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Welcome to Ave Sol, a sustainable tourism destination nestled on the banks of the awe-inspiring Pacuare River. Ave Sol River Sanctuary is a haven of simple and comfortable cabin accommodations in the heart of the Pacuare River basin, offering you an authentic Costa Rican experience surrounded by nature's unbridled splendor.

As you approach Ave Sol, the rushing rapids of the river give way to a serene natural pool formed along its bend. Our cabins perch high on the riverbanks, waking you up to the symphony of native birdlife and the gentle murmur of the river each morning. The view from our cabins is unparalleled, capturing panoramic extensions up and down-river, with the majestic Turrialba volcano billowing in the distance.

Accessing Ave Sol is an adventure in itself, as specialized rafting operators lead private tours down the river to our sanctuary. Alternatively, casual guests can reach us by road, followed by a short walk and river crossing in a cable car. Please note that the road from the highway to the river is suitable for four-wheel-drive vehicles only.

At Ave Sol, we are passionate about preserving the untamed beauty of the Pacuare River and its surroundings. Our lodge was initially constructed by hand, using sustainable practices and locally sourced materials, ensuring minimal impact on the delicate ecosystem. By visiting Ave Sol, you become an essential part of our conservation efforts, acting as a deterrent against poaching, illegal logging, and unauthorized dam construction.

Ave Sol is part of the locally owned company Rie Rio Pacuare, committed to protecting the natural ecosystems of the Pacuare River basin. Our team of experts in biology, natural resource management, veterinary science, and tourism works tirelessly to promote wildlife conservation and sustainable development in the Talamanca Mountain Range. Together with tour operators, universities, NGOs, and local rural and indigenous communities, we strive for sustainable and equitable growth in our region.

Through various programs and environmental projects, we focus on four major areas: habitat protection, scientific research, cultural heritage, and sustainable tourism. By protecting 120 acres of mature rainforest, generating ecological data, preserving the Cabecar people's cultural heritage, and providing a space for visitors to connect with nature's power and beauty, we aim to create a harmonious balance between human presence and nature's magnificence. Come join us at Ave Sol to experience the magic of Costa Rica's untouched wilderness and explore your deep connection with nature.

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Latitude: N 9° 59' 52.01"
Longitude: W 83° 32' 16.97"