Starting at $102 per adult


Here’s the perfect opportunity to experience the laid back Costa Rican lifestyle aboard a comfortable catamaran sailboat with super attentive crew as you are sailed over to a private beach to swim, snorkel, kayak, and walk or play along the shore. With fresh fruit drinks flowing, both the adult kind as well as for kids, you’ll relax and enjoy cruising over to a secluded tropical cove before dropping anchor to explore the private beach and colorful underwater world of fish. Plenty of snacks and a freshly prepared picnic lunch will surely satisfy your taste for this relaxing seafaring adventure.

You’ll be picked up from your lodging and brought to a sandy beach in Playa Flamingo where you will meet the crew of the Lazy Lizard. They will help you into a dinghy that will carry you out to the anchored catamaran where you will climb aboard the spotless topsides of a well maintained sailing vessel with double pontoons providing plenty of extra room and stability while under sail.

After motoring out of the harbor, the crew will hoist the sails to let you experience the quiet and softness of being carried gently by the wind. You’ll have the option of basking in the sun or finding a comfortable spot under the bimini shade cover while the friendly crew offers you umbrella drinks to begin your cruise along the Guanacaste coastline. Fresh snacks will be provided including chips, dip and a freshly made local specialty salsa called pico de gallo.

Out on the clear blue ocean water you’ll see a completely different perspective of the shoreline including hidden inlets, jungle lined peninsulas, sandy beaches and all with a magnificent mountainous backdrop. Your guides will help you identify the plentiful water birds flying overhead as well as any marine life that may appear on the day of your visit, such as sea turtles, dolphins and if you are very lucky, you may even see a whale during mating season.

Once you arrive at the secluded snorkeling area and beach, the crew will go over the safety rules and hand out masks and snorkeling equipment of various sizes. For those who prefer not to snorkel, or in the rare case when the water is not clear due to recent inclement weather, kayaks are available as well as foam noodles for those wishing to swim. Others may enjoy going over to explore the beach while still others may prefer to just hang out on the boat. It is your vacation so you can choose from many options.

Members of the crew will act as snorkeling guides showing you the best places to look for colorful fish and other underwater creatures. They have been known to free dive down and bring up by hand species of pufferfish, starfish and even an octopus for you to touch. You’ll spend up to an hour in the shallow waters looking for tropical fish, eels, rays, crayfish as well as occasional coral attached to the underwater rock formations. Sometimes people have seen sea turtles gliding by. For those who tire easily swimming, there is a Zayak which allows you to lie face down on top of the water on a kayak type float so you can see the aquatic activities through a glass window without having to swim.

Drinks and snacks will be served throughout your time on the boat however a picnic lunch consisting of freshly made sandwiches, fruit, chips and cookies will be provided after you are finished snorkeling. Then you’ll have another leisurely sail back to shore before disembarking back to the beach and your waiting transportation.

Round trip transportation, experienced professional captain and bilingual crew, snorkeling equipment, water, drinks and lunch are all provided on this fun filled half day ocean adventure. Please note that one way transport times can take up to 1 and 1/2 hours depending on your lodging location. Transportation not included from Los Altos de Eros Hotel.

What to Bring

  • Camera
  • Bathing Suit
  • Towel
  • Hat
  • Sun Block
  • Rain Gear
  • Insect Repellent

Location and Availability

The Catamaran and Snorkeling Cruise - Lazy Lizard Sailing is available from Central Guanacaste, JW Marriott Guanacaste, Playa Grande, and Tamarindo

Tour Times

  • 8:00am
  • 2:00pm

Tour Type

  • Adventure
  • Nature
  • Romance

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Recommended Ages

All Ages


Latitude: N 10° 26' 52.71"
Longitude: W 85° 47' 49.98"


  • Overall 93.9% (808 Guest Ratings)
  • Experience: 93.3%
  • Expectations: 93%
  • Guides: 95.8%
  • Logistics: 93.6%
  • Value: 94.8%


It was really fun. We saw whales and turtles. I didn’t drink or eat so can’t comment on that. The crew was really nice.


It was great to see the dolphins, and be on a boat. I think we could have headed back a little sooner than we did.


Lazy Lizard was a fantastic experience and the boat's crew looked to exceed expectations.


So much fun!


It rained on our tour and we still loved it. Great boat, great drinks, great food. It was lovely.


Once again, this was an amazing tour! The catamaran tour was well worth the cost as we were offered lots of cool drinks, food, and and an amazing snorkeling experience! We were also lucky enough to spot dolphins and a beautiful sunset on our return to shore!


one of my fav tours




Even though we didn’t get to see dolphins or manta rays, this was a fun adventure! The tour guides were a lot of fun and very careful to keep us safe during the entire trip


Enjoyable day; however, the murky water spoiled the snorkeling. Otherwise great trip with captain and crew ultra courteous!


