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Today you will go on an amazing half day of adventure at the Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park. The bridges and trails are located in the rainforest near the majestic Arenal Volcano. All of the 15 bridges vary in height and length and provide an interesting way to observe the rainforest canopy.

Set in the rainforest near Lake Arenal, the Mistico Park is on the fringe of the Arenal Volcano National Park. While the park and surrounding area is better known for the volcano, this is an area that protects many species of wildlife. With a little luck and cooperation from Mother Nature, your bilingual guides will point out wildlife such as armadillo, toucans, deer, raccoon, coatis, sloths, and hopefully a few monkeys. Several wild cat species such as puma, ocelot and margay have been spotted in the park, though sightings of these elusive felines are uncommon.

In addition to wildlife and jungle, this is also an interesting tour as you will learn about the natural history of the Arenal Volcano area. Be prepared to hike a few kilometers of moderate terrain and bring a sense of adventure. From start to finish including round trip transportation from your hotel, the tour is expected to last around four hours, though keep in mind this can vary based on a variety of factors. It is also important to mention that for safety reasons open sandals or shoes are NOT permitted on this tour.


  • Walk through the canopy of the rainforest as well as the floor
  • Good chance of spotting exotic wildlife
  • On clear days there is a spectacular view of Arenal Volcano from one of the bridges

What to Bring

  • Insect Repellent
  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Sturdy Shoes
  • Rain Gear

    You Will Not Be Permitted To Enter The Hanging Bridges With Sandals Or Shoes That Leave Your Feet Bare - Hiking Or Tennis Shoes Are Appropriate

Location and Availability

The Arenal Hanging Bridges is available from Arenal, Arenal Zone 2, Arenal Zone 3, and Nuevo Arenal

Tour Times

  • 8:15am
  • 1:45pm

Tour Type

  • Canopy Bridges

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy


Latitude: N 10°29'17.03". Longitude: W 85°14'45.8"


  • Overall 91.9% (378 Guest Ratings)
  • Experience: 91.0%
  • Expectations: 90.5%
  • Guides: 92.8%
  • Logistics: 93.4%
  • Value: 91.7%


Our guide (who was female and can not remember her name), was very knowledgeable and friendly. Answered questions, helped take pictures, pointed out things we would never have seen on our own. Lovely tour!


Knowledgeable guide, beautiful rainforest! Tour can be a little long, but we enjoyed it!


It was no fault of the guide. It was pouring that morning so the animals were scarce.


It rained hard during our hanging bridges tour and to me it enhanced an already amazing place. Our guide, she was great, friendly and knows a lot about the flora and fauna. I am so sorry but I can't recall her name.


We had an awesome tour guide who was very knowledgeable about the rainforest and everything we saw! It was only the two of us and a mom and son couple. There were a couple other tours on the path at the same time, but we were able to share and see everything and spend time on the bridges. Great time!


Great guide.


I had been skeptical about this tour since the Monteverde sky walk experience. More bridges, a longer trek, and more strenuous trails between the bridges. So after arriving and hiking a few hundred yards uphill, we decided not to continue. The guide was understanding.


There were 3 of us on the tour. The guide was awesome. He took his time answering our questions never go impatient.


Wonderful guide, he tried very hard to show us everything and had a book to look up anything he did not know the name of. We enjoyed conversation with him, very nice young man.


Our guide was knowledgeable about the area and the wildlife we saw.


There were TOO many people and NOTHING to see - we should leave at 6am!


Great tour but raining. . Still very enjoyable


Great tour! and tourguide!


It was more of a walk than an adventure. I did learn some things about the rain forest and Costa Rica so that was very nice.


We expected a less crowded environment than the one we experienced, which took away from the 'wilderness' experience. Our tour group kept bumping up against other groups, or were bumped by following groups. The facility should do a better job of spacing out the groups. That being said, we did see some interesting wildlife.


Again my fault. Maybe I expected too much. I was hoping to see much more wildlife. Our guide (Aaron?) was excellent and I felt he knew a lot more than Rebecca.


Left late because they had car trouble but they sent us a fruit basket (unexpected but very nice touch). Guide had heavy accent but fine. Sometimes forgot to wait for all of us (only 4) when talking. We saw some amazing wildlife.


Great tour guide




Isaak Mendez was another exceptional guide. Marvelous personality, helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. Outstanding tour.


