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Looking for a unique way to relax and unwind? If so, the Planet Dolphin Catamaran Cruise along the Manuel Antonio coast is a great activity to add to your trip.

After you are picked up from your Manuel Antonio hotel, you will be brought to the Pez Vela Marina in Quepos where the Planet Dolphin boats are docked. Then you will board the catamaran and be on your way.

As you navigate south, you will pass by islands and incredibly beautiful coastline. The hills of Manuel Antonio are covered with rainforest that extends all the way to the beaches and rock outcroppings. It truly is a magical sight, almost as though you are viewing a live Jurassic Park!

Along the way a guide will be on the lookout for dolphins, whales, birds and sea turtles. Dolphins can be observed nearly year round and frequently cruise along next to the boat. Whales from both hemispheres pass through at different times of the year, though the best time is in the heart of the rain season, September. Sea turtles can be seen year round with the best possibilities between May and November. Of course, you must keep in mind that in nature, nothing is on demand and this is not a wildlife observation tour.

After a while you will reach Playa Biesanz. The boat will anchor and then you will be able to swim and snorkel. Manuel Antonio is not the best area for snorkeling, but you may be able to see some of the 50 species of tropical fish that inhabit the area.

While the swimming, snorkeling, sightseeing and possible marine life observation are all fun, this activity is all about having a good time, taking it easy, and relaxing. Natural fruit drinks, Costa Rican coffee, and cocktails are included. A tasty lunch with plenty of variety will be served as well. Those that reserve the afternoon tour will have a late lunch, so a light meal or snack a couple hours before the trip is recommended.

When choosing your tour time, keep in mind that there are pros and cons to each time slot. The morning tour usually has calmer waters and a lower risk of rain. The afternoon tour has a great sunset view on clear days as you sail back to harbor.

It is important to mention that between the months of May to November there is usually a period of rain in the area so the Catamaran services will be offered exclusively during the morning.

After the cruise you will be returned to your hotel. The tour with transfers included is expected to last around four hours, though this is subject to change. This relaxing and fun tour includes transportation, lunch, and drinks. The included transportation is from Manuel Antonio area hotels. A surcharge is applied for transportation from other zones and is not included in online rates.


  • Catamaran cruise along the Manuel Antonio coast
  • Swim and snorkel at the exotic Playa Biesanz

What to Bring

  • Camera
  • Bathing Suit
  • Towel
  • Insect Repellent
  • Sun Block
  • Rain Gear

Location and Availability

The Catamaran Cruise - Planet Dolphin is available from Dominical, Herradura, Jaco, Manuel Antonio, and Palo Seco-Esterillos area

Tour Times

  • 9:00am
  • 2:00pm

Tour Type

  • Romance
  • Beach
  • Snorkeling

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy


Latitude: N 9° 24' 23.61"
Longitude: W 84° 10' 3.48"


  • Overall 87% (534 Guest Ratings)
  • Experience: 85.9%
  • Expectations: 84.6%
  • Guides: 89.5%
  • Logistics: 88.2%
  • Value: 87%


The food and everything else was wonderful!


Such a fun ride and very family friendly on the early outing. The staff served us fresh juice and adult drinks as soon as we departed. The food was excellent. We loved the views of whales and dolphins. We also enjoyed the stop for snorkeling and got to see more fish than expected despite the warnings about cloudy waters. We were surprised how much fun they let us have jumping off the boat and riding the slides. The music was fun. The views were great. What a great last excursion for our vacation!


Amazing staff amazing cruise, we didn't know how to swim but the staff helped us during the snorkeling activity and made us feel safe. We were lucky to see the humpback whales.


Food/Lunch was sub-par.


The tour wasn't bad, the boat was fun, the guides were ok and the food for lunch was very good. The snorkeling was awful though. The water was very cloudy, you couldn't see anything a few feet away. Barely any fish, no coral or anything else to see, etc. That was the reason we chose the excursion and we were very disappointed.


The snorkeling was bad. The food was good, the trip was scenic, but Ididnt feel the crew tried to engage with the passengers at all.


