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Manuel Antonio National Park is the smallest park in Costa Rica, but one of the largest in terms of biodiversity. The beautiful white sand beach is considered the most beautiful in Costa Rica.

The day starts off with shuttle pickup from your hotel before being driven to the park where your bilingual guide will be waiting to meet you. Transportation times to the park varies from approximately 15 minutes to one hour and a half depending on how far your lodging is from Manuel Antonio.

The park is loaded with wildlife such as sloths, monkeys, toucans and parrots. With a little luck and cooperation from Mother Nature, your naturalist guide will lead the way pointing out an abundance of wildlife, flora and fauna found within the canopy.

The trails of Manuel Antonio National Park are well-groomed and are considered easy to walk. Your guide will have special gear for spotting wildlife, and will be happy to combine your camera with the spotting scope to take photos for you.

After walking through the canopy and spotting wildlife, you will reach a beautiful, white sand beach where you can rest and take a dip in the clear waters or sit in the shade. The park provides changing facilities so be sure to bring along your bathing suit and towel to enjoy a swim.

Afterwards you will make your way back through the trails where you will possibly see more wildlife. Transportation by shuttle will be provided to return you to your hotel. Depending on your hotel’s location there may be an additional charge for certain outlying areas.

This enlightening half day safari includes transportation and a bilingual guide. Tours are not available on Mondays and the park no longer allows people to re-enter after leaving the grounds. It is recommended you bring: a camera, a snack, water, sturdy shoes, sun block, rain gear, binoculars, and a bathing suit and towel if you would like to swim at the end of the hike.

What to Bring

  • Biinoculars
  • Water
  • A Snack
  • Camera
  • Sturdy Shoes
  • Insect Repellent
  • Sun Block
  • Towel
  • Bathing Suite
  • Rain Gear Please Note That You Can No Longer Re-enter The National Park After Leaving

Location and Availability

The Manuel Antonio National Park is available from Dominical, Herradura, Jaco, Manuel Antonio, Palo Seco-Esterillos area, and Uvita

Tour Times

  • 8:00am
  • 12:00pm

Tour Type

  • Wildlife Hike

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Recommended Ages



Latitude: N 9°23'25.3". Longitude: W 85°51'22.74"


  • Overall 90.6% (783 Guest Ratings)
  • Experience: 89.6%
  • Expectations: 89.0%
  • Guides: 92.8%
  • Logistics: 91.0%
  • Value: 92.1%


VERY knowledgable guide, passionate about what he does -- and entertaining while educational!! Beautiful forest, beautiful beach!!


Great guide and a really fun afternoon on the beach


I had a lot of fun and hanging out at the beach afterwards was perfect.


Our guide was amazing at finding animals for us to see - and so much fun! We only wish we had known to bring a lunch so we could stay and enjoy the beach there. What a beautiful place.


Wonderful place, a bit crowded. The guide was essential as he pointed out a myriad small and large animals that we would otherwise have missed. We learned a lot from him, and ended up using the same company (Iguana Tours) for a kayak trip in the Mangroves the following day.


We had a wonderful guide Andrés, very knowledgeable


We only had 10 minutes at the beach. I was hoping we could spend more time at the beach. We could have, but then would have had to figure out how to get back to the hotel ourselves. Also, the fruitplate was pretty disappointing considering how many different varieties of fruit available in Costs Rica


The Iguana Tours people were great! Got to see lots of animals through the spotting telescope. The beach was beautiful too.


Amazing, beautiful park with guides that were very knowledgable and enthusiastic about the park. No other place on earth like Manuel Antonio! Loved it!


We loved the National Park, it was very beautiful and wished we could have spent more time there. We were led to believe we we would have time swim during tour, but found out if we wanted to swim we would have to find alternate transportation back to hotel. It was a rainy day, guide was in a rush and did not wait for the slower individuals in the group. I would like to go back to the Park in the future to explore more and enjoy their beaches!


Lots of things to see!


The tour company that provided this tour provided that best experience that we had on our trip. All of the staff that we interacted with were professional and polite. Our guide, Andres, was knowledgeable about the wildlife and the ecosystem. I would highly recommend this tour to others coming to this area.


