Starting at $103 per adult


You can learn how to surf and have fun surfing in just a few hours!

Lessons are also available to intermediate as well as advanced level surfers.

This fun filled half day tour includes round trip transportation from your lodging in Manuel Antonio.

Once you arrive at the waterfront, if you are a beginner, you will meet your instructor who will demonstrate certain techniques for how best to get up on the surfboard and stay up (!) After learning the basics, you will be given a surfboard and enter the water to practice catching the waves near the beach. Your instructor will continue to coach you as you learn to lift up and stand on top of your board. Then you’ll work on keeping your balance as you let the surf ride you into shore. It doesn’t take long to get the hang of it so you’ll have plenty of time to actually catch waves and surf them in as well.

If you have had some experience but wanting to enhance your moves, your instructor will show you how to improve your technique and advance to more complicated maneuvers. Maybe you’d like to master a graceful carve, fins out or hang ten! Your instructor’s years of experience will have you stoked in no time.

Refreshments of water and tropical fruit will help restore your energy while out in the sun.

Successfully providing lessons in Manuel Antonio for over ten years on one of the world’s most beautiful white sand beaches, this surf school knows how to maximize your surfing experience. All equipment will be provided including surf board, leashes and rash guards. Lessons will be provided in groups of up to 4 people per instructor.

Come on, you know you’ve always wanted to!

What to Bring

  • Bathing Suit And Rash Guard For Surfing
  • Towel
  • Sunblock
  • Change Of Clothes

Location and Availability

The Surf Lesson - Manuel Antonio Surf School is available from Manuel Antonio

Tour Times

  • 9:00am
  • 1:00pm

Tour Type

  • Surfing

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy


Latitude: N 9° 23' 47.02"
Longitude: W 84° 9' 41.86"


  • Overall 94.3% (91 Guest Ratings)
  • Experience: 94.2%
  • Expectations: 94.2%
  • Guides: 94.5%
  • Logistics: 94.4%
  • Value: 93.2%


I would suggest highlighting this group’s ability to work with children. We had a mostly young group (ages 5-14) and they all had the best experience!! The guides said they didn’t have children often, but I would highly recommend them for teaching the children.


My kids’ favorite thing on whole trip


Nelson our surf instructor was encouraging and funny. All of the guides were great.


Guides were great. Snacks were awesome. Waves were perfect for novice surfers. Guides were super patient and actually paid attention which allowed them to provide participants with feedback so they could make adjustments, helping them get up on the board. Absolutely loved this activity - it's a must do!


Our first try at surfing. It was exhausting but enjoyable. My wife & 14 y/o daughter quit early but my 10 y/o & myself kept it going. Loved it!


Excellent instructors that seemed like they were having fun as well. Great time!


Such a fun day out on the water with these guys. Caught some great waves, and some great photos too!


Nelson and Jorge were fantastic surfing instructors! I can definitely say that I would not have had a prayer standing up on the surf board without their help! And we got some great pictures of us actually surfing the waves on our first lesson!


One of the instructors spoke English very well, one did not. Felt very safe. It was unfortunate that no one was able to take photos of this experience.


This company is amazing. I would go back every time. Ronald was an excellent teacher and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.


Great experience. Guides were helpful/


We were under the impression that we would each have our own tour guide so we were a little confused with that, however the guide and experience were superb.


The guides were extremely friendly and very helpful. 10 out of 10!


Our guide was great and allowed us to surf in the afternoon when the tide was bigger to allow us to get bigger waves.


Very fun and a memorable lesson!


Elliot was our instructor- we both got up on the board right away, super fun.


Probably our favorite activity! Guides were very friendly and very helpful. They made sure we knew what were doing and kept us out of harms way. Plus, we then got to spend the rest of the day at the beach. We had a lot of fun.


James and his staff were so helpful and friendly. Highly recommend


These guys were great! We aren't very good surfers, but we sure had fun trying. James was great at his job and wanted us all to have fun. They provided fruit for us on the break.