We would have preferred a smaller boat with less entertainment.


Lots of fun, great lunch and good drinks. Would do it again.


This was a party boat, not the tour/excursion we were expecting but the kids had fun.


This was basically a booze cruise or a party boat. It definitely did not feel appropriate to have my two elementary aged children on the boat. The crowd on the boat was drinking and screaming and dancing suggestively. We made the best of it and mostly enjoyed it. Although we did not see any dolphins which we had very much been hoping to. We'd initially booked for the morning and think that would have been a better choice for family


Great fun saw many many fish, food was good staff were very tentative.


Not a lot of fish to see for snorkeling. Only had fish for dinner. If you don’t eat fish
You would be very hungry by the time you finished the 6 hours from start to finish.


Loved the cruise and snorkeling


We loved this experience! Jorge was a perfect guide and he and Esteven were so kind and attentive, bringing us drinks, conversations, and explaining the sealife. We saw humpback whales and dolphins, snorkeled with tropical fish, slid down the bumpy slide and jumped from the upper deck of the boat! The drinks were great and the food was really good! The sunset was lovely and it was a great final excursion before our trip ended. A great way to end out trip! During a trip to the bathroom, we missed the bus back to our hotel. While looking for a place to catch taxis, we ran into Jorge and Esteven. We asked them if they knew where we could catch a taxi, and they were kind enough to give us a ride back to our hotel themselves! We could not believe how kind everyone was and we are very very grateful to have been taken care of so well. These guys went above and beyond. I hope they are rewarded generously for such excellent service! Gracias Esteven and Jorge!!!


So much fun. Would absolutely do this again.


Snorkeling time was short. Music was too loud. During sunset it would have been nice to have no music or have soft /gentle music in tune with beautiful sunset.


Guides made this a lot of fun and the dinner on the catamaran was great. Could have used some snacks with the drinks.


LOVED this excursion!


We did not see any animals. Delicious juices and AMAZING lunch! Fun slides and swimming.


Excellent lunch was provided on the cruise and plenty of time for swimming and snorkeling.


The trip itself was a lot of fun, the snorkeling was great, the lunch was great. There were just too many people, the music was really loud. Other people were having a great time. We didn't realize how "big" this would be. Just not our taste.


Great cruise all round.


We absolutely loved this trip. I would add on the description that this is not an appropriate trip for kids. There was a very young child on this trip and this was not the atmosphere for a child. Very much adult, have a good time event. We loved it


Music was loud and not much to see. The food was good.


What a great way to end our trip. We were treated to a delicious dinner and a beautiful sunset!! The crew was very friendly and worked hard to make sure we all had a fun time.


This was a fine tour and the slides/deck jumping activities were very fun. We were slightly disappointed with the snorkeling due to the number of boats/people in the area, but otherwise this was a fine tour.


My only complaint would be that I wish we could have stayed on the boat al little longer! It was a great day, the food was delicious, the sights were beautiful, and the overall adventure was fun.


Great tour, our boat wasn't overcrowded so easy to social distance. Food, snack and drinks were excellent. Workers were helpful. The boat was clean and big. We were lucky to be able to see dolphins and turtles. Great and fun experience.


Great drinks and music and so glad we got to see so many dolphins! Staff were all friendly. Rain in the morning but cleared up by the time we were snorkelling. Not a ton to see in the water though. The cruise, drinks and music was all fun though.


This cruise was a blast. Very beautiful scenery, lunch was delicious, and snorkeling did allow us to see several species of marine life despite being a small area. I do wish there was more time to snorkel as it did feel rushed. Be aware the slide will leave you sore if you aren't in your teens anymore. Overall a very fun trip!


This was such a relaxing cruise! I love being on the water in any form, and the catamaran was spacious and comfortable. The music was fun, the other people polite, and the crew was amazing. They offered free juices, which were delicious, and a great lunch. Jumping off the top of the boat was wild! It was a fun and chill end to my Costa Rica adventure.


We had the best boat bcs it had the steepest slide! And nice crew!!


