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Tubing at Rio Celeste in Costa Rica offers an exhilarating and unique adventure amid the breathtaking natural beauty of the country. Rio Celeste, known for its striking blue color, is a stunning river flowing through the lush rainforests of Tenorio Volcano National Park, and on through the rural countryside, in the northern region of Costa Rica. The park is renowned for its captivating landscapes, including the iconic celestial blue river, created by a unique natural phenomenon involving the convergence of two mineral-rich streams.

During the tubing experience, visitors get to ride along the gentle currents of the river while surrounded by the rich biodiversity of the tropical rainforest. As you float downstream, you can immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance, listening to the symphony of birdsong and the gentle rustle of leaves. The lush greenery and towering trees overhead create a canopy that adds to the sense of being embraced by nature.

The tubing journey offers a perfect balance of adventure and relaxation, making it suitable for ages 5+ and experience levels. You can take in the mesmerizing scenery as you navigate through serene sections of the river, which allows for moments of reflection and connection with the environment.

As you venture further downstream, the river's turquoise waters reveal their true magic, reflecting the vibrant colors of the surrounding flora. The sight of the dazzling blue hue against the backdrop of the dense rainforest is nothing short of awe-inspiring. The striking visual contrast creates an otherworldly experience that remains etched in the memory of every traveler fortunate enough to witness it.

Beyond the natural beauty, tubing at Rio Celeste also offers opportunities to spot various wildlife species that call this pristine ecosystem home. Keep an eye out for tropical birds soaring above, playful monkeys swinging through the treetops, and if you're lucky, glimpses of elusive wildlife hidden along the riverbanks.

The tubing adventure is complemented by the presence of experienced guides who accompany you throughout the journey. These knowledgeable guides not only ensure your safety but also share fascinating insights about the local flora and fauna, as well as the geological wonders that shape this unique landscape.

Tubing at Rio Celeste is a thrilling way to connect with nature and immerse yourself in the unique landscapes that make Costa Rica a truly exceptional destination for outdoor enthusiasts. It's an experience that blends the excitement of river tubing with the wonder of exploring a world-class natural wonder, leaving visitors with memories of a lifetime and a deeper appreciation for the wonders of the natural world. Whether you are an adventure seeker, a nature lover, or simply seeking a rejuvenating escape, tubing at Rio Celeste promises an unforgettable journey through one of Costa Rica's most enchanting locations.

Please note that the watercolor may be diluted or even tan in color following heavy rains, so the magical blue colors are not guaranteed. Also note that this tour may take up to an hour and a half of driving in each direction, though often less, depending on the location of your hotel. In total, the expected amount of time including transportation is around 5 hours but there are a variety of things that can change the expected time, due to the location and logistics of the activity.

What to Bring

  • Comfortable Clothing
  • Swimming Suit
  • Camera
  • Bug Spray
  • Hiking Shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Binoculars
  • Extra Clothes

Location and Availability

The Tubing at the Rio Celeste is available from Arenal, Arenal Zone 2, Central Guanacaste, Playa Hermosa, Coco, Southern Papagayo, and Tamarindo

Tour Time

  • 7:30am

Tour Type

  • Adventure
  • Rafting

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Recommended Ages

5+ yo


Latitude: N 10° 43' 2.93"
Longitude: W 84° 56' 46.47"