Great tour


Go for the beautiful water, fantastic crew, and fun swimming. The snorkeling itself is a little on the dull side with not a lot to see, but this outing was still a hit with us. Can’t say enough about the great crew, food, drinks and boat. We’ll done.


The boat was beautiful and the staff was very friendly and courteous. We had a great time, especially watching the sunset on the return trip home. The snorkeling was not too great (low visibility, and some people on the boat got stung by jellyfish!), but that is not the fault of the boat staff.


I was hoping to see more while snorkeling but that is always a gamble. Having the dolphins swim right up next to the catamaran was very cool.


The captain, drivers, and guides were very very nice. The overall activity was so-so, the visibility for the snorkelling was zero unfortunately, and there were not many sea creatures (if you compare to other places). The boat was FAR too packed - way too many people to be comfortable. We did see dolphins, which was nice. The food was great!


This was our favorite tour! The staff were friendly and fun. The staff went beyond to make the trip an incredible experience and even let my husband catch a fish.


So much fun and the perfect way to end our vacation. The staff went out of their way to make the whole experience so fun and memorable. The snorkeling wasn't too great due to very murky conditions but was still fun. Highly recommended!


This was a very nice boat ride, with professional staff and an unexpected early lunch spread. However, the "snorkeling" portion was pathetic as there was minimal visibility and nothing much to see in any event.


Good excursion, happy and competent staff, good food and drink, fine experience


The hosts on this boat were the best we had - so personable, full of information and so fun. We had a lot of rain but they adjusted our trip and we still were able to snorkel. We saw dolphins and turtles and managed to enjoy it thoroughly despite the rain.


The snorkeling cruise was out of this world. The staff was amazing and very attentive. The drinks and food was great. We were able to see whales, dolphins which was unbelievable. The view and the sunset was incredible.


My experience was GREAT.


We didn't see much fish but the overall experience was terrific


The tour guides were fantastic. Very attentive and a lot of fun!


I was really glad the tour turned into a sunset cruise because that part was amazing. The snorkeling was not great. There was not much to see


These guys knew what they were doing. Plenty of drinks, food, saw lots of fish, beautiful views.


this was more of a booze cruise - would have rather done something more geared towards the activities without the drinks. they did have snorkeling/paddleboarding,kayaking if you wanted to. staff was very friendly and helpful and engaged throughout. Did not get picked up on time. had to have the front desk call and it turns out they picked up a different family (that claimed they were us through some confusion - they were on a different trip), so we were late to be picked up, late to leave, looked like we'd delayed everyone else waiting on the boat for us.


WHAT A BLAST! Do it...............the gents leading the sail were the best!


One of the best parts of our trip, the crew was amazing providing great food and drinks, and even showed us really cool fish and sea creatures. Would recommend for everyone!


A wonderful experience.


We had to stop three times to pick up more passengers so it was a 30 minute drive to end up taking us an hour


This tour was incredible! The guides/sailors knew exactly what to do and where to go, they took great care of the tourists, and we saw some amazing creatures! Would definitely recommend.


Incredible experience, far exceeded expectations


Unfortunately the weather made the cruise a disappointment, but the crew was amazing and did a great job of snorkeling with us, having fun, and providing good food.


Fun sailing but not a great place to snorkel as there was not a good reef, but the guide still found fun things in the water for us to see.


The sailing excursion was a perfect way to end our trip to CR. Beautiful day out on the water with a fantastic crew always making sure our cups stayed full. We actually got to see sea turtles mating & even a dolphin. Snorkeling conditions were not amazing but the crew ensured we got to see & experience some marine life. Our lunch on the water was so good. The best part was the slow cruise back to the marine with a view of the best sunset I've seen in my life really. 10/10


What can we say other than Awesome and Amazing experience on the Lazy Lizard--Loved the cruise content, destinations and scenery, the gorgeous Sunset, and the Crew even more!!!


Best excursion!! We had a bit of rainy weather but that did not stop us from having a wonderful time. The staff were simply delightful. And that lunch!! It was fantastic!!! We still talk about those tacos! The other passengers on the boat were a lot of fun and we had quite the party. Plus we got to see a whale shark, dolphins, turtles, and lots of fish.


These guys were amazing!! We sailed out on a beautiful afternoon, they took their time, let us enjoy the snorkeling and the private beach which had hermit crabs all over it, which was so neat to watch! The food was very very good, the service was excellent. Great musical playlist as well, this was the teenagers favorite excursion. They also sailed back and forth on the way back to let us enjoy the sunset on the ocean, we got some great pics. Boat was in excellent shape and you could tell they really took care of it.


