Starting at $102 per adult


Hold on tight and prepare for adventure. Today you will go on a thrilling ATV tour in front of Arenal Volcano!  This is an awesome tour that will take you through back roads, trails, fields, and farm land on a high speed adventure.

After being picked up from your local Arenal area hotel, the tour starts off with a brief instructional course to teach you how to operate the ATV safely. You will then be matched with the best ATV for you and hit the road! Some inexperienced ATV drivers may need to ride double for safety.

This tour will take you through fields of private farms in front of the iconic volcano. One of the fields has a really cool course where you cross through a small stream and cruise through mud bogs. Along the way you will also pass through private trails and even through a little jungle. Weather permitting; you may even be able to see an inspiring, off-the-beaten path, close up view of the volcano.

Of course you will want to be prepared to get wet and maybe even be covered with mud. This is definitely a hands on, physical experience! So you may want to bring along some dry clothes. After your ride, you'll return to the the ATV center and then returned to your hotel.

Including transportation from and back to your hotel, this tour usually lasts 2.5 to 3 hours, though this is subject to change. This fun filled adventure includes transportation, guide, and trail entrances. Drivers must be at least 16 years old.


  • Ride an ATV in front of Arenal Volcano
  • Access to ride on private fields and trails

What to Bring

  • Sturdy Shoes
  • Driver License Is Necessary
  • Camera
  • Rain Gear

Tour Times

  • 7:30am
  • 11:00am
  • 14.30

Tour Type

  • ATV

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Recommended Ages

16 and up


Latitude: N 10° 28' 15.36"
Longitude: W 84° 40' 24.99"


  • Overall 91.1% (251 Guest Ratings)
  • Experience: 89.6%
  • Expectations: 89.8%
  • Guides: 92.9%
  • Logistics: 92.2%
  • Value: 92.4%


Excellent tour!


We had an another group with us and they split us up because the other group was holding us back. Great service


Great tour guide and experience for us


Tour stopped in a creek that we could have swam in if we had our swim suits


Unfortunately I didn't realize that my son would have to take a skills test before setting out so he ended up having to ride on the back of my atv. That was a bit of a disappointment, and had I known I would have prepared him better. A small oversight. But overall the trip was tons of fun.


Tour company and guides were excellent. The trails are challenging so be prepared.


That was fantastic! I truly enjoyed the ride.


Staff was friendly.


Guides were great, location and duration was awesome


Leslie was very professional and safety conscious, which made our first time on an ATV much less scary.


We did this and the double ATV as our entire group. The guides were amazing -- once they knew my sons had ATVs at home, they made it even more fun for my boys. They truly entertained and made this a top activity for our trip.


We had a great time on this tour, too. There were certain points where we had to stop and wait while the guides found out the best path forward. Totally understand rain changes things, but we wish we had a little more time to actually ride! We also wished the guides would have switched up the order in which we rode. The couple in front of us drove very slowly so we had to drive at a similar speed even though the guides suggested a higher speed.


This tour was so much fun. It was raining during our excursion and the guides made it even more fun as a result. It was a perfect mix between fun, challenging and exciting!


The staff seemed unprepared. They were gassing up the equipment after we arrived. One of the ATVs died during our trip. Other participants had to ride in our 2 seater. The oil light came on the two seater. Very little time was spent off roading . Logistics were unorganized. Guide was making the best out of a bad situation.


Too crowded, long line of slow going one on top of another.


Planning and logistics were good. Guides were so nice and helpful. However the experience was a bit extreme. There should be choices of how aggressive an experience you want. If you're looking for a wild ride this is it but you have to be aware of that. Nice bonus that lunch was included. Didnt expect that


Tour was good. After lunch though the tour people all left and know one knew when we were going to be picked up. We all waited for a long time unknown if they were coming back. They should have told the group when they were going to pick us up.


We did this tour with no additional participants due to heavy rain. Still fun, was a very challenging course in the mud. Lunch was great at the end and guide was super friendly and talkative.


The guides were great, but there were a lot of people on the tour which made for a slow ride. The ride itself also did not offer much to see. We were hoping for more views of the land and scenery, but saw more roads.


My heart was in my chest. It was so much more than what I read on trip advisor. We were VERY WELL taken care of. at least 6 guides for a group of about 12-15. We stopped several times so they could adjust our gears to make sure we were in the right gear. It's not following in line in a boring fashion. It was scary fun! Ground was wet and muddy, just perfect for my teen. They do say to wear pants. We didn't. Wish we had. The heat coming off the engine near our legs (very normal) was hot, but not problems. We stopped in the river to swim. They let us run as fast as each person wanted to. It was great!


The overall experience was good and my wife enjoyed it way more than I did. My complaint is that my wofe and I where left behind with another family where their little son was riding with his father. I soon realised that the guide was taking a shorter and safer route which suited the other family but certainly not me. I confronted the guide and told him I wanted to join the other group. He said I couldn't because he had no way of communicating with the other guides. This was very disappointing. The food at the restaurant was average. We should have been given the option at the very beginning whether we wanted a hard; medium; or slow experience.


