Starting at $62 per adult


Ziplining through the Monteverde cloud forest canopy is an exhilarating experience. This mountain community perched 1800 meters above sea level, offers spectacular expansive views of Costa Rican landscapes.

Your trained professional bilingual guides will welcome you upon your arrival, explain the tour, go over safety precautions and fit you into a harness.

When you arrive at the first of eleven platforms, you will receive a demonstration of how to use the wheel and harness equipment until you are ready to try it out. The first rides are short so that you can get the feel of zipping through the air and landing on the platforms where a guide will be receiving you.

Once you’ve mastered that, you’ll glide along on longer cables enjoying getting a bird’s eye view going in and out of the forest canopy.

About half way through the tour you will have the opportunity to rappel 15 meters down by rope to a platform beneath you. Completing that phase of adrenaline building, you’ll zip again over even longer and higher zip lines.

Stopping one more time, each person can take turns flying like Superman as your guide places safety shackles on the back of your harness allowing you to zip hands free looking down at the amazing view below.

You can also try out the famous Tarzan Swing using a properly secured elastic rope to freely swing down to a distance of forty meters, sure to get your heart pumping.

Finishing in style you’ll soar once more over and through the jungle on one of the longest zip lining cables in Central America.

This thrilling high flying canopy adventure is sure to electrify your senses. Be sure to bring a camera and wear shoes that enclose both your toes and heel. Half day tour includes round trip transportation from your lodgings at Monteverde and Santa Elena, plus your bilingual, professionally trained guides and all zip lining gear.

What to Bring

  • Insect Repellent
  • Sun Block
  • Camera
  • Closed Toe Shoes
  • Passport Or At Least A Copy
  • Rain Gear

Location and Availability

The Canopy Zipline - Aventuras is available from Monteverde

Tour Times

  • 8:00am
  • 11:00am
  • 2:00pm

Tour Type

  • Zipline

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Recommended Ages

6 and up


Latitude: N 10° 20' 19.74"
Longitude: W 84° 49' 27.3"


  • Overall 94.6% (272 Guest Ratings)
  • Experience: 95.3%
  • Expectations: 95.2%
  • Guides: 94.6%
  • Logistics: 93.4%
  • Value: 96.5%


Beautiful area and a great time! Being able to Superman was a fun experience.


This was great. We enjoyed the views!


It was a bunch of activities and not just zipline


This exceeded expectations. Guides were friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. The transportation was on time. great experience. One of the trip highlights!




Great, a couple guys mid zipline weren't very good at listening to customers requests and hurried along


Ziplineing was visually beautiful and exciting. The staff was kind and friendly.


Our shuttle didn't come as scheduled for our pick-up, but a call to the operator quickly dispatched a taxi that was able to get us to our activity in time.


At first it seemed to be a little crowded, but that quickly thinned out and we had an exhilarating experience.


This was an amazing tour full of fun and adventure. Guides were all knowledgeable and we felt very safe and secure at each ziplining station. It was great!


Another great excursion. Don't pass up the "Tarzan swing" at the end, its intense!


Did the Tarzan swing at the end - simply amazing. I could not believe the thrill of the Superman line!


The operation was very pleasantly and professionally run, and even though we were first-timers and it was windy, at no time did we feel unsafe.


This was probably one of our favorite experiences of the trip! We couldn't believe some of the things we were able to do especially the super long zipline and the Tarzan swing!


Staff made it exciting and although we were nervous made us feel that safety was the priority


For us this zip line experience was spot on. We saw the Selvatura one and personally we felt this one was better. Good choice from Jennifer.


Incredible fun


I had the time of my life!I had never zip lines before and the guides were lovely and helped to put me at ease!!
Totally enjoyed the experience ?


An absolute blast!!!


Excellent tour. We appreciated getting picked up, even though we were staying right down the road. All the guides were helpful, friendly and encouraging. I haven't stopped talking about this Experience. We will be back..LOVED IT....


Wow! Very professional Staff! No problems here, They know their business and do it well! My wife asked for someone to go with here and they gave her Raphael. This made her comfortable and then I could enjoy the zip lines without worrying about her. Excellent!


AWESOME!!! Especially the Tarzan swing at the end!


The guides didn’t give my son a harness for the Superman ride saying he is too light, yet his weight is 123Lb. And the minimum they told me is 120lb.
He ended up not doing it and that was disappointing. The guy didn’t even ask him Dor his weight.


This was the highlight for our kids. They loved every minute of this adventure. I’m happy to have survived it and can now say I have done it and never have to again:)). But it was amazing.