Great food! Loved snorkeling. The guide showed us where to go and what to see. We even saw sting rays.


Guides were super fun. Rained a lot but guides went out of their way to make the boat ride fun and festive


We loved this tour!! The guides were so much fun and attentive to our needs. The sunset was absolutely beautiful and the food they provided was delicious!


The location we went snorkeling did not have much sea life to observe. However, we still enjoyed the trip and the homemade tacos were amazing!


Shuttle picked us up right on time. The guides were very attentive; we enjoyed having one of them while snorkeling to tell us about the fish we were seeing. Loved watching the sunset from the boat.


The captain and crew were very accommodating, lunch was very good. Drinks were included and freely flowing. Our snorkeling guide was excellent showing various fish, puffer fish and sun star fish and several small colored fish. The sea life was not as interesting as several coral life snorkeling we have experienced in Mexican Rivera.


This was very fun and we enjoyed the tacos.


Exceeded Expectations


Exceeded all expectations.


Would have liked more time snorkeling. The crew said we had an hour to snorkel, but it was only a half hour. Food & drinks served were excellent.


Snorkelling was dissapionting compare to other countries dived.
Boat had an open alcohol policy which we were paying for but not interested in.


The cruise was fun, and the guides were awesome. They made sure we enjoyed ourselves, and provided delicious food and drinks. It was a lot of fun!


My kids (young adults) got a bit burned but otherwise, lovely!


The captain and crew were the best we ever had on a excursion


We had a wonderful time. The actual snorkelling was a bit disappointing as the water was pretty mirky but we had a wonderful time and would highly recommend the experience.


Guys were great. They went out of their way to help person in our group with mobility issues. Dinner was great and good variety of drinks.


This was a highlight of our time at the beach. The staff were excellent and the views of the sunset gorgeous. We were able to sail and snorkel and the food was fresh and delicious. My only suggestion would be for the staff to let us know at the beginning what we could expect from the time on the boat. We weren’t sure what we would be doing and how long we would be out on the boat. It was a great afternoon and evening.


This tour was exactly how we wanted to spend our last day in Tamarindo! Such a perfect adventure out on the water with lovely tour guides. Drinks and snacks were tasty and such a fun addition to the adventure.


beautiful views; staff were very good and entertaining


Wonderful experience. We loved it and would recommend it!


Absolutely fantastic tour. One of the biggest highlights of our trip!!




The snorkeling itself was disappointing but the sailing was great and seeing whales was an added bonus. guides were very helpful and food was good.


Would liked to have seen more species of fish while snorkeling, the location we went to really didn't have many to see


Great snorkeling and smooth ride for the perfect sunset. Crew was the best staff we met the whole tour.


Great way to end our trip


This was our groups #1 favorite tour. It was wonderful in many ways. The logistics were great even though you had to ride to and from the Catamaran in a small boat. The crew was the best. They helped in every way. They prepared and served both a snack and meal and provided endless drinks the entire trip. We saw dolphins and even a small whale on the way out in the Catamaran. The staff helped to get each person the snorkeling equipment and allowed a good hour to go snorkeling in a small cove. The only issue was that I thought that there would also be kayaking and paddle boarding, which was not provided, but that was ok. The cruise back was absolutely gorgeous as the sun was set on a nice sunny afternoon.


Loved all the crew members. They were great and very informative and I have never seen customer service so amazing. They did not even let your cups get empty and the food they served on their beautiful yaught was very delicious one of my favorite adventures too.




very capable and impressive when weather turned poor, made us still have a lot of fun at sunset!


This was amazing! It was beautiful and very relaxing. The crew was excellent...very accommodating and helpful. I would highly recommend this company to anyone!


Another awesome excursion.


the guides really made the trip! The food was good and the music was awesome. The snorkeling was not very good. but the sunset and the boat ride was great.


This made up for bad fishing day! Luis, Jesus, and Erick were ALOT of fun!


Great way to end our trip - the staff were excellent. We requested a date change which was accommodated.


We had a beautiful day and only 10 people on board. The snorkeling and kayaking were fun, but the trip on the water to and from the reef was really beautiful. The sunset was amazing - such unbelievable colors. The staff was a lot of fun and the refreshments/food provided exceeded our expectations.


water was cloudy and couldn't see a ton of fish, boat was awesome




Best trip we did all holiday, free all inclusive bar, amazing crew, food was lovely and saw dolphins.


