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Are you ready for adventure? If so, look no further!  Today you will go on the Ultimate Waterfall Adventure Rappel with Pure Trek. This is an awesome canyoning tour near Arenal Volcano and one of the best of its kind in Costa Rica.

After being picked up from your hotel you will be brought to the base where you will switch into a 4x4 truck to make the climb up the mountain. The drive takes about 30 minutes and passes through beautiful countryside and a small rural village. Along the way you will have time to get to know your fellow adventurers. When you arrive at the ranch house your guides will suit you up with helmet, harness and the latest safety gear. This will be followed by a brief safety and instructional lesson.

After a short hike you will arrive at the waterfall to make your first descent. Your guide will fasten you and then you will be on your way. The first one is always the best and sure to get your blood flowing! No need to fear, your guide will have a second line for safety. Another guide will be waiting at the bottom to release you and then you will scramble through the canyon on to the next one.

The Pure Trek Canyoning tour offers a total of five rappels. One is down a canyon wall and the other four are down waterfalls. They vary in height from 45 to 165 feet. You're sure to enjoy the Monkey Drop propelling off the top of a waterfall and cannonballing into a refreshing pool below!

Following the canyoning and rappelling you will be led on a hike out of the canyon. If you take the morning tour, lunch will be served after the tour and if you take the afternoon tour it will be served prior to the adventure. Lunch is served at the ranch and which when weather permits has views to the world famous Arenal Volcano.

The tour ends with a 4x4 truck ride back down the hill and then you will be returned to your hotel. In total the tour usually lasts 3.5 to 4 hours though this is subject to change. This is an awesome tour for anybody seeking a thrilling and memorable experience. Please notify us if you weigh more than 200 pounds as restrictions may apply. In addition to lunch and round trip transportation this half day adventure includes back road 4x4 truck ride, guides, and equipment.


  • Canyoning through the rainforest
  • Rappelling down jungle waterfalls
  • Lunch with a  view to Arenal Volcano – weather permitting

What to Bring

  • Clothes That Can Get Wet
  • Secure Shoes
  • Dry Clothes To Change Into

Location and Availability

The Canyoning Pure Trek Ultimate Adventure Rappel is available from Arenal, Arenal Zone 2, Arenal Zone 3, and Nuevo Arenal

Tour Times

  • 7:00am
  • 9:00am
  • 12:00pm

Tour Type

  • Canyoning

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Recommended Ages

Age 5 - 87


Latitude: N 10°25'50.18". Longitude: W 85°21'18.12"


  • Overall 96.6% (300 Guest Ratings)
  • Experience: 96.7%
  • Expectations: 96.8%
  • Guides: 96.5%
  • Logistics: 96.6%
  • Value: 96.5%


Exhilarating experience, staff was great


This was exhilarating! $30 to buy the videos and pics they take of you on the excursion.


This was awesome. Met all of my high expectations. So much fun and the guides were great. Always made us feel completely safe. Such a great overall experience.


This was probably our favorite activity of all. My husband and I went on a canyoning trip our last time in CR and this one was more spectacular. I was surprised that the first rappel was the highest at 165 feet (for people with a slight fear of heights it was a little scary to start off so high!) and it was really absolutely gorgeous. I'm glad I stopped and took some photos there.

We had to leave our bags in the vans and just carry with us what could get wet. I'm glad I bought a waterproof phone holder so I could take my own pics! They had a photographer take pics for us too and I bought those as well - seemed like a steal for all the pics ($25).

My family of 4 loved it!


Wearing masks while repelling seemed a bit much and it was a struggle to breath with the water in our face. Otherwise it was a great tour


This was by far the coolest thing we did the entire vacation. I am so glad our travel agent at PTW recommended this activity. It was seriously unbelievable.


This expedition was incredible and I'd say it was by far my favorite of all the ones we did! Pure Trek needs to keep on with they are doing. They have it nailed down.


Lots of fun, hard hike.


This was an absolute blast! An active and fun activity, and a great way to make new traveler friends!


The hiking was not very exciting. The rappers were amazing though!


This was the most fun we’ve had in a long time. We almost went again the next day. Would recommend to everyone.


amazing guides and tour


This was a great adventure!


Guides were great and the overall experience was fantastic. Too bad the first descent was the longest, it would have been nice to do the longest one at the end.


A lot of fun! Staff was great and fun to be around. Meal included was delicious


Excellent ..


Activity was fun and the guides were great. It was very full because of the time of year, would've preferred a smaller group. Spent most of the time waiting on others.


We LOVED this adventure!


Great fun for all. That first big waterfall was the bomb. Only wish we could have done the course backward to really be able to enjoy the big one last. Fun times & the lunch was amazing. Got photo pkg for $30.


Tour group was too large and long wait times


Another great experience.


There were almost as many guides to take care of us and make sure we were safe as there were participants in the group. It was another thrilling, scary and fun adventure, and ranks right at the top in terms of highlights of the trip. The guides took tons of pictures, never left us unattended for even a minute. I felt very safe and would do this again in a heartbeat! Such a beautiful area. Buy the photos! Well worth it for the memories.


Guides were knowledgeable and efficient even with a group of 18. Great expereience


We had so much fun on this tour. The guides made it extra fun as they were so friendly and made it more enjoyable


I've rock climbed before which means I've rappelled a fair amount. And I've never had any trouble but this was quite different. I had to work to get the rope to loosen enough to let me drop. The guides said it was because I didn't weigh very much, but that made it a little disappointing.


