bars and of course the beach.  We are very glad we changed to the Kalimba as they were friendly and helpful.

We loved the beach there and enjoyed relaxing and eating.

All the other hotels, trips, etc went very well.  We loved Canopy Tree Lodges and Arenal Springs Resort and Spa.All our trips were excellent and all the guides were good too.

Thank you so much for arranging such a good holiday for us.  It was a long way for us to go from the UK but worth it.  Whether we will ever be able to get back I am not sure, but I will remember the whole holiday with great memories.

Thanks again.

Patricia, May 2014

We had a fantastic time on our trip and everything was arranged perfectly for us and I  have to thank you very much.

All the excursions were wonderful and the guides were more than generous. The driver picked us up from our hotel.

Enrique, I am glad that I trusted you about our accommodation in Tamarindo. It was wonderful and I thank you for that. The room was ocean front and we were close to the dining room and the beach and it was perfect!! We loved it! You were always so pleasant when I called you and were so patient with me when I felt insecure. You are an assent to the company.

We loved being at Arenal Springs as well and enjoyed the hot springs and the surroundings. The staff were wonderful. We wished that we could have spent more time there.

Your transfer drivers were on time courteous, friendly and very accommodating. Truly perfect people!
So I really thank you for making our trip memorable and I get the feeling that we will return and guess who will plan our trip for us???

All the very best and I hope your reputation continues to grow. You do a great job. Good Luck!

Alzira, May 2014

Thank you Gretchen.  Manuel Antonio was awesome!  We were blessed with 4 sloths, many monkeys and raccoons, other wildlife that our guide pointed out to us and beautiful weather.
We are looking forward to the remainder of our trip!
Roschelle and Andrew, May 2014

Hola my friends, we had a fantastic time in La Fortuna. Here is a picture of my sister Anne (in the hat) and I at Rio Celeste. I finally made it!

Just arrived at Arenas Del Mar.  Lovely place!

Thank you Veronica, Gretchen and Lorena for all your help with this trip.

I will start planning my 2015 trip soon!

Costa Rica is Pura Vida!

Your friend Julie, May 2014       

Ms. herrera,

Carrie and I are back from costa rica. Many compliments to you and your staff ..You did a marvelous job with the tour package and scheduling our misc. events. Not one hitch.We enjoyed costa rica and its people.
we are fans of your agency and the country. I've already recommended your services to my daughter and her boyfriend.
Thank you for a professional job...well done.
Walt and Carrie, May 2014

Dear PacificTrade winds 

I want to let you know how much we enjoyed our stay in Costa Rica. 
Veronica Herera was a great help to us, a fantastic travel agent. Without her we would not have been able to make the choices for hotels and excursions that we did, from snorkeling, to zip lining to white water rafting. She was helpful and patient through the whole process, even if we sometimes had to change dates, changed excursions and added days to our trip. Veronica is a great asset to your company.
We will all absolutely recommend your company to our friends and family
Thanks again for an unforgettable experience, and I hope you will let Veronica know how grateful we are for her expertise.
Maj, May 2014

We had a wonderful time in Costa Rica and cannot say enough good things about Pacific Trade Winds.  The hotels were all great!  The staff at each property was very helpful.  The tours were exceptional and the transfer drivers were very pleasant and informative.  The staff at Pacific Trade Winds was also very helpful during the trip.

Thank you for making our trip so memorable.
Mike, May 2014

Hi team,
Thank you very much for all of your assistance. I have already recommended 2 people to contact you for a trip to Costa Rica. My niece would like to go to Costa Rica for a honeymoon who will contact you shortly.
Thank you again!
Chiang, May 2014


We had a great time in Costa Rica, thank you PTW for all your help.

Thank you,

Julie, May 2014

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing experience my daughter and I had scuba diving with our instructor Julien Eynard.

This was my daughters first scuba diving experience and I could not have asked for a better instructor than Julien. My daughter had been nervous but Julien made her feel safe and she had an amazing experience.

She wants to be a Marine Biologist and having this as her first scuba diving experience was perfect. I would also like to thank the support staff and everyone involved in making this experience possible for my daughter.

I also want to thank Pacific Trade Winds for setting us up with your dive center and I hope they send many people to you in the future.


David and Jnana, May 2014

Hello people

We had a delightful trip and everything went well. All the guides and drivers were friendly, helpful, and appeared as arranged. The reliability of the drivers was especially appreciated as our plane from Houston was delayed by three hours, so we only got to the Arenal Springs Resort in the early morning hours. We will certainly strongly recommend you and your company to our friends.
All in all, we had a very good trip. We had a great time. Thank you for your very efficient, pleasant, and thoughtful service, and I hope you are very proud of your wonderful country.

Nick and Jenni, May 2014

We are back home and we want to give you a compliment from our heart.
Our trip in Costa Rica was pura vida. Every thing was well organized. You gave us a good feeling that you are there some where to help when and if we need it. So pura vida to you and to Costa Rica.

Michal, May 2014


We are back in Lexington now, and back into our regular lives.  My family had a wonderful vacation in Costa Rica - "the best ever, not even close" according to my kids! I'm exhausted and can barely lift my hands to the keyboard to express my thanks and appreciation to you and everyone at Pacific Trade Winds for organizing this trip.

My wife keeps telling me what a great job I did with all the details of the trip, from the hotels we stayed in, to the order of the locations we visited, to the excursions that I chose, etc. I keep telling her that, basically, I just did what you recommended. So thank you for your recommendations as well as the comfort I felt while in Costa Rica knowing that you were there for anything we might need. I would also like to thank you for the phone call you made to check in after I mentioned that we had experienced a little sickness. Although we had already fought through the worst part, it left me with an enduring sense of comfort that you called within minutes of me sending that e-mail, and knowing that we would be supported in the event of any difficulties.  We also appreciated your assistance with our multiple on-the-fly postponements of our departure from Manuel Antonio. We were able to add a mangrove boat tour and another day at the beach to our trip, and it begs the question, why would anyone willingly leave Manuel Antonio anyway?

I will be sure to go on Tripadvisor and give you all stellar reviews as soon as I am able to muster the energy to type again.  So if I was at all unclear in what I am trying to say, on behalf of myself, my wife, and our two equally exhausted teenage boys - Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


Bill, April 2014

Hey Enrique,

Here is the review from Gary and Courtney. They had a wonderful time!!!Thank you very much for everything!!


Tanya, April 2014

Hola, My daughter and I had an extraordinary adventurous vacation thanks to your custom designing a package for us. Thank you. It rates in our top 2 vacations of all time.

Michael, April 2014

So, yes, we did have a wonderful trip! The hotels and excursions were exactly what we were looking for, so thank you!
On our way from Arenal Springs Resort we had a driver who took us to the airport on the last day. I don't remember his name, but he was very awesome. Anyway, Thank you again, this was a great experience.
Rachel, April 2014

Gretchen, thank you so much for your help! You guys have been wonderful so far. We are having a great time. I look forward to recommending pacific trade winds to EVERYONE when we get back home!! :)
Shiri, April 2014

I have not had the opportunity to e-mail you back, since we´ve ben very busy. The Trip is fabulous so far. Los Lagos was the perfect hotel for my family with the pools, water slides, etc. El Establo is beautiful. Thanks
Bill, April 2014

Alan and I want to thank you for a most wonderful and amazing vacation. I can say, without exaggeration, this was the very best trip we've ever had. And you played a large part in helping this to be true.
IF it weren't for the grandbaby, I'd have sent a telegram back to NH to ship all my stuff down to CR because I did not want to leave.
The first transport driver we had from the airport to our hotel, Jairo, was the kind of ambassador your business wants to have to greet new visitors.  It wasn't just a drive but it was done by an intelligent, funny, interesting, capable person. He shared history, facts, showed us flora and fauna along the way (including our first white-faced monkey).
We also exchanged emails with a tour guide in Guanacaste who send us some great photos that he took while on our tour. Everyone was so helpful and friendly.
This was truly a vacation of a lifetime. I wonder who is feeding the coati that hung out by my room in Guanacaste. He'd wait for me twice a day to bring bananas and rolls that I'd filled in my backpack at breakfast and lunch buffet.  

Again, thank you so much,

Carol, April 2014

Thanks Gretchen.
Thanks also to your team who have been a real credit to your company, we have really enjoyed our trip and appreciate all the help we've had on the way. Thank you and kind regards,

Vijay, April 2014

Dear Gretchen, all
Thanks again for the lovely holiday. Just to point out that EL Stablo was divine and that the restaurant called lagoon now is indeed very good, we ate there 2 times. At the hotel cuna angel the restaurant there is a hidden gem: all gluten free products, from the owner s farm and presented in a classy way:we ate there 3 evening in a row! Overall the trip was great thanks a lot! Keep it up and I will reccomend you to my European friends who want to visit costa rica!
Pura vida

Elena, April 2014

We made it back from Costa Rica just in time to enjoy some spring skiing.
We just wanted to thank you for a fantastic trip to Costa Rica.  Everything worked out extremely well and a good time was had by all.
I would have no hesitation on recommending your services to anyone travelling to Costa Rica.

John and Nathalie, April 2014

Hello Veronica. We are safely home from Costa Rica. Our trip went beautifully. Every part went smoothly. The company that picked us up from the airport and returned us to the airport was particularly good. Both drivers knew the area and history of the country and gave us much interesting information on the drive to our destinations. We also enjoyed the stops at the cafes for a drink or empanadas!Please thank your team there at Pacific Trade Winds for all the help and answers to our questions.We enjoyed our hotels and getting to try the Costa Rican food. Everyone was very helpful and friendly. Thanks for creating these memories for my husband and me. I will recommend your agency to others. Have a wonderful day. Pura Vida!  

Diane, April 2014

Well I just wanted to circle back and say that our trip was amazing. You guys did a great job with the hotels, transport and excursions.  We had a blast and will definitely recommend the hotels, tours, areas, Costa Rica and you all. Thank you for a great trip.

Mark, April 2014

Hola to all at Pacific Tradewinds,
My son Daniel and I just returned home from our unbelievable trip to Costa Rica. Our tour arrangement was perfect. Our drivers were always on time and shared interesting local or cultural information on our drives. We went on guided tours in the rainforest (Hanging Bridges was our favorite) and rode the  Zipline. I really enjoyed seeing the rainforest canopy from high up. After a picturesque trip to the Pacific we stayed at Si Como No, another beautiful resort with excellent views and restaurants. The ocean was so warm we spent hours body surfing the perfect sized waves. In summary, the trip was so great because of the itinerary of interesting activities and wonderful accommodations selected by Pacific Tradewinds but also because of the opportunity to learn about Costa Rican culture and the Spanish language which was provided by our drivers. I tell everyone who asks about my trip, how wonderful it was and that its success was due to Pacific Tradewinds. I hope to visit Costa Rica again. Pura Vida!

Stephanie, April 2014.

If we decide to go back to Costa Rica (which we might :)or have friends that want to go we will definitely recommend Pacific Trade Winds!
You guys really did an amazing job with planning, everything ran very smoothly and we absolutely loved all our days there! I know Ang and Justin were really happy which is what we all wanted too. Thank you again for making this trip so memorable for all of us!
Take Care,

Anna, April 2014

Hola amigos
We are back in montreal. Want to tell you how much we enjoyed your company. Your service was great. The hotels you booked for us were perfect. I would recommend your company to all.
Let me know if you have tours to other countries. I will definately book with you
We loved your country and hope to be back
Pura vida to all of you

Judi, March 2014

Dear Jaqueline and the staff at Pacific Trade Winds:
Paradise lived up to its reputation.  Thank you so much for helping us have a truly memorable and outstanding trip to your beautiful country.  The landscape was remarkable, but more remarkable were the people. Everyone we met (and, surprisingly, I do mean everyone) was incredibly helpful and proud of their remarkable country. It was the landscape that brought us here, but it is the people and the experience that will bring us back. Thank you for helping us appreciate that.
Next time we hope to spend all of our time on the Osa Peninsula.  We will talk to you in a couple of years about that trip!Kind Regards,

Barrie, March 2014

Pura Vida!Just a note to let you know that our trip was wonderful. Thank you for everything. I think we will be coming back.
Have a nice day!

Mary and Grace, March 2014

Thank you so much. Pacific Trade Winds did a fantastic job and I would definitely recommend it. The activities were fun and were enjoyed by all. Regards,

Steve, March, 2014

Thank you. We had an amazing trip!

Kim, March 2014

Thank you for a smooth and wonderfully planned vacation! Everything was perfect.
You are highly recommended. Many thanks,

Brooke, March 2014

I just wanted to thank you for the effort you put in planning our trip. By far, this was the best vacation I think i may have ever taken. Each hotel was wonderful, each transfer perfectly organized, each activity more fun than the next. It's a challenge being back at home and somehow not in, on, or over a body of water, but somehow I am surviving. I have already referred your company to others thinking of heading to Costa Rica. Well done!!!

