Starting at $158 per adult


The Sky Tram, Trek, and Walk tour provides an amazing day of canopy exploration. Imagine taking a gondola up a mountain en route to a canopy zipline course that will send you flying down the mountain and then exploring the treetops by hanging bridges all in one adventure packed day!

To start things off, you will be picked up at your La Fortuna area hotel. The drive around Arenal Volcano from most hotels can provide spectacular views on clear days. When you arrive at the Sky Adventures facilities you will be suited up with the latest safety gear including helmet, harness and gloves. Then you will be guided to the tram for the ride up.

The Sky Tram is a gondola style tram that takes you through the treetops and eventually to the mountain top. As you pass through the canopy be sure to keep an eye out for wildlife and of course the spectacular views. The tram goes up 4,100 feet until you reach the platform. When you arrive at the top you will be provided with a safety and instructional course for the zipline adventure.

The Sky Trek Canopy Zipline is consistently rated among the best in the world. The high speed adventure will allow you to soar over and through the rainforest canopy, gorges, and hillside. There are a total of seven ziplines. The longest cable is 2,493 feet and the highest cable is 656 feet. This is not for the faint of heart or those that fear heights!

Sky Walk is the next stop on your day of adventure. A bilingual naturalist guide will lead you along the trails of the course pointing out wildlife and explaining the natural history of the area. The 2.2 mile course includes trails of varying terrain and 5 suspension bridges of varying lengths. You will also pass by a couple waterfalls that can be seen from observation platforms.

When the adventure is over you will be returned to your hotel. This is an exciting day of adventure, so participants should be in good health. Including transfers, the tour is expected to last 6 – 7 hours, though this is subject to change.

Please note that from June 1st to June 14th, 2024, the Sky Tram segment of the tour will be temporarily unavailable due to scheduled annual maintenance procedures. However, rest assured that Sky Adventures is committed to ensuring your continued enjoyment by arranging transfers to the Sky Trek location via 4x4 vehicles during this time. Your understanding and patience are appreciated as they diligently work to enhance their offerings, striving to provide you with an exceptional experience.


  • Ride a gondola up the mountain
  • Go on one of the best canopy zipline courses in the world
  • Hike through the jungle via trail and hanging bridges

What to Bring

  • Insect Repellent
  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Sturdy Shoes
  • And Rain Gear

Location and Availability

The Sky Tram, Trek, and Walk - Sky Adventures Arenal is available from Arenal, Arenal Zone 2, Arenal Zone 3, and Nuevo Arenal

Tour Times

  • 8:00am
  • 9:00am
  • 10:30am
  • 11:30am

Tour Type

  • Zipline
  • Canopy Bridges

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Recommended Ages

5 and up


Latitude: N 10° 25' 22.76"
Longitude: W 84° 44' 9"


  • Overall 96.2% (237 Guest Ratings)
  • Experience: 96.1%
  • Expectations: 96.1%
  • Guides: 97%
  • Logistics: 95.5%
  • Value: 96%


hike was too short. felt a little rushed doing the zip lines


We did not realize it was going to be a full 2 mile hike. The guide was very nice/informative and shared alot of information so it was a very long hike time wise as she stopped often to talk. We had not realized it would be that long. As for the zip lining- very fun zip lining but they do rush you through. It moves very fast. I had never done zip lining where I felt a big rushed.


The tour was much longer than anticipated but it was so incredible, well worth the money!


This experience is a mixed bag. On one hand, the nature walk through the rainforest and on the hanging bridges was very cool, and our guide was fantastic. On the other hand, the zip lining experience felt like we were being shunted along a conveyor belt by a bunch of jaded staff. Yes, the zipline views were great, and it is clear that safety is a big priority of this operation. However it all felt very corporate and did not have the local charm of the other tours. Finally, we were also given conflicting directions by staff on whether we were allowed to walk the nature trails alone without a guide, which put a sour note on the experience. Overall, I would recommend this experience for families with children, but otherwise would recommend going elsewhere for zip lining and nature walks.


Again, it was slow paced and would’ve rather walked through at our own groups pace, but had others with us.


The BEST zip-line experience for us being first timers.


Loved the workers felt so safe


What an exciting experience!


The bridges were only average. Wouldn't recommend. The little nature preserve up the road had just as good a walk in the woods plus animals to see and a butterfly house. Zip line was great! I would just do this again.


Courteous and helpful staff, tour guide on the walking tour knowledgeable about every species of plants, pretty amazing


Very nice. Liked the sky tram and sky bridges. Amazing ziplines - spectacular views of the lake and valley. The walk was a bit slow - the guide was nice and informative, but we hadn't been expecting a nature hike, at such a slow pace.


It was my first adventure. I got stuck in one of the rides but loved it


Super fun, very knowledgable staff, beautiful spot, highly recommend!


