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If you would like a leisurely hike though the forest canopy and want to learn all about what lives there, then this is the hike for you. Compared to the extreme zip line adventures, here you are encouraged to go slow, listen and look at the exquisite details of life in the forest. Because this is a guided tour, your attention will be directed to a myriad of beautiful tiny orchids, interesting bugs, the sound of a bird call and perhaps a family of monkeys.

You will cross over 8 hanging bridges at varying heights within and above the giant trees that make up the cloud forest canopy. The five feet wide suspended bridges were built to the highest standards of safety recognized by Costa Rica’s College of Architects and Engineers. With genuine concern for this irreplaceable environment, construction of the bridges was performed off site, then each piece was brought in and assembled in place without damaging the delicate balance of existing flora and fauna. They are safe and secure and do not sway in the wind. Most people with a fear of heights have felt surprisingly at ease when crossing over the bridges and looking out at the magnificent sights surrounding them.

Some of the hanging bridges provide views from within the canopy and some from high above looking down. Then there are some where you will be very close to the uppermost part of the trees like a bird perched on the highest branch. The course allows you to explore the forest from differing heights, altering your perspective and relationship to the size of this venerable old growth forest and what lives within.

The almost two mile trail connecting the bridges is mostly flat with only short periods of climbing required. The pathways are comprised of embedded lattice concrete blocks for enhanced traction and ease of walking. People of all ages and physical conditions typically find this unhurried hike comfortable and enjoyable. Occasional benches are available for contemplation.

The expert guides are passionate about sharing their experience of the area’s abundant biological treasures with you. With a wealth of local knowledge they are very observant and will find the wildlife that is available to you at the moment.

Here you will be among the largest concentration of orchids in the world. Rare ferns and epiphytes abound as does the clever camouflage of insects maintaining their protection from potential predators. Exceptional birding opportunities are found in this locale and, if you are lucky, you may encounter an occasional monkey or family of monkeys.

High up on the continental divide, this private reserve shares the same corridor as the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. Ninety percent of the trails you’ll be walking on are in virgin cloud forest woodlands. The possibilities for what you might see are endless. Take the time to go slow and absorb the atmosphere of this enchanted setting. Costa Rica creates memories and your guide will ensure you take a few home with you from your visit to this remarkable rain forest.

The half day tour includes round trip transportation from the Monteverde area, naturalist guide, and park entrance fee.

What to Bring

  • Insect Repellent
  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Sturdy Shoes
  • And Rain Gear

Location and Availability

The Hanging Bridges Guided Hike - Selvatura is available from Monteverde

Tour Times

  • 8:00am
  • 10:30am
  • 12:30pm
  • 2:00pm

Tour Type

  • Canopy Bridges

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy


Latitude: N 10°20'33.26". Longitude: W 85°12'4.66"


  • Overall 90.7% (282 Guest Ratings)
  • Experience: 90.2%
  • Expectations: 89.2%
  • Guides: 92.2%
  • Logistics: 91.0%
  • Value: 91.3%


Our guide was so knowledgeable and you could tell he was passionate about his job. The views were spectacular.


I think this was the best activity on our vacation. The guide, Hector, was excellent and so knowledgeable about the rain forest, animals and vegetation. He spoke excellent English. If you take this tour without a guide, you are wasting your money. My only complaint is, I wish we had a little more detail on the length and intensity of this tour. If we had known that it was approximately 3 mile and had a 600 foot change in elevation we would have prepared a little better. Lunch at the restaurant was very good.


guide was great and very informative


Unfortunately, this was the least favorite of our activities and this was due to the guide. He wasn’t very engaging, but more importantly, he had somewhat of an arrogant attitude. I’m really sorry about the negative review, but all the other members of my family expressed the same sentiment with me quietly while we were on tour with him. I have his name if you need it.


Eduardo was not very friendly, showed us only 2 birds. Was it the pouring rain? That our Spanish was so poor? Van to pick us up was about 15 min. late. The visitor center and both vans were very crowded. What is it like during the peak season?


Beautiful tour with a wonderful tour guide--we learned so much about the plants of the tropical rain forest, and the scenery was incredibly dramatic and gorgeous!!!


The tour was a lot of walking and not much to observe. He would stop and give lessons on biodiversity but I learned that in high school. We were there to see and learn about the specific flora and fauna of that area. He also did not keep in mind his audience with the speed of the tour. Often he was walking ahead when others like my mother and others were lagging behind. If he had stopped more to try to find animals, insects and other features of the cloud forest it would have been great. Another issue was transportation. It wasn’t commuted that we were taking public transportation. We were picked up as like other times from a specific driver and taken to the sight but when we returned from our tour the same driver wasn’t there, as was the case in our other tours, and we were left vying for a spot on transport that had a long lineup. If we had been informed of the process ahead of time, we would have known what to look for and expect as this had not been our norm in tours. With the tour, and the guide always being ahead, we missed a lot of what he said as well.


Juan Carlos was the best tour guide! So knowledgeable and friendly.


