Starting at $85 per adult


There are several Arenal Volcano canopy zipline tours and Ecoglide Canopy Zipline is one of the best. Located just outside the town of La Fortuna on private property in the midst of the rainforest with spectacular views of the volcano, Ecoglide offers 15 platforms and 13 cables plus the epic Tarzon Swing to give you the ultimate ziplining experience.

At the beginning of the tour, you will be picked up from your La Fortuna hotel and driven to the Ecoglide headquarters deep in the rainforest and near the Arenal Volcano. Upon arrival, you will meet your bilingual guides who will help you get suited up with high-quality helmets and harnesses for a safe, fun and thrilling adventure gliding high above the tree tops. This is a unique zip line course consisting of parallel steel cables with an extra cable to ensure your safety.

There are three sections of this tour: the first section consists of 8 cables and 9 platforms, that are a little less challenging as you learn to relax and enjoy the experience. At the first platform your guides will demonstrate how to break and stop. Then you’ll be hooked onto the cables and soaring over the forest. In this first warm up section the cables run just a little over 650 feet long and average about 80 feet high. There will always be a guide to send you off as well as to receive you at the next platform.

The second section is where you’ll have the opportunity to go for a Tarzan swing, one of the most popular and raved about ziplining activities. You’ll step to the edge of a sturdy platform high up off the ground after your guide has secured your harness to a swinging rope. You’ll grab on tightly to the top of the rope and take a giant leap towards the forest floor, just like Tarzan in the movies. Fully supported by your harness you’ll find yourself swinging freely through the jungle (with some inherent adrenaline-induced screaming) until the rope gently comes to a stop allowing you to make your way down to the next stage of your adventures.

The third section provides additional ziplining excitement with longer, higher and faster cables now that you’ve mastered the technique. Here there are 6 platforms at varying heights and 5 cables ranging in length from 325 feet to over 1400 feet long. Most people, after completing the first two sections are ramped up and ready for more. Soaring over these cables offers the biggest dose of adrenaline rush making this the perfect ending to your journey zipping through the incredible rainforest.

Transportation, park admission, bilingual guides and all safety equipment are included in this exhilarating half day tour. One way transportation from your hotel in the La Fortuna area can take between 15 and 45 minutes depending on your pick up location. Combined time of the zipling tour and round trip transport ranges between 2 and 3 hours. Fully enclosed hiking or running shoes are required on the platforms and long pants are recommended for comfort in the harness. Any loose items, such as your camera or keys, should be zipped up inside your pockets. Please bring insect repellent, sunscreen and a rain jacket. Enjoy the glide!

What to Bring

  • Camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect Repellent
  • Long Pants
  • Rain Jacket
  • Fully Enclosed Hiking Or Running Shoes Are Required
  • Loose Items Should Be Zipped Inside Your Pockets

Location and Availability

The Canopy Zipline - Ecoglide is available from Arenal, Arenal Zone 2, Arenal Zone 3, and Nuevo Arenal

Tour Times

  • 8:00am
  • 10:00am
  • 1:00pm
  • 3:00pm

Tour Type

  • Zipline

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Recommended Ages

5 and up


Latitude: N 10° 28' 31.16"
Longitude: W 84° 40' 36.27"


  • Overall 95.9% (415 Guest Ratings)
  • Experience: 95.8%
  • Expectations: 95.5%
  • Guides: 95.9%
  • Logistics: 96.5%
  • Value: 96.3%


Comfortable and fun event! This was as much fun for my thrill-seeking teens as it was for my scared, anxious 7-year old. Very comfortable transportation to and from the event.


This was a very fun excursion and it turned out to be a private one as no one else showed up. The guides were all very knowledgeable and made sure we felt safe and were enjoying ourselves the whole time. Even my husband who is afraid of heights loved it. The view from the top was amazing.


All the staff were awesome. We had a great time.


This was so much fun for all of us. Great experience! The guides were great and they took pictures and videos of us all that they sent us via email (for a fee-but well worth it!).


