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Looking for a challenge? This thrill seeking adventure will have your adrenaline pumping as you rappel by secured ropes down 6 different natural waterfalls deep in the heart of a tropical cloud forest. Surrounded by the lush jungle environment you’ll discover your inner warrior as you step off the top of each spectacular waterfall and work your way down through the tumbling cascades into the canyons below.

When you arrive at the reception area of this family owned private farm, you will meet your guides and sign in. Lockers are available for storing a second set of dry clothes. Taking off on a short hike through the beautiful rain forest you’ll reach the first waterfall. There your guides will go over all the safety procedures and fit you into rappelling gear. They will explain how to descend and how they will control your safety with a belay rope. Each waterfall has a stationary security cable. Once you are ready, you will be on your way.

The first two waterfalls are short enough to get a feel for what your feet need to do to support you as you lower yourself down. Plan on getting good and wet during this adventure especially if it is rainy season! You’ll continue hiking through the woodland river bed towards the top of your next cascading waterfall. Tennis shoes are strongly recommended as they are lightweight while providing good traction. If needed, the reception area has tennis shoes of all sizes that can be rented.

The falls are of varying heights so each is a unique experience with the longest one measuring over 130 feet high! Peering down from above you’ll push yourself beyond your known limits as you discover the courage it takes to meet the challenge of stepping off the cliff. Over and down the slope you’ll go as you swing back and forth through the gushing water amazed at your own ability. Rappelling through waterfalls is also known as canyoning due to the rushing water carving its way through the mountainous terrain dissecting the earth as it surges downward.

Because you’ll be getting wet keep in mind how to protect anything you may be taking with you like your camera or cell phone. The guides will take photos and videos that can be purchased after the tour. There is a 10 minute steep hike back up to the reception area where you’ll have the opportunity to change into dry clothes.

This is an extreme adventure requiring you to be in good physical condition. Children must be at least 15 years old to participate. The guides have all been trained in Wilderness First Aid. The equipment is thoroughly checked daily before each outing. Safety is their first concern.

The farm, Finca Modelo Ecologica, was originally acquired by the Brenes family in 1951. In order to move there they were driven part way by car, next by bus, then by ox cart before walking eight more hours carrying all their luggage on muddy mountainous trails. They planted grass and corn for the farm animals and eventually sold milk to the Quaker community in Monteverde to be made into cheese at the now famous Cheese Factory.

The Brenes family founded the first school in the tiny pueblo of La Cruz, then their next generation pushed for better roads and electricity. The current Brenes family is proud to have reforested 50% of the farm through a reforestation project began in 1980 that provides biological corridors for the preservation of native birds and animals. Now managed as an ecological farm, it promotes ecotourism where visitors can enjoy participating actively within Monteverde’s unique beautiful cloud forest environment while leaving very little footprint behind.

This half day tour includes round trip local transportation, a free drink, experienced bilingual guides and canyoning gear.

What to Bring

  • Clothes That Can Get Wet
  • Tennis Shoes Of Light Hiking Closed Shoes
  • Dry Clothes To Change Into (Tennis Shoes Available For Rent)

Location and Availability

The Canyoning and Waterfall Rappelling is available from Monteverde

Tour Times

  • 8:00am
  • 11:00am
  • 2:00pm

Tour Type

  • Canyoning

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Recommended Ages

15 and up


Latitude: N 10° 20' 19.01"
Longitude: W 84° 50' 22.61"


  • Overall 96.3% (22 Guest Ratings)
  • Experience: 98.1%
  • Expectations: 96.7%
  • Guides: 96.8%
  • Logistics: 93.6%
  • Value: 95.9%


This activity was much harder than expected but a unique once in a lifetime kind of adventure that I really enjoyed.


BIG THING. There is cold in the morning. The activity would be much more pleasant if we would started it at 11am or 1pm when its much warmer, not at 8 am .


This was an amazing experience! Our guides and the company were exceptional!


I was scared to death, but I felt the guides were careful. Great time!