Do you exclusively only plan Costa Rica or do you have other teams that concentrate on other parts of the world as well? I'd love to use your agency again for future travel plans!

Dina, March 2014

Thank you very much. We had a fantastic time and greatly appreciate all of the support and advice we received from Pacific Trade Winds. 

Rob, March 2014


We are back in Phoenix, had a great time in CR.

Catching up. Thank you.

Hemant, March 2014

Hi Veronica,

We had a wonderful trip to Costa Rica and we thought the service of Pacific Trade Winds was absolutely wonderful.  I would recommend your organization highly!

Peggy, March 2014

Lisa and I have returned home from our spectacular vacation to your beautiful country. We appreciate the all the support in preparing us for this trip full of lasting memories.

Overall this Vacation is one that we will remember for a long time, we appreciate all your support though out the trip. We will highly recommend your services to our friends if they decide to travel to your beautiful country.

Mucho Gusto,

Jean-Pierre and Lisa, March 2014

Dear all, You did an excellent job for us and we want to express our appreciation. Both hotels were splendid with good food and glorious service. We like your country very much, the wee bit of it we experienced. Beauty in landscape and people.  

Thank you.
Lew and Nancy, March 2014

Just wanted to take a second to thank you for putting together an excellent trip. The hotels, especially Arenal Springs and The Falls Resort were excellent. All activities were excellent. The trip was a mighty success.
Thanks for your assistance.
JOHN , March 2014

Pura Vida!
We just got back home and hada great time.  We will recommend Pacific Trade Winds to anyone who is considering a trip to Costa Rica.  We appreciate your help in making this a great, hassle free trip.
Bruce, March 2014

Wow.  Words cannot possibly express how much we appreciate all the hard work you put into making our honeymoon absolutely phenomenal!! From responding to long emails to organizing every transfer and finding exceptional places to stay with incredible tours and absolutely wonderful people...your company was absolutely exceptional.  Not only that but all of the tours you recommended and specific people you had pick us up (from our first pick up very late by the wonderful super friendly Freddy who drove us all the way to Tamarindo and was so kind/helpful...to our last stay at Country Inn and transfer to the airport...everything was exceptional and on time

Everything was fantastic and we recommended you so highly everywhere we went!

Thank you again!

Pura vida!!

Ps- we are already planning our return on our anniversary which is actually in September so we will be calling you again soon!


Emily, February 2014

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and work for this trip.  We had a great time and enjoyed the activities and accommodations.  I will certainly recommend your company to my friends and associates.  Thank you and take care!!!

Andrew, February 2014

Hi Gretchen and All,

Now that I'm back home I just wanted to thank everyone for putting together a great trip for our family.

Everything worked out terrific and and we really loved all the accommodations and activities. All the drivers that picked us up were great - always on time, friendly, helpful just wonderful.

We loved Costa Rica and hopefully will return soon for another great trip.

You guys are the best.

Pura Vida!,

John, February 2014

Our trip overall was fantastic. I was especially impressed by the fact that every single time,
the van for each portion of our trip showed up exactly when they were supposed to.
We loved the entire trip. The Mt. Arenal portion of the trip was wonderful, and the outdoor activities .

We enjoyed in Arenal, Monteverde, and Tamarindo were exhilarating and unforgettable.

Thank you for putting such a nice trip together for us on such short notice, and for making all the elements of our first trip to Costa Rica so enjoyable.

Best regards,

Jeff, February 2014

I would like to thank everyone at PTW for providing such incredible service. Everything ran like clockwork and it was an absolutely awesome trip. Special thanks to Enrique for customizing it to meet my desires. Thank you again.
Dan, February 2014

Thank you for your help. We did have a wonderful time your country. It was beautiful!!!
Pura vida
RT, February 2014

I want to say that my father and I had a wonderful time.
The Arenal Resort was beautiful. The people were very nice. The ZIPLINING  was FABULOUS.
We were able to see whales in the ocean. That was beautiful.
My dad has already stated that he wishes to go back to Costa Rica again.
So thank you and your team for providing us with a very wonderful vacation.
Thanks again

Tania, January 2014

Thank you Jaqueline, Veronica, Andres, Gretchen, Lorena, Enrique and everyone else at Pacific Trade Winds for making our Costa Rica trip the best vacation ever! We had an amazing time and we look forward to coming again!
Rashel, January 2014

Thanks for the great work in planning our trip. it was terrific!
Mary, January 2014

Our trip to Costa Rica was so much fun.  The people are all so friendly and helpful.  The guides that we had took an interest in what we wanted to do and made it happen.

I even snorkeled, after injuring my back and not a great swimmer I was just going to skip the snorkeling.  Thomas kept telling me I could do it so I was ok. The fish were so beautiful and there was a purple one just for me (that's my favorite color).

It was a pleasure working with you and I want to thank you for making this a vacation that was everything I loved.  There were two large turtles swimming with the dolphins, now I want to come back and see them lay their eggs,

Thank you again for the wonderful vacation.

 Pura Vida!

Donna, January 2014

Everything was amazing and I felt bad taking any credit for the planning of the week since you arranged it all!

I will send you a link to the pictures once I get them. Thanks so much again! We will definitely be back in Costa Rica and will contact you for help when we plan our next trip there.

Carla and Patrick, January 2014


I want to take a moment to say thank you all at Pacific Trade Winds for arranging our vacation for our group of eight in such a great fashion.  From our greeting at the airport, our transfers, our hotels and tours, all was great. 

We were especially pleased with your help when one of our members had a family emergency. Costa Rica is a magnificent country and with your help each day was made memorable.

Pura Vida!

Beverley, January 2014

We loved Costa Rica, the country and especially the people.

I have attached a Photo of our favorite Monkey we came across while on the Hanging Bridge Trip 

Best Regards

George and Deani, January 2014

PS Many Thanks to all of you at Pacific Trade Winds

Thanks for everything.  We had a great time.  The hotels you recommended were outstanding.

Andrea, January 2014

Thank you for a wonderful vacation.

Everything was perfect.

Julia and Sharon, January 2014

Hola Gretchen & Staff:

I want to take this time to Thank You All for planning such a wonderful trip for us…Everything was perfect, from the accommodations, tours, shuttles and food!!!!!  All the people we came in contact with were very accommodating, friendly and professional.  Costa Rica is one of my favorite places!!!!  And hopes of returning within the near future!!!

We had a wonderful time and highly recommend Costa Rica to our friends!!!  As a matter of fact, I have already shared our trip details with a few people here at work, who seem very much interested in vacationing in Costa Rica.

Kudos to you and your staff!!!!  Thank you for making this trip so memorable!!!!

¡Pura Vida!

Sharon, January 2014

Thank you Veronica! :)

Your company is stellar! Our trip was amazing. The best ever!!!!!

Pura Vida!

Heather, January 2014

Gretchen, Veronica and staff,

Thanks again for another great trip to Costa Rica.  We returned home early Friday morning and still trying to catch up a bit but had a wonderful time and enjoyed our week with Whitney very much – thanks much in part to your work and efforts.

Jeff, January 2014

I would recommend this company to EVERYONE!  We had a fabulous time and our trip was nothing short of perfect!  We would love to return in the future and will definitely use your company to make our vacation plans!

AMAZING staff and planning!

White water river rafting!  We all enjoyed it and the Wave Expedition company you sent us to was amazing!

Misty, January 2014

We had a fantastic week and everything planned by you was just fantastic. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and please thank everyone on your staff for all their help

You guys were friendly, helpful and flexible.

David, January 2014

I am very grateful for your work in planning our vacation and for being available during our travel.  I think you did an exceptional job and would highly recommend to any of my friends that they use your service. 

Most importantly, everything for this large party worked out well; thanks again for a great trip.  Many thanks to Gretchen, Veronica, and the others who worked on our itinerary.  We are looking forward to returning to Costa Rica sometime soon!


Tom, January 2014

Dear Veronica, Enrique and PTW:

We had a great trip and are now back home in San Diego.  I want to thank you all at Pacific Trade Winds for all your help and professionalism. You all made an effort to make sure we had a good time. We loved the Crystal Sands Condo.  We got the 5,000 square foot penthouse unit that was new and fabulous.  Thanks for working with Barcelo Langosta Resort to make the last few days of our visit very enjoyable.  I intend to recommend you to my friends that intend to travel to Costa Rica. Please feel free to use me as a reference.

The only thing that I would change is to plan an itinerary that minimizes road travel. 

I wish you all a happy and healthy new year!

Jim, January 2014


Thank you for the superb arrangements. We had a great time at Costa Rica.

I have referred a few of our friends to you.

Thanks a ton. I am happy to have chosen pacific trade winds

Julie, January 2014

On behalf of all of our family I want to thank you, and all your staff, for the wonderful arrangements and assistance you gave us all to make our trip a resounding success.  We especially want to thank you personally, as well as Veronica, Enrique and Kelly for all your personal help.  The hotels were all wonderful, the restaurant recommendations and reservations were perfect, and everything just clicked along like clockwork.  Clearly you have good relationships with all of these providers, particularly Jennifer at Hidden Canopy (which is certainly a unique, wonderful spot).  Special mention must be made of Kelly who handled a last minute switch of one person from the rafts to the boat trip, We will happily recommend your agency to any of our friends who travel to Costa Rica.

Once again, thank you so much to everyone at Pacific Trade Winds for a job really well done!  All the best in the new year, fred.

Fred, January 2014

Hola, I just want to wish everyone at Pacific Trade Winds a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And say thanks once again for making my vacations so amazing and enjoyable! 

Julia, December 2013

Enrique, Gretchen and associates

We want to thank you very much for organizing our recent trip to Costa Rica.
You and your team did an excellent job of planning and arranging the different parts of our trip.
We greatly appreciated how quickly you responded to our questions before and during our trip.  The hotels and trips you arranged for us were generally very good and very interesting.
Costa Rica is a beautiful country and the people we met were very nice.
Your quick help with switching us out of the La Fortuna Hotel to a quieter hotel was greatly appreciated.
You were highly recommended to us by our friends who used your services last year.
We will be pleased to recommend you highly to others who are thinking of going to Costa Rica.
Best wishes for the holidays and a Happy New Year.
Pura Vida
Abe and Pnina, December 2013

Thanks, Veronica.  

My husband and I had a wonderful time in CR and appreciated all your help in planning our vacation.  After we arrived I was so pleased at your availability to answer questions as they came up.  The Arenal Springs and the Montelaguna Boutique hotels were perfect.  The river safari and the hanging bridges tours were fantastic.  We learned so much from the excellent tour guides.  And the kayak/snorkeling trip to Isla Chora was so much fun.  I also wanted to thank you for all the information you provided us prior to the trip.  The packing list was spot on; we had everything we needed and nothing that we didn't.  And the map!  We used it every day.  Thank you again for making this such a pleasant vacation.  I'm so glad to have discovered Pacific Trade Winds!  Feel free to post this as a review if you like.

Molly, December 2013

We arrived home back in snowy Canada late last night and wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for your help in planning an amazing honeymoon trip. We had such a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our adventure. Thank you for helping to make everything smooth and easy so that we were able to enjoy everything that Costa Rica had to offer without any stress.

Pura Vida!

Amanda and Than, Decmber 2013

Muchas gracias! Thanks for the wonderful vacation! Beautiful country & great people!

Lauren, December 2013

Gretchen & Veronica,

Thanks again for another great vacation!  We had a great time in Puerto Viejo.

We enjoy your services so much that we are in the works on planning another vacation within the next 6 months.

Thanks again!

Don and Dawn, December 2013


I have returned from my Costa Rican trip and all I can say is Pura Vida!!

What a trip!! Pacific Trade Winds did a fabulous job with all the travel arrangements. The hotels In Arenal, Monteverde, and Manuel Antonio were well selected and the activities gave me a chance to experience each of the areas. Every arranged pickup showed up on time and the drivers and guides were very pleasant with great attitudes.

All in all, you all set up a great trip for me and exceeded my expectations. I have already mentioned you guys to my friends and am already thinking about a return trip.

Pura Vida y muchísimas gracias!

Gary, December 2013

Hi Everyone,

Just to let you know that we really enjoyed the program you arranged for us and will highly recommend you to anyone travelling in Costa Rica. The private transfer to San Jose was especially good because we got to see crocodiles and parrots on the way .

Muchas gracias y Pura Vida.

Gerd and Monika, December 2013

Everything going smoothly,Loving it.  Your Company is highly regarded by all the Resorts and operators we have dealt with so far.  At Pacific Trade Winds, Maria has been like my personal travel agent to Costa Rica  I have loved my every contact with her --She is the best.  I am a customer for life.  

Steve, November 2013

Hi Gretchen,

Jim and I have been safely transported back to the USA. I wanted to thank you for a great trip !!! The Costa Ricans are some of the nicest people I have ever met. We traveled lots, saw lots and had a great time. 