This was great fun for everyone, an amazing experience


Very crowded. Separated my husband and I into two different groups for about 30 minutes... did not like that. But great ziplines


Guides were good, but not great. Language barrier meant there was confusion at one station and the guide was clearly annoyed. Overall, a good thing, but not sure if we'd do it again.


Breathtaking and awesome!!!


The tour was fantastic. One of my best ones in Costa Rica.! It took a while to get set up and started but after that it was awesome!


Loved the whole experience


I have to admit wimping out at the last minute, but this was a favorite activity for the rest of the family.


This adventure also exceeded my expectations. The guides were knowledgeable and very safety conscious. I appreciated them checking my harness at each point. They were friendly and took care with some of us who were older! I'd do this again as well!!


This was a fantastic experience. The guy teaching the safety part was not very good. Hard to understand and easily bothered but once we were out there it was a blast and the care they gave my 10 & 13 year olds was great. Hooked the together and went with them on each line. That let the rest of us be able to enjoy and relax.


Super fun and bettter than what was expected


Amazing experience and the guides made it for us! It was raining and chilly, but we hardly noticed, it was so much fun.


This is amazing


Zip lining was great but the SUPERMAN was one of the best experiences of my life!!!! That and the waterfall rappelling are probably the 2 greatest things I have ever done!


LOVED this trip. Guides were excellent and they helped my visually impaired son participate fully. They were helpful and kind and arranged for us to use private ATV in one portion of the expedition that would have been too tricky for my son. 10/10 for this company!!!!


great experience


Overall one of our favorite adventures, went perfect. You might suggest to couples, not to do the Superman glide as we opted not to. They allowed us to slide hooked together on the longest Zip line in Latin America leg locked together. Very special and many other couples were jealous. Great experience...


AMAZING!! Nine cables, the last two are "Superman style." SO much fun! Only disappointment: the photos wouldn't be ready for another hour after we were ready to leave. No way to get them emailed. But don't let that stop you; you MUST do this!


This was only bettered by the white water rafting - the experience was incredible, and great value for money. The only criticism on the logistics side of things was that a transfer departed literally whilst we were queueing for our photos and the company wouldn't hold it for everyone to finish collected their discs. We asked if we could share a cab with other guests instead but this was frowned upon, so we had to wait another 30/40 minutes for another transfer to arrive.


Great experience. The staff were very safety conscious.


Great experience, even for our 8 yr old. Felt very safe and had a ton of fun!


Zip lining was scary. I know it was just my head. Not a big fan of heights and this was way way high. thrilling for sure. I was terrified on the superman run. but very safe. guides were great.


The tour definitely met our expectations, we're glad we did it, and we would recommend it to others. At times the tour felt rushed as went from tree to tree so I can't imagine what's it's like during the dry season. However, overall, it was a positive experience.


Another highlight. Great day even though it rained. Guides were great as was the park.


We loved the experience! The guides were superb, the equipment was excellent! We always felt safe and well cared for. The ziplines were an incredible view and the superman option was definitely worth it! I don't do heights well, but the way it is handled here, you gradually get more comfortable! I would do this again, and would recommend this group highly. If you are really brave the "Tarzan fall" at the end is really fun!


My only regret was that I did the superman for the last few zip lines. When they asked me if I wanted to I said yes but I found it very hard to see anything except straight down. Someone should have explained that to me and also given me the option to not do it after I tried it once.
Also had to wait quit a while for the ride back and the driver did not communicate it very well although he did a great job of getting us there and back.


Very professional, thorough, clear, etc. I didn't worry about my safety, just found it not to be my kind of activity.


Really fun ziplines, also loved the Tarzan swing.


Driver got lost a few times picking people up from other hotels - wasn't enough room in the van for everyone. Long hike we weren't made aware of prior to. Guides were very good. Pictures were incredibly poor quality we discovered after we purchased them- disappointing. Overall the zipline was a good experience.


This was my least favorite but still really great experience. It was pretty scary and I have zipped before. I didnt care for how large the group was and the waiting around. I didnt like the way we were talked to by the older gentlemen. Found him a bit pushy and arrogant. Wished we would have had more information upfront about cameras etc. There should be a very big disclosure on how far and high you have to hike to go to Superman. I was not in shape for that and the altitude was extra hard on me. My heart hurt from that hike. I am glad we did it and wouldn't choose that tour again. I have zipped many times and love doing it and this was my least favorite experience. It is really cool to say I zipped the longest zip line in south america though!


This zip lines were awesome! Very long and high! And get ready for the Tarzan swing at the end!


Everyone loved this tour!




They should tell you what to expect when we did the "Tarzan". Very scary for my daughter..VERY. It would help to either prepare for it or just decide and not do it.