Starting at $76 per adult


Embark on a captivating journey that unveils the natural wonders and agricultural traditions of Costa Rica with a visit to the majestic La Fortuna Waterfall and La Finquita Farm & Restaurant.

Begin your adventure at the awe-inspiring La Fortuna Waterfall, towering at an impressive height of 70 meters. Descend approximately 530 steps through a lush forest adorned with native trees, immersing yourself in the vibrant biodiversity of the region. Upon reaching the base of the waterfall, treat yourself to a revitalizing swim in the crystalline waters, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of nature.

Afterwards, venture to La Finquita Farm & Restaurant, where you'll embark on a tranquil stroll through the verdant landscapes. Named in homage to the charming small farms that dot the area, La Finquita offers an authentic glimpse into Costa Rican agricultural life.

Accompanied by our knowledgeable guide, delve into the world of organic farming and the innovative use of microorganisms in cultivation. Learn about the essential practices that ensure the purity and quality of the farm's produce, free from harmful chemicals.

Prepare for an unforgettable experience that seamlessly blends the wonder of nature at La Fortuna Waterfall with the authenticity and connection to the land at La Finquita. Gain a deeper appreciation for sustainable agriculture and conscious eating during this enlightening journey.

Included in the excursion are transportation, a naturalist guide, entrance tickets, lunch, and water. Be sure to bring along comfortable clothing, a swimsuit, camera, bug spray, hiking shoes, sunscreen, and binoculars. Please note that this tour is not recommended for individuals with certain health conditions or low mobility.

What to Bring

  • Comfortable Clothing
  • Hiking Shoes
  • Insect Repellent
  • Bathing Suit
  • Camera And Binoculars

Location and Availability

The La Fortuna Waterfall and La Finquita Farm is available from Arenal, Arenal Zone 2, and Arenal Zone 3

Tour Time

  • 10:00 only

Tour Type

  • Culture
  • Waterfalls

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Recommended Ages

5 and up


Latitude: N 10° 26' 30.98"
Longitude: W 84° 40' 2.96"


  • Overall 91.5% (457 Guest Ratings)
  • Experience: 89.8%
  • Expectations: 89.1%
  • Guides: 93.4%
  • Logistics: 93.8%
  • Value: 90.7%


Cindy our guide was excellent, and her English was superb. While this tour is short compared to others, it was very much worth it to us. Cindy gave us lots of time to swim, and explore, and the pineapple at the end of the hike was so welcome!


Driver was great and so helpful/kind with us and our kids.


Lovely tour guide. Jose he stopped to let us see a sloth & baby sloth on the tree by the resort. Very knowledgeable.


The tour guide was awesome!


The guide was excellent, we both really enjoyed it.


It was a good hike up and down, took great pictures and was beautiful. Simple, easy outing after being so busy, looked forward to having resort time too.




The waterfall tour was excellent with the opportunity for swimming in the pool. The scenery was breathtaking and the hiking back up from the fall was a great exercise.


Tour guide should have allowed more time than 30 minutes at the waterfall


The guide for this excursion was awesome. I wish I had written down his name, but I am sure you know who it was. He shared his vast knowledge of the area and the Falls throughout the entire excursion. He gave us plenty of time to enjoy the Falls.


The guide was very informative about the surroundings. We were unable to go down due to our physical health.


Tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Great tour.


It was raining pretty hard this afternoon during the tour, the bonus was that we had the waterfall all to ourselves. The bummer was that we couldn't swim too close because the water was high. It was so beautiful and majestic. The walk down was so well built and maintained. The steps were a piece of cake and it was so worth it to see. The drivers took us shopping afterwards and then dropped us off at a restaurant in town which was very good. Another great day!


Our guide, JP, went above and beyond during our tour- he stopped along the drive to show us sloths with his binoculars, taught us a lot about the park proyecto and town, and even brought a pineapple to enjoy after our swim. He worked hard and was very thoughtful to make it a great experience for us.