This was the experience that most exceeded expectations. We had low hopes for how much mud and freedom there would be and were definitely surprised. The tour was excellent and had enough direction so our newbies were comfortable but the more experienced in our group still had fun.


I didn't love that we rode through a cow pasture...I was hoping for some more off-road adventures. But I still had a great time and would do it again!


Great tour of the volcano and traveling to the river. The entire staff helped us feel comfortable and safe.


Lots of fun!


One of the best tours we went on. We had a blast and got really muddy as it rained that day. The trails were fun and challenging. This tour exceeded our expectations, and the guides were awesome.


Very fun adventure would for sure do it again.


Guides were a little pushy and harsh.


The ATV tour was a lot of fun, and really well run. The guides were great! The only thing I would say is that it isn't for everyone. My wife and daughter could not drive theirs and had to be carried on the guides ATVs the whole time. There needs to be a "trial" path where you can see whether you can drive one, or need to ride as a passenger. Although we paid for 4 drivers, after only about 15 minutes into the experience, we only had 2 drivers. Was just too hard for them.


One of the funnest things we did on the trip! Would do it again!


I had to sit on the back of the ATV because I didn't know what I was doing when I tried to do it myself. Nevertheless it was a lot of fun. Even being a passenger gave me a sense of adventure.


Donald was great


the beginning portion was not fun for me.. I only liked the second part which was more of a ride.. maybe they should hand out something to ties around neck bc we ate dust..


The tour exceeded my expectations. I have been ATV riding before and this was completely different than any other time. The course was so interesting and had plenty of variety from riding through the little town to riding up the side of the mountains. It was very easy to follow with the guide since he told us when to shift our gears to slow down or go faster. I would recommend this for everyone to go!


So fun! You get to ride on a lot of rough terrain but then also get to drive very fast (50 mph) on back roads.


Would recommend they take the easier part of the excursion first then tackle the muddy hills so those who have never ridden before can get a little experience first.


Very wet trip made the experience all the more enjoyable....


This was a great tour! One of our highlights. Our guide was great at explaining everything and made sure everyone in the group was well taken care. My wife and I both thought it was the right mix of safety and adventure! Our guide let the group out in front but always kept an eye on all of us behind he was leading.


I was a little worried about my ability to drive an ATV but the guide explained everything and the small group size helped me to feel safe. The adventure was absolutely wonderful in every way, and I'm really glad we did it.


I didn't appreciate when we were forced to ride so close to the rider in front of us that I was in the dust clouds of the riders in front of us.


We had some unexpected limitations and the staff was accommodating way beyond my expectations. One of the guides took us on a private route that ended up being a blast!


It was so much fun.


Best time I've had on an ATV. We got dirty, had fun, saw parts of Costa Rica we had no idea existed and the lunch after was delicious.


Unique way to explore the rain forest. The staff helped us get comfortable on the ATVs and "El Chapo Guapo" was a spectacular tour guide. Great experience!


This was the only part of our trip that we found quite disappointing. We found this as simply a chance to ride an ATV with VERY little chance to experience some of the culture around you on the ride. We may have a jaded outlook as we did an off road ATV tour in the Dominican Republic where a group was led off road and made stops in some towns, plantations and beaches where we were able to interact with the people, make connections and learn about the area, the people and the history. The ATV trip here was simply riding the ATV around a field and then down a roared to a river area and then back. we were disappointed with this experience. Please understand that this one dissapointment by no means did anything to deminish our wonderful experience that you helped us have on our entire trip to Costa Rica.


I was hoping the tour would take us closer to the volcanoes and through the forests. The majority was mostly through cow fields with lots of cows and cow patties. the was my only disappointment with the tour was the location. On a positive note we did leave the fields and drive down some back roads off the highway through the local areas and to a nice large shaded river which was beautiful! That was the better part of the tour, and I think everyone enjoyed that. The tour guides were awesome and very helpful. The lunch was simple but delicious and the drinks were cheap! My only suggestion would be that they have yours for beginners and than tours for more experienced as I wanted to go faster!


The guide was awesome here as well! We had a blast!


My wife & I really enjoyed the quad ride. She couldn't ride so we doubled up and had a real fun time! I thought the trails were a little hard at times for a first time rider so I was glad she went with me.




Fun and muddy.


This was by far the best, mainly because of our guide (Kelior) was an awesome guy and made use feel very welcome


We had an awesome time.


I thought we would see more views of the volcano but we really didn't we just rode to a river but we did enjoy it and had a good time.


Loved Keilor! I thought we were going to see the volcano.


This was a fantastic tour!! I just wish there would have been an option to buy the photos they were taking of us.


Very fun in the mud, but the river prevented a longer trip. We really didn't see anything. Guides were very friendly!


This particular tour was very fun, the quads were not well kept and many were broken and not working well, other the that a very good expeirence.


Had so much fun on this tour. Definitely was one of my favorites.


Having done a lot of four-wheeling, this was a little weak but the the guide made it a lot of fun.