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The Horseback Ride to Tocori Waterfalls is a unique tour that combines natural beauty, nature, and local culture into one unique experience. In one action-packed tour, you will horseback ride on a country farm, walk through the jungle, observe and swim beneath a waterfall, and then spend time at the family farm, enjoying a traditional Costa Rican meal!

The day starts when you are picked up from your local area hotel. Those staying in Manuel Antonio will drive for about 20 minutes to the farm after picking up other adventurers. Guests staying in Jaco, Uvita, or Dominical will have a longer drive.

When you arrive at Rancho Don Gilberto, you will meet your guide. He will fit you with a helmet, provide a brief safety and instructional speech on horseback riding, and then you will be matched with your horse.

You will ride along a trail that eventually cuts through fields and forest for about an hour. Then you will walk along a trail towards the waterfalls. Along the way, your guide will tell you about the plants, animals, and history of the area.

There are four waterfalls at the Tocori Waterfalls, 1 requires almost no walking, but if you can walk about 1/4 mile, you will discover the rest. Don’t forget your camera for the stunning views! And don’t forget your bathing suit so you can swim below the falls!

After taking in the scenery and cooling off in the stream, you will ride back to the private ranch for a delicious Costa Rican style meal. Casados, BBQ, and fresh local fruits will be served. You will also have time to see and learn about indigenous herbs and plants.

Following lunch, you will be returned to your hotel. The tour is expected to last around 4 – 5 hours including transfer times from Manuel Antonio and longer for those staying in Dominical, Uvita, or Jaco. Of course, this is subject to change due to the nature of the tour. Riders should not weigh over 200 pounds. Participants should be able to ride at an easy pace for around two hours. Your adventure includes bilingual guide, lunch, drinks, and transportation.


  • Horseback ride at a Costa Rican ranch
  • Visit and swim beneath the Tocori Waterfalls
  • Eat a Costa Rican style lunch at the rancho

What to Bring

  • Insect Repellent
  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Sturdy Shoes
  • Clothes That Can Get Wet
  • Long Pants Or Towel
  • Change Of Clothes If Planning To Swim
  • Sun Block
  • And Rain Gear

Location and Availability

The Horseback Ride to Tocori Waterfalls is available from Dominical, Herradura, Jaco, Manuel Antonio, and Uvita

Tour Times

  • 8:00am
  • 2:00pm

Tour Type

  • Adventure
  • Nature
  • Waterfalls

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Recommended Ages

7 and up


Latitude: N 9° 25' 45.71"
Longitude: W 84° 9' 36.64"


  • Overall 90.6% (163 Guest Ratings)
  • Experience: 90.9%
  • Expectations: 89.2%
  • Guides: 90.6%
  • Logistics: 91.7%
  • Value: 91.4%


Our best day on the whole trip. Just superlative. Horse ride to waterfall in the middle of pristine rainforest. Maybe one of the best days of my life.


This tour was fantastic because it really showed the conservation efforts by Costa Rica. Going through the river was awesome. The food was excellent as well. Very well done. They worked with riders and non riders


D was so knowledgeable and kind. She had a deep knowledge of the area, the plants and history. We loved being with both D and her father. A great trip.


Guide had a thick accent and his English was hard to understand; but, he was a Spanish speaker and his English is much better than my Spanish! The horseback ride was wonderful.....too short! The waterfall was pretty but not super exciting. The water area was small and rocky...not worth going in to get wet. Lunch and coffee was delicious! Too much food which they graciously put in a bag for me to take back with me.


Horses, waterfall were fantastic


Our guide Gilberto meet us at the drop off site dressed like a cowboy. He was very engaging and knowledgeable about everything we did and saw. He explained so much to us about the many varieties of natural herbs and plants grown on the farm.. Once, again our dietary restrictions were accommodated with a delicious lunch. The horses were kind and gentle. We had expected to be able to swim or at least stand under the waterfalls but frankly there were no changing into swimsuits accommodations and the rocky surface under the waterfall made it difficult to walk under it.


Our guide gave us the history of the ranch, history of plants and what benefit they had and a great experience riding the horses. This was more than I expected.


I did not expect this to be a private tour but I was pleasantly surprised. I loved everything about this tour.


Great tour and guide was funny


I really enjoyed Gilbert Gomez' commentary throughout the whole trip, and I loved all of the herbs and spices grown on the property. He is as much of a treasure as that beautiful part of the country.


Our guide Gilberto should be a national treasure! We had a great time. I sent a photo of the horses to someone I know that is an equestrian expert in the US and she said the horses looked healthy and well cared for. The ride through the river and forest was beautiful. The waterfalls were also lovely. It is about an hour drive from Manuel Antonio, which wasn't great, but it was a fun excursions nonetheless. My 10 and 14 year old enjoyed it too. Gilberto was very informative and told us a lot about what we were seeing.


So beautiful!


My favorite adventure!!! This was such a great experience!!


So much more than a horseback ride to falls. Another educational experience for us all -- the guide was so knowledgeable and opened our eyes also to some of the benefits of natural herbs and plants in the region. Beauty all around during this ride and at the waterfalls. The meal was delicious too!!


One of my favorite tours. Gilberto was a wonderful guide! Taught us about local Costa Rican life, foods, and plants.




Fabulous fabulous trip!