Mary , November 2013

Outstanding! Memorable! It was a wonderful adventure vacation.
Brilliant!!! Excellent recommendations for hotels and tours. Helpful, patient and responsive assistance in planning our vacation. I have recommended you to over a dozen persons heading to Costa Rica.
The thrill of white water rafting on the Rio Balsa and all the fun and laughter that accompanied the day.

Leslie, October 2013

It was the perfect place to be!
I asked and you listened and delivered exactly what I was looking for with no worries.
Waking up to the sight and sound of the ocean right outside my window while eating the freshest fruit I've ever tasted!

Marisol, October 2013

All arrangements were ideal - timing was perfect and activities were splendid.


Dennis, October 2013

Very special and personal

Communication was perfect and clear

Everything was special

Douglas, October, 2013

Everything turned out great!  Even when we made a last minute change on our rafting trip - it was so easy to change it the day before!
Easiest trip I have ever planned online!!  Someone was always available to answer my questions.
Exploring the National Park in Manuel Antonio - we saw all of the different types of monkeys as well as many sloths and birds.

Laurie,  October 2013

My wife and I just got back from our honeymoon in Costa Rica and thanks to you all we had an AMAZING time. We have to commend you all for your exceptional service/effort! We've already recommended you to our friends, family and coworkers.

Feizal, September 2013

We used Pacific Trade Winds to arrange our vacation in Costa Rica. All we can say is "fantastic!" The country´s beauty is only surpassed by its beautiful people. Our advisor Gretchen helped every step of the way. She started by asking questions and then put together a customized package that totally fit us. Our experience was way beyond what we expected. We will recommend Pacific Trade Winds to everyone we know. When we return to Costa Rica we will certainly use them again. If you are thinking about going to Costa Rica do yourself a favor and call them! You won't be disappointed.

Dennis and Linda, September 2013

Hi Gretchen 

We had a amazing time and everything was perfect and we just wanted to thank everyone for all their hard work. Let me know and enjoy your day! Thanks again, 

Danielle , September 2013

To all you great travel advisors (Gretchen, Veronica, Maria)

Just a note to tell you all that our family of 8 had a wonderful week in Costa Rica that you arranged for us. This vacation was first class all the way.  Everything went so smoothly from being greeted and escorted at the airport to all of our transports, which were always on time with friendly, courteous drivers. The numerous excursions were a hit with all our ages 13-74 yrs. The canopy hanging bridges tour was a wonderful glimpse into the rainforest & interesting to see some insects, wildlife etc.  The zip lining was amazing, flying through the treetops & the canyoneering was so exciting for those that did that adventure, a favorite for all but especially the teenagers-the guides most helpful and fun.  We are so glad that you recommended that one to us. The white water rafting was exciting for all and the guides made it even more fun, encouraging everyone to get into the water. The Cano Island Tour & snorkeling was a very long day but we did get to see a lot of wild life (whales, dolphins, monkeys etc.). The snorkeling was good and a first for several of our group, so that was exciting. We loved the gorgeous resorts you choose for us; large & lovely accommodations.  The Arenal was special not only for the beautiful view of the volcano (great views everyday) but the hot spring pools were very enjoyable. The Si Como No was beautiful with great views of the Pacific. We all enjoyed Manuel Antonio National Park with our guide, seeing great wildlife & spending time at the beautiful beach was a treat. We enjoyed all the lovely tropical plants, flowers & wonderful fresh fruit. We loved the food! We did have a few showers & a couple rainy nights, but luckily no adventures were threatened.

Thank you for making this a most memorable & special vacation for all of us.

We would recommend Pacific Trade Winds & would contact you in the future if we come back.


Nancy & Dick , September 2013


We really enjoyed our trip to Costa Rica.  Thanks for organizing our trip.

All guides were very knowledgeable.  A special comment on Jason who took us to the rain-forest hanging bridges.  He was awesome.  The volcano area and the hotel were a great experience.  The Eco Resort was so beautiful with gorgeous with great pools. The staff was always friendly and most helpful.

Staying at the Hilton Papagayo was also a great experience. 

The Sail/Snorkeling trip was very nice.  We saw whales, sea turtles, dolphin and more.  They provided us with good equipment and lots of food.

Again, thanks so much for planning this trip for us and avoiding us from making mistakes.

Norm, September 2013

Hi Veronica.  We just got back from our wonderful vacation in Tamarindo CR - Diria hotel.  It was everything we wanted and more. Once again you have delivered exceptional service. Looking forward to continuing doing business with you guys in the near future. Pura Vida!  

Marisol & Alfonso, August 2013

Hi  Veronica & Gretchen

Thanks for making my trip wonderful. We enjoyed a lot. You both and all of you  were helpful all the way in my trip. Keep up the good work Thanks again. We reached home back safely   .
Usha, August 2013 

I just wanted to take a few moments to thank you for arranging a wonderful vacation for me, Amanda, Rachel and Roger. I appreciate all of your assistance in planning our vacation. Each of you in the office were so responsive and helpful. All of the drivers and tour guides were excellent and the hotels exceeded our expectations!

Costa Rica is a beautiful country and we thoroughly enjoyed all the sights, sounds, foods, and people while we were there! We hope to return soon!!

Robin, August 2013

I just wanted to let you and your team know that we had a fantastic vacation in Costa Rica.  Everything was perfect, from transportation to accommodations.  Thank you very much for making our trip absolutely perfect!


Steve and family, July 2013

We took our daughter and her best friend to CR for their senior trip.  We have taken them on several vacations but we all agreed this was the best one EVER!!!  The places were beautiful, service amazing, tours superb.  I highly recommend it for couples or families.

Great and her team are the best travel agency we have used.  They listened to our needs and planned a vacation which not only met but exceeded our expectations. We also made some changes in tours/excursions and the team was responsive to our every need.  Thanks so much for a superb Costa Rican experience. We loved each area, but I would say our favorite was the Canopy Tree House.  Jen, the owner, is awesome and thinks of every detail.  Her team at the tree house and the tour guide were the best

Pam, July 2013


As hobby photographer I had a great time and the guides were very helpful in spotting wildlife. You provided us with a great tour,  we thoroughly enjoyed Costa Rica and will recommend your company to our friends. Your staff were very professional and prompt with supplying details to us.
We had a wonderful holiday and the wildlife was a stand out for us, Turtle Beach night safari loved Drake Bay and Corcovado, great food and hospitality by all sad to leave.

Martin and Irene, July 2013


Hi Gretchen/Veronica,

Just wanted to say Thank you for all of your help.  We had a fantastic vacation in Costa Rica.  My son and nephew had a great time.  Zip lining, White water rafting, ATV, hot springs and the watching the turtle lay eggs at night were the highlights.  All of the activities were great, all of the tours and rides were on time.  Our favorite lodging was the hidden Canopy Treehouse in Monteverde.  Jennifer was a great host.   We also took a night hike and did the coffee/sugar tour in Monteverde. I have already referred you to our friends.

Thanks again

Joanne, July 2013

Everything was perfect.  It's going to be hard to top this experience, thank you!  I've already recommended your company at least 10 times to other people we met on or travels in Costa Rica and to friends and family here.

April, July 2013


Hi we had a wonderful time in Costa Rica thanks to you. We would love to know the name of our wonderful guide from Xtreme who took us cannoning. He was great and provided a fantastic personal service.

Randall, July 2013

Everything was FANTASTIC!!!! So organized and prompt! The pacific trade winds team was amazing and helpful!

Everything from the hotels to shuttle drivers to activities was planned to perfection and everything went as planned! Amazing. All we had to do was sit back and relax and everything was planned and organized for us- not a worry in the world!
The happy people of the country- everyone was super friendly and helpful! The activities especially zip lining and waterfall repelling- those were our favorite activities!

Sheina, July 2013


Hi, we had a wonderful time and everything was smooth and first class.

Randy, July 2013

Arenal Springs was the most pleasing physical layout and the room and grounds arrangement was the best, The Falls Resort was very good on accommodations and grounds, but by far the friendliest and most personal, always going the extra mile to make us feel like family. 

Excellent and your recommendations on restaurants in the area were very helpful as well. The Treehouse Restaurant was a favorite. And the breakfast at Arenal Springs was superb!
From Ronald, our first transport driver, who was exceptional in his knowledge of the wildlife and the country's culture and history, and his eagerness to share same, to sitting in the open air dining area at Arenal, to all the tours and experiences, and finally sitting in the outdoor area at The Falls and having the monkeys and agutes join us, it's difficult to choose our favorite!

Wendy & Paul, July 2013


The White Water rafting was AMAZING.  Our guide "Knife" was amazing.  He shared his pride for his country!  He let us experience the best the river had to offer - safely!!  Will definitely post on trip advisor how wonderful of a day Knife and Wave Adventures made it for us.  Cannot say enough nice things.  It was fabulous!!  Now onward... Thank you for making this trip adventursome, safe and just what an 18 year old young man could want!!  YEAH!!

Fran, July 2013

It was a wonderful vacation and I cannot say enough about your level of service before and after we arrived in Costa Rica.  Our plane was over 5 hours late landing and you were so good to accommodate us and to rearrange our first tour because of our late arrival.  Also your restaurant suggestions were very helpful in finding place that were great and they were just what you said they would be. It was just what I expected and everything was worry free when we arrived.  I wish i could have stayed longer! Our stay Arenal Springs resort, it was beautiful and the pools there were wonderful.  The rooms and the breakfast were outstanding.

Jeanne, July 2013



I just wanted to send a note to you and your team about the fantastic trip you all put together for me & my son. Everything was perfect. Every adventure was outstanding including every driver showing up when promised.  The Tree of Life was a particular highlight. What an adventure! Diego, our guide, says he has been trying to get you up the mountain. It will be well worth your time.

Thanks again for all your help. I will be recommending your to anyone traveling to Costa Rica.

Jerry, July 2013

I have had nothing but good things to say about my trip to Costa Rica to other family and friends. Your planning was well organized and we had no issues. So thanks again!

Thanks again for a lovely experience,

Rakhi, July 2013


Thank you so so much. And thanks for making our trip so wonderful!

Steph, July 2013

Hello PTW staff! We finally made it all the way home yesterday and are very happy. 

We have already told many people about how great you were in setting up our vacation and also how invaluable you were.  You really were incredible! Our trip to Costa Rica was fabulous and we look forward to coming again someday.

Pura Vida,

Sonia, July 2013



I just wanted to let you know how very satisfied I was with all the arrangements  you made for my trip with my Grandson. This was a present for his graduation from High School and he will never forget it.  Everything was on time and just as you had described.  I've been telling all my friends about your company. 

Eduardo, July 2013

Gretchen & all,

In short, your collective teamwork was top notch as we have you all to thank for a wonderful trip.  You adjusted countless times to meet our desire to go to places like. You made the necessary adjustments to accommodate the different itinerary. Your response time to any question, idea or request we had was fantastic.   And it was all included in the agreed upon price. Again, my thanks for your collective efforts to plan our trip.   I am not sure if, or when we might return to Costa Rica, but when we do, we will be calling you.  It was good to meet you and from all of us a huge THANK YOU for helping to make it such a wonderful trip, a painless experience for priceless memories! 


Jeff, July 2013 


Hi Gretchen,

I wanted to let you know that we had an amazing trip to Costa Rica.
It was definitely a trip of a lifetime, and I'm so glad that we went on the Rio Celeste Hike!

Marcia, July 2013

I really liked my hotel, Hotel La Fortuna.  The staff was very friendly and helpful (and spoke great English).  The air-conditioning worked very well, and the beds were pretty comfortable.  I liked the volcano view room.  The provided breakfast was great.  My transfer driver (Heiner) was great!  The Cano Negro tour was the best, but I enjoyed all of the tours.  I only wish I'd booked two per day. 
My trip was very easy to plan online with your company, and all of the quoted services worked just as quoted.  That was quite impressive!  When I plan my next trip to Costa Rica, I will strongly consider using your company.
I loved the Cano Negro/Rio Frio boat trip (so many animals seen!) and the La Fortuna waterfall.

Kyla, July 2013

Hello Veronica!! 

I hope you are well. My family and I enjoyed Costa Rica very much; we all would love to go back. Our adventures were great; there are 2 adventures that we just loved!!! White water rafting was absolutely amazing, the team of people that were our guides just did an amazing job, you can tell they love what they do!!! We would highly suggest this adventure to anyone heading to Costa Rica. 

The zip lining in Monteverde was very very good, I am in customer service also and felt that I should share our feedback. Overall the trip was Great!! 

Michelle, July 2013

Hi Gretchen, I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful itinerary. It was a great trip. We were able to see 3/5 things in the book 1000 Places To See Before You Die by Patricia Schultz. Thank you so much for the snacks. They were great and we delved into them on our long drive to Manuel Antonio. 

