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Today you will mix it up with the extreme thrill of ziplining, a must do for anyone coming to Costa Rica, and a relaxed guided hike in the unique Monteverde cloud forest complete with 8 hanging bridges. High up on the continental divide overlooking the world, this is the place to do it all!

Your awesome full day of adventure begins at Selvatura, a private conservation area sharing the same eco-corridor as the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. When you check in it will be determined which tour you go on first. Mornings are typically best for hiking the bridges, as more wildlife is stirring.

The enchanting Hanging Bridges tour, led by a professional naturalist bilingual guide, leads you along a 2 mile stretch of terrestrial trails with 8 well constructed, well secured suspension bridges. This is a time to slow down and tune into the beauty and sounds surrounding you.Your knowledgeable guide will call attention to many wildlife sightings along the way. Camouflaged insects protecting themselves by blending into the environment will surprise you with their unique adaptations. One of the highest concentrations in the world of flowering orchids and epiphytes can be found here.

Likely there will be birds calling and, following their song, you could catch a glimpse of some of the bird life unique to this area. You might hear a rustling that may reveal one of the forest mammals such as a coatimundi or a family of howler monkeys. Each day is different so there are no guarantees, but there are always things to see and your guide is an expert at tracking what is available.

The hanging bridges are designed to carry you to various levels in the canopy to give you different perspectives of life in the rain forest. Built to the highest of standards, these sturdy bridges do not sway. People who have shared a fear of heights often have remarked they felt safe and secure walking over these structures.

Whether viewing the old growth giants from high above or at tree top level you will certainly have a close up experience of life at the top. Looping back, the trail brings you again to where you began as you savor the experience of all that you’ve encountered along the way.

The Canopy Zipline tour is sure to boost your adrenaline level as you head out to conquer any fears you might have had about zooming over the forest canopy. You’ll begin with safety instructions before being fitted into a harness and hiking to the first platform. Here your experienced guide will demonstrate how the wheel and harness assembly works and hook you onto your first cable.

When you land at the first platform another guide will be waiting to receive you and will be changing your shackle so you can prepare to take off on the next cable. The first two cables are short to get you accustomed to the fun of ziplining.

This thrilling adventure will send you soaring over magnificent views of the rain forest canopy and mountainous terrain. In between the 18 platforms you will do some moderate uphill hiking before resuming on one of the 15 zip line cables.

And you don’t want to miss the Tarzan Swing! An elastic cable attached to your harness allows you to hold on and swing through the jungle back and forth practicing your best Tarzan scream.

Your last zip line is a full kilometer long, giving you a chance to connect to the spectacular Costa Rican landscape, a country full of lush rain forests, unique wildlife, friendly people and fun adventures.

Transportation, professional guides, equipment and entry fees are included.

The Selvatura course also has a Superman Zipline, which you can add by paying an additional $10 ONSITE AT THE SELVATURA FACILITY.

What to Bring

  • Insect Repellent
  • Camera
  • Binoculars
  • Closed Toe Hiking Shoes
  • Sun Block
  • And Rain Gear

Location and Availability

The Selvatura Canopy and Guided Hanging Bridges Combo is available from Monteverde

Tour Times

  • 8:00am
  • 10:30am
  • 12:30pm

Tour Type

  • Zipline
  • Canopy Bridges

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Recommended Ages

4 and up


Latitude: N 10°20'33.26". Longitude: W 85°12'4.66"


  • Overall 92.1% (242 Guest Ratings)
  • Experience: 92.9%
  • Expectations: 91.9%
  • Guides: 92.2%
  • Logistics: 91.2%
  • Value: %


The zip line portion of the tour was fantastic and the staff very helpful to ensure a safe and enjoyable time. The guide on the hanging bridges portion was not as knowledgeable and did not add a lot of value,


Very enjoyable day. The Bridges guide could have been a little better in his communication, but it was lots of fun and the zipline portion went great. We felt a little misled by the photo offering at the end. It looked like many photos plus a video when they put the "teaser" up on the screen, so we purchased it. Turned out to be one still photo and a very brief video. Not so great...