The excursion was amazing (boat time). The crew were extremely hospitable, courteous and funny. The food was very good and I was astonished how much they served. The snorkelling itself was poor as the ocean was very cloudy, they indicated in a few weeks the water would be clear. That would have been good to know prior to going. A lovely experience non the less.


This was a lot of fun.


Very fun “booze cruise” but it’s misleading to call this a snorkeling trip


A fun cruise with very friendly and accommodating staff. Beautiful sunset and great food/drinks. The only downside was terrible snorkeling. We were hoping for better snorkeling. But, the cruise was awesome!


We loved it. The entire crue was polite, informative, professional and fun. A must do!


They went above and beyond to make our cruise an awesome experience! The timing for the sunset was perfect! not too many on the boat so there was a lot of room to walk. We went to a great area to rest and snorkel too. They showed us Sea Urchins


We had a great time on this tour. Crew were skilled sailors, and were so much fun!
The food and drinks were very good.


We saw a whale jumping as well as many dolphins beside out boat. Great.


I wish we could have seen more fish. The Captain and crew were great!!


This was a fun trip, and the food was amazing! A much more inclusive trip than expected, so it was great! Fun swimming, great food, good drinks, wonderful crew, fun people on the tour to chat with. The only thing was the return van was much more crowded than the one we took before the sailing tour, so we were all kind of uncomfortable. It was ok, but a bit disappointing to be squished into a small van.


Not a lot of exciting fish to see. But we had a great time, crew was great and happpy and fun, food was great. We had fun and would recommend to others .


Fun experience. Sunset cruise was excellent. Good meal on the boat.


The crew members were skilled, operated the tour safely, and were attentive hosts. They even carried the two members of our family, who have limited mobility, from the beach to the small transfer boat and back.


Waves were too high so not too easy for swimming or snorkeling at the destination. Guides were excellent and very entertaining!


Great and fun experience. Guides went above and beyond. What a fun trip! Food was excellent!


The crew was awesome! We had a wonderful time! The crew worked so hard to make sure every guest had what they needed. It was a great trip!


We had a wonderful time. The afternoon and evening cruise was the best. Weather was perfect. The snorkeling was fun (I had never snorkeled before but our guides made it so easy), the lunch was great and the sunset beautiful. This adventure should always be an evening cruise.


Staff was super nice and worked hard to make sure everyone was having fun!


This was the best sunset cruise ever and the guides were great


AMAZING!!! This completely exceeded my expectations. They provided us with music, food, drinks (even alcohol) the staff was fun, friendly & knowledgeable. Would definitely love to do this again!


I was expecting a longer sailing time. I think we sailed a short way up the coast quite close to the shore and then stayed for an hour and a half and drove back. Focus seemed more on drinking than traveling, so I wouldn’t choose this again.


This tour was great. Had very friendly guides and saw beautiful views.


Great tour, saw whales and dolphins as well as some great views of the sunset!


Highly recommend this trip.


Great staff, wonderful ride, and we saw whales!


It was an amazing tour.


nice people


Great fun best sunset cruise !


The ride there was a bit long (we had to stop several other places). The guides on this tour were so fun and friendly. Best ones of the trip. The catamaran was nice. The food was average, nothing too special. The snorkeling was average, not as many fish as we've seen other places, but still fun. Overall we had a great time.


This tour also exceeded expectations as it was more than a snorkel tour - it was also a sunset cruise with a whale watch. We spotted the whales as we were headed home and we stopped to watch them for awhile (the crew wasn't anxious to get home, which I appreciated).


Whole crew outstanding!


Great crew on the boat. The trip was a great experiance. It would be nice to go again.


Our guides were spectacular. They were very attentive to our needs and supplied plenty of food and beverages. They were also very helpful in finding different fish for us to touch and see.


The guides were SO so great!! My daughter couldn't get her foot wet and one of the guides CARRIED her over the water..BOTH WAYS! They were super funny, congenial, and very informative... WHALES!


Crew and boat were great. Water was warm, and when we saw dolphins and a whale, the captain went a little out of the way to enhance the experience and see them more.


I thought the tour was nice but a little to long. Four plus hours on a boat was more than I expected. The lunch was good. They had a lot of drinks (including non-alcoholic). The snorkeling was fun, I wasn't that comfortable about touring with the guides because the water was so deep. But it was nice to get in the water close to the boat.


Unfortunately the water was to rough and we were not able to snorkel and that was the primary reason that we took this excursion


A highlight of the trip for us. Staff were amazing. Boat ride was awesome. Sunset was a perfect way to end our trip.




Great guides, great food and drinks. Everyone was really friendly. The snorkel area wasn't the best, but it was still a great time.


