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Our fully customizable Costa Rica vacation packages deliver everything you need to enjoy an amazing vacation. Discover the wonders of Costa Rica while staying at top hotels, ecolodges and resorts. Experience the best tours and attractions with hand selected guides. You’ll move around the country in style with the best domestic transportation options. Every sample itinerary is tailored to your budget and preferences. Select the travel style that suits you best and start planning your vacation!


Whether you’re a family looking for an adventurous vacation, a couple desiring a beach getaway, or a thrill-seeking backpacker, Costa Rica is the optimal vacation.  From snorkeling through crystal clear waters to zip-lining hundreds of feet above the rainforest, Costa Rica surely will have visitors leaving in a Pura Vida mindset.

With one of the most diverse landscapes in the world, you will find endless opportunities in every single region of Costa Rica.  Costa Rica was termed Forbes’ “Happiest Countries in the World”, due to its rich bio-diversity, pure beauty, and close proximity to Mother Nature.  In unison with its small ecological footprint, Costa Rica offers an experience like none other: Pura Vida, meaning “Pure Life”.  Once in Costa Rica, you will rub your toes through the sand, marvel at sunsets, and ultimately embrace yourself in a carefree state of mind.

Having abolished their army in 1949, Ticos, which refers to the inhabitants of Costa Rica, have lived a life of serenity and absolute bliss.  Vacationers looking for plentiful sunshine, fresh air, and a complete detoxification, need look no further than Central America’s Costa Rica.

One of Costa Rica’s greatest advantages is its ability to cater to so many different groups of people.  Whether it be a family with children or an elderly couple, the country offers something for everyone.  Children can discover thousands of new animals, teenagers can enjoy a day of surfing, Dad can take a fishing charter to untouched waters, and Mom can even have a hands-free day at the spa.  Costa Rica truly offers activities for everyone, ensuring every visitor leaves with a memory to smile about.

Enjoy a fresh piece of pineapple, sip from a hand-picked coconut, or add a little local rum and indulge in one of Costa Rica’s most savory cocktails: the Piña Colada.  So, take a horseback ride, surf a few waves, or simply soak up some sunshine; but regardless what you choose, your mind will be out of the office and finally, at ease.

We specialize in making dreams like this come true every day.  So, if you’re ready for an amazing experience, give us a call or use the Plan Your Trip App to get started.  We’ll show you how to plan your perfect vacation with ease, while saving time and money.

Looking for vacation ideas?

Adventure VacationsAdventure Vacation

Costa Rica is well known as an eco-tourist paradise with loads of wildlife and fun filled adventures.  Our Adventure Costa Rica Vacations provide the perfect balance for the adventurous nature lover.  You will be able to discover the natural beauty of this amazing country while satisfying your thirst for adventure. 


Inclusive VacationsInclusive Vacations

Our Inclusive Vacations are perfect for those seeking an amazing getaway, but need to know their bottom line ahead of time. These fun filled vacations include great hotels and resorts, amazing tours, all transportation, most if not all meals and often include drinks for a portion of the trip.


Extreme AdventuresExtreme Adventure

Our Extreme Adventure vacations can be summed up in two words - simply awesome!  Picture yourself paddling through raging whitewater jungle rivers, rappeling down rainforest waterfalls or zipping from tree to tree through the cloud forest canopy.  We provide all this and much more.  Hold on tight as we lead you on the way to extreme adventure in some of Costa Rica’s premiere destinations. 


Wildlife SafarisWildlife Safaris

Our Wildlife Safaris will allow you to explore pristine rainforests and cloud forests with the very best bilingual naturalist guides.  We can take you as far off the beaten path as you like or recommend great wildlife observation tours that can be done from the more popular destinations.


Honeymoon GetawaysHoneymoon Getaway

Our Honeymoon getaways will allow you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of this wonderful paradise while enjoying one another in some of the most romantic places in Costa Rica.  Whether you are looking for spectacular spas, deserted beaches, romantic sunsets or an adventure vacation with the best resorts, we have the recipe for an amazing getaway for you.


Surfing SafarisSurfing Safaris

Let's go surfin now, everybodys learning how, come on and safari with meeeee!  Okay, so we all know the lyrics to this all-time classic Beach Boys song.  Hum along as we take you to learn how to surf on some of Costa Rica’s best surfing beaches.  That’s not all though.  We’ll also show you some of the country while you’re here and take you on amazing adventures.  So what are you waiting for?  Let’s go surfin now!


Learning and FamilyLearning and Family

What better place than Costa Rica for you to visit for your family vacation?  The country really is an enormous biological classroom with everything from geological wonders to incredible biodiversity.  We only utilize the best guides that will lead the way on an amazing family adventure.


Sport Fishing AdventuresSport Fishing Adventures

Costa Rica is home to some of the best sport fishing waters in the world.  Numerous record billfish have been caught off the Pacific and huge tarpon are regularly caught off the Caribbean coast.  Lake Arenal is a freshwater hot spot for the elusive Guapote.  We only utilize the best of the best captains and boats on our Costa Rica Sport Fishing vacations.



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