Staff was very patient with people who had apprehensions regarding the rappeling.


Fantastic value and guides.


The guides were faboulous !!


Amazing experience exceeded our expectations!!!
Highly recommend.


Everything was very well organized. The equipment was good quality so we felt safe. The guides were very experienced but also joked with you to put you at ease. Our family of 5 including teens and young adults all loved it. Lots of hiking so be prepared for a workout.


Staff were excellent and it was best activity of the trip


Awesome tour! From the shuttle driver, to a great lunch, all tour staff were very friendly and seemed to love their jobs! The waterfalls were amazing!


Terrific experience! Food was delicious.


What can I say too good to be true..... Out of this world experience and everyone has got to try this. Again all the guides were too good to be true and were all awesome and thank you to all of Costa Rica.


Wow I have never see. A waterfall until this. Very fun. Always felt safe one of my favorite tours. Wished we had time to do this adventure again


This tour was professional, safe and thrilling. It was everything I wanted it to be and more!


Ultimate adventure, Initially I was afraid but as I started first decent for rockwall, I enjoyed the more and more and became pro. I loved this tour.


So good. Wish there were were more rappels. It was over before we knew it. Also the place was amazingly beautiful.


My whole family loved the experience! Excellent, attentive and fun staff. asty lunch was a nice addition.


May have been the best day on the trip - intense and exhilarating


Teenagers favorite excursion


this tour was fantastic for all of us. The guides knew how to handle a large group and were very efficient and fun. The lunch was a nice touch. photos should be viewable online to allow a more informed purchasing decision.


This was the best excursion we have done! The guides were very knowledgeable and were able to keep us moving without too much fear! Was a beautiful part of the world to see it this way! Lunch was great too!


Not my favorite but okay.


The guides were fun. I especially liked the guy that told us all About the birds and the photographer. I felt we could have used a little practice before repelling down the 1st one but once we had a couple under our belt, I wanted to do the first one again!


right on time; it was the best experience; safe fun and exhilarating;


Great outing. Lunch was awesome. Rappelling super exciting


Our favorite of the three adventures, despite the 7 AM pick up! Beautiful hike and exciting adventure... followed by a great lunch right by our hotel which was a bonus for us.




Great experience!


Highly recommend Pure Trek. The only sag was that we paid $25 cash for photos that we should have received via email within 2 hours of our excursion, and we didn't get them. Had to email when we got home. They did eventually send them.


Tour was exciting. Guides were great-felt safe with them. Lunch afterwards was delicious. We purchased the pictures, and felt this was a bit disorganized. Did not like having to go through all the pictures to simply get the ones of our family. They were also difficult to load onto my phone through the program they used. We purchased the zipline pictures, and only had pictures of our family, and were easy to load.


We had so much fun on this trip! The guides were so much fun! We loved the lunch provided.


Again, the guides were superb. I personally was very scared on first rapel and the guide Jorge was very professional and patient and gently eased me over the edge. It went from the scariest thing ever to the best thing ever. Highly recommended.


SO MUCH FUN! Each guide was enthusiastic and friendly. The trails were amazing and the rappelling experiences were breath-taking! Some of the trails were steep so be prepared for some exercise!


This was the highlight of our trip. Amazing guides and so much fun! So glad we booked this!


The tour guides were great. It was a little less exciting than I thought it would be and it went very fast.


Not much individual attention from guides if you are having some challenges on the rappels


Guides were very efficient




Best activity for me of the trip. Unique experience, great guides (very funny), and met some very nice families while waiting for each rappel. Highly recommend this activity to others!


Guides were so much fun and the adventure was amazing!


this was my one of my top 2 favourite activities


Guides were very knowledgeable and always had our safety in mind.


A lot of standing in line and waiting for other people to rappel. The actual canyoning experience was very short. I wish we could have done more!


The guides were very knowledgeable and easy to talk to, kept us laughing, they exceeded all expectations. Would have rated them high if possible.


What a great experience! We had a blast!!! We felt VERY safe with the tour company.
We would recommend informing people to wear water shoes or the outdoor open shoes


Such a unique activity, a must do! The group was a little large so it seemed to take quite a while between rappels but would definitely do again!


WOW. What an experience! More than met my expectations.


Amazing.. Must do tour


So worth the money...and fun. I will never ever forget such an experience. We older folks showed those newlyweds that we could do it! Everyone was VERY SAFETY conscious.


Each rappel is pretty short and there were a lot of people in the group so it was a lot of standing and waiting and not a lot of rappelling. The guides were fine but not as fun as some of the other tours I've been on.


I only wish there were more cliffs to rappel


Super fun, exiting, and adrenaline pumping. The guys were a riot to be around, very safe, and really made this one of the best excursions we've ever taken. I would highly recommend this to anyone. On a scale from 1 to 10 these guy's get a 15, they really knocked it out of the park.


We wish it would have been longer.


Rappel went well. We appreciated the guides knowledge and attention to individual safety.


Wow an experience of a life time. Loved the guides, they made us feel safe and they made the experience incredible.


Highly recommend! Johanthon went above and beyond. I cannot say enough good things about the guides.


fantastic guides!




This is more adventure than our family is accustomed to--it was a really big deal. SUPER fun, challenging and scary--SO glad we did it! We haven't really stopped talking about it. Guides were top notch--best gear, very thorough.


Very fun!