Starting at $78 per adult


This thrilling zipline, high up in the Monteverde mountains at 4,000 feet above sea level, is one of the best adventures in Costa Rica. It is the only canopy tour available within the Monteverde Cloud Forest in a conservation area surrounded by 850 protected acres of land.

This high speed, half day tour features 15 cables with 18 platforms as well as a chance to try out the now famous Tarzan Swing. Zip lining is truly the way to see the lush landscapes of virgin rain forests and expansive gorges from a unique vantage point high up in the tree canopy.

You’ll start at the reception area where you will meet your friendly professional guides who will go over the safety procedures and help you put on your flight harness. Children ages four years old and up can be assisted as needed by guides as well as zip on some of the cables on their own.

Hiking through the ancient arboreal woods you’ll come to the first platform where the guide will give instructions on how to use the wheel and harness assembly.

Now you are ready to be hooked onto the cable and with a gently push you’ll zip to the next platform where another guide will be waiting to send you out onto the next cable. With strategically placed platforms you’ll have the advantage of seeing a squirrel’s eye view of these magnificent trees as well as flying over the tree tops like a eagle. Some of the platforms require walking through a prepared trail so be sure to wear your hiking shoes.

You’ll be amazed at the dense biodiversity surrounding you, moss covered bark, ferns, bromeliads, with the world’s largest number of orchid species in one place. In the heart of the forest you’ll hear exotic bird calls and may even see an animal or two. Back out on the cables you’ll soar over expansive vistas with spectacular scenery below you.

You might want to try the Tarzan Swing, an elastic cable that allows you to swoop through the jungle practicing your childhood Tarzan scream.

Saving the best for last, your final cable will carry you a full kilometer giving you a chance to take a long lingering look at a sight you’ll only see once in a lifetime (unless you come back and do it again, of course!)

You’ll hike back to the reception area where you can remove your harness and share the excitement of your aerial experience. Round trip transportation from Santa Elena and the Monteverde area is included as well as entrance fees, bilingual professional guides and all safety equipment.

The Selvatura course also has a Superman Zipline, which you can add by paying an additional $12 ONSITE AT THE SELVATURA FACILITY.

What to Bring

  • Insect Repellent
  • Camera
  • Closed Toe Shoes
  • And Rain Gear Long Pants Recommended Binoculars And Cameras

Location and Availability

The Canopy Zipline - Selvatura is available from Monteverde

Tour Times

  • 8:30am
  • 11:00am
  • 1:00pm
  • 2:30pm

Tour Type

  • Adventure
  • Zipline

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Recommended Ages

4 years and up


Latitude: N 10° 20' 33.26"
Longitude: W 84° 47' 55.34"


  • Overall 93.1% (274 Guest Ratings)
  • Experience: 93.6%
  • Expectations: 93.3%
  • Guides: 92.3%
  • Logistics: 93.1%
  • Value: 93.8%


The whole family enjoyed this experience. The logistics were easy. They seemed to be a very professional operation. The scenery was lovely.


A family favorite. Everyone here was kind, patient, and took the time to explain things.


The best zip line experience ever!!!


Loved the zip lining here. The only area for feedback would be communication with guests. The driver just dropped us off and we were left to figure out where we needed to go and how we were to get back to the hotel after the adventure. None of that was communicated. I suppose we could have stayed and explored more of the park but it was all left a little vague so I feel like we could have gotten more out of the experience with more information. The guides do move you through the lines really quickly. I think the speed with which they usher you through the lines could be intimidating for someone who may have been nervous.


Very smooth, great experience
We took the add-on Superman experience, but we were not told we had to carry the heavy superman harness ourselves all the way. I wish there was another option for that.


Ziplining itself was fine. Experience as whole was very Disney like.


Terrific for me- but would perhaps be good to explain the opportunities to "get down" for those who don't like it


Fun day, a little crowded but got better once we got into the rain forest. The guides were top notch.


This is a huge enterprise, don't expect a small family run operation. Very physical activity. You need to walk 3 miles and climb 59 stories (apple watch info) in between ziplines. Super fun.


Very well run , much attention to safety and consideration given to older guests. A definite highlight for our young boys and indeed all of us. The butterfly gardens and reptile collection also worthwhile.


This was an incredible outing. The guides made my whole family feel competent and ensured their safety throughout while never compromising on the thrills. Sometimes we felt a bit rushed, but mainly it was just a steady stream of fun. The superman option for the final zipline was definitely worth it. An experience of a lifetime!


We had a blast doing this.


They overbooked which led to long waits for each zip line, this put us off schedule for the day. But the ziplines themselves are great, and the guides are very nice.


I especially enjoyed the Tarzan swing and that couples could go together on two of the long zip lines.


