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The Santa Rosa National Park tour is a great introduction to the history and amazing biodiversity that exists throughout Costa Rica. This National Park was founded in 1972 with the intention to preserve the largest remaining dry forest in the Neotropics. On this tour, you’ll go on a short guided hike of the forest, followed by a visit to Liberia, historically known as “The White City”, for sightseeing and souvenir shopping.

The tour will begin when your guide picks you up from your hotel within Guanacaste and takes you to the entrance of the National Park. Your guide - bilingual and well educated about Costa Rican nature and wildlife - will explain the interesting history of the Santa Rosa National Park and will be ready to point out the abundance of wildlife you may see along your way. This 94,000 acre park is known for its vast dry forest, vanishing worldwide, but also frequently visited for the stunning beaches, oak tree forests, swamps, and mangroves; each with its own unique thriving wildlife for visitors to explore.

You may be reminded of a beautiful autumn day, with bare trees and fallen colorful leaves in some areas of the hike. The only difference is the very hot tropical temperature of this forest where the barren trees shed their leaves to retain water, unlike trees in northern countries preparing for winter. You might also see the “naked Indian” trees, where the tree bark continually peels off exposing the bare trunk underneath.

Inside the park, stands “La Casona” an important monument reminding the community of the victory the Costa Rican army had in overturning the invasion of Costa Rica in1856. Your guide will share the details of this historical encroachment as well as how the outcome reflects the value Costa Ricans have on preserving their cultural heritage.

After the hike you’ll driven to the city of Liberia, known as the “White City”” because of the white adobe houses, white dirt roads that used to exist, and the people who often dressed in white clothing due to the heat. Your guide will tell you more about the history and show you important sites within the city.

At some point during the day, your group will stop at a local restaurant where a delicious lunch of Costa Rican cuisine will be provided. You will also be given a chance to look in a couple of souvenir stores to make purchases if you would like.

This tour includes bilingual guide, lunch, park entrance and air conditioned transportation from Flamingo, Jobo, Papagayo, Playa Grande and Tamarindo. One way transport can take up to 2 hours from your hotel to the national park depending on where you are staying. Combined time of transportation, hike, lunch, and city tour is 5 to 7 hours. Please bring lightweight clothing as the outdoor temperatures can be very hot, walking shoes, bug repellent, sun protection, rain gear and extra spending money if you’d like to purchase souvenirs.

What to Bring

  • Lightweight Clothing
  • Hiking Shoes
  • Rain Gear
  • Camera
  • Sun Block
  • Insect Repellent
  • Money If You'd Like To Buy Souvenirs

Location and Availability

The Santa Rosa National Park Tour is available from Central Guanacaste, Jobo, Papagayo Peninsula, Playa Hermosa, Coco, Southern Papagayo, and Tamarindo

Tour Time

  • 7:00am

Tour Type

  • Nature
  • Learning Family

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Recommended Ages

7 and up


Latitude: N 10° 52' 24.35"
Longitude: W 85° 37' 2.95"


  • Overall 77.5% (8 Guest Ratings)
  • Experience: 72.5%
  • Expectations: 68.8%
  • Guides: 87.5%
  • Logistics: 81.2%
  • Value: 75%


Expected to see some wildlife. Were told that it is the wrong time of year to see animals.


We were in the vehicles much longer than anticipated, but overall it was a fun day.


The guide and driver were great. The lunch stop was excellent. Not much wildlife appeared, but our guides did make a great effort to locate and identify what they could and it was a very pleasant trip.