Excellent tour! The staff made sure everyone was having an excellent time and kept checking in to make sure everyone had drinks or food. The snorkeling was great and the guide was able to find interesting sea creatures besides the usual fish. Would definitely recommend and do again.


Captain and first mate were great. Scenery was beautiful. Had a great time with fellow passengers.


Ive already recommended this tour to ALL of our family and our friends - hands down we would do this again! Cannot say enough about the hospitality and fun time that Jesus and his crew showed us!


This was my husband's favorite tour of our whole trip! The guides were very friendly, the food provided was delicious, there were always drinks ready, the views were amazing, the snorkeling was perfect, and the guy snorkeling with us was excellent at finding a wide variety of creatures for us to hold or touch. The sunset on the way back you was breathtaking and there was even a school of dolphins that swam with our boat for approximately 10 minutes. This is definitely a must do!


This by far was well worth the trip to Tamarindo. This crew took great care of us and made sure all guests had fun and enjoyed the day.


We had a great time on this adventure. The guides made the trip a memory maker. They were exceptional!!!


Great tour! Saw manta ray and many tropical fish.


Really fun, although not crazy about processed meat sandwiches. Great spicy black bean dip & all else. Good sail & snorkeling...& sunset/drinks too.


Super fun, the guides were very on top of our comfort, entertainment and refreshments. Our favorite excursion.


Fantastic trip! What a wonderful way to end our last day in Costa Rica.


I was disappointed because the water was extremely murky on the day that we went sailing. However, the catamaran ride was extremely smooth and I did not get sea-sick at all! The lunch was basic--sandwiches with lunch meat. However, I still had a lot of fun just relaxing on the boat and spending time with my boyfriend as well as other travelers. It was a nice experience and the sun-set coming back was magnificent.


Awesome! The highlight of the trip for our boys since they got to see a celebrity on our boat!


The snorkeling piece is not very worth it. Apparently it had been very windy that week so the water was quite murky. However, the ride back and forth and the service were fantastic. The captain and two helpers were great and the sunset spectacular.


Awesome tour despite the high winds


Wind was a problem so snorkeling wasn't great, but they still did a very good job making it fun. Same problem with the many stops to get to the destination since our hotel was so far out.


They packed a lot of people onto the sailboat.


Perfect, Perfect! Everything about this trip was perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bring a light jacket, it's a sunset tour!! The crew members were very friendly and fun, and the spot we stopped to swim and snorkel was beautiful and calm.


I'm not sure if there was something better for us to do not too far from Daria. I thought the boat was too small for the amount of people on it. It was ok, again, a bit slow for the young guys with us. We didn't snorkel too much, not so much to see, so I"m not sure if this was the best location. The hotel was trying to sell us sunset cruises, etc. Who knows whats best to do?


Staff was very accommodating and solicitous, but the snorkeling was disappointing.


We had a wonderful time on this trip. The boat staff was terrific and they created a party atmosphere with food and drinks. They were responsible in providing snorkeling instruction. Unfortunately there was not much sea life to be viewed!


This tour was amazing!! It was so laid back and carefree, really let us just enjoy every moment. The crew did amazing.


Another FANTASTIC event. The boat was well-kept and the crew super friendly, polite and the service exemplary. Fun sailing, decent snorkeling (very low visibility that day). The drinks were really good (didn't expect that), the food average, but the Chile Guaro made up for that.


I enjoyed the day on the water. There were some logistical problems. Two vans with guests were to be on this excursion. One van was sent to the wrong beach so the rest of us had quite a wait. We all enjoyed our on board lunch and beverages before returning in the evening. We experienced a wonderful sunset!


BEST THING WE DID!! This was amazing. The most perfect excursion we took.


It would have been nice to know the approximate length of this trip in advance


First time snorkeling, what a great time! I HIGHLY recommend this to others! Can't beat free ride on the ocean, soaking up the sun, snorkeling, free food, booze! Well worth everything!


Absolutely loved every minute of this! Thanks to the support of a fellow group participant, I snorkeled for the first time ever!


Highly recommend! Will definitely go again!


Transportation was okay, we had to wait for other passengers running late at other hotels. The time snorkeling was not enough and the fish life was minimal and water not clear. No sting rays and no beach access. Only one sea turtle the guide found. the catamaran was great as was the staff and service. it was nice to have a guide in the water with us. Seems like the actual place we snorkeled was not a good location. choppy water, water not clear and minimal fish life. More instruction on "how to snorkel" would have benefited some. We knew how but others were not quite sure.


This was so amazing!


