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Indulge in the Pura Vida Cooking Class in La Fortuna, Costa Rica! As per the guide to being a fantastic tourist, rule #6 states: "Delve into local cuisine." For a deeper understanding of a new country's customs and traditions, delve into its culinary world. It's true, we are what we eat, so the best way to truly connect with Costa Ricans is by joining our traditional cooking classes.

Beginning with a hotel pickup, we'll whisk you away to "La Finquita," aptly named after the small, self-sustaining farms that dot the region. You'll witness the incredible journey of our food from field to table during a leisurely farm walk. Together, we'll gather in-season produce, creating an array of recipes that will open up a world of flavors and creativity.

The day's recipe will vary based on your tour's timing, aligning perfectly with specific meal moments. Morning tours may introduce you to crafting the delightful "Gallo Pinto," our iconic breakfast dish that fuses rice, beans, flavorful sauces, garlic, onions, and diced sweet peppers. And there's more – you'll also get hands-on with crafting handmade corn tortillas and turnovers brimming with delectable fillings like plantains, cheese, beans, or succulent beef.

If you opt for a lunchtime adventure, we'll teach you how to master "Annatto Chicken", a dish your loved ones will cherish. As the sun dips later in the afternoon, you could find yourself creating a medley of diced fresh veggies, paired with "secret" ingredients to complement your coffee, or crafting crispy "Patacones" (deep-fried green plantains) and yucca chips with sides like refried beans or zesty pico de gallo. Once the recipe is selected, let the culinary journey commence!

Join us to uncover the treasures of Costa Rican cuisine. Experience pure joy on this enthralling excursion that will leave you with new recipes to dazzle your family and friends back home. And, of course, no culinary adventure is complete without indulging in a special dessert or beverage. Get ready for a mouthwatering experience – bon appetit!

What's in the Package? The adventure includes transportation, top-notch ingredients, kitchen essentials, a skilled instructor, and the delightful tasting of the recipes you've mastered.

What to Bring

  • Light Comfortable Clothing
  • Sandals Or Tennis Shoes
  • Camera
  • And A Big Appetite

Location and Availability

The Pura Vida Cooking Classes is available from Arenal, Arenal Zone 2, and Arenal Zone 3

Tour Times

  • 8:50am
  • 2:50pm

Tour Type

  • Learning Family
  • Culture

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Recommended Ages

3 and up


Latitude: N 10° 27' 14.28"
Longitude: W 84° 38' 45.28"


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