Felt a little rushed at times when going from one zip line to the next but the overall experience was great.


We had a great time ziplining. The staff was really funny and always practice safety. They made sure regardless of the age that everyone had a great time. Thanks to everyone at Ecoglide. We will be back. Ernie & Kristy from Austin,Tx.


The guides were amazing. I felt safe and comfortable the entire time. Great Views!


Safe, funny, friendly, ambitious to make our trip a great experience.


We drove up the volcanoe and did 11 zip lines back down. It was super fun and highly recommend the tarzan swing. Also you can bring your phone if you have a pretty tight and secure pockets


Lots of fun


Loved that we were signed up for the Tarzan swing and didn’t even know it and it was simply perfect!


Wonderful tour!! We had a great time and it was very obvious the guides love their job. They had fun with us and even went out of their way to help us find the wildlife we were hoping to see in the rainforest.


The highlight of our entire trip for my kids. My youngest got stuck on a few lines and had the guides come save him but I didn't even hear about it until after the adventure as they always made him feel safe and secure. Loved the double line safety feature.


This was amazing! I do not like heights, but felt very comfortable, safe and secure. They thoroughly explained how to use the equipment, and had high standards and protocols for safety. The guides were very friendly and personable. Definitely would recommend this to my friends (and would do again)!


This was very fun.


The driver was on time, helpful with questions.


My family loved this experience!


We have done zipline before and it was still fun. Everyone was awesome and knew their stuff. Our driver Jorge even spotted a sloth for us to take photos. Great experience but that Tarzan swing ---oh much fun~ Got photo package for $10 per person - seemed a bit much but we are happy with them.


Our guide are very detailed for our safety and professionalism.


This was a fun activity. The ziplines were very long and we loved it. We did a lot more lines than we expected which was great. The guides were a little scary though. They would jump on the platform and make it move and shake the line. It made me uncomfortable. I am sure for them it is not scary, they do it every day, but I didn't like the platform moving when were hundreds of feet up in the air.


This was our second time here (we went 8.5 years ago as well). Was a lot of fun again.


Really fun. Great staff-funny and good for novices at zip-lining, which most of us in the group were. Felt safe and well looked after.


Loved this adventure. The guides eased any fears and made you feel completely safe. Amazing experience zip lining through the beautiful rain forest


This was so fun. The only very minor complaint was that the group was very large so there was a bit of waiting. But this was such a great outing! We loved it.


We all had a blast on this! The Tarzan swing was so much fun! Great guides!


Amazing time!! Loved it all


The highlight of our trip! The price was even great in the professional photography. They taught us a lot and we were pleasantly surprised by the Tarzan Swing. The training was a bonus especially for novice and the little 5 year old feel like she could do it. The guide even climbed down the mountain to retrieve my husbands lost shoe on the Tarzan Swing!


The guides were so nice and we had a professional photographer who sold us hundreds of amazing photos and videos of our tour at a very reasonable price.


ziplines had beautiful views. There must be a better way to stop people on the Tarzan swing then to bat at them, although it is amusing to watch. Guides had a sense of humour and were patient, especially with the kids that were in our group.


Everything was great, but the tour was so big it took way too long to finish the zip line.


Lots of fun.


The ziplining was just excellent. Nothing but positive comments. The "tarzan" swing was unexpected, but was very thrilling. Would recommend it to anyone.


Great staff. Friendly and funny. Some would even hide in the jungle and make animal sounds. Lots of great pictures and video at an affordable price. Tarzan Swing is a must do.


excellent tour; right on time and we loved the whole thing; very safe and fun;


We had to wait for another party to catch up.


It exceeded our expectations! The course was perfect!


The experience was great. The guides were really competent and professional. I am afraid of heights and they were very patient and kind with me while treating the rest of my family to the thrills of a lifetime.


Great experience, staff went out of there way to make sure we had a great time!


Another great experience- felt safe.