Staff made the tour fun. Water wasn't super clear for snorkeling but still a wonderful experience


So fun!!!!


Very nice boat ride with exceptionally delicious meal.




Very laid back and relaxing, which was good. Staff are really friendly and helpful. Would recommend.


Not able to snorkel due to low visibility


This was not a good one. Too much people snorkeling around on small "stone". We did not see many fishes, the water was not clean .


Snorkeling was good but not great. Good lunch !


We took the afternoon tour and it's hard to beat the view of the sunset. However, for me this was just okay, although enjoyable out on the water. The guide said at the beginning they would give us a history of the area as we toured, which did not happen. Snorkelling was okay, saw lots of fish, but there were so many other tours there we only got to spend about 1/2 hour in the water snorkelling. Very limited area to snorkel in, again, with at least 3 other tours. Food was okay, but nothing really special. Guides seemed to be in a big hurry and it definitely felt rushed. Overall it was alright. Transport went smoothly but very crowded.


Loved the experience- very relaxing! My friend was disappointed that she was not guided on snorkeling since she does not know his to swim.


driver to pick us up forgot to get us/couldn't find the hotel so he kept on going. We called and was told to wait a few more minutes. When it was clear no one was coming, the provider ent a cab to pick us up.


Snorkeling is for a short time and not that many fish to see


Great location, boat, and swimming. Only downside is that the drinks were definitely watered down. The bar tender was pouring full shots into the cup but i am sure that the booze was cut down beforehand. Not a huge deal but a bit disappointing.


Could not snorkel due to poor water quality which was a bummer, but was able to see some whales which made up for it!


Our guides were so incredible and we got to witness a whale breech super close to our boat! So many dolphins and got to see some beautiful fishies while snorkeling. Best part of our trip to Costa Rica!


Amazing cruise!


Another favorite excursion!!!


It was a pity that the weather was not great for our trip so the snorkeling was cancelled due to the water not being clear. The boat was excellent, spacious and perfect for this trip. We were able to see plenty of dolphin swimming with the boat which was a wonderful experience. The fish skewers were rather over cooked and dry but otherwise the food and drink was good.


The boat ride was lovely-no mention of Dolphins while we were out on the water, so I guess none around.Also unfortunately the water was not good for snorkeling(according to the guides,and they would know best but overall it was a nice experience.


Saw dolphins and had a beautiful sunset.


The staff was great, the boat was fun and the food and drink were very good. We were very disappointed in the snorkeling. Had we known, we would have skipped this.I've heard snorkeling wasn’t great on the pacific side, yet expected more. Also, there were no dolphin sightings, which was also disappointing. That said, we did have a fun time out on the ocean and the views were beautiful.


Nice tour on the water, but not much experienced over as under the water. Water was not very clear.


Picked us up very late. Staff was friendly. Food was good. Drink options could be better. Overall, a very good experience. Slide was fun and we saw dolphins!


Great day on the water - would have loved to see a dolphin but did not.


Fewer people on boat would be better. Heard the bathrooms were awful, so I didn’t use it.


To us, a catamaran means a sailboat - a quiet boat with at most a dozen passengers. Not a huge dirty party boat full of heavy drinkers, bomarded by techno reggae! The mini bus was overpacked with sweating bodies. The seats were designed for 2 children, not 2 adults. It took more than an hour to pick everyone up and get to the marina, 15 minutes away. The crowd was loud and drunk. The “giudes” did no guiding, just servd some very bad food (fossilized fish kabobs) and a lot of drinks. The snorkeling was poor. Way too crowded, very few fish. The only saving grace was whale sightings at the end. The bus ride hone was awful. First we had to wait for a long hot time for passengers who were busy buying more alcohol which they then started passing around the bus. After dropping off 22 people, the bus got stuck on a steep rubble riad and could not get traction. Burning rubber, leaked transmission fluid, calls for help, numerous hair raising attempts to back up and retry...we feared tipping over. What a day.


A fun experience but the dinner they serve is pretty basic..Also we were not informed that we would be sitting on a bus picking up other tourists.