The guide was amazing. He showed us all kinds of animals we would have missed without him.


The guide had loads of info, could spot wildlife we would have no hope of seeing otherwise, showed us through his spotting scope and used it to take amazing pictures on my smart phone! Saw both kinds of sloths, all three types of monkeys, interesting and beautiful birds, insects and reptiles!


I found the park somewhat ordinary but the guide was awesome


Would have preferred to have taken this tour the first day we arrived versus the last day; way too crowded; not very many animals at the time of day; a long walk with little benefit. Could have done this on our own.


Way too overcrowded. The 'trail' we walked was in fact a service road. The crowds were the most dense of any of the wildlife tours we experienced. Again, we saw lots of wildlife, but when you are jostled by crowds, it definitely takes away from the experience.


This was too long, not very exciting. It was difficult to see the wildlife and could only see them through the guide's telescope. The kids got bored and went to the beach, the guide talked too much. He was obviously very passionate about the wildlife but it was a little long of a tour for us. The beach was fun, although we would have gone to the other side had we known they had surfing rentals available. We found this out when we left and were waiting for our hotel transportation. Also, Hotel Parador has so much wildlife (we saw macaws, monkeys, sloths) that there's no reason to go to the park. We saw more animals out in the open at the hotel than we did at the national park!


This was great- the guides are very dedicated to making sure we see animals and have a good time. They helped us all get great photos and were very knowledgeable. We saw many delightful animals.


It was great to see the animals and be able to take good picture of them through the guide's telescope! The beach is simply amazing.


Beach was beautiful. Hoped to see squirrel monkeys but didn't, but that's no one's fault. Hoped to see more birds.


There were huge crowds of people. Harder to find the animals, but it was still a wonderful experience.


SO many people on the guided walks to the beach, and so many people and vehicles going past as we were viewing wildlife. That said, there was lots to see, and the guide was great at pointing out creatures we would have walked right past. The beaches were lovely and amenities were more than I had assumed would be there.


Hugely overrated. Did not enjoy having to look through telescope. Saw few animals. Spiders and monkeys and sloths from a very big distance. We saw more animals from our hotel. The guide wasn't very informative or passionate like the other guides we had. He was talking on the phone on the walk back.


The crowds lined up for the Manuel Antonio Park when we were scheduled to go there were huge. We missed the tour pick up and went on our own to the park. There were so many people in the park that day so that we were amongst crowds most of the time during our visit to Manuel Antonio Park.


Another one of our favorite tours! Andres was a great guide--knew all about sloths.


Fun time, we opted to stay in the park after the tour so we missed out on the snack afterwards which was fine.


The tour guide tried to show us the same thing too often, the beach inside was great however if we were not in a local hotel I would of been disappointed as tour guide did not leave enough room to visit beach so people had to make their own way back to hotel if they wished to stay a bit. We did as were only a 2 min walk & had a lovely afternoon on a spectacular beach.


This was a little more strenuous than I had expected, but that was due to my personal stamina at the time. The guide & telescopes made this trip. The stop at the Marlin after for fruit & drink was welcome.


Being on Sunday, many tours were happening at the same time making hearing the guide difficult.


This was the best activity we did. We love walking in woods, and seek our parks wherever we go. Our guide was AAA+++. Loved all the birds, animals and insects he showed us.


Saw many animals, guides have incredible ability to spot creatures that are invisible to the untrained eye!


Hot day. Not sure what to expect. Went in am and many tourists. Guide was super knowledgeable. Tour was very long and a bit lengthy in terms of information. Was not well informed of where to go after tour or where to catch bus back. Also... not enough food for all tourists.


Our guide was great. The park itself is very crowded. It was not what I pictured when I thought of hiking through a jungle. We were under the impression that we would have time to spend at the beach, but we were told that we had to leave with the guide within 15 minutes of getting to the beach, or find our own ride back to the hotel.