Great snorkeling, good drinks, and wonderful conversations


The drive was too long - too many stops, too much waiting for people. We were the first pickup. The guides were so-so. They provided great service (offering drinks. showing us fish, etc) but didn't have a lot of excitement, seemed a bit bored. The food was better than expected.


Wonderful trip and we even sailed - unlike other catamaran trips we've been on. The guides were great!


We were blessed with great weather, which really made this tour fun. We saw fish, birds, and dolphins, and the guides were a lot of fun. I highly recommend this sunset tour.


Boat was nice but there were ALOT of jellyfish in the water where we were snorkeling


It was a great excursion -- the 3 crew members were very accomodating and made us all feel at home and the boat was great. Free liquor and lunch was an added bonus, and the snorkeling was totally amazing.


Gorgeous and super fun day! Our guide would try to find cool fish for us to see. Great staff.


The only tour that was disappointing. The crew was fine, but not much to see or really do.


Thought we would see more when we were snorkeling.


This was probably our favorite part of our trip!


Boat is amazing tons of drinks and food.. Open bar. Staff is great and the views are stunning.. Ended up being just us and one other couple.. Super private. Snorkeling was fun but nothing fantastic. The guide was great and pulled out some cool creatures out for us to touch and feel. But all in all this is a must do tour.. Ul love it


Best part of the trip! Was perfect with a small amount of people and beautiful!


Great. The snorkeling guide even took my 5-yr old daughter and spend half an hour only for her for snorkeling.


We had a great time and were able to meet and connect with so many other people!


This sounded good but it did not say it was a "Party Boat" with a drink handed to you as you got on board and everyone drinking through the whole tour. The snorkeling was very poor since I have snorkeled and dived all over the world there was really nothing to see here. A few colorful fish and no color to the coral, rocks or bottom. Then we were supposed to sail out to watch the sunset but a huge storm came in (not their fault) and we had to use the motor to get directly back. Food on board was not very good.


The snorkeling guide was fantastic but a little too quiet. Most of the group got left behind because they didn't know he was the guide. I followed him and he was very knowledgeable.


If I had the chance to do it again, would have rented the boat privately. Tons of other people. More than I had expected. But everyone was nice.


This was a perfect way to end our vacation. The staff on the Catamaran were so friendly and everyone in the group was amazing. We loved the views and snorkeling


The best experience yet. It's was even rainy and thundering and we all had an amazing time even with the rain. The islands were beautiful and serene. The bottomless pit of drinks were awesome! The guides were
Funny and professional but also super fun! My partner was stoked that fishing was included! He got his deep sea fishing after all! The lunch was simple but delicious! And the snorkelling was amazing too!!! It made it probably even better with the thunder and terrential downpour of rain! It almost made the warm waters more inviting!!!
The only thing I wish the guides made clear was how to dive with snorkels without hurting yourself. I was shocked of the pressure when I dived down to see some beautiful mysterious fish and my partner who has never been in the sea or snorkelled before got a really bad pressure pain and hurt his eyes really bad but that could be avoided with a little warning. Besides that this was definitely the best tour of the trip!! AWESOME!!


beautiful event


Snorkeling was not what I had experienced before. Water was murky and choppy. Nothing to see but rocks and a few small fish. Disappointing.


More of a booze cruise than a nature cruise, so the guides were basically bartenders. No interpretation of the marine life we saw (birds, dolphins, fishes). Other than the rain on the way back it was nice. Snorkeling site didn't have much to see (at least for us professional marine biologists).


Snorkeling was nit great but the katamarn and staff were good


Again a very wonderful day. Staff on the boat was fantastic, boat immaculate, service great. beautiful setting off of Flamingo Point. We would definitely sail with them again.


Wow, what can I say. These guys were outstanding in every way. Very fun, friendly, and safe. Took very good care of us. Snorkeling was very nice with many different things and fish to see without looking hard at all. Highly recommend to anyone.


This tour was good but not great. The lunch provided was just OK; lots of alcohol, though. I was disappointed in the snorkeling. I found it hard to see any fish as the water was not well lit with sun.


Great trip and very friendly staff who were skilled in the safety and sailing. I had hoped to learn more about the fish and animals we saw snorkeling - but our guides weren't terribly well-versed on the different species of fish. A laminated fish identification chart would have been helpful.


This was really a party and drinking cruise not a sailing cruise. There were about 25 guests on board which is quite a few for a 40 ft boat. Snorkeling was fair though it was well organized and well led. If you wanted to sit on a boat and be served drinks this was a good cruise. If you wanted to sail and learn about the area this was not cruise to select.


Loved this tour!!! Had a great time!!!


The guys that run this cruise are excellent. They were fun and made the trip very enjoyable. They even made special sandwiches for our family which is vegetarian.