A bit too much of a party boat for us.
The spent 20 minutes at the start selling the photo packages.
The meal was good.
Snorkeling was not very good.
The sunset was beautiful.
I had to wear a life jacket going down the water slide. Gave me a sore neck when the life jacket hit the water but did not go under.


no fault of the tour operator but we happen to pick the day that a very loud and obnoxious group of people went on our journey. Meal was very nice. Enjoyed view and snorkeling.


Loved the boat and the sunset cruise. The "rock" that we snorkeled around seems to have been adversely affected by the multitude of people who are snorkeling on and around it. I had heard of nicer "coral reefs' in the area and had hoped to go to a nicer one to snorkel. There was no color left to this reef and while there were some fish, there didn't seem to be many. Again, too many people. On the other hand, the food they served was really good and the staff and their instruction and guidance from start to finish were very good.


We loved seeing the sunset and the food they served was really good!


Nice relaxing final day.


Driver pick us up at Hotel on time and change to big Van. They took us a Marina.Very nice Cruise and end up beautiful sunset. I would recommend a friend.


Although we were late starting this tour exceeded my expectations. Wonderful crew and mix of young enthusiasts This old fella loved the high slide, jumping in the ocean, great meal and music and dancing and beverages. Great great final excursion into the sunset.


Nice relaxing tour. Great time of year to go, only 26 passengers, out of 120 person capacity. That would have been very crowded on this boat.


Guides were all lovely, we saw humpback whales and the guides knew so much about them, was very interesting to learn more and great to see them.


We were lucky enough to see 6 to 7 whales! but the water was too murky to snorkel. The communication while waiting to get from the marina to the boat was a bit unclear and chaotic though it all worked out fine My son hurt his head on the water slide into the water though he closely followed their directions. He is fine now but was unclear at the time why he wasn't warned


it did rain most of the time, cold. Drink were free except beer - i do not drink the strong stuff, so no beer option for the $$ spent... we could not understand the guide when he spoke english. We are only 49/53 so not hard of hearing yet. Speaker and engine did not mix well.


The pick up bus did not have us on their list and was 30 mins late. This was after having spoken with the catamaran company twice.


was a little on the boring side


Beautiful relaxing trip


We had fun, but the snorkeling left something to be desired.


The snorkeling was mediocre but everything else was fine. The guys are not really guides but were adequate


It was a lovely cruise. The snorkeling was fair, but we were able to see dolphins from the boat early on.


I expected to actually sail. The snorkelling part was underwhelming.


We really enjoyed this. There were no guides per se. They went out of their way to make us enjoy the experience.


Another great adventure!


Fun catamaran cruise, but no dolphins, no whales, and very mediocre snorkeling with just a few varieties of fish. Good eats on board and friendly staff.


Terrible food and overall not worth the money/time spent.


Very fun! Saw dolphins, not too many but a couple. The drinks and food were incredible as well as the dip in the ocean. Wish this was a longer excursion.


Very fun. But snorkeling was so so. No coral and very few fish. Water was stirred up.


The snorkeling wasn't what I expected. The water was cloudy and I we couldn't see any fish unless someone fed them.


Pleasant way to spend an afternoon. The snorkeling isn't outstanding, but there were a lot of fish.


This was more of a booze cruise than anything. Unfortunately we didn't see any dolphins. The sunset was lovely. Buffet dinner very average to poor. snorkelling a joke - a small rock with very few fish. The people outnumbered the fish by a lot. Of all our excursions this was the only one we didn't like. I was surprised based on everything else recommended that this made the cut. Too many people.


The snorkeling itself was not fantastic, cloudy water with little to see and the entire group was stung by something in the water but the overall trip, the boat, the water slide, the scenery, the crew, the food, the drinks and the sunset were amazing! Would do it again for sure!


The tour was way more commercial than we liked for our own personal taste. We have done other catamaran curises on similar boats with much smaller groups. We don't like the loud music, etc. Both my husband and son were stung by jellyfish at the snorkelig spot. Would not promote the spot as a good place to snorkel - even without the jellyfish. Beautiful view of coast. Lunch was served at 3:30 - much later than I would call lunch - we were starved.


too big of group. People over took any fish there was to see


Very nice and accommodating staff. Lunch quality was average - fish was tough and not tasty. Snorkeling quality was only average to poor. Nice boat ride. We found and sailed with dolphins which was very nice.