Tour was amazing and guide was very knowledgeable


Guide was great, very helpful and patient on the way back up! Fresh snacks after was a nice touch.


We loved La Fortuna Waterfall! We were the only people who had signed up for this experience and so we essentially had a private tour. Our guide, Marco, had such a passion for nature and it was addictive! They took us to view some sloths on our way to the waterfall. Once we arrived at the waterfall the walk down the stairs was long, but enjoyable. Then once we made it to the waterfall we were able to swim and hang out in two different areas. The walk back up the stairs was tough, but we made it! Overall the experience was only a couple hours, but it was really fun!


Expected more of a hike. Instead a steep short climb


All good.


The guide was lovely, without the conversation it would have been a poor tour. 4hrs overrated fo the waterfall - The guide took us to La Fortuna for 30 min. to kill the time.


500 steps down and up was a bit too much


The tour guide was very nice, had towels and water for us.


Driver (Bryan) and tour guide (Ronald) were extremely friendly. Ronald spent a lot of time on the walk telling us about his tribe and culture. Showing us specific plants and uses for them and taking pictures for us. He was a pleasure. Hike was extreme on the way up but very worth it. Amazing experience.


It was great!!


the decent down was easy, but the 500 steps were a killer! Our guide was great letting us stop when needed.
We were the only 2 on the tour so He took many photos for us. The snacks were appreciated after the long hike.


S guide

This guide was a lot of fun and gave us an excellent tour. Did not have as much to tell us as our guide at Rincon....but he was delightful and knew the area. Gave us a quick tour in the car of La Fortuna which was really helpful to plan our outings there.


The tour to the waterfalls was amazing and the guides were too good to be true.


Beautiful tour! Great guide!


It didn't feel necessary to have the guide. Just the transport and entrance ticket would have sufficed.
The guide was pleasant but I don't think he wanted to be there either.


This short walk to the falls does not require a guide, as there is not much to see. The guide was very nice.


It would have been great to know that water shoes were required because the rocks were very sharp - otherwise beautiful experience


We didn't realize we were going to have a nature guide along with this adventure. It was so fun to have someone share so many facts about the Costa Rican plants, animals, and geography! Having the nature guide made this adventure so informative and interesting!


guide was very knowledgeable, helpful in pointing out wildlife and providing scopes to see. we were expecting a longer more difficult hike, but this was good for the first day


Nice waterfall. tto long a drive though.


Foyo was great!


Beautiful hike and waterfall. Tour guide was friendly and very informative.


Guid was really nice. Found a sloth viewing area on the way back and used his spotting scope to get me some really cool pictures.


Jose was so kind and told us so much about the culture.


Loved it!! We are so glad we got to do this tour.


Our tour guide was great. He knew so much! We were the only ones on the tour, so he took a lot of photos for us! He was very thoughtful. The waterfall was stunning.


Our guide was wonderful! He carried my backpack on the way back up the steps. Waterproof shoes are absolutely a must!


A most interesting & beautiful tour.


the guide was terrific


The guide was very good and gave us other ideas of things to do in the area. He took lots of photos for us which was nice and tried to get photos of Tucans. The waterfalls were beautiful. I guess what I was disappointed with was that I thought there would be more to the tour as far as a hike into the falls, but I guess that was more my misunderstanding of what the tour was and not of the tour itself.


This was a completely useless tour which we could easily have done on our own . One does not need a guide to go up and down a stair case and watch you swim. We spent less than an hour on this tour. Total waste of money.


Excellent Guide! Always showing us pictures of the birds, their sounds through an app. While on the waterfall, he explained the security rules and then, just allowed us some time to enjoy!


Our guide was great. He was very patient and took lots of time to stop and show us a some sloths and a toucan. We loved this tour.


Our guide was outstanding - very knowledgeable, gave us lots of wonderful information not only about the falls, but about Costa Rica in general. Wonderful experience!


Nice tour with friendly guides. Not far from hotel and only had to make a few other hotel pickups.