Thanks again for making this a memorable trip. Everyone thought it was a great trip, thanks to you.
Susan, July 2013

Hola, Lorena, Veronica, and Maria,

We just got home last night from THE BEST vacation we've ever had!  

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how flawless your travel plans for us were.  The activities you selected for us were absolutely perfect, the transfers always on time and personable, and the accommodations excellent.  We were very pleased with the service you provided us, and recommended your company several times along our trip to other people who wondered how we "knew" to do so many various things and how to get there (especially given the roads and lack of signage!)  We learned so many things from our drivers, especially Papaya (in Liberia) and Miguel (in Arenal).  Xander, our guide for the Arenal Volcano hike was amazing, as was Carlos, our guide for the Wave Expeditions river rafting.  The Hacienda Guachelepin was an awesome adventure not to be missed, and the ziplining in Monteverde was incredible (except for the hike UP the mountain!)

We definitely want to go back to paradise and try new things, and maybe stay even longer.  

Pura Vida!

Tom and Debbie , July 2013

We had the MOST amazing time in Costa Rica and loved every minute it. You guys did a great job suggesting tours based on what we were looking for... LOVED the canyoneering - it was by far our favorite adventure. The hotels were lovely and the locations and perfect. You made our vacation easy and worry free and were very accommodating when we called to have our transportation time changed with little notice.
Very fast to respond to e-mail questions...great with recommendations.

We enjoyed the entire trip, however we really loved the La Fortuna area and trying new "adventures" such as canyoneering and zip lining. We loved seeing the monkeys and other wildlife, too!

Jennifer, June 2013


The accommodations at Arenal Springs were a 10! We absolutely loved the cottage, view, staff, dining, pools, plants, etc. We just can't say enough about how much we loved it. Zip lining was exciting and the guides were funny and entertaining. The riverboat tour was also great, just a little further away than we really wanted, but the guide was so knowledgeable and welcoming. The vouchers worked with no problem. The first transportation service we had was the best. Our guide took the time to acquaint us with the country, animals, flora, history, etc. It was a great start to our vacation adventure!
All our time at Arenal Springs was our favorite. I loved the yoga platform and would have liked to spend more time there

Nicole, June 2013


Everything went incredibly smoothly! We loved Arsenal Springs, what a lovely setting! All of the guides and drivers were very welcoming and gave us a great history of Costa Rica. We can't wait to visit again.

Sue, June 2013


We very much enjoyed the whole trip, especially our tours.  All three of our tour guides were extremely courteous and helpful, and the tours themselves were exciting and felt personalized for us.
Very helpful - called us as soon as they thought there might be an issue and resolved it quickly and effortlessly.
Tortuguero, specifically Turtle Beach Lodge. Everything there was amazing and we wish we had more time to explore it all.  There was so much to experience, the staff were wonderful, and the food was amazing. We will definitely visit again in the future.

Jenn and Patrick, June 2013


The tours were wonderful and very informative; loved all the guides.  The hotels were all amazing; they far exceeded our expectations.  The Peace Lodge was the most beautiful hotel I have ever stayed in Absolutely stunning!
Trip planning was easy and you were very responsive to all of our requests/changes in a very timely manner.
Too many to name; we loved the Treetop Canopy in Monteverde and The Falls in Manuel Antonio. The evening manager, Luis, at The Falls was wonderful and the food was excellent. Tortuguero was amazing and we loved Turtle Beach Lodge.  That was probably our favorite time.  Our guide, Michael, at Turtle Beach was great.  We also enjoyed the horseback riding in Arenal; we didn't have to plod along in a line, lots of fun.  Great wrangler in charge of the horses.

Jerri, June 2013


The vacation was great. Your services were excellent and very helpful and flexible, especially when our itinerary needed to change due to the weather.  It was great having you as a contact while we were there to help us coordinate an additional excursion as well as make changes to the one excursion that was changed due to the weather.

Sandy, June 2013



I wanted to let you know that the combination tour was perfect. Both hotels were very nice , comfortable, and clean. I was amazed at how warm and friendly the staff was at both resorts.
I would recommend both Arenas del Mar and Arenal Springs without hesitation. 

The private transportation drivers were very professional, friendly, and kind young men.  Well, our favorite was Ricardo. He was around 50 years old !  He made our long drives enjoyable. He was amazingly handsome!  So, that was a bonus!!

The guide at Manuel Antonio was also intelligent and very interesting.  He did a great job. His name was Mauricio.  We had a wonderful time there.  

Thank You for all your patience and for the great services provided by your organization.

We will definitely return to Costa Rica.


Clarissa, June 2013

I just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful trip. Everything was seamless- thanks to you! Both hotels were great and all of our activities were really great as well. The guides were very knowledgeable and it really made a difference taking a guided tour through Manuel Antonio park. I would highly recommend Pacific TradeWinds to anyone traveling to Costa Rica. Thanks again to you and your team for all of your help and for making our trip wonderful, special and relaxing!
Kay, June 2013

Hello there:
I wanted to send an email to you to thank you for all you did to make my vacation with my daughter excellent. We had so much fun and there is nothing we would have done differently.. We were extremely happy with all of the tours you booked and all of the drivers were amazing.  Roberto picked us up at airport and was very knowledgeable and accommodating. We felt he really looked after us. He would stop when we wanted and we also especially liked Christian, tour guide at Monte Verde cloud forest. Both my daughter and I had such a nice time we are having a difficult time choosing what we liked best. The Las Logos hotel was exceptionally beautiful, zip line fun, Negro Boat tour--so much wildlife and a great tour guide with Andre's  , Montiverde day and night walks, Snorkelling on catamaran near Tamarindo beach.. All phenomenal. thank you. I will also go on trip advisor as well. I would highly recommend your tour company..
kind regards
Sheila, May 2013

Let me first say that we wish to thank you and your company for putting together a wonderful trip for our anniversary.

Maria and I enjoyed it all.

What we enjoyed most was the fact that every person working with us, driving, guide service, boat crew and hotel staff were wonderful.  The service was as good as it could be..

Let me give special thanks for the staff at the Tree House in Monteverde.  We felt like we were at home.

I must tell you about the efforts made by the staff at the Springs Resort to help us celebrate our special Dinner on the evening of our Anniversary.  They had set a special table away from the dining area, with a short walk-way lit by candles leading to the table.  Perfect setting, and set up as only Martha Stewart would direct it to be done.

The scenery of Costa Rica, and the people are wonderful, and we are looking forward to returning soon.


Peter, May 2013

We came back from Costa Rica. Our trip was wonderful. Although, we made several changes while the plans were being finalized it all worked out at the end. All the hotels  were perfect. The transfers were on time.

Amit, May 2013

Thanks for helping with a great vacation.  We absolutely loved it.

Jyoti , May 2013

Hola Gretchen, i just wanted to let you know that i have arrived home. I wanted to say thank you so very much for all that you did!  It was pacific trade winds that insured that i had a safe and very amazing vacation in costa rica. Is there some where i can send photo's or any other feed back? My travel agent here has the name of your company and will recommend it to any of his clients that are interested in going to Costa Rica. Thanks,

Julia , May 2013

Thrill of my life!! Thank you pacific trade winds for organizing.

Moe, April 2013

I have to say this was the most fun I have ever had. The tour guides were hilarious, friendly, and knowledgable. I have had never done this before, and hands down all 7 of us agree that that was the funnest thing we have ever done.

Thank you!

-Sally, April 2013

Hola, Veronica.Rick and I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip to Costa Rica. Everything went so smoothly. The drivers and tour guides were wonderful. We saw lots of beautiful scenery, fascinating creatures, and even had a crystal clear view of Arenal volcano one day. We also enjoyed the friendly people we met, who put up with my halting Spanish.

I want to thank you especially for arranging our stay at the Nayara Resort. The gardens and accommodations were incredibly beautiful. What a superb staff! The polished service they provided made the experience even more memorable.

We have been hoping to visit Costa Rica for over ten years, so this was a dream come true for us. Thank you so much!

Pura Vida!

Marcia and Rick, April 2013

Just to let you know that I had a great trip, in every way. I'll put a point by point report together on lodges, food, animals encountered, guides, etc. after I recover over the next few days. Saw over 200 different species of birds, with close to 150 new species, including the Quetzal, Bellbird and many more.

Pure Vida!
Living Retirement To Its Fullest!

Doug, April 2013

Dear All,
I just wanted to thank you all for your great support!
Me and my family loved Costa Rica and you definitely made our trip unforgettable.
We'll post great reviews in internet for you guys!
Pura Vida!
Best regards,

Mario, April 2013

Hi Gretchen -
Thanks for checking back - its hard to get back into the groove and I miss it there ! Im so glad we stopped by and met you, it was a very fun element of the trip and a pleasure to meet an Ex-pat !
It was a wonderful, easy trip - the country is like Disneyland and we both enjoyed it immensely !  I have had lots of fun telling people how easy it is to get around, how wonderful the people are and that everyone should go - today !  I am more than happy to recommend your services also - you were able to create a perfect trip for us.
I have been busy on trip advisor writing contributions on our activities and will be posting about your company as well - with highest of marks!  I appreciated how easy it was to communicate with you and Vanessa during the trip - it was quite comforting to know every thing was handled and you were a simple phone call away,   Exceptional services !
I plan on bringing my twin sisters there for their 50th birthday in January and will be working with you then as well.
If you ever find your self this way - give a shout, we would be happy to host you !
Take Care

Teresa, April 2013

We're leaving this morning.  This has been an absolutely wonderful vacation.  Thank you so much for setting everything up. Going through Pacific Trade Winds was a wonderful decision.

Stephen, April 2013

:)  We had a wonderful trip!  Activities were perfect, pickups were on time, everyone was happy and kind.  You have a beautiful country full of beautiful people!

Janet, April 2013

Your services were a 5 star experience !!!
When we were met by the delivery representative, he was knowledgeable, courteous and very helpful,  He explained all about your rental servicers, reviewed the contracted services,told us about the car and what to do if we had trouble during our trip.  We were very happy to see that the rental included a GPS and our representative loaded in our trip hotel itinerary into the favorites and showed us exactly how to navigate the GPS and the road in Costa Rica - what a HUGE help that was, really saved the trip for us.
At the end of our trip, We were late returning to the hotel on our last night for returning the rental, we were scheduled to meet him at 7pm and we were 40 minutes late - we called you and the representative was back at the hotel for pick up 10 minutes later!
The SUV drove like a champ - we had absolutely no problems with the car, the directions provided by the representative were accurate and we were very glad we chose you !  You provided AMAZING service and were wonderful to work with - I will recommend you any time and will be sure to tell our travel agency - Pacific Trade Winds of your great services!
Muchas Gracias !!
Teresa and Pat, April 2013

Gretchen, and all, as to our trip to Costa Rica, I will just say that you all did a really good job of designing our trip for us. We wanted birding and animals, and that is what we got. We were definitely pleased, as we added 129 birds to our life list.
Hacienda Baru was perfect for us, laid back but comfortable, with amazingly qualified guides. We loved our time there, and all of our guided hikes.  

Sally, April 2013

We are back from Costa Rica.  The days went by so fast!  I want to compliment Pacific Trade Winds on a flawless vacation. All the many plans went without a catch.  I would  and shall recommend the company to anyone who wishes to visit Costa Rica in the future.  I know we will be back.
Thanks again..........  Wayne & Theresa, April 2013

Thank you so much!!! It was our pleasure as well.
Peace, Jennifer, April 2013

We are back to the daily grind up here in the States after a truly phenomenal trip to Costa Rica.  I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you at PTW for the amazing work you did behind the scenes to make our trip so memorable.  From the drivers (all excellent, knowledgeable and enjoyable), to the staff that helped answer questions and organize things (and get my pants leg back! thanks Veronica) to the excursions and the hotels, we extend our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for providing us the opportunity to really enjoy Costa Rica instead of worrying about the details.
We will definitely be coming back and WILL be calling you all to help us put another trip together.
Pura Vida!
Sheree and Jim, April 2013

We had a great time!  thanks so much for everything.