Had a great time. It was our last day in Costa Rica and this was a laid back trip. Food, drinks both alcoholic and non alcoholic were served. The crew were friendly and attentive.


Everyone had a great time on this activity.


loved it! didn't snorkel but enjoyed the boat and new people we met!


Lovely day on the water. Great people and the guides were excellent. The sunset was amazing.


Had a great time - the tour and guides were awesome! Very laid back and accommodating.


Too many guests, too small of space.


Just a really well organized tour with really friendly guides


we could have done without this adventure--we did not know we were going to be stopping at all these other hotels, then an hour long bus ride both ways, stopping at hotels again, took up way too much time especially because we had our own car--I thin you need to tell people this in advance. Also they cram way too many people on the catamaran (25-30) so you can't move around at all. The staff was nice, the snorkeling OK and the actual sunset was beautiful


Terrific trip not much to see snorkeling


This was a real good time the staff was great the destination was beautiful and the other guest were enjoyable. I would also recommend this tour to others.


This was a lot of fun. The Lazy Lizard should sell hats and souvenirs. We would have bought some.


Unfortunately it was too windy for us to do this trip.


It was a long drive and seemed out of the way to pick up other guests at the Hyatt. There were catamaran tours that left from Tamarindo- maybe that is an option? The boat was much more crowded than expected and from my experience on other catamaran tours in hawaii. but all that said we saw a great sunset.


Really nice people, really lovely experience.


Long ride getting there. The snorkeling was disappointing. The crew was nice and the sunset beautiful.


The crew was great and it was a beautiful sunset cruise. We saw lots of fish that our guide pointed out and we even got to hold puffer fish and others in our hand.


Second best excursion. Crew were great. Beautiful experience.


Best ever


Boat was great, staff and route were great and sunset too.
But the group that we went with was not. We were two young people among bunch of old and loud people.
not sure if this is always the case but it ruined our experience.


We saw pilot whales on the way back. An experience that the guides said only happens a few times a year. They were very interesting to watch, followed our catamaran for a very long time. They were amazing.


The unlimited free alcoholic drinks was a nice surprise, but my boat mates realized how bad it could turn if you didn't watch it. The snorkeling was good and I appreciated that they had noodles for those of us who were nervous. The dinner was sub sandwiches and chips but it was good. There might be a better company for this kind of trip but Lazy Lizard wasn't bad.


Excellent trip!!! Well worth it.


The equipment could be upgraded (mask's leaked) but really enjoyed the entire experience regardless


It would have been a ten but there were just too many people crammed onto the boat.


Beautiful excursion, great way to spend our Christmas on the water. Great snorkeling place, fabulous sunset. Friendly crew.


Amazing views


The coral reefs were disappointing, but the experience was a lot of fun as well as the staff.


It was so cool we saw a dolphin


Wasn't aware we would be driving 45 mins to get there, thought it would be right out of Tamarindo, but it wasn't a huge deal. Everything else was amazing.


We had a lot of fun on this tour. Since it was low season we were the only two ones on the boat besides the Captain and our Sailor which was nice. There wasn't much to see during snorkeling, but not to the fault of our guides. We did see dolphins and sea turtles on our way to snorkeling, though. Wasn't thrilled with the lunch option.


Had such a great time. The drinks were flowing and the guides were wonderful. One was actually catching fish with his hands and would let us hold them. The captain went out of his way on our return trip so we could follow a group of whales. The boat was beautiful and the people we met were lovely.


We had a great time. Only complaint would be that some of us were stung by jelly fish. The boat and the crew were fantastic.


The favorite of all the crew was excellent!!!


This was 3 tours in one. Catamaran, snorkeling, and sunset tour. Not sure how much it cost but is well worth the value. I'd definitely encourage others to go on this tour.


This was a fun trip. We thought we would see more while snorkeling, but it was still plentiful. The ride was smooth and the captain and crew were great.


This was a very fun trip!


All was great


The tour was pushing the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages and at least one guest got drunk. It was good that they served a meal! I would say that less alcohol would have made it more pleasant. Less guests would have made it more pleasant too. We had people climbing over us the entire trip.


Great boat and the service was great. They keep drinks in your hand at all times and the sunset at the end was beautiful.


Just beautiful! 2nd favorite activity!


Good fun I would reccomend the Lazy Lizard


The weather was beautiful. The crew worked well as a team and were most hospitable. It was a lovely escape from the heat. You might warn guests that they store your shoes and you walk barefoot on and off the boat. The food and drinks were lovely and plentiful.


Great cruise, guides were very friendly and nice weather!