This excursion was beyond amazing. Being the first group out on the walk gave us an opportunity to see a family of Howler monkeys up close & personal. Our guide was very knowledgeable about this jungle & also the wildlife of Costa Rica in general. We also saw toucan, owls, a pit viper, tarantula, tirya, & some other jungle critters. On top of the great start to the morning, we went on world class ziplines with world class views of La Fortuna & Arenal lake. Best ziplines I've ever gone on & worth it 10/10


Tour was amazing! The hike was very informative and we saw a few animals. Ziplining was amazing! The views from this place were so beautiful, we could not stop taking pics of the volcano. We felt very safe on the zipline as well, it was much higher than expected but we were all confident we would survive!


Wow! The ziplines were amazing! The hike in the forest to the waterfall was so much fun. We had a great time!


Best Tour!


This was amazing. Guides were very knowledgeable on our hike and the zip line tour was fabulous. Definitely a highlight of the trip.


I wanted to be closer to the canopy to see wild lfe during the zipline. The hanging bridges trek was excellent


Great experience!
The only thing I would change is to shorten the time between each excursion (zip lining and hanging bridges)


This was a perfect tour. Everything went as planned and it was nice to be able to have lunch there in between the zip lining and walk. My family loved the zip lining. The hanging bridge hike was awesome. Our guide was so good and pointed out so many things and educated us on many things too.


Well done. Not much on the fauna side but the guide made it interesting.


Loved the tram & ziplining. Was a bit disappointed in the trek. Our guide was a bit hard to understand, the walk was a bit hard for one of my family (even though it was supposed to be easy). We felt very rushed at the end and didn’t get to spend much time at the waterfall.


Christian & Eddie were really good and made it a great trip,despite the weather!


Fun guides and great scenery. The trek was longer than anticipated but we could have spent hours walking around the forest. The zip lines were longer and larger than expected which was excellent!


It was raining quite hard during most of it so you couldn't see much. But the guides were very safety conscious and helpful.


Absolutely amazing! THe hike was great, the zip lining was great, it was better then we expected.


Gabriella was very knowledgeable and a fun guide. Gio and Charlie were fun guides for the ziplines


The ziplines were amazing! Was so much fun! The hike was beautiful and a bit challenging at some points. Was worth it though!


This was great for the first day, although I wasn’t expecting such a long hike. I also didn’t enjoy the zip lining as much- it was a really big group and it was very stop and go. The guides were excellent, though.


Add duration to tour description


Really enjoyed the walk with Marlon.


Awesome guides, equipment, friendly and very knowledgeable staff. Highly recommended!


Wahooooo! They made us all feel safe. The crew was fantastic and the ziplines and hanging bridges were phenomenal


Everything was so organized and safe. We zip lined in another country and they didn't even compare to Sky Adventures. The height, length and speed were great.
Angie was our walk guide. She tried to spotting animals for us and we saw a sloth and a few others.


Guides were terrific!


This was one of the most fun and exciting adventures we’ve ever had. Everyone was knowledgeable and friendly. They made sure we felt safe and had fun.


amazing and well done all around


The staff at Sky Adventures were friendly and fun. We especially enjoyed the zip lining.


Loved every aspect, the zip lining was fabulous


The guides were fantastic, they all took time to get to know us and show us a really great time. The Zipline was fun with great views of the volcano and Arenal Lake. The first and last ziplines were very short, probably shouldn't even count them, but the other 5 ziplines were all very long, high crossovers. Our kids are teenagers, so there was no concern about them doing it. However, it was great to see that they accommodated families with younger, smaller kids who might be too light to get across the full length, by having them go in tandem with a guide, parent, or 2 kids together. Everyone was able to enjoy it, regardless of age and size. Areas of improvement would be: we had to wait a lot between each zipline, especially since they were long (took almost a minute for each person to get across), and the photo option was very expensive ($79) for not a lot of pictures (for this price they could have had another photographer at the end of one of the lines) and you were pressured to have to make a decision in the middle of the activity and couldn't do it after you finished and had more time to review the photos and think about it. The walk was really good and our guide was great and very knowledgeable. The guides communicate via What's App, so they let each other know what they are finding up ahead on the trail or earlier during the day. Didn't see as many animals as we would have liked, but nature is unpredictable and not a reflection of the activity. Be prepared for a long walk, it took us about 3 hours. We were all wearing trekking sandals or sneakers, which were fine, but hiking shoes would have been better if we planned ahead and brought them with us.


Didnt really need guide for walk thru jungle so we went ahead, so all was fine.


Hiking guide was phenomenal in knowledge and so sweet. Zip lining was best I’ve done anywhere, very scenic, fast and enjoyable. Guides were all friendly and we felt very safe.


That place is awesome. Best zip lines ever. Nature hike was well done.


This was honestly my favorite part of the trip. The guides for the walk were so knowledgable and did a fantastic job about teaching our group about the area. The zip line was an incredible experience. It was my first time zip lining and I am eager to try it again. The guides were great and I felt like they kept safety as their top priority along with helping our group have fun.