Jeremiah,April 2013

Hola Maria, Veronica & Gretchen,
Buenos Dias!  Muchas Gracias!
We left your beautiful country (muy bonita) on Sunday and miss it already!
Although I am busy back in the hectic pace of work, I had to take the time to tell all of you how wonderful everything was.  You really came through for us with all the arrangements and listened to our wants and needs:
When I told you we wanted nature, you gave it to us:  Canoeing on the Cano Negro was fabulous!  Arenal Hanging Bridges was great! Hiking the Rio Celeste was amazing!  Staying at Chachagua Rainforest was a dream come true!
When I said we like small groups, you gave it to us:  Just us and the guide for canoeing, just us and the guide for bridges, just us and the guide for Rio Celeste.  And even on the 47 foot sailboat, it was us and 6 other people - a nice small group.
When I asked for private drivers, you gave it to us:  Just us with a driver from airport to Chachagua and back to Playa Hermosa - even our pick up on Sunday to the airport was just us in a small bus!
When I asked for quiet rooms at Chachagua and Bosque del Mar - they were perfect - exactly the room type in a quiet location.
When we requested the same driver from Jacamar, you arranged it - that was wonderful.
Thank you for being patient with me over the many months as I planned and changed plans.  Your communication with me was excellent.
Of course, we will recommend Pacific Trade Winds!  You are good at what you do!
Again, gracias.
Jane, April 2013

Hi Veronica!
I just want to thank you on the behalf on my family for putting together the most wonderful vacation we ever took.  Your country is absolutely wonderful with the most friendly people, awesome food and lush, colorful environment.  We so enjoyed Arenal Observatory Lodge.  The animals, birds and flora were incredible.  My son loved the cute Coatis.  The rooms were awesome and hospitality friendly.  Antonio Manuel was also nice although busy.  It was an entirely different experience.  The resort was gorgeous and room perfect although we weren’t in it much.  J  Besides out planned tours we took in many more.  Night walk to see frogs, etc. across the street next to the butterfly house, night boat ride to see the mangroves and all the night wildlife and a guided park hike.  We also walked to the ocean to enjoy the beach.  It was really sad to leave your country and we have been somewhat down since coming home.  It is rainy/snowy and brown here right now.   My daughter now wants to live in Costa Rica and if not she is definitely planning to go back. We are looking at exchange options.

Thanks again for all you have done to make this vacation go smoothly and delightful,

Cheryl, April 2013

Hola!  Well, we are now home from our wonderful and stress free vacation.  We really could not have been more pleased.  Everything went like clockwork, the lodging was exactly what we wanted, the adventures hit above our expectations and we had the perfect blend of scheduled events and down time.  When we got to Costa Rica we crossed our fingers and said a prayer for someone to be there with our name on a paper.  We were greeted by a smiling face and passed on to Tatoo who served as a wonderful welcome host.I felt completely at ease to truly just relax and enjoy.  We both feel we got lucky coming across PTW online!  If you ever need a recommendation from us, we will gladly provide it!  Thank you so much!  iPura Vida!   
Jill and Steve, April 2013

Kirsten and the Pacific Trade Winds team,
We want to thank you for the great trip we had.  The places you suggested we visit were all fabulous.  The Hanging Gardens at Arenal, Cano Negro Riverboat and Leaping Lizard Catamaran at Flamingo Bay were fantastic.  We had a wonderful guide at the Monteverde Cloud Forest.
Our accommodations were very nice.  Arenal Springs Resort and Flaming Beach Resort and Spa were beautiful and the service was exceptional.  We were unprepared for the extremely rough highland roads, but the transportation and connections worked perfectly.  Most of  the drivers spoke English very well and all were polite and knowledgable.
Your suggestions turned out great.   We were glad to have you as our agent when you helped us recover our documents we had left behind.
We had a wonderful time and would recommend Pacific Trade Winds travel.
Paul and Marsha, March 2013

When I am ready for another trip, I will let you know.  I really appreciate your help with arranging our trip.  Overall, it was a fantastic experience that we will talk about for years.

Thank you very much and best regards,


Joe , March 2013

Thank you for a wonderful trip. I have returned home safely and with no problems.

Kathy, March 2013

Hola ...wanted to say what a fantastic job you all did ....cudos to all of your team !!! my wife and i couldn't have been more pleased ...could you give me Dan's contact or have him cal me ...just wanted to tell him personnally our satisfaction...from both of us ..Gracius !!!

Douglas, March 2013

I just wanted to follow up with you after our recent trip

We couldn't have had a better time. Everything went just as planned.
I can hardly wait until we can afford another trip.


Bert, March 2013

We had such a wonderful time visiting CR thanks to your wonderful help!
Lan, March 2013

Whole wonderful staff at PTW. Thank you for all your help to make this great adventure so easy and perfect.

Alice, February 2013

Just a quick note to say thank you for planning our trip to Costa Rica. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in a most unique country. We loved the Arenal Resort. And the excursions on the hanging bridges and the penas Blanca river rafting trip was amazing, with the wonderful guide, George, that we had. His eye was so trained that we saw a vast amount of wild life,more than we ever expected to see.
Thank you again for your help.

Linda, February 2013


Just wanted to let you know that we had an AWESOME time in Costa Rica.

Will definitely be talking about this trip for a long time... have some wonderful pictures to share...

Will highly recommend that others visit your beautiful country (and of course contact Pacific Trade Wnds to book their travel).

Everything worked out just as planned....

Bert, February 2013

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed my trip to Costa Rica. I had a great time at Chachagua, with the Naturist, Christian and everyone. It is a great place to relax and learn about Costa Rica's Rainforest and substainability efforts. It is in the book, "1000 Places to See before You Die"
Our trip to Dominical was really wonderful. More humid and hot, but I really enjoyed the area. Cuna del Angel was a great place to relax and enjoy the "COFFEE". Beautiful forest and beach area.The Costa Rican people are wonderful and so kind.
Thanks so much for your assistance and guidance.

Sage, February 2013

Excellent customer service all around....very impressed!
we are very grateful for your honest and professional service!  We are more than happy to wait for the refund...whenever it gets here is fine with us :-)

I hope you are enjoying a beautiful day in Paradise....

Katie and Jerry, February 2013


We had an amazing trip to Costa Rica. Everything was first class and your help and services all exemplary.  I have already recommended you and your company to friends and family.  Thanks for everything.

Pura Vida,
Tony, February 2013

Dear Veronica, Gretchen and other staff,

Gracias. Thank you for making our family trip to Costa Rica so wonderful.  We so appreciated your advice in planning and arranging for the various tours and drivers.  We loved the weather, scenery, eco-diversity, fruit and had a great vacation. It was just the right place of relaxation and activity for our family.  We all hope to return in the future.

Pura vida,
~Ritaq, January 2013

Kristin and Veronica, Many thanks for a good planning and a great costumer service...your work is truly appreciated.
I have already referred you Mahtab and her friend...they are traveling the end of January. I will continue referring people to you.
Take good care, and once again many thanks for a great service,
Alex, January 2013

Hi Kirsten, thank you very much for all your help.
Because of your hard work and dedication we had a wonderful vacation. I will definitely recommend Pacific Trade Winds to my friends.

Pura vida

Don, January 2013

Just want to thank you for helping organize such a terrific vacation. I was amazed at how seamless everything went - the trip went smoothly, and we have a fabulous time in your great country.  We'll be back!

Thanks again, you were great.

Judy, January 2013

Hola Veronica y Lorena,

Muchas, muchas gracias for coordinating all the details of our most recent trip to your beautiful country- estamos mucho mucho gusto Costa Rica!!! Quieren visitar mas. my New Year's resolution is - yo estoy estudio espanol en 2013!  Feliz anos nuevos.  

Valerie, January 2013

Hey Guys,
Just thought I'd drop you a line and let you know how very much we appreciate the planning your company did for our recent trip. It was amazing! I highly recommend you to everyone I have encountered since our journey together! Great job!!
Carol, January 2013


We had an amazing trip to beautiful Costa Rica because of your company!!!!  We have so many memories and photographs to keep for our lifetime.  Thank you!  Sincerely,

Karen, January 2013

Maria, Veronica, My husband and I just returned from C R with a trip that you booked for us. It was the time of our lives... Closest place to heaven without being dead! We loved you so much and our vacation pkg that we would like to return next dec, try monteverde and return to arenal, with your assistance. Clients for life...
Theresa PS We have told everyone about C R and PTWs, hopefully, you will have the pleasure of booking future vacations for our family and friends.

Theresa, December 2012

Hi, we have arrived and we spent 2 lovely days in paradise. We are looking forward to heading to Moneteverde today.
Don, December 2012

I wanted to thank you and everyone at Pacific Trade Winds for a wonderful vacation - from planning to execution, and for a truly memorable vacation.
Many thanks for everything!
Yohko, December 2012

Hello!  Back home after our wonderful trip to Costa Rica!  Most everything was perfect. We loved all the tours, enjoyed Arenal Springs Resort and Spa, the staff were terrific and rooms was excellent.Will plan better next time. Athica Canopy, Hanging Bridges, ATV tours all were first rate. Transfers were great. We especially enjoyed Rudy who took us to Atenas on Saturday and then airport on Sunday.  We can't wait to go back to Costa Rica.  Pura Vida!  and thank you.

Roger & Ann, November 2012

Dear Pacific Trade Winds team
Our holiday is over since quite a while and we are back in daily business.
The time in Costa Rica was great. We enjoyed it a lot: people, food, nature and even the weather. All in all a fantastic holiday. Thank you very much.
- your subcontractors where very good, specially all the drivers: we always felt safe and secure, WELL DONE

That is already all - it was really a wonderful time.
Best thanks again to all of you,

felix, November 2012

Pacific TradeWinds staff,
We just finished our trip to Costa Rica.  We had a fabulous time.  Everything went as planned and the weather was just perfect.  We did pass through the town that you are headquartered in also during our trip from Arenal to Tamarindo, according to our driver Jeiro.  We did not have the "Rains" give us any problems.
I would give your attention to my itinerary a 1st grade.
The people we dealt with during this trip were great and very calm and helpful.  Everyone that we encountered during this trip were great.
I give the country 5 stars, the people of this country 5 stars.  The hospitality 5 stars.  Our wish is to go back and explore different region of this country in future.  I am planning to contact you in that case.
I sincerelly hope that this country and its people remain as nice, cordial and welcoming in future.  We have been to many different countries of the world where they try and sell you everything in sight when they see tourists.  That never happened in Costa Rica.
Thanks again and keep it up.  

Yatish, October 2012


We are back at home safe and very very satisfied with the excellent experience of our vacations. Thank you very much for the excellent service and tours. All the companies selected were excellent and punctual.

We will recommend you 150% to everyone.

Muchas gracias por todo. Les deseamos muchas bendiciones y prosperidad.

Pura Vida!!!!

Rocio, October 2012

Thank you for your help with this! The trip was wonderful and we had a great time.  I have been very happy with the service your company provided!

Dawn, October 2012


Our family is having a wonderful vacation here in Costa Rica, and we thank you for facilitating a great itinerary in some wonderful settings!

Pauline, September 2012

Perfect Honeymoon

Just returned from Costa Rica from our honeymoon and everything that Pacific Trade Winds planned was perfect. We selected the Guanacaste Adventure package (11 days). We stayed at 3 different places as a part of the package. We choose not to rent a car and instead transportation was provided for us. I was nervous that perhaps our transportation may not show up, but this was not a problem at all. All of the transfers from place to place were on-time... we did not have to worry about any of it. The excursions that were planned were also amazing and gave us a diverse look into Costa Rica. All of the places we stayed at were welcoming and clean. I really recommend this company and will be using them in the future for a second trip there.

Shannon, September 2012

Thank you Lorena for checking.  We are having the best time of our lives.  Our trip has been flawless and we have been very impressed with the tours and how friendly everyone is.  The people of Costa Rica do an outstanding job!!!! Top notch!    I have worked in the Tourism Industry in Canada and I know how tough their jobs can be.  I am truly impressed.
Thanks so much and if we need any assistance we will be in touch.
Pura vida!
Pam and Kenneth, August 2012

Hello Team
Just want to say thank you for all your help in organizing the trip and being patience with me with all the questions and the changes that I had requested before and during the trip. We had a good time in Costa Rica.  All the hotels were nice and the transfers were all on time. The drivers were all courteous.
As you know I had already recommened the Pacific Trade Winds to another of my friend and I believe she is travelling in September to CR. Again thank you all for you help ,especially
Esther, August 2012

Just wanted to let you know we had a great trip, and thought your services were fantastic.  We loved the places and excursions you recommended, and the information you provided.  Every one of your transportation people (from Jacomar) and the tour operators were top notch, and everyone was extremely prompt, thoughtful and courteous.  The first driver (unfortunately, I forgot his name) who took us from the airport to Arenal did a great job of showing us interesting sites and animals, and telling us a lot about the country during the trip.

We also really appreciated your help in changing our plans when our flight was cancelled and our arrival delayed a day.  You saved our trip by making alternative arrangements.  We ended up doing everything we had planned to do.

Thanks again.  We would be very happy to act as a reference for you.  Feel free to post our comments on your website if you wish.

Jon and Ruth, August 2012

Thank you.  We had a wonderful time.  Everything was great.  Terrific activities and guides and accommodations.  Very good trip.  Thank you again.