The guide was nice and very knowledgeable. However, I had the feeling that we spent too much time watching the sloths (the first 2-3, it was OK) and we ended up surrounded by people from other groups. We might have missed other animals because of that...


Great info from the guide and he helped everyone find the animals and take pictures.


We enjoyed our stay on the beach and our own hikes much more. There were too many competing groups on the main road


Our guide was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic we were thankful that he brought Monoscope and he even took pictures with it on our cell phones. We were excited to see three lost two of which were moving which is amazing and made our day!


Wish we could have seen more animals, but that can't be controlled. The guide was great with what we could see.


Loved the park, saw much wildlife & the guide was so knowledgeable telling us & showing us close ups thru the viewfinder. He was a great naturalist.


Lots of people and guides, was hoping for more. The beach was lovely.




Tour was quite short. Could not see that many animals.


Andre's & Mauricio were on time and so nice. They did there best to make sure we saw EVERY animal, plant, and insect there. Very patient, very kind.


sort of short time to see all that was available,, would have liked to stay on the beach longer, limited to 20 minutes by the guide


Fabian (guide) was pointing out several animals we would have missed. Was able to take pictures for us thought his scope. Definitely recommend going with a guide.


Love this national park. Stayed all day and hiked every trail. It's a must see on any trip to Costa Rica.


We enjoyed the tour so much we even booked an evening tour with the guides through the mangroves.


You really don't get any closer to the wildlife here. a don't miss for sure.


The tour was not too big, but there were a lot of people in the park. Our guide was really great at pointing things out and letting us see the binoculars. He was very nice and you could tell enjoyed what he did. We loved being able to stay at the beach after!


This was our favorite; our guide once again knew so much and we loved hearing and seeing all about the ecosystem. The park needs more bathrooms, but aside from that it's quite amazing.


The guide was excellent. Since there are a lot of people walking through the park the animals are a little shy, but we did see a variety due to the keen eye of our knowledgeable and skilled guide. The trail around the peninsula was well maintained and the beach experience was beautiful and refreshing. A lot of monkeys over there!


Very knowledgeable tour guide. Fun to see the monkeys and raccoons on the beach. Only issue was that the bathrooms were closed on our way out


Great tour. Guide was excellent. Park was quite crowded, but that is to be expected.


What an awesome place!


Great Guide again. Very passionate and knowledgeable about the park and made it a great tour.


Would be nice to have the option to stay longer at the beach and still have transportation back to the hotel.


Group size was great (6 - 8), very knowledgeable guide. Glad we were given an opportunity to stay in the park and arrange our own transportation back to the resort. Loved the beach. Had nice views of sloth on our way out of the park.


Our tour guide was amazing. We learned a great deal of information.


This far exceeded our expectations. We had heard that this national Park was well known and a must see, but I had no idea everything we would actually see. Definitely in list and pay for a guide rather than just doing the walk on your own. The guy knows exactly what to look for and spotted an amazing number of animals and insects that we would have never seen. Bats, spiders, snakes, crickets, birds, all kinds of things. We were also fortunate enough to see multiple two toed sloth's and also three toed sloth's. We also were able to see a troop of monkeys. I do not know if we were lucky or if all of those animals are seen all of the time but we certainly loved it. Our guide was incredible. He has a camera set up such that anyone with an iPhone can attach your phone to his camera and get close up pictures of all of the animals and plants he pointed out. Also, I highly recommend staying down at the beach rather than walking back immediately after the tour. You can stay as long as you like and enjoy the incredible surf. The waves were perfect size for kids mine are 10 years and 14 years of age. After staying as long as you like you have to walk back to town yourself it took about half an hour on our own. Then you have to catch the shuttle to the hotel you are staying at, but that is easy and not expensive. Again I highly recommended this


Beautiful park and beach which was not too busy at that time of year.


Disappointing tour, very slow, long and drawn out. The guide was well-informed but slow overall.


Good tour but a lot of waiting around and the trip back to the hotel was not provided.


Beautiful park and very knowledgeable guides. The guides have a passion for their environment and very friendly. It was nice they have the telescope so we can see the animals and creatures up close. The beach and rainforest/jungle was amazing and very clean.