I think my harness wasn't fitted properly and my ribs were injured... still sore :( Not as exciting as I had imagined, there was no change of scenery, just lots of tree tops whizzing by. I may have enjoyed another location more but still glad to have checked zip lining off my bucket list!!! Selvatura park was very nice overall.


Loved ziplining. This was my first time ever ziplining and the guides were great. I got to use my GoPro which some of the other zipline tours in the area won't allow you to do.


It was very nice, the only unfortunate thing is that they charge extra for the superman zipline which is included in the other ziplines. They also sell pictures, and say they are selling 66 pictures but really it is like 30 because it is mostly just the same picture just taken a split second apart. Would be nice if they take pictures of the superman zipline as well, and on some of the other tours they also took videos, so i think for the price it could be improved. The guides were not particularly friendly to be honest, and just sort of zipped you along with no preparation or anything. It was still great but i preferred the other ziplines we did though the superman zipline and tarzan swing were awesome.


Amazing experience


Great. It was really fun, despite the rain.


Surreal experience, views were astonishing


Super cool views!!! We had to wait a super long time to go on the lines (over 2 hours) because they had booked too many groups due to rain. But it was worth the wait and ran really well once we started. We loved the pictures too.


We had great fun doing the zipline tour. Very well guided, and we felt safe while going through the tour.


When we arrived there was a concern that the trip would be cancelled due to lightening. Although we were rained on the whole time for this trip it was still a blast.


These guides were awesome! They were funny and engaging. It seemed like they were having just as much fun as we were. I’ve been zip lining before but this one was so much better. Faster and longer zip lines. Everyone must do the Superman zip line at the end. It’s worth the extra cost.


This is an extremely well run operation but we were one group of a large number of groups. Felt rushed overall but safe and loved the experience.


Amazing adventure and great guides. Not for the faint of heart. There are 13 runs and once you're in, there's no other way out. The last run is over half a mile long, run in couples, well over 40 miles an hour and WAY above the trees: we were completely in a cloud for over a minute. Its scary, and they move you along VERY quickly, but they seem to know what they're doing! Well run place in terms of transportation and info. Exciting, fun, and a great experience, for the real thrill seekers.


Extremely fun and such an amazing way to see the rain forest. The staff were friendly and entertaining.


Very safety conscious staff. However we did not realize what we had gotten into. The uphill climbing at the elevation was almost too much for us. The rain and wind made it NOT an enjoyable experience. I think I would have enjoyed spending time in the town looking around rather than the zip line.


It was very commercial, felt like we were a product on a production band. Very effective but not a great experience for us. We were rushed through the platforms, didnt even have time to take pictures as we were rushed through each platform.


All around phenomenal! An awesome experience!


By far the best zip line in CR. It was very fun for our kids (9/11). The staff was helpful and kept things moving as best they could even at peak season. Wear a rain coat!


Concerened with the healt and safetry features. More care could be taken given that we were so high. Not always strapped in. On the way back, the driver left without us. The staff arranged for another vehicle to take us. We also had a problem in downloading the photos when we got back but we emailed them and they quickly sorted out the problem.


The company did not pick us up on time so we had to start an hour late and I still can’t get my digital pictures to download or for them to respond to an email




This was a surreal, marvelous experience. Exhilarating! Well-run operation. I can't imagine a more beautiful location to experience a zip line. Witnessing the primary forest and canopy this way is an experience I will never forget.


This was so much fun, there were so many zip-lines, another great outing for the family. We could have spent more time there to see the other attractions, but we all wanted to get something to eat and walk around town a bit and since we didn't have a lot of time in the area we decided to leave, but I would go back!


The prospect of hurtling ourselves above a forest on a single cable was a bit intimidating, but we are so glad we did this. The guides were both professional and kind; some of them were even funny. You may wish to advise less agile/ambulatory clients against this excursion, given the significant leg/cardio workout to hike the forest between stations. My wife is in her sixties and not athletic. She had to pause several times on the walks to catch her breath.


We would do it again! Wonderful, long ziplines and exciting Tarzan swing.


This was an Amazing Experience!
The staff and guides were just brilliant!!!!!!!!!! Kudos to them!


Loved it!


This was a lot of fun and the guides were very upbeat and nice. Instructions were clear and they kept us safe.


Guides were excellent and very professional. Super amazing and was the highlight of our trip!


Third best thing I've ever done on vacation.


Guides took excellent care of our 7 and 4 year old kids.


Also, this was so much fun. We had a great time. The guides always put safety as the first priority and they were a lot of fun.


More guides would make the experience less rushed. At times I was concerned that everything was checked before I was sent down the next zip line.


It would be best if there was an option to be driven back to your hotel right after ziplining instead of having to wait an hour+ for their driver.


this was the transportation which was crowded. this was fantastic otherwise!


Ouronly disappointment was the picture package. They only photograph one zip line multiple times. I would have taken more personal photos ifI had known that.