 Kimberly, August 2012

I just wanted to let you know we thoroughly enjoyed our trip !!!!  Everything went off without a hitch. Every outing we did was great !!!  No one was ever late and they all gave us perfect service.  I will be recommending y'all whenever I get the chance.  Thanks again...and Puda Vida !!!
Michelle, August 2012

Just want to tell you how much fun we had. Thank you for putting together a wonderful trip. Lot's of fun, sights, great hotels, and more fun! We will definitely recommend Pacific Trade Winds to all our friends and look forward to another adventure with you!
Heidi & Lin, August 2012

Best Vacation Ever

Pacific Trade Winds planned a fantastic vacation for us in April 2012. Thanks to Veronica and Gretchen for creating a customized vacation package to meet our needs and for suggesting a fantastic resort in Manuel Antonio. All of the tours were perfect. All of our transfers were on time and everything went smoothly. We didn't have to worry about anything, it was all taken care of for us! Arenal was breathtaking and the waterfall rappelling tour they suggested was incredible. Buena Vista was a fantastic suggestion and exceeded our expectations!

Jen H, July 2012

Just came back from a fabulous trip in Costa Rica that was organized by Pacific Trade Winds.  I give your company a 5 star!!!I want to start planning our next trip.


Dawn, July 2012

We had an amazing time. Thank you so much. Everything you arranged worked like clockwork and we wouldn't think of going back without going through your service.

Thanks again!

Pura Vida!

Kelly & Shari, July 2012

Hi Gretchen - such a pleasure to meet you two and everytime we ate one of your delicious candies or nuts, we thought gratefully of your handling our tour.  The family had a remarkable vacation.
Good luck with your business, and if you ever run any FAM or Press trips let me know -- I might want to visit Costa Rica again sometime .

Gerrye, July 2012

We have returned , and we had a very nice trip, Thanks for putting everything together. It all worked out very well-no problems at all.
Kathy, July 2012

I just wanted to thank you for your help with our vacation package. We had a great time. Costa Rica is just amazing. We are planning to go back again and again.
Thanks again and we will keep in contact.

Monica, July 2012

Hola :

Our trip to Costa Rica -the first time- was outstanding. Gretchen related to all  our requests like a pro. I felt I had a very best friend with PTW. She always has a solution to whatever the problem seems to be. Since we did not know much about Costa Rica - where to go, what to see and what definitely not to miss- we told PTW what we were looking for and what price we could pay. They suggested locations and described them. All turned out to be absolutely stunning. PTW told us they would be there at the airport upon our arrival .......... they were, the vouchers "paid" for all events and the pick up was on time ....... every time. The drivers and tour guides were bilingual, courtious, friendly and great to show you where you needed to be.The guides "find" wild life I would have never seen because they know where to look. The groups were small and personal. One even took footage with my camera of a monkey  in a tree for me!!!! I am sure that was not included. They help with everything. I felt like treated like a VIP. Once the weather in the Pacific was stormy and the seas rough so a trip to Osa was cancelled for security reasons. We boarded the next day and I knew that it had all been for our benefit. The captain helped us in and out of the boat The people in Costa Rica are really wonderful but may be PTW set the standard. They are the best of the best and really top of the line.

Having Gretchen working for them puts the icing on the cake. Sheryl suggested to read Jack Ewing's book Monkeys are made of Chokolate" and she suggested to have him sign it. I did and Jack Ewing is the best that could have happened to the wild life in Costa Rica. To read the book in advance gives you a better appreciation later on. Once you are at Hazienda Baru read it again now you understand better.

All in all a trip unmatched and I feel we have not seen enough yet. So for anyone see Costa Rica with Pacific Trade Winds it is top of the line.

All your survey questions naturally got answered with 10s.

Thank you soooooo much for an experience of a life time which needs to be extended as soon as possible. How? With Pacific Trade Winds only  ............ no question. Thanks from the bottom of my heart,

Karin, June 2012

I want to let you know what a wonderful time my daughter and I had on our trip to Costa Rica. I also want to thank you for all your help and organization to make this trip a success. We ran into many people who had used your company and each were also pleased with the help and communication you provided.
Thanks again for your help and we did not want to leave. We shall return again some time, so in the future, expect a message from me to help organize another trip.
Margaret, June 2012

We booked a wonderful Costa Rica vacation with Pacific Tradewinds of Costa Rica. All the advice and excursions were perfect. Gretchen and staff were so friendly and easy to work with. All the transportation and guides were so much fun and right on time. We will most definitely plan a second trip and always rely on Pacific Trade Winds for travel assistance. Costa Rica is such a beautiful place with delicious food and friendly people. The Rio Celeste waterfall excursion was so much fun and our guide Maria and driver Ronald made it a day to remember, they were great!! Thanks for such a amazing time.

T.D, June 2012

Please let Gretchen and all your staff know that our vacation in Costa Rica was wonderful.
Everyday was exciting and all the excursions were great! We will be coming back soon. All the guides and almost all of the drivers were amazing. We all had such a great time. The only thing we would want to do differently would be add a few more days to our trip.

Thanks for all of your assistance

George, June 2012

Hi Maria:
Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip to Costa Rica.  The country is beautiful and the people were so friendly.  We did a lot of activities while we were there and had a lot of fun.  Thank you so much for helping me book this trip.

Nancy, June 2012


My wife and I would like to thank you and the staff very much for the organization of this trip, the hospitality and service was great. Arenal Springs Resort was beautiful. I would also thank-you very much for shipping our clothes that we left in the closet from Arenal to Barcelo.
Once again thank-you for all your help putting this trip together for us it will be remembered for a long time and I would like to come back again someday.

¡Pura Vida! Dave June 2012

We are extremely happy with our visit.  thank you for making it so wonderful.  your hotel choices were fabulous and we had such a smooth and happy stay in CR.  thank you for everything!

Sakura June 2012

Gretchen--just wanted to tell you that our trip to Costa Rica was completely amazing.  We could not have been happier!  Thank you so much for everything that you did.  You're the best!

Tiffany, May 2012

Thank you for such a great itenerary during our stay in Costa Rica.  The guides were all great and most of the places we stayed were very good too. we can let others know how nice our trip was as a whole.


Susan, May 2012

Just want to say "Thank You" so very much for making this trip so enjoyable without any worries; your company Pacific Trade Winds is #1 in our travels and we will spread the word on this; Your drivers were always on time and extremely friendly and helpful; this will be the first of many travels with your company; again our thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nan and Don, May 2012

My compliments to the gals who made my travel plans.  Everything was perfect, I loved the places I stayed at and I did visit some other places while I was in Costa Rica. One of the nice things I noticed was that all the places I stayed at were very Costa Rica style. All the people and tours Guides were so helpful and knowledgeable. I thank everyone that helped in making my vacation so nice. I will call again soon as I hope to revisit Costra Rica.

Bonnie, May 2012

We greatly enjoyed our vacation. PTW's people were great!

George, May 2012

If you ever wanted to take a tour in Costa Rica and didn't know where to start, just call Pacific Trade Winds and do as we did, leave everything up to them.  They asked for a price we would be comfortable with and they give us suggestions.  They suggested different packages and told us to change anything and they would get it done.  From the time our plane touched down in San Jose until our plane flew back to the U.S., we were treated like royalty.

Our trip to Arenal Springs Resort was a three hour ride, but the fluent English speaking driver made the trip easy and wonderful.  His knowledge about the country was excellent. We took two excursions out of Arenal, a boat ride up the Negro River and the Arenal Valcano tour. Both tours were excellent and again with very fluent English guides. Make sure you take your camera and as you may see an albino howler monkey.  A very rare animal.

Then off to the Hilton Papagago and the Pacific Ocean.  We took a regular taxi from Arenal to Hilton. The Hilton Papagago was one of the most wonderful resorts we have experienced -- and we have stayed at a lot of 5 star hotels. All we can say is ' excellent'.

After our 3 day stay at the Hilton, we were given a five star ride back to San Jose.  The driver gave us a complete history lesson about the people of Costa Rica and the country.  It made a long trip very short. Our driver dropped us off at our hotel in San Jose for a 4 night stay in San Jose.

Everything. and I mean everything. was arranged by Pacific Trade Winds.  My wife had medical procedures done before and after our tours and PTW arranged all the transportation to and from the doctors offices.

All the correspondence was done via e-mail and telephone.  We just cannot say enough good things about Pacific Trade Winds and their professionalism and we would recommend them to everyone.

 John and Martha May 2012

Dear Pacific Trade Winds - Hola!
Leigh, Veronique, and I are back from Costa Rica and we had a wonderful time!  Arrangements went like clockwork - van drivers were so nice; vans were immaculate; and hotels were much more than we expected.Fun things were great - caving, rappelling, white water rafting, zip-lining - they were all winners!  All the guides on our nature walks did their utmost to point out everything of interest (which was everything!) and share their love of Costa Rica and its dedication to the environment and the animals.  Justin, you and your staff did a fabulous job arranging everything for us and without hesitation we would recommend your company to anyone who is planning a trip to Costa Rica.
Many thanks and Pura Vida!

Sally May 2012

We are having a fabulous time here and you guys have been wonderful! Thank you!!

Elizabeth, May 2012

Hi there!

I would like to thank you for the well planned trip. Our activities were all well organized and the staff are very pleasant and approachable. The hotels were all at the perfect location; only steps away from everything.  We all have enjoyed our time in costa rica. This trip couldn't have been any better!!! :)

Thanks again for everything!

Nina, Veronique, Rima and Zachera - Apr 2012

Hi Gretchen,

We had an amazing time in CR The people were wonderful and the transportation perfect and on time.  We met 4 girls from Canada and Jen at the treehouse who also sang your praises.  The only thing that was boring was the hanging bridges tour, the guide was not very good.  All the others, esp. the white water was great.  You did a wonderful job.

Mary and Paul - Apr 2012

Hello to all my friends at Pacific Trade Winds! I am sadly writing to you back home in the USA... wishing I was still in beautiful Costa Rica.

I am writing on behalf of my husband, my two daughters and myself to extend our sincerest gratitude for the FABULOUS trip you helped us plan out. Every thing you have done over the past 6 months from the initial planning, to the MANY changes was so much appreciated. Our vacation went so incredibly smooth with no hiccups along the way - it was really amazing!

Our accommodations at Arenal Springs Resort and the Fall Resort in Manuel Antonio were exactly what we expected and fit our needs perfectly. Our tours were so much fun - and the tour companies we dealt with were so professional and really made our vacation memorable. The transportation and meals provided with the tours exceeded our expectations. The tour guides were so informative and did a great job relating to the adults and kids in the group. I have to say our most memorable tour was the Cerro Chato Extreme Hike - our guide, Alfred - did a great job. The weather was far from ideal that day - I mean, pouring rain - but Alfred kept us all engaged and moving and enjoying the hike despite the fact that the hiking trail was more like waterfall repelling at one point! To keep 2 teenage kids having fun on a hike through the pouring rain is not an easy task - and he did it!

We will strongly recommend your services as well as the accommodations, tour company - and rental car company - that you provided us with. We are looking forward to our next trip to Costa Rica - and will definitely reach out to you for your assistance again!

Kind Regards,

Kelly - Apr 2012


Thanks again… Annie - Apr 2012

Hi Kirsten and everyone,
We just want to thank you for a great trip.  We are very impressed with all the details and the organization of the whole tour; very professional.  The activities were awesome and the tour guides were very friendly, efficient, knowlegeable and accommodating.  Arenal Springs was fantastic.  
All in all we had a great time and lots of fun.  We told a lot of people about Pacific Trade Winds and if they ever think of visiting Costa Rica, they should book with you.
We'll be back for sure.
Pura Vida!
Ina - Apr 2012

Hola Gretchen,

I wanted to thank you for planning a wonderful and spectacular trip for us. Every tour was great. The ziplining was loads of fun. The riverboat tour was excellent. The highlight had to be the rafting trip on the Rio Balsa. Great guides and a thoroughly enjoyable adventure for the whole family. The only small disappointment was our guided hike of Manuel Antonio National Park. For some reason they put us in a group of 13 people! We noticed that most other groups only had 5-8 people. It was way too big a group, and consequently we moved "slowly" and didn't see some of the sightings of other nearby groups. What a fabulous park though! Next time I think we would want to see it again, but would want to find a way to be in a smaller group tour. It was clear that you do need a guide to help spot more of the wildlife there. We also didn't have time to enjoy that fabulous beach there because we had to get back for our ride to Escazu. Next time we'll need to do that before our last day. 

In terms of lodging, the Hidden Canopy was by far the most outstanding in every way. It exceeded expectations, from the top tier service (Jen was especially kind and so helpful), the physical plant, design, views, grounds, breakfast, and that wonderful afternoon tea! We almost didn't want to leave. Next time we really want to stay in one of the treehouse rooms! Arenal Springs was nice as well. We enjoyed the hot springs there. They even gave us two rooms even though we had only one booked, which was much roomier for the four of us. But we didn't care much for The Falls. It was a bit of a let down, due to its dated look and feel, and somewhat passive approach to service. The Intercontinental was a nice, comfortable way to transition out of paradise and end our journey. 

All of the drivers were punctual and excellent, particularly a gentleman named Jairo, who drove us from Arenal to Manual Antonio. What a wonderful guy. 