Our guide demonstrated remarkable skills at locating wildlife and he was knowledgeable.


Loved this a lot. Our guide was very knowledgeable and we wouldn't have seen a lot with out him.


Our guide was great, funny and informative. I can't remember his name, helped us with some local info too.


The tour was really just walking up the same trail that everyone is walking on to go to Manuel Antonio Beach.
The guide was knowledgeable but we expected to go on more of a tour into the selva.


Very amazing place. Great knowledgeable guide. Worthwhile.


Closeness to park was great/tour was amazing/Guide (Andrey) was fabulous!
This was one of the top experiences of the trip!


Tour guide was amazing and the beach was beautiful!! We did have the expectation was to see a little more wildlife -- but know it is nature.


Rooster was our tour guide and he made sure we all had a great experience and that we saw lots of wildlife


the guide was very helpful we would have never seen the animals he was able to point out


Sadly, underwhelmed - as were had been looking forward to this tour our entire trip. Perhaps it was because we had seen so much wildlife already, it didn't seem like there was much to see. Also, completely out of control of the guide and National Park, we were unable to use the main beach due to crocodiles in the water, which was disappointing after hearing so many wonderful things from other travelers. Overall, we enjoyed our day but felt like we paid a guide to walk us to the beach.


Our guide was so educated and polite. The park is so neat!! I only wish we understood what could and could not bring into the park sooner. We would have brought lunch and left the my pop up sunshade at the hotel. I wish we had been better prepared so we could have stayed longer. Maybe something good to tell future guests?


our guide was amazing. he was able to spot so many animals, and was well worth having along to point out the amazing wildlife.


Lots of animals but boring for kids


way to crowded and from what we understand we were there at the best time. although we did enjoy the walk and wildlife viewing.


Great guide and tour, but overcrowded park


Wonderful part of the trip - our guide was great! Amazing to see such great animals in nature.


Saw lots of wildlife, and enjoyed the beach. The monkeys at the beach were cool.


Our guide was excellent in searching out cool things from crabs, to birds nest, spiders and of course monkeys. The beach was cool at the end of the trail. We were not aware that we would have opportunity to swim and did not prepare to stay and swim. I wish we would have. It would have been nice. The beach area had an array of monkeys hanging around to make great picture opportunities and we spied some tricky racoons trying to raid a swimmers backpack.


Only downside was we didn't know about the beach and not being able to reenter so we forgot our bathing suits and came back two days later for the beach.


Guide was great and spotting wildlife and taking pictures. Very beautiful park


The guide was very knowledgeable, fun, and was able to point out many things that we just would have never seen without him. The park was very full of life and the beach was amazing. A-1 all the way. Nothing at all to complain about. We were very happy.




Very knowledgeable tour guide; saw lots of animals including three different types of monkeys and a sloth so I was super happy!


Seeing a baby sloth moving in the trees made my day. Great beach too. But too many tourists.


The guide was very patient to be sure we all saw animals. The walk out at the end of the day was amazing and easy to find our way around.


Our other tours you arranged in Costa Rica for us were simply better than this one, with smaller groups and more wildlife. The guides were great but we were judging against the other experiences so it just wasn't quite as good. I'm sure if we had done this first, however, it would have been wonderful!


expert guide! Very hot day, but everyone made the best of it and we saw many animals. The beach was fabulous and the monkeys hilarious


This wasn't much of a hike.....more like a stroll down a busy road with lots of people and the occasional vehicle. We loved the park and explored more of it on our own after, but we felt the tour was a waste of money.


Our guide was amazing at spotting the monkeys, sloths and lizards


We got some great pictures of the animals on this tour.


The guide was excellent. Very knowledgeable! He made the experience great.


Very crowded, very few animals and birds without spotting scope would have seen nothing. Very overated


was not aware that transportation back from the beach was not included unless you left immediately. we stayed. trying to find a taxi took some time


Very nice park, nice beaches, great guides who are very interested in showing you the sights.