Tour was great. Was very long with the nature guide. Not too many animals to see. Could have finished the walk part in half the time. The ziplining was wonderful.


Busy day, I brought a cold with me on my vacation which made it a bit difficult to keep up on the hike. The point of this is the guide was very accommodating.


The guide was so helpful friendly and informative! Loved the entire experience!


Great place! Top notch. Very professional. Restaurant had good food. Saw a Saturday Night Live celebrity.


Again great experience. Hike difficulty was understated
but full of information about local flora.


Enjoyable experience.


A few people on the hike were frustrating but overall it was great! The zip lining felt really safe and after talking to some others we heard about terrible experiences at other places and felt lucky to be here. We did get backed up on the zip lines and at one point waited about 30 min - which was more than we expected, but they had drinks and a great view for us. On the sky walk one other guest was not really able to do the hike fully and slowed us way down . Our guide handled it really well and got her to go back the easier way. Overall he was smart, interesting and very helpful.


Trek & walk guide EXCELLENT! Wish I could remember her name. So smart and shared her knowledge of all the plantand animal life. She knew I was nervous about the sky bridges and was comforting. The zip line guides were great too and had to put up with me, I was so scared! But they were great. Felt safe with them.


Had an amazing time ziplining. The staff was friendly and helpful when the nerves set in for everyone attending.


The 4 mile hike with Levi was amazing. He was patient and gave us a lot of information. We love the waterfalls, hanging bridge and all of the different plants. The zip lining team with Maleko and Prado were awesome. They were very kind to both of my girls. It was an awesome experience.


Loved this!


one of the highlights of our trip


The ziplines were much longer and higher than I expected, but the guides were very kind and accompanied me on my first few rides because I was so terrified! Great company though.


Zip-lining was good, fairly busy, little bit of waiting around, views were spectacular. Hike was absolutely amazing, it was just the two of us and a guide. Guide was very friendly and knowledgeable, true jungle hike, saw a bit of everything!


Fantastic location and great facility. The guide for the Sky Walk was very informative and took the time to explain the flora and fauna and point out things of interest. The Sky Trek zip line experience was outstanding. We were both nervous as we got started, but the guides were helpful and friendly, making the experience very fun and enjoyable.


The guides were very knowledgable and attentive to our needs. We had the best guides for this trip.


Wonderful experience. The guides went out of their way to help our 10yo son who was a bit nervous with the zip lining & the walk guide was great too!


Guides were fantastic


So much fun! Highly recommend.


Very well organised, and fun adventure! One of our favorite - we were really sad when we had to leave!


Exceeded, Over the Top!


Guides were amazing! Kept us feeling safe! Was not aware of length of hike, got a bit dehydrated. Was overall an amazing experience with a knowledgeable guide!


the walking trail was fun but a little boring as there was any real animal interaction,, the Zip-line/Sky Adventure was spectacular


Our Walk guide was passionate about his job and he was very informative. Ziplining over the tropical forest was amazing! A light snack between activities would have been a bonus.


I was rather disappointed that about half of the trail was temporarily closed because a bridge had to be repaired, but that's not the fault of the touring company. I do wish there had been a guided hike that had been more strenuous.


Nature guide was very good but not much to see on trail and from bridges. Zip lining was above expectations and moved efficiently once we got started.


One of our favorite experiences on our trip. We loved the hike through the rainforest (our guide, Toasty, was very knowledgeable, kind and fun! She was so great with our kids! The zip line trip was outstanding. We loved it and is an experience we will never forget. It was a thrill to zip throughout the rainforest. The staff at Sky Tram were a lot of fun! One note - our son was shivering due to the rain and one of the staffers (Levi) loaned him a coat. It was a sweet and thoughtful moment that really made an impression on our son. We are so very grateful for this experience.


The walk was a little too slow paced for us but overall a great experience with amazing guides


We began with the nature walk. Our guide/naturalist was incredibly knowledgeable and very engaging. We spotted several unique animals including snakes birds and other interesting printers. She gave several interesting insights about flora and fauna that was at the right level for both kids and adults. Next was the hanging bridges . Amazing! Then was the zip lining. We have zip line in many places in north and Central America and the Caribbean. This includes Mexico the Dominican republic and others. The zip lines were incredible, perhaps the best we have been on. We felt very safe. Even my 10-year-old daughter who weighs only 60 pounds was able to complete all of the courses. That is not always the case because she is so small she does not meet weight restrictions. On two of the lines she was too light so one of the staff went with her. Perfect I would do this again and recommend it to anyone.


Christian was so informative!!


This was an awesome tour! We really enjoyed it. All the different aspects and parts were very smooth and made a great experience!


We absolutely love our guide Nancy during our walk in the rain forest. She's the best. The guys at the zipline were cool - the zipline experience was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!


Loved it.


I was afraid and the guide went with me on zip line which made me happy. On the nature walk,the young woman was terrific in making sure my grandsons were involved. I really didn't think this part of trip would be a highlight but boys loved it.


Great time