Thanks again for everything. Pura vida!

Dan - Apr 2012


I am soo sorry for the delay in getting this email message to you.

I wanted to say MUCHO GRACIAS to all the staff at Pacific Trade Winds, especially for those (Maria) who helped in planning my wonderful, amazing vacation!!  Everything was fantastic!!  We didn't have to worry about a thing and we even added a few more things to do while we were away.  We did not have any problems.  Our tour buses were always there when they said they would be there.  I was so very happy with your services, I would gladly book with you again in the future and will definitely pass on your name to any others who are thinking of travelling to Costa Rica.

Thank you so much again...it was the trip of a lifetime and I would love to come back!!

Kathy Hall - Apr 2012

Everyone in the family enjoyed the trip to your beautiful country. All the transportation worked without a hitch. All the drivers were on time and we were very impressed with all the friendly and knowledgeable tour guides.

Pura vida,

Gisela and Andreas - Apr 2012

I appreciate your hard work to make our trip a memorable experience and would recommend my friends and family to use your services in the future.

Thank you for your efforts,

Barb - Apr 2012

Hi –

My husband and I had a wonderful trip to Costa Rica with you folks.  The itinerary was brilliant and we enjoyed every minute of the trip.

I don’t know if you sent an evaluation but I’d like to fill one out.  If you did send it, I might now have received it because my email was full by the time I got back from vacation.

Thanks again for all the arrangements.  We had a fantastic time and loved Costa Rica.  Pura Vida!

Donna and David - Apr 2012

Dear Kirsten,

We are back home now, but I wanted to tell you how much we appreciated all the efforts your office made for us. We had a wonderful vacation in Costa Rica and your office was instrumental in making that happen. We had a few issues that were quickly addressed. We are very appreciative of all your hard work on our behalf.

Muchas gracias and pure vida!

Maryann - Apr 2012

We had an AWESOME vacation thank you very much! Costa Rica is beautiful and we can't wait to go back and explore more of it next year. All of the arrangements that your company made where perfect and all drivers were on time, friendly and very informative and happy to share information about their homeland. Altough both resorts were very beautiful we especially enjoyed Arenal Springs. The people there were wonderful. My husband described the difference between the two resorts as the staff at Barcelo Langosta treated us like customers whereas the staff of Arenal Springs treated us like guests. We LOVED the Athica Canopy Tour. The last zipline and tarzan swing was a real Adrenaline Rush.

We will be sure to give your company great references on TripAdvisor and will refer our friends!


Gail & Ken - Apr 2012

We are having a fantastic time here in Costa Rica! It's beautiful and yes Pura Vida! Thank you!

Esperanza - Apr 2012


Thank you for arranging an adventurous & fun vacation.  Our transfers & trips were efficient & problem free.  We added extra activities while at the resorts...horseback riding & surf lessons (which I highly recommend).  Upon our return, we have recommended your company to several people. Keep up the good work!


Elaine - Mar 2012

We just got home from a fabulous vacation and I wanted to THANK YOU.  The trip was perfect and our scheduling was the best.  The resorts and excursions were fun and the guides amazing.  The various ground transportation providers that you arranged for us were all very professional, friendly, and on time (sometimes even early).  We will definitely recommend you to other friends who might be coming to Costa Rica in the future.  Plus I will do a review on your services with TripAdvisors.  Thank you also for making the last minute adjustment to our itinerary.  The Hanging Bridges tour was the highlight of our trip, mainly because the guide, Carlos Ramero (I think that is right) from Sunset Tours, who was extremely knowledgeable about the animals, geology, and history plus he was fun.

Pura Vida!

Cindy - Mar 2012

Just wanted to thank you for all of your help in planning our trip to Costa Rica.  We had a great time during our visit there.  All of the transportation details and connections went so smooth once there.  Your advice on doing the rafting on our day we were traveling to Papagayo was so perfect, it was a long ride and at least we were half way there to the Hilton Papagayo.
We would definitely recommend Costa Rica and the wonderful people who live and work there make it so enjoyable for tourists to visit.  We always felt safe in your country.
You did a great job in helping us make our vacation a wonderful memory.  Thank you.
Maureen - Mar 2012

Hola....everything so far has been really super...on the move today....thanks for all you have done.
Robert and Charlee - Mar 2012

We had a great vacation.  Looking forward to returning next year

Thanks  Philip - Mar 2012

So far everything has been very organized and lots of fun. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of our hotel. Freddy our driver (from the airport) was awesome. Please pass that on. Thanks for following up with us. I'll be sure to reach out to you if we need anything. Thanks again. 

Gabriel - Mar 2012

Wanted to let you know we had the most wonderful trip! Costa Rica is beautiful. All hotels, tours and transfers went without a hitch.  I might add that the Canopy trip in Montezuma was the only tour that was perhaps more strenuous than expected (ie the stair hikes straight up) but was ok. We did see monkeys and an ocelot on that tour.  Thanks for a well planned and executed vacation!

Tammy - Mar 2012

Dear Gretchen and staff,

My sister and I want to thank you for intervening on our behalf on the loss of the IPOD, Be sure that we will highly recommend your company to all our friends who want to travel to Costa Rica. I will also write a review on TripAdvisor
praising your company.

We are now in Manuel Antonia and enjoying the beach area and the Falls Hotel.

Thank you again.

Margaret - Mar 2012


We just returned from our Costa Rica vacation.  It was way beyond our expectations.  Everything ran smoothly.  Every excursion was on time and the driver's were great.  Arenal Springs Resort was exceptional, especially the staff.  The concierge Edward suggested a side trip that was perfect.   Manuel made the best drinks we ever tasted and was also helpful with suggestions and information about the area.  Each day we found a new towel sculpture in our room.  The management at this hotel must be exceptional because every single employee was determined to make our stay the best it could be.

All of the activities were wonderful.  Drivers were on time and exceptionally helpful.  Unfortunately at Tamarindo the area was experiencing a Red Tide, which hampered snorkeling, but the boat crew worked hard to find a clear place to swim. 

Tamarindo Diria Resort was nice and the beach was wonderful.  I am sorry to say that the staff was far below the quality of the Arenal Springs staff.  Most did not seem particularly happy or motivated and didn't care about customer service.  However, the area is so beautiful, we couldn't help but have a wonderful time.

This trip was so successful that I would like to plan a trip for 7 - 10 people about this time next year.  We would like the same activities plus a canyon trip with waterfall repelling and the swinging bridge walk.  Most of the group enjoy dancing and night life which we didn't find at either location.  Any suggestions for that?

Again, Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Sheila - Mar 2012

Just wanted to give you guys a compliment for organizing the activities/tours and accomodations.  Everything went seemless and according to plan. Pickups were all on time and we had a fantastic week. The staff at Arenal Hot Springs was amazing. Thank you very much for making our stay pleasurable.
Mark - Mar 2012

Pacific Trade Winds put together an incredible Costa Rica vacation for us! They were very helpful and patient as we made many modifications to create the perfect get away. Our trip included stays at the Arenal Springs Resort in La Fortuna, a gorgeous and peaceful resort with thermal hot springs; and The Falls Resort in Manuel Antonio, a nice spot tucked right into the lush tropics. We did a full adventure package with zip-lining, canyoning/rappelling, white water rafting, snorkeling and surfing. All of the tours were great, but if you need help picking and choosing we loved the zip-lining and canyoning/rappelling the best! 

I would definitely plan a trip with Pacific Trade Winds again! It was so nice to arrive in Costa Rica and know that everything was taken care of. The tours and transportation all went according to plan, all with very friendly people along the way :D I can't wait to get back!!

Thanks, Jen - Mar 2012

Thank you Pacific Trade Winds, my wife and myself had one of the best vacations ever, you are a very honest and trust worthy buisness,, we would trust your services again in the future, also do you have any packages on the pacific side? please let me know

David - Mar 2012

Thanks for your message. We are back home after a really wonderful vacation! 
Accommodations were excellent, and all the organized trips were very enjoyable for all. 
Many thanks!

Alison - Mar 2012

Costa Rica is a great place to vacation with your family.  There is so much to do and see and and it is a beautiful place to just simply relax.  The people are warm and friendly and our itinerary with Pacific Trade Winds went very smoothly, thank you.  Our trip was fabulous and would love to repeat it some day.

Rachael - Feb 2012

I would like to thank youfor your wonderful trip we had. Although Ralph got bitten by something iin the jungle, the doctor took great care of him at La fortuna and we were the lucky group that saw the Jaguar.
We will send you picture of it as soon as i get a chance.

Carol - Feb 2012

Hi Gretchen.

Thank you for making all the arrangements for our Costa Rica vacation! We were very impressed with the way it was operated-to the point of almost perfection ! Congrats! It is a beautiful country and the people are wonderful!

I would not hesitate to recommend you company to anyone!


Spring and King - Feb 2012

Hello Dan and Pacific Trade Winds Team!

My clients just completed their trip (8831) and had the best time! Everything went smoothly, it exceeded their expectations and they are raving about it on Facebook! Thank you for providing such a positive experience in such a beautiful place. It was my first experience booking clients with you, but rest assured, it isn't the last.

Thank you all!

Elicia - Feb 2012

Thank you so much for all you did to create a most wonderful vacation for us in beautiful Costa Rica.  The only way it could have been better is if we were able to  stay longer.  You truly listened to what we were looking for and provided in a very professional manner.  Perhaps we will come back next February and stay on the Nicoya Peninsula or venture down to Panama.  I would love to stay 2 weeks next year if possible.  

Thank you again and Blessings from Arkansas

Pura Vida!

Thank you,
Debbie - Feb 2012

All - I want to Thank Everyone at Pacific Trade Winds for the Excellent Service on our recent trip to Costa Rica.   

From the start it was an excellent!  Gretchen with all her help in booking and for the great restuarant recommendations.  Veronica and Maria for all the help with the changes I made.  Lorena for checking in on us when we got there.

Everything worked our Perfect - all guides arrived on time and were very informative.  We just LOVED your Country and truly hated to leave.

We are researching our next trip to your country and will let you book it for us.  I think we want to head to Arenal again and maybe Monte Verde.

I will be post some comments on Trip Advisor - about your company and the hotels and excursions soon.

Thank you again.

Pura Vida!
Julie - Feb 2012

Now what?!   Pacific Trade Winds just eliminated half the items on my bucket list in one week of adrenaline.

My family aged 46, 42 and 13 were dreaming of taking our typical holiday of sand and sea touring to another level.    We agreed on Costa Rica.  Pacific Trade Winds were dealt the challenge to work with a low budget, while providing a vacation of a lifetime. Not only did they succeed, they surpassed our expectations.  We enjoyed white water rafting, class III, IV rapids, canyoning and rappelling, zip lining, horseback riding, amazing waterfalls and more.  They understood we were looking for a trip above the cookie cutter, hurry up and wait your turn vacation.  As an athletic family looking for adventure, there was still apprehension for the safety of our son.  Pacific Trade Winds realized our concerns and planned a trip with professionals that took safety as their highest priority.  Pacific Trade Winds organized and planned our trip before we left, so there were no surprises, or rather, unexpected expenses.   There was a perfect balance of high adrenalin activity, independent exploration and enjoyment of the exquisite surroundings of our accommodations.    Each person involved in our vacation was professional, courteous and enthusiastic.  Pacific Trade Winds gave us the vacation we were looking for.  We will definitely enlist their services in the future and recommend you do the same.    

Step out of your comfort zone! 
Joanne, Terry and Devon - Canada - Jan 2012

We loved our adventure with your company this past November and wondered it you have any tours to South America?

Anne Catinna - Jan 2012

Hello from cold Colorado,

Martha and I want to thank you for a wonderful vacation.  We enjoyed every minute of our vacation.  Having Pacific Trade Winds completely, and I mean completely,  schedule our hotels, tours, and private transfers made this a worry free vacation.  From the time our plane landed at the San Jose airport to the time our plane left for the United States, everything was taken care of.  I will recommend your company to anyone wanting to vacation in Costa Rica.

Thank you,
John and Martha - Jan 2012

Just wanted to thank you in writing for a spectacular trip. We had a most amazing time. Everything ran so smoothly. WE didnt have to worry about anything for even a moment. The rafting, ziplining, rappelling were all great trips. The resorts beautiful. Thanks for all your help and we will think of Costa Rica again for another trip. I hope soon.

Sarah - Jan 2012

Hi Laura,

Thank you very much for the fantastic service provided for the trip. It was great fun in Costa Rica. We had a good time, Turribal was bit below our expectations. However all in all we had a very good time. Dominical is fantastic, we will recommend that place hands down.

More over, I want to express my sincere gratitude to your outstanding service. It was just excellent all 5 stars.

