The bride and groom will be required to provide the following information

1. Full names

2. Passport number and nationality. Make sure that each passport is signed by the bearer. (You will need to scan and send copies before the ceremony)

3. Current physical address

4. Profession/Occupation

5. Marital Status. If divorced, please provide the court documents that decreed the divorce and the full name of ex-spouse.

6. Date and place of birth of bride and groom

7. Phone number and e-mail addresses for bride and groom

8. Full name of Father and Mother and current citizenship

9. Mailing address. This is the address where final documentation will be sent. (Must be a street address, NO PO boxes)

10. Two witnesses. Costa Rica Law requires two witnesses be present for the marriage.  Any friends or family can be witnesses. They will just need to provide the information from items #1-5 on this list. In the case of an elopement, we can make those arrangements for you.

All of your information will be included into a sworn statement that the bride, groom and witnesses will need to sign on the wedding day.

A marriage that occurs in Costa Rica will become valid once both the marriage document and sworn statements are signed. After the ceremony, the paperwork will be submitted to the Civil Registry of Costa Rica. The processing of the documents (including translation and authentication) by the consulate of your country may vary, but normally takes about three months. Once complete, the Marriage Certificate and instructions will be sent to your mailing address provided. 


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