Wow, staff was great, friendly, fun, excellent service, really fun outing!


Wonderful afternoon on the water. I'm not sure what I was expecting but the food could have been a little bit better. I was not there for the food but the staff were very attentive to getting drinks and laughter going on the boat. We were on the other side of the boat when the sun was going down but we caught the most beautiful sunset which our guide made sure that we didn't miss.


Amazing, my family was very worried about being sea sick and getting sunburned and no problems. It was so relaxing and plenty of shade with the sail up. Our guide in the water caught a blowfish and I was able to hold!


The wife wanted to do this one over again. Smooth sailing. Just enough people on the boat and quides/owner were there to make sure we had a very good time.


great experience had by all!


LOVED IT! Though it totally rained, we had an amazing time! The staff were awesome! Highly recommend!


Cruise was good, snorkeling was ok.


Did not realize snorekeling off the boat. Thought we were taking boat to a private beach to snorkel. Also wrong time of day. Too choppy to see much. Disappointing snorkelling, fun as a party boat. Also I got sea sick so ruined it for me.


Should have had more time to snorkel - only 45 minutes and the rest was hanging on deck eating and watching people party


Our Captain was super cool. This was one of the coolest parts of our trip.


Guides were nice but they should have tested the water before we go in. Half the boat got stung by jellyfish. The sting went away after 30 minutes or so, but it was still a bummer. The beach they took us to in lieu of our first snorkel spot was really cool though.


Had a great time. They treated us royally and watching the sunset from the boat was amazing! Snorkelling in CR turned out to not be what we were used to from some of our coral reef trips in Mexico but the water was great and we did see some neat creatures!


Lazy Lizard Sailing was THE BEST! The guides were great, very informative and helpful. Had a wonderful experience. Truly enjoyed ourselves.


Excellent excursion, loved it


Fantastic end to our trip!


Beautiful experience. Would go again anytime.


One of my favorite parts of the trip. The guides were great, the snorkeling was fun, and the sunset was amazing.


The boat was nice and open bar a plus! we would have liked to snorkle a little longer, and explore the water and beach on our own. We were shown and got to hold a puffer fish and octopus!! we were delayed leaving the cove due to a couple changing their minds and having to be taken back to the beach... so that pushed everything back, but couldn't be helped


Great tour, amenities and staff.


I would do this again and pay twice as much. Great crew, great boat, great drinks and good food. Everyone on the boat was wonderful. Where do I sign up again.


the ride to and from the port was long. the cruise was short. the food was minimal.


Ryan and his staff provided amazing service and an all-around wonderful experience. Boating on the water in 80+ degree weather, watching the sunset, and having a fun and sociable crew talk with you and provide you with drinks should, and did, really make the snorkeling an afterthought. From start to finish, the Lazy Lizard staff was phenomenal, constantly taking drink orders, providing us with a better understanding of the area, and taking pictures. They really made this trip a relaxing and enjoyable experience.
After an hour plus boat ride, we docked near another beach and were taken out for a guided snorkeling tour. Visibility was relatively low and while we did not see a lot of fish, Ryan did a few dives and brought a puffer and porcupine fish up for the group to view (under water of course). Those not interested in snorkeling could relax on the boat, kayak, or swim to the nearby beach.
The return trip provided copious drinks, a beautiful view of the sunset, and I cannot reiterate enough, amazing service. We found this trip to be one of the most relaxing activities that we experienced while in Costa Rica.


What a great day. Lovely catamaran and great crew. Enjoyed every moment.


Boat was clean. Captain and crew were adequate. Food was ok, not great. They seemed to be generous with alcoholic beverages for those who wanted them.

Water for swimming location was warm.

Main drawback: the company seems to feel that having a nice experience in nature is not enough. It prides itself on its music--sort of combination of "contemporary rap/Caribbean/party" type music. It spoils the experience of enjoying all that nature has to offer.

Not the fault of the company, but there really is little to see on the "snorkeling." The crew tried to make the in-the-water experience a good one for those who went "snorkeling" by showing a puffer fish and octopus.


it wasn't really a place to snorkel. the catamaran cruise was very nice and personnel was very nice.


Cannot say enough good things about the staff on this cruise. Wonderful day.


Really surprised us how well it was done--sunset was beautiful--family thought the area of snorkeling was not stocked with many fish--did see the monkees


boat ride was beautiful but they took us to a place where there were very few fish and several of us stung by jelly fish. : (


This was an amazing tour the staff were awesome and the entire excursion was amazing, i would highly recommend it to anyone going to Costa Rica




This was fun. The day was perfect and the water, boat, staff, snacks, drinks and sunset couldn't be beat.