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Celeste Mountain Lodge is a charming eco-lodge nestled in the lush rainforest of Bijagua, Costa Rica. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Tenorio Volcano National Park, the lodge offers guests a tranquil and immersive experience in a breathtaking setting.

The lodge features comfortable and eco-friendly accommodations, designed to blend harmoniously with the surrounding environment. Each room is thoughtfully decorated with rustic charm and offers modern amenities for a comfortable stay. Guests can enjoy views of the rainforest and gardens from their balconies or terraces.

Celeste Mountain Lodge is committed to sustainable practices and environmental conservation. The lodge operates with renewable energy sources and incorporates eco-friendly technologies to minimize its impact on the environment. The lodge's construction and operations have been carefully designed to preserve the natural surroundings.

The lodge offers a range of activities and experiences for guests to immerse themselves in the natural wonders of the area. Guided hikes are available, allowing guests to explore the trails of the Tenorio Volcano National Park and discover its hidden gems, including the captivating Rio Celeste and its stunning waterfall.

The lodge's on-site restaurant serves delicious meals prepared with locally sourced ingredients, showcasing the flavors of Costa Rican cuisine. Guests can enjoy fresh and sustainable dishes while surrounded by the serene ambiance of the rainforest.

Celeste Mountain Lodge provides a variety of amenities for relaxation and rejuvenation. Guests can unwind in the lodge's tropical gardens, set amidst the lush greenery and offering a refreshing respite. There are also cozy seating areas and hammocks where guests can unwind and listen to the sounds of nature.

For those seeking even more tranquility, the lodge offers a massage service where guests can indulge in rejuvenating treatments inspired by nature. Massage service should be booked in advance to ensure availability.

In summary, Celeste Mountain Lodge offers a peaceful and sustainable retreat in the heart of Bijagua, Costa Rica. With its eco-friendly accommodations, commitment to the environment, access to natural attractions, and opportunities for relaxation and exploration, the lodge provides guests with an unforgettable experience amidst the beauty of the rainforest.

Hotel Tags

  • Midrange
  • Ecolodge
  • Hilltop
  • Remote
  • Sustainable

Hotel Amenities

  • Breakfast
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Jacuzzi
  • Trails
  • Conference Room
  • Gardens
  • Handicap
  • Parking
  • Wifi
  • Wifi Free
  • Laundry Service

Room Amenities


  • Hair Dryer
  • Volcano View
  • Jungle View

Handicap Accessibility

  • Accessible Bathroom
  • In-room Accessibility


Latitude: N 10° 43' 3.14"
Longitude: W 85° 1' 26.1"


  • Overall 98% (3 Guest Ratings)
  • Cleanliness: 96.7%
  • Comfort: 93.3%
  • Meeting Expectations: 100%
  • Staff: 100%
  • Value: 100%


A truly unique & beautiful place! The food was absolutely amazing! We loved it here!
The beds were hard, so not the most comfy.