It was Christmas Day so we enjoyed everything!


Beautiful walk, especially in AM when there are no crowds.


Too early in the morning . Done at 9:30


This is something for which the guide was not needed. Could have been done on our own.


this tour was wonderful I love the waterfall it was great lots of fun however a warning should be included for senior citizens as they probably would not be able to climb back up the 500 stairs as it was very exhausting


It was fun, and we are very glad we did it, but started probably earlier than necessary. The plus side was that it was empty.


The waterfall was beautiful, but we didn’t really need guides because the terrain was easy to navigate with the steps. We did enjoy the fresh pineapple after!


Our guide was amazing!!! He was so smart and explained so much to us. We wished he could have run some of the other hikes for us too!


The guide was awesome, the waterfall was beautiful, there were a lot of stairs getting to the waterfall so be ready for a little workout!


We would have liked to have included a bit more hiking on this tour, which lasted only a few hours. We went only to the waterfall - which was great, but we could easily have done this on our own. The guides were great but we could have benefitted more from them had another thing been included as well, Basically a too short trip


Beautiful tour!


Disappointing not to be able to swim in the actual falls due to power of the falls at this time of year which we didn't realise.Still a lovely spot and good visit.


There was really no need for the guide for this, but the picked transfer was helpful. The experience was lovely but could have been done ourselves.


We didn't really need a guide for this, but it's still good to be with someone who knows. David was still great because we were able to see the sloth by our hotel in clear view. And was able to capture a video. So, that still made having a guide best. Even just his encouragement in taking the stares up was wonderful.


Pretty disappointing - just a ride to a local park, walk down some steps, swim a bit if you want. Not much in the way of wildlife or touring. Would definitely not repeat. Guide was very nice, just was an awkward excursion that didn't offer much value.


Ya' gotta swim here! Lovely!


Too many stairs but the waterfall is worth it.


I am glad we went early, because there were sooooo many people there.


Not much of a hike, not much chat from the guide


We could not swim directly under the falls due to rain but we were able to swim on the side. Our guide more than made up for the dreary weather. He was very informative about Costa Rica wildlife and took us on a trip to town to make up for the fact we could not get into the area of the falls.




very nice tour, the waterfall was incredibly crowded with American tourists so we did not stay long, but it was overall a pretty quick excursion. Loved hiking up and down the stairs! very easy.


The guide was great. The waterfall was beautiful. We didn't stay the entire time at the waterfall because of a storm. Per our request, the guide took us to a chocolate store/factory. Again, very patient and courteous.


The only reason this waterfall did not get a 10 is because it had rained an extreme amount that morning and when we got to the waterfall we were not allowed to swim at the bottom which was one of the main reasons we were going. We were not upset I turn by this because we knew there was a chance this would happen. The waterfall itself was absolutely gorgeous and we were able to see some howler monkeys pointed out by the guide.


We loved this and our guide was great. We loved the swimming at the end of the hike.


Great support from our guide & information & transport.


It was a good, short hike. The waterfalls were fun, the kids enjoyed this.




This was a really beautiful excursion, and our driver was very patient with me as I took my time ascending the 500 steps. He also allowed us time to look around after seeing the waterfall, which was really nice.


It was a shorter than anticipated day, but none the less beautiful. Should have more guards around falls as tourists are very curious.


Did not meet the expectations I felt the tour description provided.


Heavy rain. No need for a guide, could go by ourselves.


very impressive and powerful waterful.


This was excellent. Our guide was extremely interested in his job and took his responsibility seriously teaching us about all the plants on the botanical garden trail to the falls. At the bottom was the base of the falls and it was impressive in January. Very cool. You can swim in the river if you want at the bottom. It is a long walk back up so be ready to have sore legs in the morning.


Very nice and accommodating driving staff.


Gorgeous waterfall. Loved the time that we got to play in the water.


Edwin was a great guide - he even took a side trip after the hike to show us La Fortuna. He had great stories about the history of the region, too.


Phenomenal too!


