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The Casa de Piedra is a CAVE located in the middle of primary rain and cloud forest in the southern zone near Dominical. This jungle hideaway has a fully functioning kitchen and bathrooms and mats with blankets to sleep on. There are two waterfalls that constantly pour in front of the cave and unimaginable views in a spectacular setting. The only way to access the cave is to hike a steep mountain on a rugged path. This is truly for the adventurous, but well worth it for the reward.
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Diamante Rappel Overnight in Casa de Piedra

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Diamante Waterfall & Cave Overnight in Casa de Piedra

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Latitude: N 9° 16' 43.68"
Longitude: W 83° 46' 40.03"


  • Overall 94.7% (21 Guest Ratings)
  • Cleanliness: 93.5%
  • Comfort: 87.6%
  • Meeting Expectations: 96.2%
  • Staff: 98.1%
  • Value: 98.1%


This was an amazing adventure. I didn't expect 5 star comfort staying in a cave but it was more than comfortable. Loved the setting, loved the guides. If we were to do this again, I might not have done this last on our trip or I might have given us another day or two of beach relaxing before coming home but all in all, so very memorable.


This is going to exceed anyone's expectations who takes the time and makes the effort to do it. If you want to be able to say you slept overnight behind a waterfall, and you want to meet awesome people and tour an amazing garden high up in the jungle mountain, and rappel, and cliff jump (if you want) then this tour is for you. It is stunningly beautiful. The best part was the people -our guides and the tour group was great. This was the only tour we were on that locals went on also and we really loved that.


Loved this


Guides were simply outstanding


Guide could have spent less time on his cell phone, known more about the plant and wildlife or communicated better, been more social.


The guides were great, very friendly and helpful. Sleeping mats were as comfortable as you could expect, but obviously not like a mattress.


Excellent staff, great food, very special experience.


This was a fun experience, and very comfortable


This was a great part of the trip, definitely would recommend. Hike was fun, the guide told us about all kinds of plants and animals. The cave itself was cool to sleep in, you sleep on a mat in a row if 4 against another 4. My husband loved it and said he would sleep there tons of times, while I liked it but one night was enough!


Mike & Colleen said it was the hardest thing they ever did, climbing up to the cave. They will never forget it. I have pictures from them so I can see what it was like. We spent the day at the beach. Everyone is happy.


You guys chose this, and it was probably the highlight of our entire trip ... just fantastic.


Wonderful experience.