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Located on the Central Pacific coast, a little north of Manuel Antonio, the Damas Island Estuary is a great place to observe rare and exotic wildlife. This half day tour will take you through this interesting refuge on a covered riverboat, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the scenery and natural surprises around every turn.

The tour starts when you are picked up from your local area hotel. Most guests will be coming from Manuel Antonio, which equates to about a 20 – 30 minute drive. Those coming from Uvita, Dominical, or Jaco will have a longer drive. Once you reach the refuge, you will meet your guide and board the boat for your safari.

The riverboat is covered to protect from sun or rain. It is equipped with a quiet engine so you have a better chance of hearing the wildlife and guide. Your bilingual guide is certified by the ICT as a professional naturalist guide ensuring you receive the best information on the wonders you will witness.

The Damas Island Estuary is loaded with wildlife! It is not uncommon to see playful capuchin monkeys, silky anteaters, sloths, and other mammals. Of course, there are plenty of reptiles including boas, crocodiles, and caiman. Many coastal migratory birds stop in at different times of the year. Egrets, herons, and spoonbills are commonly observed.

The tour is tide dependent as it is on a coastal estuary. Because of this, transportation and meal times may vary. Be prepared to spend around 2.5 hours on the boat. On this tour you will enjoy a traditional Costa Rican meal at a local restaurant.

Your safari adventure includes transportation, bilingual guide, gear, and a meal. In total, the tour is expected to last 4 hours, though this is subject to change and longer if you are staying in Jaco, Dominical, or Uvita. Transportation from these areas is at set times. If you have to wait for the tide to come in or wait for the bus back to your hotel, don't worry, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beach, or hang out in the restaurant; please be prepared for these eventualities.

NOTE: Since this tour is tide dependent, please do not coordinate other tour activities on this day when staying in Jaco, Domical, or Uvita.



  • Riverboat ride through the Damas Island Estuary
  • Chance to see exotic wildlife
  • Enjoy a typical Costa Rican style meal

What to Bring

  • Insect Repellent
  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • And Rain Gear

Location and Availability

The Damas Island Riverboat Safari is available from Dominical, Herradura, Jaco, Manuel Antonio, and Uvita

Tour Time

  • Depend of the Ocean Tides

Tour Type

  • Safari Cruise

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Recommended Ages

All Family


Latitude: N 9° 27' 30.76"
Longitude: W 84° 12' 3.37"


  • Overall 92.5% (188 Guest Ratings)
  • Experience: 92.1%
  • Expectations: 91.1%
  • Guides: 94.1%
  • Logistics: 92.8%
  • Value: 92.6%


Wonderful tour! William was very informative and accommodating! We had a great time!


The tour was quite fun and more educational than I expected.


William was excellent enjoyed the homemade meal afterwards


Fabulous tutorial on the eco system of MANGROVE swamp by William A Vargas G.and "eagle eye' the boat driver.Delicious lunch afterwards at family home.


Beautiful mangroves. Great guide! Lunch was perfect.


The guides were great and the lunch we were provided was delicious but the overall riverboat experience was okay for me. There was nothing wrong with it but I enjoyed other excursions more than this one.


Excellent excursion. Very relaxing, lunch was very good. Our guide Raoul was so knowledgeable. A trained Naturalist


The tour guide was very friendly and knowledgeable. The scenery was impeccable


Saw some monkeys and various birds, was hoping for more but you can't control nature. The mangrove is beautiful and the tour was very relaxing. Would definitely do again.


The same group of guides as for Manuel Antonio and both guides were excellent. The tour was calm and restful, not overly exciting, but we saw the small tree-climbing ant-eater and that was really great! Fun breakfast!


Several bold Capuchin monkeys hopped on board. Probably on a dare from the other monkeys, the leader quickly touched my knee then backed away. Very interesting tour with lots of wildlife.


Excellent and guide was very knowledgeable. The lunch that was prepared was also tasty and simple!


I wish I'd seen more wildlife on the tour, but it was great nonetheless.


We got to see a variety of birds and the guide was very knowledgeable.


Enjoyed it very much - the guides again were knowledgeable and we saw a lot of wildlife.


Excellent tour with knowledgeable guide




Small group, relaxing, nice lunch and great guide.


Loved that we ended up getting lucky and basically had a private tour. The guide was entertaining and really knew how to connect with his guests. The boat driver had such a good eye at spotting things so I would like to truly offer my thanks to him as well. He really helped make the experience better.


Really enjoyable, nice guide


Appreciated the lunch included option, would like more of this in future trips. Appreciated the small group.




Incredibly knowledgeable tour guide, learned a ton but he kept it lively even for teenagers.


The guide was excellent in describing the importance of the mangrove forests. The boat operator was very skilled in spotting birds and animals that most of us would have missed. The traditional lunch was great.


Nice if you would just like to kayak. But not much wildlife.


The guide and boat captain were amazing at spotting the wildlife, and we learned a lot.


Tour with guide was great. Started out rough with a 50 min delay getting picked up. Again, lunch was at 4:00 - not lunchtime. This was misleading. I wished we had known.


Much better than our expectations. We saw a lot and learned a lot. the guide, Michael was very knowledgeable. and the whole trip was enjoyable.


Very good tour....our guide was very good and personable. Even on the trip back to our hotel he stopped to point out scarlet macaws....wonderful.


Guides knowledgible and spoke excellent english, Lunch provided simple but very tasty


We enjoyed this trip very much. The guides were good and again, we saw interesting wildlife. It was a relaxing trip.


In general, less adventure, more passive an activity than most of the things we did


Was a little excited at the end, thought the monkeys were going to get us. The meal was wonderful!


While I understand that some of these tours rely on the 'luck' of finding the wildlife, we hit the jackpot! Lots of white faced monkeys and a golden furred anteater, among others. The guides were professional and knowledgeable and the great little breakfast afterward was a nice bonus. It was clear that our guide had grown up among the mangroves and knew the land and wildlife intimately. Great tour, highly recommended.


Enjoyed the tour and the guide was excellent. According to our itinerary, lunch was expected but breakfast was provided.


Was okay. Early start, understanding that you need to catch the tide, but didn't see much wildlife.


Very disappointed that we saw so little wildlife. We love the monkeys though.


Wonderful. Boat was noisy - (but hubby wanted motor boat, I think I'd have liked to kayak)


Randall was our guide and he was very informative . He has eyes like a hawk. The breakfast was delicious.


Absolutely fabulous, great guide.


Iguana Tours really exceeded my expectations. Randall remembered us from the night before and as this day was my birthday he had everyone sing to me. Really went out of his way to make my day and trip special. Andre the boat driver was always the best. We sat in the back with him and he pointed out things to us along the way. I would definitely recommend Iguana Tours again!


This was a good tour once again wish we could have seen more animals


Randall from Iguana Tours was very knowledgeable and personable. He really wanted everyone to see and love his country the way he did. We had some wonderful encounters with Capuchin Monkeys and learned all about the eco-system of the mangroves.


Fabulous tour - not strenuous - thankfully!!!! great wildlife!!


My wife and I both enjoyed this trip, it was excellent. The guide and boat captain were able to find lots of wildlife to show us.


Fascinating. Had a good time. Breakfast was a quality treat we weren't expecting.