The guide was delightful and managed the various abilities of the people on our tour. She was knowledgable and very friendly and we had a great day.


Great knowledgeable and personable guide


Guide was great


An enjoyable experience through old growth rainforest.


wonderful place! definitely recommend for tourists.


Loved it!


Beautiful experience. Have already recommended this location to friends


Loved our tour guides and the experience. They were knowledgeable and had so much passion for the landscape of Costa Rica.


Was hoping for more animal siteings and discussion about fauna and animals


It was raining during our tour which influenced the rating but realize that is completely uncontrollable.


lots of people sort of crowded but liked it


Great trip, super friendly people. I would only have appreciated more time to visit the gift shop.


Our tour guide, Pierre, was absolutely fantastic.


Enjoyable and interesting experience


Very well done. They took care to cater to our children. Lots to see and everyone had fun.


Van was very nice and comfortable. Guides were friendly and very informative.


Cedes our guide was very knowledgeable and made our tour adventurous. I loved the fact that the trails were nicely paved and the views were absolutely majestic.


Great tour, and everything was very professional and informative.


We were so impressed with all of tours. The punctuality of the pick-up times were amazing. Mistico Bridges was a great hike. The guide was fantastic.


More guidelines could be provided as to the fitness requirements to get the most out of this tour. Wonderful guide, beautiful setting, but more physically challenging than expected.


Unbelievable. The guide was superb and informative. A great trip.


Our guide was WONDERFUL! Definitely one of the best.


Amazing, beautiful. Loved it!


Was nice to see the rainforest and walk on the bridges but was expecting to see more animals.


Great guide!


Once again our transfer and guide were amazing!


Unfortunately I missed this tour- but the rest of the family enjoyed it. Looking forward to take this tour when I return to Costa Rica


It was a bit scary but overall it was very informing and the plants were beautiful


unbelievably good guide. He could spot things that we would have never, ever seen. We were incredibly lucky to see sloths, howler monkey (right on the bridge with us), a snake and birds etc... My 9 year old began the walk crying and grumpy because of a bit of rain, but this guide changed her mood immediately with his skill.


Not many hanging bridges. Monte verde would have been better.


we loved our guide, sades. I think her name was, you could tell she really loves her country and knows her stuff.


There were several other groups there at the same time so it got crowded at times, but it was good. We didn't get to see as many animals as we had hoped for but we knew that might happen.


Pierre was a great tourguide. Very knowledgeable and excited and passionate. It was a lovely experience.


Good way to see the rainforest and guide was very funny...can't remember his name.


Good guide


Rain rain go away!


Didn't get to see much wildlife due to the rain but trail was nice and guide was fun and knowledgeable


Our tour guide, Pierre, has multiple master's degrees, and a PhD in entomology. Boy, he's smart. Really knows what he's talking about. Fantastic outing!


Tour was Excellent.


Very knowledgeable and friendly guide.


Our guide was friendly. She was very knowledgeable about snakes and amphibians but was weak on tree and bird identification. Overall we enjoyed the tour.


There were a lot of people there the day we went. Not a lot of animals. We did see some monkeys but was disappointed because I expected a jungle animal adventure. Seemed too touristy.


Ramon was a great guide - we learned a lot during the tour and really enjoyed being in the rainforest and seeing the bridges.


Excellent and knowledgeable guide, a very pleasant tour.


This place is beautiful. Our guide was very informative and fun.


Not my favorite type of experience. No mention anywhere about type of shoe required


We were "forgotten" for our pickup time- we called, and another van was dispatched to collect us, so we were 45 mins late joining the tour. We felt bad because we delayed everyone else, although it was not our fault. Can't say enough positive things about our guide, Pierre. he was absolutely brilliant. A fantastic tour.


Guide was very good pacing the tour to accommodate the wide range of ages in the group. Made sure we saw all types of things--including ants! Facilities were some of the nicest I have ever seen at a tourist attraction.


great tour our guide was like a walking encyclopedia just wish we would have seen more wild life but once again the views are amazing.


We hoped to see more wildlife, especially birds; but we still saw lots of beauty.


This was a wonderful tour, hike. Very informative.


I probably wouldn't recommend this tour because the groups are too large and diverse (3 languages for each comment from the guide - why not have groups per language?) If doing this walk by myself I would have gone much faster and enjoyed it just as much.


This was beautiful. It rained that day but still it was a great experience. Our guide was very great too.