This tour was way too crowded and not nearly as fun as some of our other tours. We were glad we brought our stuff to stay the day at the beautiful beach as it would have been very disappointing. We still saw some great animals, just way too many people!


Mauricio our guide was super knowledgable and very respectful of the mission to preserve the ecology


Park and guide were amazing. Gave the logistics a slightly lower mark simply because we ended up waiting45 mins at the end of the tour for another party to finish / have refreshments


Guides were excellent and extremely knowledgeable. Bus picked us up on time and logistics were good. Tour as shorter than we expected. But guides made every effort to make sure we saw as much as we could. Excellent experience.


Excellent...... Great to experience the park and then spend the rest of the day on a delightful beach.


Thank you to PTW for organizing this tour with one day notice!
The Driver picked us up right at the front door, dropped us off near the park, told us where to meet for return trip. Also, talked about the area during the drive. Lunch provided was very nice!


We saw more animals during this walk than we did the rest of the week in Costa Rica! We saw a ton of sloths and monkeys, and the guide was excellent at spotting them. Loved the beach at the end, definitely bring your bathing suit!


I rate this a little lower only because the park was so very crowded.


Wonderful tour. Thoroughly enjoyed this experience and our guide took amazing pictures with our cameras. Very professional.


Nice guide.


Wow, this is one overwhelmed little park. The guide, once again, was exceptional. I know they control numbers, but the sheer volume of people in there is hard to take. Nevertheless, it was a positive experience.


The guide was great and the chance to see all the monkeys was definitely a memory maker.


We had read that the park was crowded, so that was not a surprise to us. The guides did their best to find interesting wildlife in their scopes and share it with us. It was a very hot day, and a tough 2-hour walk for me, but I enjoyed the wildlife and the Capuchin monkeys at the beach.


Great Group!


Loved the beach! The guide spoke for too long a time. The walk was just so-so. Had it not been for the binoculars, we probably would not have seen too much. It was way too hot to be standing around in the hot sun. I


The guides have an eagle eye to spot the wildlife. Most were at a distance, but we did get close to a few animals. The beach was beautiful.


Very interesting sights. Just got in a group of stick in the muds!


GREAT! We saw a lot of wildlife. Our guide was great and had a wonderful sense of humor. It was very crowded, but the guide told us that Saturday's and Sunday's usually are.


Way too crowded !!


Outstanding guide and amazing scenery at the beach.


Even though it is a busy park, the guides did and excellant job of showing us the plants and birds. Great experience. Only problem was the beach swiming part. The information you gave us indicated there would be time for a swim, but what it actually was, is that if you wanted to swim you would leave the tour at that point and find you own way back to the hotel. perhaps you should put in your information that this is an option after the walk is finished. We would highly recommend this company and its guides for any nature related tours.


Our guide was very knowledgeable and took pictures of the animals and other creatures for everyone in the group through the spotting scope. We made more friends we others in our group and spent the entire day with them at the phenomenal beach in the park. Monkeys everywhere! So cool!


The park and your guide were great. It was very crowded and slow moving though.


Our guide was great but I didn't realize it was a group tour from pickup to our tour itself.Also should have provided return transfer for those( most of the group who wanted to stay and visit the beach not just have a look and get back on the bus.


Loved the park and being able to take pictures thru the guide's telephoto lens. Very informative.


Perhaps to have been able to spend more time at the beach with a way to return to the hotel.


Tour guide she was awesome and knowledgeable but the park didn't have the wildlife I excepted.


Wonderful excursion!!! Saw lots of wildlife! Swam in the ocean and hiked the Cathedral hike. Wish the sign for refilling water bottles was more evident, but that is a beautiful spot!


Incredible sightings of sloths, monkeys, and lizards


also wish we could have seen more animals, but the guides were well organized and great with questions and information


Future travelers should know that the hiking part of this adventure is outstanding and you're sure to see animals. A guide is nice with their telescopes. The beach is highly over-rated (rocky) and the amenities in the park are dismal. Would recommend to future travelers to hike the park with a guide; then head back to the public beach for much better experience and access to food/water.