Thank you much,
Maya - Jan 2012

We’re back from our holiday in Costa Rica and settling back into a routine at home again.  We just wanted to say what a fantastic time we had!  The hotels were great, the tours you organized for us were excellent.  We loved the ziplining even though it was pouring rain on us, the whitewater rafting on Rio Balsa was a highlight for the whole family, and the time in Samara just relaxing on the beach and playing in the ocean was perfect.  Thanks so much for everything. 

The holiday was everything we hoped it would be and we would definitely recommend you to our friends if they are thinking of going to Costa Rica.  We hope to be back again someday.  You have a beautiful country. Thank you!

Pura Vida!

Peter - Jan 2012

Thanks for the wonderful planning – we had a great time -  Starting  with Dan who gave us the comfort of planning the complex trip and tried to meet our requirements.  All the people who helped us were wonderful. 

We will surely recommend your tour company to our friends. 

Yogendra Jain - Dec 2011

Hola Gretchen,

Good to hear from you to!  I was not sure to what extent you assisted with Panama. Hope you are having a good business year and yes, Craig and I are going to return some year to Costa Rica as you know how much we loved our vacation.  We still say it was the best!!   However . . . we must explore.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas!
Lorraine and Craig - Dec 2011

I just wanted to send you a note saying how happy we were with our trip.  That was probably the best vacation we have ever taken - and every part of it, the transfers, everything was absolutely perfect.  I cannot thank you guys enough for how well everything was organized. 

I have already referred your company to two other people who are going to be planning trips to CR soon.  We are actually also going to bring the family down in a year.  We will definately contact you again when we come down next time.

Thank you again - the entire trip was wonderful!!

Lee and Apryl - Dec 2011


My wife and I took a trip through PTW and absolutely loved it! You all were awesome and helped us create amazing memories! I have a follow-up question...

My wife's sister is getting married and looking to travel to jamaica or belize for a honeymoon. Are there any specific travel companies you all could recommend that offer adventure-type packages? They really liked the kind of trip we took through you all but wanted to do Jamaica or Belize. (I am still trying to convince them to do Costa Rica!)

Grace and Peace,
Brandon - Nov 2011

Our trip was fantastic. All the drivers/tour guides were on time and we especially loved Tamarindo.

Thank you!
Kelly - Nov 2011

You sent my sister, Gracie, and myself to Costa Rica from Sept.21st, 2011 to Oct. 1st, 2011. I wanted to thank you for the wonderful trip you planned for us.  We had so much fun and our adventures were awesome. I would recommend anyone to your company.  

Thanks again,
Debbie - Nov 2011


We are back from our trip, words can not describe how wonderful it was!! It was more incredible than we ever thought it would be. Every arrangement you made for us was perfect!

We loved the Arenal Springs Resort! The service was excellent, the rooms were excellent and the food .... well, not to be a broken record but that was excellent too! The last night that we were there, after the third night of our “meal plan” which meant we had a restricted menu the manager came over and said that he felt bad that the menu hadn’t changed and gave us the “full price” menu to order anything we wanted off of it as our meal for that night. That was so kind of him, ironically what we ended up ordering was similar to what would have been on the “restricted” menu because we had our heart set on a couple of dishes so the price difference wasn’t much for them, so then they brought us over a couple of “Costa Rican Coffee and Bailey’s” liquor shots as their gift to us. And even though it was the same menu for lunch and supper, we never went away hungry or not happy with the choice and quality of the food and we’re happy we did the meal plan for the times that we ate the resort because their “regular priced menu” was a little pricey.

The tours – WOW! Sunset Tours did all of our excursions in Arenal and we loved them! Their guides were so great, the spoke English well, they were knowledgeable, and they were a lot of fun! We also loved the Zip Line on the Congo Canopy Zip Line Trails and we went to their “Monkey Zoo” afterwards, that was an incredible experience to actually be able to play with the monkeys.

The Hilton was the perfect place to go in Guanacaste. We loved the property, the food and the service were great and it was so cool to wake up early in the mornings and see Howler Monkeys on the trees near your room (if you couldn’t see them you could certainly hear them, lol).

Thank you much for everything you did in giving us the BEST Costa Rican vacation we could have ever had. I made sure everyone we spoke to knew that we booked with Pacific Trade Winds and what an incredible job you did making this a trip of a lifetime.

Karen - Nov 2011

Hi Dan,

Just wanted to write you about our wonderful experience in Costa Rica. Every day was a beautiful and exciting adventure.

All the hotels were great. Arenal Springs Resort was outstanding! The room they gave us had an ant problem, so they offered us to different rooms until we were happy. They went far and beyond to make sure we were pleased. Amazing service.

The Trapp Family in Monteverde also had great service. The only downside we saw was that it was far away from the little town in Monteverde.

The Costa Verde Resort was fantastic. The room they gave us did not have AC, but we gladly took it because it had an amazing view of the ocean. Plus, the AC was not needed at all this time of year!

All the tours were really good. All of them picked us up right on time, sometimes even a bit early! All the tour guides were very knowledgeable and dedicated... and their English was pretty solid.

Oh, and the Tabacon Hot Springs were just amazing... like paradise!

Our trip went extremely smooth from beginning to end, and everything was taken care of... just like I wanted.

I've already recommended Pacific Trade Winds to some of my friends. I know from experience they would be in fantastic hands.

Thank you!
Lydia – Oct 2011

Thank you so much for a great vacation. Everything went smoothly. Hopefully we get to go back another time for longer!

Many Thanks,
Angelika - Oct 2011

We had a great time in Manuel Antonio. I am sending my cousin, Dave XXXX from Phoenix your email. He will be contacting you about a trip in September.

Thanks for a great vacation.
Donna – Aug 2011

All went well and we had a wonderful time. Thanks to all your staff for their efforts to make things go so smoothly!

Elizabeth – Aug 2011

Dear Maria, Dan, Joan and all other staff,

Yesterday we left Costa Rica after two really fabulous weeks in Costa Rica. Our Costa Rica vacation was one of the bests we had.

All transfers and tours and all the lodges were perfectly arranged from the very beginning until the end. I think you really understand our interests as you professionally arranged our vacation just as we liked it.

We can describe our vacation as a very active one with zero stress... We all felt very good and the Costa Rican people in general are very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

The tour guides were all very professional and persons who understand what vacation is about. Beside their knowledge they carry so much humor with them. It was a real pleasure to have them all as our guides.

The transfers were all beautiful experiences because so you get a chance to see a lot of your very special country. All drivers were friendly and willing to inform us about everything of their country. They would make stops to enjoy beautiful sceneries.

We guess we saw a lot of wildlife thanks to the guides who were assigned to us. They truly know a lot about the flora and fauna and how to spot animals.

We would like to thank you from our hearts and we would definitely recommend you to our friends and relatives as well as next time we will contact you again.

As we now have lived and fully understand your saying I end this mail with "PURA VIDA"....

Kind regards from all of us.
Eddie, Damiano, Ilona and Sandra – Jul 2011

Hi Maria,

We have jsut returned home and I wanted to Thank you and Pacific Tradewinds for organizing a fabulous trip for my family. Everything (except for the weather) was fabulous! All our transfers were timely with pleasant prompt drivers.Our accomodations were all lovely and all of the planned activites were fantastic. I would Highly recommend Pacific Tradewinds and only wished you planned intineraries in other locations. Thanks again! You are awesome!

Jody – Jul 2011


I just wanted to let you know that our trip to Costa Rica was flawless and perfect! We loved every city we visited and we loved the activities so much! Pacific Trade Winds exceeded my expectations and I want to thank you for everything. We had a blast! We can't wait to visit Costa Rica again! Pura vida!

Jessica – Jun 2011

We recently returned from out trip and just wanted you to know what a fabulous time we had!!!!! Everyone in your organization was wonderful and we were thrilled with both the Arenal Springs Resort and The Falls Resort. The dining experience at The Falls was especially outstanding. Thank you for making the celebration of our 40th wedding anniversary so memorable.

Tom and Karlyn – Jun 2011

Just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful trip. We can't express how much we enjoyed going to Playa Hermosa and the surrounding areas.

We are now planning another vacation and was wondering if you planned tours in Panama? If so, we are planning on going the first week of January.

Thank you
Donna – Jun 2011

My husband and I had a wonderful time on our vacation. Your website and services are top notch. You guys are great.

Thank you,
Jen Thatcher – Jun 2011

Hi Pacific Tradewinds!

I just wanted to let you all know what a wonderful time we had on our Costa Rica vacation! We went to Arenal Springs Resort and did rafting, hiking, horseback riding, hot springs at Tabacon, and cayoneering with Defasio Tours. They were awesome! Always on time and friendly and very safe. Then we stayed at The Trapp Family Lodge in Monteverde where we did a guided hike in the Reserve, a hanging bridges tour, and the zipline! We ended our trip at Costa Verde in Manuel Antonio on the Pacific with breathtaking views and abundant wildlife! We were thrilled with your company and your service. Thanks again for a great trip and I will recommend you to all my friends!

Judy – May 2011

Just wanted to say thank you for my trip. It was smooth and simple, exactly what I wanted! I would vote for you somewhere if I could.

Huang -May 2011

I just came back from my Costa Rica trip and want to write your agency and everyone that helped us plan our trip a HUGE thank you!!! This was such a wonderful and amazing trip. All of our transportation was on time, everything was a blast, the guides were so friendly and knowledgeable, and the hotels were very clean. Thank you again so much for everything you did to set this up and the companies you chose for us. It was such a wonderful experience and I will definitely be recommending your company to all of my friends and family!!! Thank you again!!

Ashley – Mar 2011

Hola Meghan, I just wanted to let you know how terrific our trip was! Everything worked out beautifully and we had a wonderful time. All the drivers and guides were great as well.

Thank you so much for helping to make this such a special trip. I will be back there for sure and will be recommending your company to friends.

Thanks again,
Maggie and friends – Mar 2011

Dear Meghan,

We are back from our wonderful trip to Costa Rica. My husband and I want to thank you and your team for what was a well- scheduled and carefree trip from an organizational point of view.

We enjoyed visiting the three ecosystems; we were able to see a lot of animals; birds; and tropical plants and flowers and found Paradise in Ylang Ylang Resort! What a treat!!

I want to thank you sincerely, Meaghan, for your good advice and patience in planning this carefree and interesting holiday in Costa Rica. Thanks to you, we have enjoyed the country; its people and its culture! Pura Vida!

Muchas gracias!
Marguerite – Mar 2011

Everyone was on time, friendly, the vans were always clean and everything was well organized. We would definitely recommend Pacific Trade Winds to our friends.

Wendy – Mar 2011

We are very happy we chose your company to plan our first trip to Costa Rica. We could never have put this package together on our own with no knowledge of your beautiful country.

It was a very pleasant and hassle free vacation with accommodations, tours and transfers already set up. The voucher program you use works well. We feel our trip was a great sampling of what Costa Rica has to offer and will return.

Thank you Maria for every effort you put into planning our vacation. Based on the wishes we provided, we feel you did a great job for us.

Linda and Jim – Mar 2011

I just wanted to write and thank you for your assistance in planning my trip to Costa Rica. It was fabulous. Everything went as planned. All the tours and transportation were on time and fantastic.

I will be recommending that all my travel clients use you for planning trips to CR.

Thank you again.
Deborah – Mar 2011

Please forward to Gretchen

I simply had to write and tell you what a wonderful time we had in Costa Rica. The 2 days of events you suggested and set up for us prior to our Star Clipper Cruise were not only interesting, but lots of fun.

We were all impressed with how smoothly everything went. Every driver was on time or even a little bit early and always professional.

We love Pacific Trade Winds and will be singing your praises to all of our friends here in the frozen northland.

Lou Ann – Feb 2011

Hi Meghan,

Just a note to tell you that our recent Costa Rica trip went off without a hitch and was as delightful as I ever could have imagined. Everything was handled perfectly by Pacific Trade Winds S.A., and I wanted to thank you very much for the good planning and the good advice.

At some point when I have more time, I will try to send you a few more details on things that especially impressed us as well as the occasional glitch or less-than-perfect experience, none of which were attributable to your firm, but you may want to know for your future recommendations. I will say this. The individual tours you booked for us were all outstanding and the individual guides we had were superb on every single tour!

Again, thank you Meghan, and if there is a way I can relate my positive comments about you to other potential Costa Rica travelers, let me know and I'll be more than glad to follow up.

Pura Vida,
Michael – Jan 2011

Hi Gretchen

I'd like to thank you on behalf of our entire group for planning a wonderful family vacation. The hotels were lovely and all of the transfers and tour operators were incredibly professional. We couldn't have asked for a better first time experience in visiting Costa Rica. Everyone from my 9 year old nephew to my parents have been commenting on what a great job you and your team did for us.

I'd be glad to post positive reviews on Trip Advisor or anywhere else. Please let me know where it would suit you best.

Thanks again,
Jeffrey – Jan 2011

Dear Meghan,
We had a great trip, Thank you! Will pass your name to freinds! Do you plan trips for other countries?

Laura – Jan 2011


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