Guide seemed to be new and have a rather rehearsed presentation. I could have done with a few less hanging bridges.


The tour guide was very knowledgeable. Overall we enjoyed the tour. However, we shared the tour with a couple who spoke only French. So the tour was given in French and English. As a result the tour took very long. By the time it finished we were tired.


Was good, beautiful surroundings and views. Guide was good, didn't see much unusual but enjoyed the tour.


very interesting hike


Expecting old type hanging bridges, disappointing they are new and metal. Guide was very knowledgeable on plant life - but we would have preferred a little less sharing. I was still a good tour, just had different expectation.


We didn't end up seeing a lot of animals but that cannot be controlled.


The guide was fabulous which made it an overall great experience.


Bridges were not as impressive as expected, guide was just ok.


This was my favorite tour of the whole trip!


We loved the Hanging Bridges tour!!


Great guide, super views,very interesting to visit


It was better than expected. The guide was very good and it was a nice experience.


The only thing I would have changed was that I had more time taking pictures, recording etc. The guide seemed to be in a rush at times even though there was only one other guest outside of our group; a total of 3. This was the one tour where I had the least amount of pictures to look at. The Hanging Bridges was thrilling for me since I had never been on a suspended bridge that high. I found it to be scary! The park was very nice and photogenic.


excellent guide and tour. thoroughly enjoyed it!


It was nice to have a paved walk & enjoyed the tour. Angie's English wasn't quite as good as some, or maybe it was because she had a pretty thick accent & spoke fast. Slowing down would help. She also answered some questions with very vague answers ("that was a bird", "howler monkeys can be heard from some distance" - we had learned from Jason it was 3 miles).


Alfonso was very knowledgeable, excellent guide.


Gabriel our guide was wonderful! He took his time with us and was very informative as well as enthusiastic! Loved him and the driver!


No ones fault that it rained most of the time so we didn't get to see as much wildlife as I had hoped. I think the guide was in a bit of a hurry to get through because of the rain.


Despite the rain, it was an amazing tour. The guide (Alfonso?) was extremely knowledgeable, kind, and helpful.


My grandson loved it. I found it a little difficult because of all the climbing. The constant rain didn't hamper us and I certainly did not need the hiking boots which were recommended.


It rained the entire time, which obviously nothing could be done about, however the guide Yarenis was very good. We were surprised that it was a private tour as it was only my wife and I. That was wonderful.


Our tour guide, Christian, was amazing! His knowledge and enthusiasm made the tour very special for us.


No real complaint. Rosa was a great guide, friendly, informative, sweet. It was beautiful. We had an expectation that we would see more wildlife. Saw very little wildlife, but learned lots about the ecosystem, plant life, etc.


It lacked a little in seeing animals but the tour guide was awesome


We had a good time. This company did a great job. The guide was very knowledgable and pointed out a lot of things for us to see. She was very patient with us as we were taking pictures at every bridge.


We had an amazing time on this tour! We saw so many animals, and our guide, Gabriel, was terrific. One of the highlights of our trip.


Used a subcontracted van driver which was okay overall. Guide hurried through the area at times so we didn't have a chance to see as much as we had hoped.


Everything was great: the tour guide was very informative and fun and our group was entertaining. Fabulous day in the forest...


Our tour guide Rosa was very knowledgeable. We had an amazing time and saw a lot of animals!


We were disappointed not to see more wild life on this trip. However, the view of the rainforest from the canopy is undeniably unique.


Everything went very smooth. Jungle was so nice!!


No wildlife at all on this experience. The guide said they get really see anything because too many people


A very enjoyable experience. Glad we went.


I was hoping to see more animals, but I realize that is completely out of the control of the guide.


In fairness, it was raining, but guide could hardly wait to get out of there. He talked only to one or two people at "front " of the line and quickly walked along the path. Questions about fauna, not answered (did not know answers?) or was just wanting to get leave the area as soon as possible?


The guide was very knowledgeable - spoke a couple different languages.


Guide was great as was the hike.


Not quite sure what I expected, so I only rated it as a 5. The guide was knowledgeable but too soft spoken on this particular trip and didn't wait for the people at the back of the group. Probably just the people we were with, but they seemed to take over all the attractions.


This was a bigger tour than we'd had , so we needed to get used to so many people - and that the area was crowded with tourists. I was delighted to see the natural beauty of the place and be in the canopy.


beautiful scenery but no animals or birds at all