Very crowded and except for monkeys most wildlife was distant and only discernable with a spotter scope. Guide was entertaining. Trails are well-marked and there is a nice beach, but there wasn't really any place to hike away from the crowds.


Very good tour, although I would have liked it to last longer and to see more.


Wonderful place.Very crowded though! We went back on another day with the intro the tour provided and spent the day and hiked the beautiful trail to Catedral lookout!. Janan was great! I should have read the details of the preparation, and brought swim suit and SNORKEL gear! My fault it's not all tens.


There was a lot of people going to the park, so it was a little overcrowded for us. We did see bats, sloths, and monkeys. The street vendor right outside the park was one of the best meals we had on the trip. Be prepared to walk or get a taxi home if you want to stay in the park beyond the tour, like we did.


park is okay, nothing to do with the park or logistics but manuel Antonio was very hot and humid, and because we went to arenal first which was awesome MA was a bit of let down. Liked the town of MA but not so much the park, mainly because we had seen a lot of wildlife at arenal already and it was just too hot.


Way too crowded. The guide was excellent, but the park was wall to wall people.


This guide was amazing! I'd recommend that visitors always go with a guide. We saw SO MUCH more than we would have without a guide. And he was charming and fun!


Good experience and learned quite a bit of wildlife and culture.


Awesome tour, excellent guide who was really entertaining but also really knew his facts about wildlife. The pictures we got through their telescopes on our phones are amazing!


I think that is the tour included time to be spend at the beach and a ride back to the hotel, that this would make this tour better. We felt obligated to stay at the beach and find our own way back to the hotel which ended up be very difficult! The National park and beach we amazing, transport back would of made this tour better.


Andre was a very experienced and good guide. The park is very very crowded early in the morning. The beach is so spectacular. More emphasis should be put on bringing a swimsuit & towel and spending time on the beach at the end of the tour. We did. We were glad.


I'm glad we did this, but it was not what I expected. It's not so much of a hike as it is a walk down a 2-lane dirt road. Being with a guide made all the difference. Otherwise, we wouldn't have seen any of the wild life. The national park was great. Definitely worth the $16 admission.


Super guide Mauricio...very instructive.had a great day....but HOT and HUMID...


Loved the monkeys!


This place was amazing. We had an outstanding guide and a young intern who was also great. While most people were blasting through seeing next to nothing, our guide was spotting all sorts of wonderful things and shooting great pictures for us as well. He was such a knowledgeable young man. This was a fantastic experience for us.


Just too hot that day to finish with a little child. But, the guide was very good .


It was amazing how the Guides would locate tiny lizards, Grass Hopper and various species of Monkeys, and helped us take close up pictures.


pleasantly surprised we saw so many animals in such a crowded park - beach was wonderful!


Although we did not see too many animals, our tour guide, Andres, was fantastic and knowledgable. Once we were through the national park, we stayed at the gorgeous beach for the remainder of the day and loved every minute of the beautiful sand and water.


Our guide showed us animals along the way that we would not have seen doing the walk our selves. I did not know what to expect. We were picked up at our hotel, guided on the nature walk to the beach and then left at the beach to make our own way back -- last part our choice. I had hoped to get over to some of the other beaches, but after all the time on the walk and with the heat, only was able to enjoy MA beach with the crowds. Also, I would have prepared and brought some more snacks and water. None were available inside the park and you were not allowed to bring food with you according to the park entrance person and yet there were people picnicking at the beach. We were parched and hungry at the end. We made our way back easily to the restaurant on the corner and by bus to the hotel. We enjoyed the flexibility at the end, not complaining.


It would have been nice to be able to leave the park, get the refreshment etc and then go back.


It was interesting but really crowded.


Unbelievable. It was beyond expectations. Loved seeing things through the scopes. Information given made it all come alive.


A great guided tour through the National Forest onwards to a beautiful beach. Strange thing, we thought we would enjoy the beach the most, but we actually enjoyed Monte Verde and La Fortuna more. Especially, La Fortuna. For us, I think there was just more things to do and explore.


Thought i would have seen colorful birds, saw plenty of monkeys!!


