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Tirimbina Rainforest Lodge is a charming eco-lodge nestled in the heart of the Sarapiqui region in Costa Rica. Surrounded by lush rainforests and bordered by the Sarapiqui River, the lodge offers guests an immersive and authentic experience in one of the country's most biodiverse areas.

The lodge features comfortable and rustic accommodations, designed to blend harmoniously with the natural environment. Guests can choose from cozy bungalows or spacious rooms, each equipped with essential amenities and private bathrooms. The sounds of the rainforest and the fresh jungle air create a serene atmosphere, providing guests with a peaceful retreat.

Tirimbina Rainforest Lodge is dedicated to environmental conservation and sustainable practices. The lodge actively participates in research and education programs focused on rainforest preservation and biodiversity. Guests have the opportunity to learn about the rainforest ecosystem through guided tours, birdwatching excursions, and visits to the lodge's own chocolate plantation.

The lodge offers a range of activities and experiences for nature enthusiasts. Guests can explore the rainforest trails on guided hikes, observing the diverse flora and fauna. The Sarapiqui River provides opportunities for river rafting, kayaking, and boat tours, allowing guests to discover the beauty of the surrounding waterways. The lodge also offers nocturnal walks, where visitors can experience the magic of the rainforest at night.

Tirimbina Rainforest Lodge is home to the renowned Tirimbina Chocolate Tour, where guests can learn about the history and production of chocolate, from the cacao tree to the final product. Visitors can participate in hands-on activities and even create their own chocolate treats. It's an interactive and educational experience that showcases the rich cultural heritage of chocolate in Costa Rica.

The lodge's restaurant serves delicious meals inspired by local cuisine, using fresh and organic ingredients sourced from nearby communities. Guests can savor traditional Costa Rican flavors while enjoying views of the rainforest and the sounds of nature. The lodge also has a gift shop where visitors can find unique souvenirs, including locally produced crafts and sustainable products.

In summary, Tirimbina Rainforest Lodge provides a unique and immersive rainforest experience in Sarapiqui. With its comfortable accommodations, commitment to environmental conservation, diverse range of activities, and educational opportunities, the lodge offers guests an unforgettable journey into the heart of Costa Rica's tropical rainforest.

  • Number of Rooms: 28
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  • Restaurant
  • Trails
  • Conference Room
  • Gardens
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Standard Room

  • AC
  • Fan
  • Safe Deposit Box
  • Phone
  • Internet Free
  • Alarm Clock
  • Jungle View

Deluxe Room

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  • Fan
  • Safe Deposit Box
  • Phone
  • Coffee Service
  • Internet Free
  • Radio
  • Alarm Clock
  • Hair Dryer
  • Terrace
  • Jungle View

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Latitude: N 10° 24' 59.44"
Longitude: W 84° 7' 27.61"