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Saddle up for adventure and unsurpassed natural beauty as you go horseback riding to La Fortuna Waterfalls. Imagine yourself riding through the countryside to a beautiful waterfall surrounded by jungle!

The day starts off when you are picked up from your local hotel. You will then be brought to the ranch, near Arenal Volcano. Your guides will equip you with a helmet and then provide a brief instructional safety course. They will also size you up for the best fitting horse and then you will be on your way.

The mostly unpaved road to the La Fortuna Waterfalls provides gorgeous views and a glimpse into the local rural culture. You will pass by homes of various shapes and sizes including small farms. On clear days, the views to Arenal Volcano are incredible. Bird watchers will delight as you pass by areas that are well known for excellent bird watching. The entire time you will be climbing in elevation and eventually you will have beautiful views of the countryside and the Talamanca Mountains.

When you arrive at the end of the road you will leave your horse tied up and visit the incredibly beautiful La Fortuna Waterfalls. After passing through the entrance you will cross a small hanging bridge and then walk through to the scenic view point. Be prepared with your camera as the view is spectacular! Those that do not wish to hike down to the base of the waterfall can stay in this area which also has seating.

Those that wish to go to the base will hike down several hundred steps to the natural pool below falls. The river continues below and there are several swimming holes surrounded by jungle and magnificent beauty. The La Fortuna Waterfalls are a towering 70 meters high, providing an amazing backdrop. After spending a little time below the falls, you will hike back to the top. This is not an easy hike, but worth it for those that are physically fit.

Your guide will lead you back down the country road and through farmland until you reach the stables. After the tour you will be returned to you La Fortuna area hotel. In total the tour is expected to last around four hours, though times are subject to change. In addition to transportation this tour includes guide, gear and entrance to the waterfalls.


  • Horseback riding through rural countryside
  • Visit to the La Fortuna Waterfalls

What to Bring

  • Long Pants
  • Hiking Shoes
  • Bathing Suit
  • Towel
  • Hat
  • Sunblock And Camera

Location and Availability

The Horseback Riding to La Fortuna Waterfalls is available from Arenal, and Arenal Zone 2

Tour Times

  • 8:30am
  • 1:30pm

Tour Type

  • Adventure
  • Nature
  • Waterfalls

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Recommended Ages

2 and up


Latitude: N 10°26'29.99". Longitude: W 85°19'56.58"


  • Overall 85.6% (163 Guest Ratings)
  • Experience: 84.5%
  • Expectations: 83.7%
  • Guides: 87.6%
  • Logistics: 86.5%
  • Value: 85.5%


staff was great and waterfall beautiful horseback riding was great a little scary at times


Only negative was that the helmet on the ride was smelly


my first time horse back riding WOW


There needs to be more time at the actual waterfall. We had an hour to change, walk down 500 steps, see the waterfall, walk back up 500 stairs, change, go to the shop, and get back to the horses. Another 30 minutes would have been great.


took some getting used to on the horse but it was an amazing experience. The waterfall was definitely worth the trek!


This was a great experience. The guides were knowledgeable and friendly.


The guides, attention to our safety and comfort was superb. The horses where very well kept hiciste is not always the case. I would have preferred not going to the waterfalls after a long ride attempting to walk down to the falls was taxing. Maybe a longer ride in the countryside with a stop at a river if that was possible would be a recommendation.


We were physically not prepared for a 4-hour horseback ride.


Enjoyed this immensely & the guide was great even tho we knew nothing about horses.


Lots of fun, really enjoyed the ride and scenery. Could have used a bit more time at the waterfall, but we were still able to take some pictures and go for a swim.


This was amazing! A little more time at the waterfall would be great, but overall this was a magical experience.


Joelle our guide was great!!


Once again tour guides arrived on time. Short "how to" guidance on horseback riding was useful. Excellent guide!


Over half the ride was along paved road


Too much riding on the road


I didn't like riding on the paved road with vehicle traffic but the guide was great


Good horseback ride. I expected the waterfall to be accessed ONLY by horseback or trail, which was not the case. Hence, somewhat unexpected. A good tour overall, however.


Tour should be longer to accommodate time for swimming.


