Costa Rica Family Vacations

Do you want to take your family on a vacation abroad, but think it is too expensive? Costa Rica is a spectacular family vacation destination that will not bust your budget! You will be able to view thousands of rare species, swim in the warm tropical ocean, and discover everything that Costa Rica has to offer! Check out our fully customizable Costa Rica family vacations below and let us know how we can make it perfect for your family!


Though planning an international vacation appears like a daunting and expensive task, our Costa Rican travel expertise make it easy and affordable to bring your family on a vacation to paradise! As opposed to the high-priced, lengthy flights to Europe, dozens of North American airlines offer several flights to Costa Rica at low costs.

Costa Rica flawlessly combines the comforts of the United States with the cultural experience of being abroad. With English widely spoken, traveling around the country and immersing yourself in Tico culture is effortless. “Ticos”, the term referring to locals, are arguably the most genuine and welcoming people in the world. With terms like “Pura Vida” (Pure Life), and “Tuanis” (Hang Loose), it comes to no surprise that these beach-dwelling locals are joyous bunch.

With a landscape that includes, beaches, mountains, volcanoes, jungles, and rivers, Costa Rica will surely keep your family entertained for their entire stay.  The majority of tour expeditions cater to families, so it is easy to enjoy a jungle safari or a horseback ride along the coast with the ones you love.

Costa Rica adventure tours make it painless to gather the troops, head into the jungle, and see some of the world s most rarest animals. Children will discover hundreds of new species of wildlife, teenagers will grow a fondness for the natural world, and parents will embrace the Pura Vida, carefree lifestyle. Once your family embarks on their next adventure to the tropical country of Costa Rica, they will realize the importance of nature, family, and spending time with the ones they love most.

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