We recommended this specific tour, with Iguana Tours, to everyone we could. Our experience would have been so different without our fun, knowledgeable guide. We were so grateful to have him!


Miguel was wonderful & spotted SO many things that we never would have seen if we didn't have a guide. He was great at getting thing spotted in his telescope & taking pictures of the zoomed in image. Amazing!


Our tour guide Andre was AMAZING!!!!! I cant say enough great things about him. I would recommend anyone to get on one of his tours. He has a sharp eye and is full of interesting knowledge.


Our guide was good!!! Funny and informative. We stayed at the beach for awhile so we arranged for our transportation back to the hotel.


Had hoped to see more animals, but our guide was terrific, and very informative.


This was a beautiful park. It's hard to explain. It is definitely worth getting a tour guide, at least the first time to see things you would never see on your own and with a scope that makes things so much more accessible. The beach clean, safe and absolutely gorgeous. Plan to bring food, water, towels, suits etc if you plan to stay a while. You have to watch your things carefully. Most people had one person in their group watching all the time while the others were in the water because the local monkeys and racoons will definitely take things if you don't keep someone on watch.


The guide was great- he even took pics with my phone using his telescope!


Awesome beach with iguanas a few feet away. Super informed guide. He got so exited when he spotted a rare bat.


Beautiful park with monkeys! What more could you want?


Andres from Iguana Tours was superlative as a guide. He was able to spot things and show them to us through his scope before most people registered there was even anything there. I could not imagine trying to walk through the park without a guide - HIGHLY recommend.


Should make it explicit that we can go to the beach after the tour.


The guides using their digital scopes was very cool. That made seeing the animals very easy and safe. The trip is nice and easy for a leisurely stroll through the park. The snack was good and overall it was a very pleasant day. It seemed a little short compared to the excursions of the previous location though.


This was spectacular. I was so glad we had a guide. I know we would have missed so much on our own. We saw so many animals and birds, and then we stayed at the beach for a couple of hours. Probably my favorite beach ever!


Very long tour - saw a lot of birds and lizards, very few monkeys and other mammals unfortunately. Beach was lovely.


Great guide - we were very tired by now and he was very thoughtful and concerned.


Andre was an excellent guide! He was very knowledgable. We saw a large amount of wildlife that we would never have seen without him.


Try to go on a guided tour if possible - guides are very knowledgeable and their spotting scopes make it easy to see the animals. Guide can take a picture with a cell phone thru the scope and can yield a very nice photo. Pace of tour was leisurely and never felt rushed. Pick up was on time and stop for refreshment after tour was very refreshing.


Tour guide made this such a great experience. The tour was cut a bit short due to high tides (not sure if that's really why?) because we were allowed to stay at the beach and explore on our own, which we did. Overall a great experience.


Our tour guide Antonio gets an A+ !!


Andres was a fantastic guide! We saw so many cool things, and learned so much!


Our guide was amazing!! So knowledgable, really was a great learning experience.


Loved every bit of it. Our guide was Mau and he was very knowledgeable and spotted a lot of wildlife. After being on that tour we went on the mangrove swamp tour with the same company - very worthwhile.


Very cool place to bring the kids to see wildlife.


Andres was an awesome guide. We saw so much more than other larger groups saw.


Our tour was great - we saw many amazing animals including several sloths. The only drawback was all the crowds of people, both walking on the tour and especially at the beach. Based on the reviews, I was expecting the beach to be less crowded than the public beach, but it was actually more so! We were thrilled to see the monkeys up close at the beach. We wish we would have better understood (before we left our hotel) that if we wanted to stay at the beach, we would have to find our own way home. Overall, we loved it!


Amazing! The beach was beautiful


the tour was so-so but the beauty of the beach and all of the wildlife made up for it.


This tour was very wildlife oriented with not much else in the way of flora and fauna. We did not do much walking and the trail was very flat with nothing much to see but the wildlife. It was not for me.


There was nothing interesting in this park. Compared to Negro river boat ride this park had nothing to offer. We should have been given another option in place of this park.