Horse back ridding is exhausting. Horses have a mind of their own. The 500 steps to the waterfall were a killer after the long hr on a horse and then to climb back up the stairs and on a horse for another hr . I can say " I did it"


Great tour, the guides were wonderful. We spent a lot of time on pavement which was unexpected and it seemed hard on the horses. Otherwise I would have given it a 10


My horse was awesome and this was maybe my best ride I have ever taken! A bit scary in parts but the horse knew what to do! So fun!


Surprisingly this turned out to be the kids favorite activity. They love that they got to ride their own horse. It was a great way to spend the morning.


Amazing!! The waterfall was a very crowded, horse back riding we an adventure for sure very rough, but beautiful terrain. Will go to waterfall next year but take a taxi so we are not rushed at the bottom. There is a time restraint so we were only allowed 20 mins or so at the bottom. This was memorable!!


Unfortunately, our timing for the horseback ride to the waterfall was not great. It rained the majority of the ride but once we got to the waterfall the wet ride was worth it.




The guy's on the trek were very fun, friendly, and took very good care of us all. Very nice ride and hike to the falls. Everything was top notch and nothing negative at all to mention. We would highly recommend it to anyone.


Always hurried, no time to relax before or after the ride, from horse to van, go! Not even time for a bathroom break.


Did not expect the waterfall area to be so commercialized.


Hadn't ridden on a horse for about 60 years! Had no difficulty at all. Friendly handlers.


Harrison was a great guide - very engaging and helped with my Spanish but his English is great. Awesome scenery on way to falls. Definitely have to be in fairly good shape to make it to the falls and back but provides a refreshing dip after the trip down.


this was fun but not recommended for small kids, They didn't use helmets and the guides where in they back so my horse liked to be out front that was ok except for some of the interesting places we crossed I'm glad my horse knew where he was going. but it was interesting we had a good time and the falls where amazing.


Annoyed when guide tried to hurry us back. My horse was a kicker and I tried to keep it out of crowds. Guide kept pushing us together.


I wish we had more time at the falls to swim


We enjoyed this tour a lot - driver was punctual both ways, very friendly.
Only recommendation to our guide would be to make sure that horses don't gallop as not everyone at our group were able to handle that due to different jobs that people do every day. Otherwise, he was very nice and pleasant person, has a lot of passion for his job. Horses were great, very well trained. loved the track through jungle, fields and to waterfalls. i would definitely recommend this.


The guide was not much of a guide, he wasn't knowledgable about anything but the horses. We also didn't realize that we would only get to spend 1 hour at the falls. This is just enough time to make it to the bottom and back up again. We didn't have any time to look through the gift shop or enjoy the cafe. If you want to spend some time at the falls, don't take this tour.


We had a lot of fun on this tour. The horseback ride was nice, and swimming in the waterfall was another highlight of our vacation. The only thing I would say is that our guides did not do too much talking, so the ride to the waterfall was pretty quiet for the most part.


This was my first horseback ride and I am afraid of horses. I informed the guides prior and I did not feel any comfort the entire time. They did put me on a horse that seemed to be gentle but having no experience I don't know for sure. The instructions were limited. If I had been told about the hike down/up from the waterfall was so aggressive I probably would not have booked this experience at all. Only been given an hour to see the waterfall most of the time was spent on the stairs to and from the waterfall.


Above my expectations. The kids loved the ride. It was their favorite experience of trip.


Great guides!


This was a nice day and the horses were relaxed (not high strung) as were the guides. Very nice young caballeros. Would have liked to have a little more time at the waterfall, felt like we had to rush back up the 400+ steps. This is quite a climb down and back up again but well worth the view.


Had to leave ride early and could not complete after wife got hurt on the way to the falls. Guide handled things very well and was unhappy we could not complete the ride.


Guides were very prepared - when we came across a tree that had fallen in the trail they just pulled out their machetes and started cutting it apart to move it out of the way!!


Guide didn't say much. We just rode. Needed longer at the falls themselves to swim and relax. Adding an extra half hour to this tour would have made it better.


This was a lot of fun; the time spent at the waterfall felt a little rushed. It would have been nice to allocate some more time at the waterfall; perhaps including enough time for lunch would have made it feel less rushed. The guide with us were very helpful and friendly. We felt comfortable with the instructions and on the horses.


My favorite excursion!!


our guides worked well with the children. Would have liked to spend more time at the waterfalls. Felt a little rushed.