We had done the hanging bridges in Arenal which I liked better. I enjoyed the hummingbird garden at Selvatura before the hike. We were hoping to see more orchids and to learn a little more about the plants and forest. We were a big group though so maybe I just did not hear all the guide had to say. Not sure the guide was worth the extra money for what we saw that we would not have seen on our own.


The scenery was beatiful.


That was fun. Met some people that we befriended and later did zip line and hummingbird garden with them. We did the zip line and had a blast. Such fun. We are both in our 80s. The helpers were wonderful. Such great young men. The whole Selvatura experience was wonderful.


It rained very hard on the day we went, but we still enjoyed the experience. You have REAL rain in Costa Rica!


In our research, it was stated this was a nice level walking tour. That was not the case. There were quite a few times when there was a bit of a climb up or down. And the bridges were not supposed to sway, but they did a bit, especially when other people were approaching, but it was okay. We saw some families with strollers in the ticket area. Well they were not going on that hike with strollers and we heard that day that one family's toddler was about to fall (probably to his death), but the dad caught him just in time. So I would recommend some caution to family's with little ones or people having difficulty with much of a hike. Our guide was terrific. He took us on the hike the "back" way since the bulk of the people were all going one way, which was a great idea - more room, less foot traffic. We were in the cloud forest, but there weren't any clouds that day and we could see forever. It was a beautiful day.


Again. Guide was excellent. Tour only had 4 people so we got a lot of personal attention


It was raining at first so I was worried we wouldn’t enjoy it but it quickly stopped and we took some amazing pictures and saw a family of monkeys in the trees, plus lots of cool plants.


Didn't need a tour guide. Was beautiful and glad to experience hanging bridges but was bit of a letdown after Rio Celeste.


Would highly recommend this tour


This tour was very interesting, and the views from the hanging bridges were so beautiful. I ended up being put into a group of only seven, so it was nice to have a group small enough where we could all ask questions. This hike definitely requires a guide. If you go on your own, you will miss so much. Our guide found us howler and white faced monkeys high up in the trees and a beautiful quetzal soon after we entered the park. I saw those without a guide walk right past us never realizing what they had missed. The guides know from experience where the wildlife hang out and know the type of trees they prefer. They’re also much more attuned to the sounds of the forest than we tourists. It’s a very nice park so do it right.


Wonderful guide with a lot of knowledge. We learned a lot about the forest.


The bridges were crowded. The guide was nice but didn't have a lot more to show and tell us after our tour with Esteban.


The best part was the zip lining I did following the tour


Amazing guide!


Thank goodness for the humming bird garden...the trip would have been a mediocre experience.


Again, more sharing of forest knowledge (for the third time). Unique experience going over 8 bridges. Not something you do every day. Bridges sturdier than we thought.


Too cold and rainny to enjoy and see much


Upon arrival, I think we got lost in the crowd and ended up with a different tour than we were supposed to? Regardless, it worked out well with our tour guide and even allowed us a free entrance into the hummingbird garden (very grateful for that opportunity!)


Didn't really much wildlife, but it was a good experience.


This trip was fascinating. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and pointed out many things during the trip.


Awesome park and guides


Didn't really see any wildlife, but that's not anyone's fault. just bad luck. Logistically, timing had to be correct to get a ride back to the hotel. Had we missed the ride back due to staying in the butterfly garden or souvenir shop too long, would've had to wait another 1.5 hrs or so for the next one. would've been upset at wasting our day that way.


It started raining towards the end, like torrential rain and so all we could do is run to get off the metal bridges and back, beautiful though and would go back. Saw some monkeys and an owl.


A great tour - I think we were lucky because there was very little cloud and the walk was not busy at all. We had a guide all to ourselves who spotted birds and animals that we would never have seen without him pointing them out. A great place for families for a day out as there is lots to do and it is well organized.


Good guide


Fun tour even through the bridges were a bit terrifying. There was a loud group ahead of us so we had little chance of seeing any wildlife. We felt a little rushed through but honestly we could have gone back through on our own too.


Our guide knew where to look and went out of his way to set up his scope for bird viewing, et. Our group was a decent size of about 10 people. I saw a group of 30...way too many and not all guides have a large magnify scope so you can see the birds, et better. Ours did!!


would have loved more time here but we had to leave immediately after the walk in order to catch the ride all the way back to our hotel that left in time for us to catch our next pick-up


Best part of the trip. The guide was amazing.


able to substitute several activities for my wife who did not do the hanging bridges. Her guide was very good and mine likewise


Excellent guide


Juan Carlos was wonderful!


Our guide was so great and the surroundings beautiful. I think it would be great to go on the hike right at dawn.


So worth it.


Our guide was extremely knowledgeable, learned a lot about local trees, plants. He did find a tarantula hiding in a hole. That was unfortunately all the wild life we got to see. It is a beautiful park and we did enjoy the views.


Awesome. Great guide again.


Outstanding guide


This was the most awesome part of our whole trip. Our guide was friendly and very knowledgeable. A fun time even though we got drenched!!