The guide on the walking tour was quite knowledgeable. The zipline guides were really incredible and lots of fun. We had lunch at the restaurant there which was good, and also went into the butterfly exhibit which was pretty cool. With all that they have at Selvatura, you can easily spend the day there.


Excellent guide on the hanging bridges. Zipline felt a bit rushed, but overall, good. Would have been nice to have an All Inclusive price which included the gardens (this was an extra, as were the trails).


Awesome Tour. Guide was very informative and the zip line leaders were great.


The guided walk including the hanging bridges was good, the guide informative and knowledgeable. There was not much wildlife to be seen; this was mainly about the vegetation, which was quite interesting. The zip line was fun...exciting enoug( without be8ng too scary. Safety was obviously taken seriously and the guides were enthusiastic and fun while keep8ng things moving along.


Loved it


Amazing zip lines. Nature tour was good. Really bad weather day. Everyone dealt.


Our guide Juan Carlos was amazing. A great and fantastic day


Amazing guide for the hanging bridges tour- fantastic day


the zip line was amazing, the tour of the bridges wasn't really necessary, I could have done the walk on my own, but since it was my first time, I didn't know


I have to say that it is not necessary to have a guided tour of the hanging bridges as you can walk by yourself.


My favorite activity in Costa Rica and best experience was this zip lining. Great guides and beautiful experience.


Too much climbing for an old lady in one day but the guides were MARVELOUS, kind, thoughtful and understanding. Loved the added hummingbird garden. Glad I pushed myself. My granddaughter loved the whole thing and was so fun to watch!


This was the best thing we did in Costa Rica. Tony was our guide for the hanging bridges and he was very knowledgeable and very passionate about nature and conservation. His enthusiasm was infectious and we really enjoyed our hike. Saw several animals including a green viper. The zip lining was amazing. So much fun and the guides were fantastic. They put everyone completely at ease and you could tell they were enjoying themselves as well. Awesome experience!


Hanging bridges was interesting and fun. Zipline was a blast, very well run.


Excellent zip line experience and very knowledgeable tour guide thru the rain forest.


Guide was great and ziplining was a blast.


I'd do the canopy ziplining again but skip the hanging bridges guided walk. We didn't realize that ziplining only happened at certain times, and our walking guide got us back late for our ziplining and we were scolded by staff like it was our fault we were late when we didn't know.


Worth every penny. The guides were outstanding and the zip-line tour was the best. Would also highly recommend


Johnny was a superb guide, very well-informed about birds, nature and eco-systems. The hummingbird garden was amazing! The zip line experience was fun but there was a lot of down time while we waited for others to do the Tarzan swing and then suit up for a Superman ride. It would be better if some staff could take people who are not participating in those events to go ahead and finish the zip line. The staff behind the main desk were especially friendly and helpful.


Hanging bridges were ok, but no wildlife except a few birds. Ziplining was the best and a great value. We really liked the food and service at the on-site Soda.


Canopy tour was fantastic. Zipline guides were fun and funny and made the experience worthwhile. We had to rush a bit to finish both the canopy tour and the hanging bridges before the place closed.


Wasnt clear we were getting a guide, all a bit confusing when we arrived but it all worked out fine!


Tour guide was exceptional on the bridge tour, and the crew of 5 on the zip lines were fabulous....very accommodating to the younger and older people on the zip lines...They made the trip A 1...


The zip line disappointment was that our group was too large at some platforms we waited up to 45 minutes to start the next zip line. Much too large a group and long waits. The hanging bridges was enjoyable, however after being on zipline for a few hours the hanging bridges felt rushed and since it was in the later afternoon, we didn't get to view any wildlife...must have been their siesta time. ;)


Canopy guides were great (10); because transportation to the park was late, we didn't get as much time on the hanging bridges portion - the guide was rushed (did best he could) but not as engaging as other guides on previous excursions


I had some confusion regarding when I could take each tour - there was more flexibility than I realized, which would have made me feel less rushed. Our guide had a great telescope and took a photo of a quetzal for each of us.