Snorkeling not good at all.


The tour was fun and seeing dolphins was a bonus ... the snorkeling left something to be desired


Not really geared towards people with children. Experience was ok at best.


Great crew, food, music, etc... Loved jumping off the top of the catamaran and sliding down the water slide.


We had a great time on this cruise! The food was lovely, the guides were too and we did see some lovely dolphins. I wished we had had the opportunity to snorkel a bit more. This felt rushed, and because there was a time factor, I wasn't able to enjoy the activity as I wanted to. The guides were very nice, and the boat was almost empty, so it was even better!


The catamaran boat was very nice and comfortable. We did indeed see dolphins on the tour. They provided drinks and a nice lunch too. The snorkeling conditions were not the best, but we did see some fish and had a blast jumping from the upper deck.


The food was very good. The guides were very good.


Fun but the snorkeling area did not have the variety of sea life I was hoping to see


Didn't see any dolphins, but not the fault of the crew. They made up for it with interesting information, time for playing in the water, and a wonderful meal. Fun getting to know the other passengers!


Not great fish to view but he crew were awesome, food and drinks great a very relaxing afternoon


The tour went smoothly and the sunset was gorgeous. I was disappointed in the snorkeling. The visibility was not good and there were three boats of people trying to snorkel around the same rock (too crowded).


food was spectacular, guides were friendly and made the trip pleasurable. of course, snorkeling was uneventful. the free cocktails weren't worth consuming but that's okay.


For some reason I expected a much smaller, more intimate vessel. This felt very commercial and touristy. The snorkelling is not worth the trip, and the cruise on the water is just average. The food was excellent, but I would skip it and save my money for something more meaningful.


Loved everything about this from the snorkelling to the good and cocktails to seeing dolphins and the sunset. The crew took our safety and wellbeing very seriously. Totally perfect


The outfitter was professional and the lunch was great. Unfortunately, three boats full of tourists arrived at the reef at the same time to scuba dive. There reef was only large enough to accommodate 1 boat, so it wasn't a very enjoyable experience.


This was probably my favorite tour. It was so relaxing and loads of fun! The sunset on the Pacific was absolutely breathtaking!


This was a nice, relaxing tour. We met some people who grew up in our home town in Texas--small world! The dinner was enjoyable and the scenery was nice. The snorkeling was not the best, but the sunset and the Brown Boobies made up for it.


it felt like almost a private tour since there were only 16 people in our whole group on the large boat. We loved the staff, the food and the experience.


The catamaran was amazing. Even though I had something smaller pictured in my mind, I never gave it another thought. Even with a full ship, you still felt at ease and had plenty of room to find your own place to savor the views and sunset. The meal was an added bonus and was delicious. Snorkeling and jumping off the ship and slide were highlights I hadn't expected to experience.


Snorkeling was poor. The site was dirty and there were no fish or coral.


the food was very good


We opted out of the snorkel part and just enjoyed the boat trip. On the boat they indicated that the visibility was not very good.


Amazing tour! Great staff and delicious food!


This tour totally exceeded my expectations! The boat was big and comfortable and the staff was warm and welcoming. The "little rock" we snorkeled around for an hour had an incredible number and variety of fish that we haven't seen since snorkeling in the Tahitian Islands. They fed us great 'fish kabobs', healthy drinks (make of that what you will! LOL), and we got to see dolphins play in the wake of the catamaran, topped by a beautiful sunset. We were 'selling' this cruise to other visitors we met. Well done!


snorkeling spot was pretty bad and a lot of other groups in same area. Staff and food were very good.


serve an amazing lunch


This was more fun than I anticipated. Very relaxing, snorkeling was fun...even for a beginner! And the food was good. Great sunset and great way to end our vacation.