A perfect first tour. Highly recommend it before the night walks or more focused Ag tours: Coffee or Sugar tours. Gave a great overview of the Selva. Transportation to and from the hotel was flawless even though our tour ran over time.


very nice tour, very good guide


Fantastic experience in this stunning cloud forest which was really enhanced by the guide's experience and interesting information.


beyond imigination good


I loved this activity! What a lovely walk, a lovely experience, a superb guide!!!! Hector was incredible! He was kind, passionate, honest, and told us that this was more to look at and understand flora, rather than fauna. It was a breathtaking hike, and I learned so much, and really appreciated the beauty of the jungle through Hector's eyes. What a terrific guide, who is passionate, good at his job, and really there to help you feel and understand nature,


there is a lot to see, we took a lot of pictures i wont be using them all


Our guide (Hector?) was truly amazing! So knowledgable and very passionate about his job. We learned and saw a ton with him - fantastic!


It was pouring rain the entire time. This made it difficult to enjoy the scenery. The tour guide was very informational.


Enjoyed the tour. Looking over tree tops was amazing. Heard and then saw Howler Monkeys. The guide brought a special scope so we could see birds, etc. up close. He even took pictures with our cameras using it so we got clear, bright pictures of the birds. It was amazing how he could spot wildlife.


Park bridges were great. Guide was superb and really took time to involve the children. Only wish is that if you already have vouchers you can bypass the general line at the park office. That took 25 minutes when we already had prepaid vouchers.


Great tour. Great guide


the only thing missing was the mist and rain! we had great weather although not typical apparently.


Loved it....


Loved it. The hike was awesome. Set at a great time, in the morning, so that it wasn't too hot. Also, during this tour, if we decided to stay and enjoy lunch, they had transportation coming and going at different times so that we could go back to the hotel without getting a taxi.


another great experience....only one other couple and the guide so very one on one with the guide
He is VERY good at what he does


I was disappointed
that we saw such limited Wildlife.


great guide. we really liked him. super knowledgeable and friendly.


I was hoping for some of the old wood bridges. Thank goodness that the canyoneering had one.


Certainly able to understand some of the impacts of global warming as part of this tour. The guide was very knowledgeable.


Great guide!


Sorry, but this did not meet our expectations, this was more like an amusement park in the cloud forest. The guide talked constantly about personal things rather than relating natural history about the place. We felt that we could have walked the bridges, like everyone else, and gotten more out of it. The best experience about the whole tour was hummingbirds sitting on our fingers to eat. I would not have been as disappointed if I had been warned about how commercialized it was, I may have chosen Monte Verde Cloud Forest instead.


Great if you want to see a lot of green rain forest. The views of the rain forest were great but they did start to get old after a while. The group of people should have been smaller given our guide's speaking as he simply refused to raise his voice so if you weren't right next to him you couldn't hear what he was saying. Not so great if you expected to see a lot of animals, birds and butterflies like I did.


Learned a lot about the jungle - went to see the hummingbirds before going over the bridges


We added the Don Juan coffee and chocolate tour this day too. It was excellent. The tour guide was the best of our whole trip.


There is no point in running this tour in the late afternoon as there is nothing to see at that hour. Run it first thing in the morning or not at all.


Tour guide was very friendly and knowledgeable.


Guide was excellent and very knowledgeable.


I was very disappointed in the lack of any wildlife. The guide was helpful, but he spent a lot of time trying to locate a bird. He later found a snake that was along the path. We marveled at the bridges and wondered how they were erected in the first place


Our guide Adam was fantastic!


This guide knew this plants and the tour was a lot of fun!


I would recommend highly


While the bridges were an exciting way to venture the cloud forest we probably could have taken this tour on our own. It is mostly for lovers. Because it was a rainy day we didn't see many birds. However, the views were spectacular. We stayed in the park and ate lunch and visited the Hummingbird Gardens which were phenomenal!


Again not such good weather but the guide was great at finding and describing everything


Beautiful place. Tour guide was great. He just wasn't as great as the previous two who had spoiled us. They are tough acts to follow though.


SO glad I went on this! Hiking level and pace was appropriate. Our guide was excellent! We saw everything! He did such a good job of finding the birds, getting us pics, etc. What a gorgeous place! I am so glad we went to this area. I would go back to this area again and explore more of what they have.


The guide and experience was phenomenal. This was our highlight for Monteverde.


Loved it! Bus to Selvatura.was awful. Very old and no shocks so really felt the bumps sitting at back of bus.


Enjoyed the relaxing walk though the green paradise at a leisurely pace and crossing the hanging bridges was fun. guide took good care of the group.


Hector was fantastic! We learned tons and even saw a Quetzal bird! Lovely lunch at the hotel there after.




Another amazing tour. Hector, our guide, was so knowledgeable, enthusiastic and considerate. Super experience!


The guide was very knowledgeable however my wife and I were a little disappointed on not seeing very many birds, animals or insects. The trees, undergrowth and views were all pretty good. To be honest, though we didn't see a lot of birds anywhere in Costa Rica. For some reason we expected to see them everywhere. I guess our expectations were a little high.


The only disappointment was that we did not manage to see a quetzal, although the guide spent a good amount of time trying to find them.


Excellent guide. Not a lot of birds due to afternoon and tough weather, but the guide made up for it with natural history, plants, and insects.


We loved the Hanging Bridges tour.