The hanging bridges were a great experience and the zip line was fun. Unfortunately, it was a solid and constant rain the entire time. This made the zip line experience less than enjoyable but understand beyond their control.


Same guide as the night tour but this time he had a scope!! Again a wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm, great sightings and pictures. Saw male and female quetzals!
Zip line was fun!


The guides were so much fun and so informative. We felt that we had learned so much about the cloud forest while having a really fun adrenaline rush!


hanging bridges guide wasn't very engaging


Everything was great! It was a little confusing upon arrival with what was going to happen first, but we figured it out!


A great day in the Cloud Forest!


At times guides seemed to be rushing throughout zip line as an effort to beat the rain which we ended up getting just in time for the last 3 zip lines. Overall fun and friendly hanging bridges tour guidelines qq818


This was fabulous!


The canopy tour was absolutely amazing and would definitely rate a 10. The hanging bridges were a bit long and the shuttle transportation selvatura provided was a bit disorganized.


The zip line and tarzan swing were fantastic and the guides very good. The guide for the hanging bridges did not meet expectations on knowledge of flora and fauna but was very nice.


this trip was cancelled due to the very poor weather and safety concerns


Our hanging bridges guide was sweet but not the best communicator


We would have done the zip lining again if we had an extra day in the area!


The guided tour was boring. The ziplinging was magnificent!!!!!


hanging bridges were nice, guide was very good in the beginning but ended up rushing a bit at the end. It felt like he had to meet a schedule. Guides on Canopy tour were fun.


Lots of fun. We all had a blast and our guide was very informative.


Amazing place with a lot of life and wildlife to see. Our guide was very knowledgeable and really made it interesting. Highly recommend.


It was busy (lots of tourists) and there were fairly large groups and lines.


Very interesting and exillerating!


Our guided bridge tour had a great guide. My teenagers loved this excursion but I felt it was a little unsettling in that unlike the canyoneering adventure there isn't a set guide but rather just a series of different people clipping us on to the zip line. It was a very busy day so I felt a little insecure because they were trying to keep the lines moving. Everyone was very pleasant but it was a little stressful (for me). Also, we did not like that a large group of children kept being moved to the front of the line (away from their parents and partnered up with us). We were not sure of the logic in this and we didn't like waiting so long for them to go in front of us several times. I would say that my teens felt this was a highlight but they too did not like how the large group of kids kept getting moved in front of us.


Our tour guide for the nature walk was not very interactive and it was just us and the guide. He pointed out a handful of things, but it was pretty much silence most of the walk. Other walkers coming the other way (we did the walk from end to start) told us where to see monkeys, which was cool. The zip lining was good. We were the last tour of the day, so we felt "rushed." When we finished, we were waiting for our photo package and the transport was about to leave. I personally would recommend to do this activity earlier in the morning/day, rather than later in the day like we did.


The hanging bridges were a great experience. We decided not to do the zip lines as it was raining constantly. This would have been our first zip line tour ever and we were uncertain about enjoying it in the rain. We were able to trade our vouchers in for the Butterfly Garden, Insect & Reptile Exhibition and Hummingbird Garden. Our guide on this part was great--I didn't know anyone could be that enthusiastic about bugs and snakes!


Beautiful surroundings, and an amazing zip line experience. There were many zips and they were very long and really fun. The forest surrounding the hanging bridges was beautiful.


An extremely informative guided tour. Maurice was amazing. He was so full of information and took the time to make sure we were having a good time. The zipline experience was loads of fun.....


The hanging bridges tour was more like a lecture. Was a disappointment that we didn't see any animals.


Lots of fun. The guides was very helpful.


The hanging bridges were beautiful and the zip lining was a real hoot! We enjoyed enormously!