Tour bills as a dinner sunset cruise, they actually serve lunch not dinner. Food was great but we thought we were getting dinner so we ate lunch prior to the tour. Disappointed in the alcohol, very watered down. Staff was super friendly and helpful.


Lots of fun on this cruise, wanted to spend longer time snorkeling though. the food was great! We saw lots of dolphins!


Very nice, pretty views and fun to go snorkeling - nice for last afternoon - we did not see dolphins which they had thought we probably would.


Great, and the grilled tuna kabobs were delicious! The snorkeling spot was a bit crowded with 2 other boats besides our own. That's the only reason it's not all tens.


Wonderful crew on the boat. Great food also. This was a lot of fun!


This was okay but the snorkeling was very crowded with other tours and the water was not clear at all


Not my kind of trip. Little to do.


Staff was GREAT - snorkeling wasn't too good but the overall experience was a highlight of our trip!


Lots of fun beautiful views and loved the dolphins. Good food on the tour also.


Great food and snorkeling.


The crew was great pointing out The Whale and her Baby, Turtles. The lunch was deliscious and the swim was refreshing


Great adventure.


Enjoyed it. Good food and drinks.


This was a bit disappointing. We drove around collecting the other passengers and spent 3 hours on the catamaran looking at beautiful Costa Rica but no sea animals. The guides were good and food adequate. We snorkeled in murky ocean water and still saw nothing. The guide informed us that this was due to the rainy, winter season. We understand that sea animals may not be cooperative for tours but the snorkeling should have been better. We did not feel the value was there.


I rated it less as I thought the trip was going to be longer & the lunch was limited with nothing that my grandkids would eat. A hot dog or hamburger would work, as many kids do not like fish.


The tour was great. The staff was very friendly and were ready to serve us drinks. The dolphins were very cool to see. The snorkeling stop seemed short but actually probably just the right amount of time to get a good feel for the activity. The water wasn't very clear though so it was hard seeing fish unless they were right in your face. Natures problem though not the tour company. The lunch was very very good....the food everywhere was amazing. But this was especially nice for a boat tour.


The snorkelling was extremely poor - the meal was OK, I understand you can't control what sea life we see but this was not the greatest.


One of the highlights of our trip! Perfect in every way! Highly recommend!


We were able to see plea try of dolphins, and the snorkelling was great! And of course with a free bar how do you go wrong


The boat ride, scenery, sunset, all were terrific. The snorkeling was disappointing.


Again, too many people on one boat, the snorkling was in groups with 50 other people, saw more legs than fish, it felt too turisty and crowded to us


Great meal, great service (head guide speaks fluent English and Spanish, impressive!), great fishes, kid loves jumping from the roof top of the boat.


The overall cruise was enjoyable. The location and crowd where we snorkeled was disappointing. Too many snorkelers in a small space with little sea life to see.


Beautiful boat, very large..... thankfully not full. A bit of crowding at the start. Food was good, staff good. Drinks were so so, but they were there. Include the beer in the trip (nobody will get intoxicated on the local beer :)), or give drinks chips if volume is an issue. -- Comfort was fine, but the snorkeling was a bust=no great. There was nothing to see under water, so I would just as well go swimming. The guide and the ocean view of the coast was amazing, as well as the "planned" sunset. Great day. Snorkeling, no bueno.




Fun day, good food.


Another highlight for us, we really enjoyed this activity. It was a small group, only about 20 people on a boat for 100, so lots of space. Food, snacks and drinks were wonderful. Guides were good, moving around to answer questions/chat as appropriate. The snorkeling was really fun and the slide on boat was fun too. Saw dolphins and flying fish, so overall was a really fun day!


Had a delightful time - even saw some dolphins.


I especially appreciated the guide helping me with snorkelling.


Had a lovely time. The meal was probably the best we had on the whole tour. Catamaran was not crowded. Nicely done.


The tour was lovely, the sunset amazing and the food wonderful. However, we didn't see any dolphins at all.


The snorkeling was lame; swim 50 feet to explore one rock and then come back, all the time surrounded by 200 people. But we had fun on the water slide and found dolphins right before sunset.