We did 11 zip lines & a Tarzan swing. The tour was much longer & extensive than i expected. The guides were hilarious & knowledgeable about their jobs!


Unforturenately, it rained when it was our time to zipline. We were only able to do half the lines. We were offered to come back, but our schedule won't allow it. Otherwise, we still had a great time. I consider this one of the great experiences in my life. The tarzan swing was probably a must, but I could't get myself to do it. hahaha Regardless, the experience was amazing.


We loved our guides. Had a wonderful time.


Brilliant. Even our reticent son enjoyed himself ! Survived and enjoyed the tarzan swing/


I thought I would get on the first platform and freeze but I didn't and I even did the tarzan swing! I had so much fun!!


We felt like we were rushed during this tour. It was busy, and staff were pushy. Would like to have enjoyed taking in the scenery a little more, and enjoy our family, but with the rush of the tour this was not possible. We bought the pictures, and they were nicely done and organized of just our family.


Did not do this one, my son was scared. It is open to young kids but it should be mentioned that the zipline is adult size not young kids friendly size.


Great tour with fantastic ziplines. The group was huge, the logistics were efficient, and we could have wantet a slower pace to really have time to enjoy the experience.


Loved this place! The guides were all great and seemed to enjoy what they do. The best ziplining I have done anywhere thus far.


Just stunning!


Staff was excellent! Would recommend this experience!


I've been on several zip-line tours, but I must admit this is the best one so far. The scenery was beautiful, the staff was very friendly, and Tarzan swing will take your breath away....literally!


Tarzan swing was SCARY!. This was a fun excurion.


fun fun fun!


Great fun


Had no idea the Tarzan swing was included. Very challenging and fun surprise!


Guides were very cautious about safety but kept us moving along at a good pace.


2 of us were a little nervous about heights. The staff was fun, reassuring and had us feeling very comfortable. We all made it through, including the Tarzan swing. The photos and video were beautifully done. Again, have specifically recommended this location.


Way too many people in our group!!! We felt like a shuttle with no breaks. We had to keep moving very fast to keep the line moving. Still lots of time waiting in line for the next zipline.


Lots of fun!


great photos!


I should have done the Tarzan swing like the rest of my family...


Staff were phenomenal


Ziplines in poor shape. Braking was not satisfactory for a light person. For a heavy person, the zipline was too slow. We saw no wildlife. The staff were very helpful.


It was so much fun and all the guys were very polite and fun


Great staff and felt very safe the whole time. Would highly recommend!




Had a blast! Tour guides helped us safely complete all the lines and took several pictures of us (on our smartphones) along the way. Highly recommend!


Everything was great here especially the Tarzan swing. This zipline course just isn't particularly good. The lines are not that high or fast, don't offer great views, and requiring a hand brake makes it really difficult to take pictures. They need to update their lines with auto brakes so that customers can have both hands free. It was frustrating that then they charged for pictures - I would have rather paid for pictures up front knowing that was an option or just have them included.


They were great with our kids!


We had hoped for longer runs. The staff was excellent and very safety conscious. Would recommend it.


This was very fun and very well organized. The staff/guides were friendly and trained well. It is a nice morning or afternoon activity and you can still have the rest of the day to do other things or just relax.


So much fun!!! WE had to do this again in Monteverde! Despite the pouring rain, we kept on! Glad we did! It was fun in the rain, the guides were funny, professional, made us all feel comfortable and safe! A great experience!


I would absolutely recommend this trip to anyone. When talking about my trip this is one of the highlights. The staff was a blast and made the experience even better.


Lots of fun!! Beautiful topography


Excellent adventure. Was expecting a little more of an adrenaline rush, however, was a fantastic time. The Tarzan swing was is a must!


The zip lines were well set up so that one lead right to the other. We felt the safety of the zip lines with this company exceeded other ones that we had previously gone with. This was a perfect activity to do with the kids.


I had a blast. Loved the zip lines but the Tatzan swing was my favorite..


Tons of fun, great views and good staff.