Overall the tour was great. We expected falls that were more grand. The horses were great, guide was great, Princess the dog was a cute bonus! It was easy and comfortable and beautiful.


The horseback ride was shorter than expected, however it was alot of fun and a great time.


The tour was very late getting started and the guide was a little rough, but once things got going it was an amazing experience.


Exceeded our expectations. Neither of us had ridden a horse in many decades and were a tad apprehensive. The horses were gentle, and the terrain was not so challenging. The scenery was beautiful, serene, and memorable.


A fun day with friendly local guides, well trained horses, beautiful scenery and excellent home-cooked meal.


There were only my husband and I and one other tourist on this trail ride. The pictures and videos I brought home made my fellow equestrian friends very jealous !
This tour really gave you a sense of CR, the jungle, the way of life, how animals are kept and how they run this ranch. Our guide brought his son along. The guide was very informative and made us feel very safe, as we were in the deep jungle for the ride. I loved the overwhelming sounds of the jungle while we quietly rode thru the jungle. So amazing ! I have been riding horses all of my life and have been on trail rides all over the USA, but this ride tops my list !! We also loved the home cooked, local food, coffee and fruits we were served after the trail ride. What a great memory !!


The guides on this tour were friendly but we all felt like they were rushing us through the tour. We also didn't ride the horses for very long, probably only 30 minutes total. Also, the waterfall they mention swimming in is literally a water hole at the bottom of a waterfall. Definitely not big enough for the whole tour of us to swim in. The horses are well trained as well as the guides. The home cooked Costa Rican meal at the end was also very good!


Seemed a bit unorganized, it was disconcerting to have no guide in front to lead the way. Guides were knowledgeable, but not very personable.


This tour was well organized and exceeded expectations. It was a safe adventure with my 11-year old child. Lunch afterwards was a treat!


Now during the rainy season, the trails are muddy and slippery which scared the crap out of us lol but still made for a good time. Gilberto was a fun guide and the cooked food after the trail was great!


This is great if you already know how to ride a horse- if you don't it gets painful. The guide said the words that would qualify as training but they just didn't transfer. I was in a lot of pain by the time we were done. it just went on too long. (the question about rating our experience was asked twice,fyi)


The tour guides seemed disorganized and confused, taking forever to get us on our horses and on the trail. This was also much more strenuous than expected - one on our party had to get off her horse and walk because her horse would not walk but wanted to trot the whole way. I would not want to do this again.


Horse's were great. Inexperienced at riding made the ride seem longer.


This Guide Roberto was accommodating, patient and very attentive to his clients. It was an excellent experience.


AMAZING- Gilberto our guide was awesome- really nice guy who loves horses. We especially liked the history of the indigenous people he told us about and all the history of the surrounding area, the waterfall was beautiful and refreshing. The lunch at the end of the ride was delicious.


I would just try to schedule this in the am during rainy season.


This tour needs to have limitations....we and 2 other families that were at Si Como No all had the same experience. The tour was fine, but the horseback riding was rough. We were sore for DAYS after - miserabley sore!! Maybe you should just tell people if it's been awhile since they've been on a horse, then this is not the tour for them. Thank goodnedss this tour was our last one - it ruined my last day in CR.


Did not go on this tour because there is a weight limit of 230lbs and I weigh 250. So they adjusted and took us to the mangrove tour. That was okay.


Our 2 guides were very nice and the older 'cowboy' guide man definitely shared his life experiences with us and made the tour interesting. Had us smelling and tasting different vegetation and telling us how he lives off the land and only uses herbs for medicine...very nice tour.


Two hours on a four-wheel-drive horse is just too long. I was bruised and sore for days. The waterfall is beautiful, but not worth the hour on horseback to get there. Lunch afterward was very good.


Fun tour! I just don't think I'm that great at horseback riding - I got very sore.


Although Alberto is a very smart man and was good to point out plant life and inform us of the healing properties of the plants....he was a very serious man and a little difficult to talk to. Our lunch that was prepared out at the ranch was very nice and I would have like to see more of the ranch and learn more about what they have there, but it was almost like it wasn't allowed....too bad.


Way too long, Waterfall was not impressive.


nice people, nice setting.


Overall, we had a good time. The waterfall and the surrounding area were quite beautiful, but the bulk of the ride is through residential streets where it is super hot and dusty and not very scenic. Would have preferred a ride that spent more time in the forested area. Lunch was great. The main guide was great. The other guides were more horse-people than people-people, but that was fine. I would choose a different tour next time.


Pleasant and enjoyable.


The tour was good but the guide was not very friendly. As people who do not ride horses everyday, I wish that the guide would have been more helpful in helping us control the horses so that our rides were more smooth.


The good news was that we were the only participants that morning and got a private tour. However, half of the horseback ride was along a road, and although it wasn't a very busy road, it did make me a little nervous. My horse must have picked up on my nervousness and reacted a little scared and was a little skittish. So, the entire time we were on horseback I felt tense. I did loosen up on the way back though, so that was more enjoyable. The tour guide was nice, but not very talkative. I think the experience was ok. Not sure I would do it again.


Given the length of the horseback ride and the rocky path, this tour would be better for someone with good experience on horses. The waterfall was small and thus somewhat disappointing.


A peak experience.


The trip to the falls was beautiful, but I have decided horseback riding is not my cup of tea. The guide was great and the lunch we were served was great.