The staff on the zip lines were truly excellent. Very efficient. I'm not sure the platforms would pass any safety standards in the US but that is not something we thought about until after the great experience with the zip line guides.


Fun activity!


Seemed a bit hurried and the shuttle back seemed less well organized than the pick up.


Great tour, great guides.


A bit rushed on the lines themselves.


These guides work hard for their money.


Never been ziplining and this far exceeded my expectations. Super fun, good exercise and safe. The superman option for the 1KM line at the end was absolutely FANTASTIC. One of my best memories for sure. Guides were experts and took good care of our group.


Out of sight. Highly recommended. And I am even afraid of heights...but the helpers were so kind and attentive.


They have a 1km zip line. What else do you need to know? Spectacular.


Amazing experience which I was dreading and in fact loved. It was a brilliant feeling to be flying above the beautiful forest - at one point disappearing into the clouds.


Had a super time! We were ALL glad to do this activity again, especially my daughters! This place offered the Superman, which was incredible, in addition to allowing us to do the zip line in tandem.


Excellent staff; who new their stuff. Took good care of their customers. Would recommend it to anyone.


So much fun!


Great guides, exhilarant views. Pictures were not as expected, many repetitions of the same shot. Not worth the money


This was a blast.


We can't say enough about this tour or the guides!! It was beyond our expectations. Had so much fun and will remember this as one of our highlights in Costa Rica.


I was having a little issue spinning so ended up going tandem with the guide the majority of the time. That was lovely.


Friendly crew, helpful and lots of fun. Selvatura was awesome place


Gian, Ross and Mauricio were very experienced and good guides.


First time zip lineing but would do it again, now I have more realistic expectations and a better understanding of how to do it!!!!!!!!!!!


This was a ton of fun. The guides were all terrific and the course exciting. I would recommend this adventure!


The guides were very friendly and I would highly recommend this experience.


Well organized. Despite the rain and cold temperature, we all had a great experience. I think they have the longest zip lines - the last one was 1 km (!)


Little bit of an assembly line feel to the whole thing but supermanning the final zip line made the whole tour worth it.


Zip line course was very good, but it was raining so hard that we both got totally soaked (even though we had jackets and ponchos). We really needed goggles because on some of the longer zip lines we had to shut our eyes because of the hard rain drops.


Good fun, I would recommend this tour for sure


Liked that they had GoPro camera's for rent. The guides made us feel at ease with the entire process.


I would certainly recommend this tour to anyone wanting to zipline however, our guides were not really overly keen on getting us excided. It was merely ok, now on to the next platform. No jokes, no smiles...just blah. Maybe different guides would have made it better.


We had soo much fun but would have liked the guides to give us more information at the beginning and more time between the zops at the beginning. It felt a little rushed but the final zipline was amazing.


Great tour, loved the activities, would have liked to hear a bit more about the are we were going through, but the adventure itself was fun. Some of the gear seemed a bit worn.


I was never so frightened in my life, but the guides put me at ease. I would highly recommend this, even if I would never do it again.


Least favorite. The workers were impatient, rushing people from one station to another. Seems the main goal is to get people through this. Very little interaction. Did not like the experience. Our families were separated several times despite multiple request to put us back together. The Zipline demands people only to hold in one position, not expending the body, no upside down etc. which took a lot of fun and excitement away from this.


More difficult than I was expecting, but still fun. I wish the guides gave better instructions.


It was fun, but I felt RUSHED (probably due to the number of other people participating). The guides seemed ever so slightly irritated with guests who hesitated before LEAPING. They seemed to hurry everyone along. But, they really did a fine job instructing people and helping them to enjoy the trip. It's just I felt in some cases they were just going through the motions in an assemblyline-type fashion. Overall VERY enjoyable!


Fun and amazing. I did get the feeling from a couple of the guides that they needed a break. Their courtesy was not as genuine as I wish for, and I had plenty of apprehensions while getting ready to hang from a wire. One of the guides was truly sweet and helpful and very sincere.


an incredible experience!


Did not like this particular excursion. Too many people, no personal attention.


This was a bit crowded. It was not an individual experience, they needed to heard everyone along since it was busy. It was still fun though.


It was cold and rainy but the tour was awesome.They run a very efficient operation.I've gone on a few ziplines and this was the very best.Well run,safe,with an awesome venue.Even in bad weather this was great.


I want to start by saying that this was my daughter's #1 activity. Our first impression when getting our gear was that the guides were just doing their jobs and not overly excited about working - once out on the course they did get into it and were very good with working with those who needed extra help. The day was cold and rainy and therefore the views were hindered by fog/clouds. This was basically the reason for my lower rating and I think I got spoiled by the guides we had white water rafting and rappelling.


If you are doing this tour. make sure you pay $10 extra and take Superman Ride. We were not told about this so missed it.