Very competent tour guides. We stayed at the park after the tour and swam. I would recommend others do the same. It was a hike back to the Babaloo, and we considered hailing a cab, but glad we did not as we enjoyed examining all the plants along the way.


It's so important to go with a guide who has a viewing lens. We would have passed by so much wildlife without his scope and expert commentary. The beach is stunning. We stayed on after our tour and took the local bus back to our resort. Very easy and our kids got to navigate public transportation in Spanish.


I am a stickler for being on time. We ended up waiting quite a long time at the entrance for guides to figure out logistics and to get going. That should not have been necessary. As a result, even though we were there before the main crowds, we ended up finally getting going in a MASS of people. We saw a lot, the guide was good and knowledgable. Great trip all around.




Our tour group was too big. We found this particular tour guide a bit "showy". Again, I would have preferred a longer walk.


Tour guide knowledgeable. Tour very interesting. I thought there would be water and a snack, but it wasn't offered. I would have brought food with me.


If it wasn't for our amazing guide, we would not have seen the animals we did! Awesome experience!


the guide was extremely knowledgeable about the wildlife and fauna. Was very good at spotting a variety of animals.


great tour guide....Without him you would not have seen anything....Beaches were beautiful....


Great tour - saw lots.


The park is not very big and would it have been worth $16 USD to get in if you weren't on a tour?? I'm thinking not. Although now I can say been there, done that! Without a guide you probably wouldn't see very much for wildlife in the park.


We expected hiking, not a 2 hour, 1.4 mile stroll through the rainforest. We enjoyed the wildlife, but would have preferred something a big more rugged.


We saw a lot of animals, which we expected, but the atmosphere of the park is lacking and there were so many people pushing, running and shoving from one animal to the next with their individual parties, it all felt totally claustrophobic and we almost had to leave, but ultimately were glad we didn't because the crowds eventually thinned a little. The guide was excellent.


Guide was extremely enthusiastic! Spotted very well camouflaged wildlife. His years of experience really showed.


This was extremely crowded and slow. It was nice to see the animals, but it was our last full day and seemed to drag on a bit. Our guide was very knowledgable.


Another way to learn about wildlife.


Guides were amazing


Disappointed there were so many people in the park at the same time. If there was wildlife, they had headed for the hills by the time we got around to looking at them. I would like to be first in line the next time I do this.


Our guide got us into the park early before the holiday crowds. So we were able to get a fresh look at the animals, without waiting behind other groups. Again I was impressed by his knowledge of and enthusiasm for the plants and animals.


too bad there was a crocodile in the first beach area..didn't see it but we did go to the other big was great...monkeys were the best...scenery was fantastic ..unfortunately again my daughter was sting a couple of times by jellyfish and the next couple of days for her was not altogether pleasant


We loved this tour. The guide was knowledgeable and did his part to protect the park from people outside our group who were not following park rules. The beach is beautiful!


expected more given the other guided tours but likely not possible due to the number of people in the group.


Great tour and the beach afterward was very nice


Way too crowded. This was the only part of the trip that I would not do again.


park is overated. Too many people at one time made it difficult to see the wildlife .It was similar to standing in line at Disney . We saw more wildlife at Cano Negro


The beach was nice and we saw a lot of animals.


Definitely a must see. The tour guide was fantastic - it was unbelievable how much wildlife we saw in a short stroll down a busy path. Beaches were beautiful. Only downside was that we had to choose between the snack and remaining in the park. We noticed other groups were served a snack at the beach area.


The guide was great I loved seeing the monkeys. The best ones were probably outside of the park though. It was fun and the guide was really engaged and good at finding animals for us--it just wasn't my favorite part of the trip. We stayed and swam--enjoyed the beach but I had expected a bit more somehow than the park delivered.


This was a very expensive tour for the experience. It was incredibly beautiful there, but too slow going for my three sons (ages 15, 23, 25 and even too slow for me). The minute we left the actual tour and walked on our own to the beach, we saw far more monkeys than were sighted in the park and had I known that, I would have skipped the tour and just spent the day at the beach.