It is a beautiful waterfall but it's a very quick tour and probably one you don't need a tour guide on (he was very friendly and informative though).


This ended up being a private tour. Our guide was so knowledgeable, we got a history lesson on the walk down. The waterfall was beautiful. We stopped on our way to see a sloth and some toucans.


Michael, the guide was very friendly and appears to be a part of the family. He met our personal needs.


this was a little disappointing. Our guide did not offer too much information and did not seem to be enjoying himself. Falls were beautiful, but I didn't feel it was worth all the effort.


Once again our guide was wonderful and we are great full that we had Shayla as a guide and have been able to extend our meeting into the beginnings of a friendship. We are still in contact with each other and are looking forward to possibly helping her and her son with an international education experience. What a wonderful lady!


While this was something we could have arranged on our own having a guide was very nice. They stopped on the way so we could see some wildlife and he was there to explain a lot about the plants on our way down to the waterfall. Plus it was nice having someone to watch our stuff while we ran around and swam!


Knowledgeable guide and a beautiful hike to the falls.


I thought this tour was a half a day. We would have liked spending more time in the waterfall but the others in the tour were ready to go early. It was nice of the guides to bring towels for us. The Waterfall was beautiful.


Great tour,however, quite physically challenging. I would not recommend to anyone who is not in good physical shape.


It was fun and the guides were very good. It was extremely crowded due to Spring Break, but that was to be expected during this time of year.


we were picked up at 7:30 in the morning. Going to a waterfall to swim was not appealing as it was chilly out at that time. The entire trip took about 1.5 hours...hardly worth it. The stairs were a bit of a challenge for my husband coming back up.


This was my least favorite activity. The falls were beautiful, but seems to be more of a destination for younger people who want to get in the water, regardless of how cold it was.


Just beautiful hard walk back up


The number of stairs was as promised. The fact that they were uneven and of different types made walking down a bit more challenging. We saw people attempting this in flip flops--not recommended.


Would have been very easy to go on our own since we had a rental car, very close by our resort. Don't really need a guide for this. Wish you had advised of this and we could have chosen a different activity through you.


The guide was so nice and provided lots of information on the waterfall and the surrounding area. We really enjoyed the hike although my husband wasn't able to make it all the way down to the bottom due to an existing knee injury we were prepared for that ahead of time thanks to the very helpful staff at PTW.


Driver stopped to let us take pictures of the beautiful countryside. Very patient.


Again terrible weather and due to rain, could not swim. This impacted our experience.


Excellent venue.


It was a long hike to see a nice waterfall. Fortunately we were the first ones there so we could take our time. The best thing about our guide was learning about the politics and school system of Costa Rica.


Again, a great time. Maybe didn't need a guide for this one, but he was awesome!


One waterfall....


A rather short tour, but we decided not to swim. Very beautiful nonetheless


The falls were so beautiful! The water was cold but felt good.


The tour guide was excellent!


By taking this tour in the morning, we were the first to arrive at the base of the waterfall. This allowed my family to swim in the water before others arrived.


That was one of the highlights of the trip for me. I just would have liked to have stayed longer. The videos of the falls just don't do it justice. The guide was really helpful. Showed me what was safe and not safe....


I really did not expect to do the hike down (and back up!), but I was glad I did. Very worth it. And our driver/guide was great.


Jose was an awesome tour guide. We actually ended up making friends with him and going to his home to tour his eco-garden and his family cooked us dinner, which was amazing! La Fortuna falls was a blast as well.


The guide was wonderful!


Again, the tour guide was amazing. He was helpful and patient and took video's with our camera that made this visit more memorable.


Alan was friendly and knowledgeable about the falls. He let us swim in the falls for as long as we wanted. We never felt rushed. We enjoyed the falls. It was refreshing and fun to see.


Tour guide was awesome


It was very fun


Of all the tours, this guide taught us the most. It would have been nice if there was a path to get right next to the base of the waterfall, but we could have waded right up to it if we had been more bold.