This zipline experience was much scarier than I imagined it would be! After trying the practice course, I no longer felt confident about continuing on the adventure. The staff was encouraging and offered additional support so I could participate. They offered to take pictures and videos for us with our camera which gave us lots of memories. Although I was afraid and skeptical about the experience, my daughter thoroughly enjoyed it!!


We had the best team that took us out on our adventure. This surpassed our expectations and it was absolutely great!


Lots of fun


The guides were so great. My brother-in-law has early onset Alzheimers and the guides handled so well. They could not have done better.




Wonderful! Great trip.


A lot of fun! Guide were very good.


Excellent value, well run


My kids would rate this as their favorite experience. Everyone was very professional yet fun.


Guides were super efficient and kept us moving. Tarzan swing was a nice surprise!


Very good.


So great! Guides were very personable and made the whole family feel safe. Great fun.


Hadn't done it before. I guess I'm just not a big fan of zip lining.


The guides were great!!


they really should have a photographer taking pictures, we would have bought. the 1 glitch was after the 2nd or 3rd canopy 9 or 10 of us had to wait on a platform for 10 minutes or so in the middle of the jungle and it was unnerving to be standing there waiting


great tour


This was better than my expectations!


Thoroughly enjoyed this adventure!


This was the best! The staff was great. They gave us a short practice run which really helped because we had never been on a zip line before. It was a highlight of our trip and the Tarzan swing was amazing!


Tarzan swing was amazing! We made friends with the others in our group. Great people! The guides were awesome - knowledgeable, funny and they took pictures for us throughout the tour! So much fun!!


Best excursion of the trip. Loved it.


Loved it


The Tarzan swing was really fun.


Awesome first time experience


Lots of fun and really good guides


The zip line tour was nice, I felt very safe with very professional guides. that being said, it felt a bit rushed.


This was awesome. I wish we had a go pro with us.


The staff were good and very professional. Safety was given good attention.


The tour felt very rushed, like they were just trying to get us from line to line. There was not a lot of education from the guides about the area we were zipping in, which is something I have experienced on previous tours in other countries. Of everything we did in Costa Rica, this was our least favorite.


We felt like we had top notch service. The guides were very helpful, and seemed very well trained. They had a good sense of humor and were professional.


What a blast


This was great and the guides made everything very enjoyable


Would suggest wearing dark clothing that will get dirty . Also, would have loved some explanation about th trees and the rainforest that we were gliding through. A short nature walk in combination with the ziplining would have been great.


They even gave us free drinks after the tour, they were very friendly it was awesome.


The Tarzan swing was amazing.


Very fun love zip lining


I didn't survive the Tarzan swing. I got so dizzy I couldn't continue but the guides were very caring and understanding. They walked me to a truck to get me down off the mountain, and they would not leave me until I was handed off to the truck driver. They were the best!!!


Guides were great!!! Informative and fun, they all had a great sense of humor. We all felt safe too. One of the guides took my camera and took a lot of great pictures of us zip lining.




Excellent tour. We had a great time. The guides were very nice. The Tarzan swing was probably one of the most memorable things from the trip.


We loved the staff, the experience was phenomenal and we always felt that safety was the highest priority.


The tarzan swing was a nice surprise and the guides were very safe and friendly


The ziplining was very fun! The staff was very helpful and made us feel safe! The whole experience was great!


This was our first time Ziplining. The guides were great! We always felt safe, all of the equipment appeared to be in very good condition.


The tour guides were amazing, genuinely concerned for our safety and experience.


RAINED so we were pushed through the last two or three lines..... FAST in the rain. Tarzan Swing, well all I can say about that is it is terrifying! FUN bot OMG!


Felt very safe with our guides.


Bus was late ("Tico time"), staff was friendly, could have used a little more guidance (on purchase of photos, etc.). Great ziplining though!


Great crew!


Fantastic! I felt safe and it was beautiful.


Staff was very nice!


Great adventure. Guides were amazing and very experienced.