Loved everything about it.


It was great


Really enjoyed the guided tour through the trails and bridges as our guide was knowledgeable and interesting. He didn't over promise but delivered all he could with the tour. As for the Zip Lining, the tour was tremendous fun and the guides were excellent.


Excellent time!!


A guided tour for the Hanging Bridges is a MUST. You will never know what you don't see until you see what you do. Our guide Hector was amazing. We saw both the male and female Quetzal bird which apparently was not a very common event. When your tour guide gets excited you know that you are experiencing something special. Hector was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. He took a hands on approach when it came to pointing out things to us. He would use our smart phones to take photos through his spotting scope as well as get the best views and angles for us to take photos.

The second half of our visit was spent flying through the trees on their canopy course which was much longer and more intense than I expected. The ziplines were a rush of adrenaline fun but be aware there was ALOT of intense hiking and climbing involved. I was not expecting to be sweating and out of breath in between the lines. Perhaps the nature hike before the canopy hiking was a bit too much ...

Excellent day but EXHAUSTING ...


Our driver was late in picking us up at our hotel, so we arrived late. As a result, we were rushed into the zip lining second portion of the day and the guides rushed through the tour. We would have liked to have gone at a slower pace and enjoyed it a little more. It seemed like the guides were more interested in getting off early from work than helping us to enjoy that portion of the day.


Go on a guided tour of Selvatura hanging bridges if you can, it made it much more enjoyable and we were able to see a couple of birds we wouldn't have been able to locate if not for the help of our guide. Alex was very helpful and very, very knowledgeable. Knew his birds and wildlife extremely well. Canopy/zipline tour was among the best we've ever experienced. Guides was all great and the scenery was fantastic. The Tarzan swing was a kick and the last zip line was the longest I've ever been on. There was a moderate amount of walking but gave us a chance to talk with other zip liners. This was a great experience.


really enjoyed this tour, highly recommend it.


Awesome experience


The tour on the hanging bridge was nice. I am glad we started with that as it forest and animal sighting was probably the least impressive of the places we visited. I believe the activity was a very good choice.
The zip line was great. The experience of the last 1km zip line in superman style was fantastic and a unique moment we will remember our whole life. The only caveat about the zip line is that my 10 yr old was separated from us to be with the other younger kids and also was too young to do the superman style, so she certainly didn't have the same great experience, especially feeling a bit lonely without the rest of her family with her. It is going to be hard to get as excited by other zip lines after doing that one!


Amazing.....Great fun......


The bridge tour was great and very informative. Our guide really took the time to explain the plants and wild life. The pace was appropriate for the information and seeing sites. The zip line was a lot of fun; it felt a little rushed like we were cattle. It was a very big group and they were just trying to get us down the line as quickly as possible. It felt safe, however. The last zip line was incredible; one km long!


Awesome. Ziplining was another highlight of our trip.


This was the most challenging part of the trip but the guides were very careful to reassure me and to explain how to position myself. It was indeed thrilling to zip high over the canopy.


The guided walk was good. I did not enjoy the zip line. It felt rushed and "production line" and I did not feel comfortable on any of the platforms. Additionally, I did not expect the foggy, misty weather and was very disappointed in this area of Costa Rica.


Our guide made this a great day


I loved the zip lining.


Canopy /zip line tour was great, although my daughter had faulty equipment which caused her to be separated from the rest of our family and to wait for new gear. Transportation was late going to the tour, and there was confusion among the staff over whether we had a guide for the hanging bridges portion of the tour. Bridges themselves were enjoyable, but the guide slowed everyone down and didn't add much to the the experience.


group was too large--lots of waiting time for the zip lines. other than that, beautiful


It was fantastic. An experience that I'll never forget. The staff was very good natured and seemed to love their jobs.


Guides were really rushing everyone through the zips, to the point that it felt borderline unsafe in the beginning and made my mom really nervous. After awhile they slowed down. Great zips but the guides could have done a better job making us feel comfortable.