Aguila de Osa (Meals Included)

Overall 93.7% (28 Guest Ratings)

Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Aguila de Osa is a lovely eco-lodge in Drake Bay, specializing in the Osa Peninsula experience. Guests will arrive by boat from Sierpe or domestic flight. The lodge is simple but elegant. Jungle and tropical gardens surround the property which overlooks the bay and river. A visit to Corcovado National Park is a must while during your stay at Aguila de Osa. The lodge's highly trained guides will show you the wonders and exotic animals. A trip to Cano Island is fantastic for snorkeling, and you might get lucky and see a dolphin or whale! This package includes a round trip boat transfer from Sierpe. Aguila de Osa is an excellent choice for your Drake Bay lodge. Reserve your vacation to the Osa Peninsula today!

Sample Itinerary
  • 3 nights at Aguila de Osa
  • Cano Island Tour and Snorkeling - Aguila de Osa
  • Corcovado National Park Tour - San Pedrillo Station - Aguila de Osa
Starting at $915 per person*

*Sample rates are per person, double occupancy [Oct dates]

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Copa de Arbol (Meals Included)

Overall 93.3% (21 Guest Ratings)

Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Prepare to have your mind blown! Copa de Arbol is the most luxurious lodge on the Osa Peninsula. Committed to providing the very best of the Osa and Corcovado, Copa is sure to exceed the expectations of the most discerning traveler. The beachfront lodge is surrounded by rainforest with vibrant tropical gardens throughout the grounds. The three-tiered swimming pool and lounge area are perfect for unwinding after a day of adventure. Wildlife is always passing through, so bring your camera! A visit to Corcovado National Park is a must for anybody visiting this area. Cano Island is another must for snorkeling or scuba diving (scuba is extra) if you're certified. Copa de Arbol is sure to provide you with all the luxuries you could ask out of a high-end eco-lodge. With only a handful of cabins, they reserve many months in advance. Jump ahead of the line and book your stay today! This package does not include transportation to and from the lodge.

Sample Itinerary
  • 3 nights at Copa de Arbol Beach and Rainforest Resort
  • Cano Island Tour and Snorkeling - Copa de Arbol Beach and Rainforest Resort
  • Corcovado National Park Tour - San Pedrillo Station - Copa de Arbol Beach and Ra
Starting at $1,376 per person*

*Sample rates are per person, double occupancy [Oct dates]

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Pirate Cove (Meals Included)

Overall 91.1% (157 Guest Ratings)

Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Pirate Cove is all about value and experience. This affordable Drake Bay Lodge is the perfect hideout for anybody looking for a quality experience at a great price. The lodge sits beachfront just outside of Drake Bay town. Scarlett Macaws and Monkeys frequent the area, and the tours are second to none! Plan a visit to Corcovado for fantastic wildlife observation or take a trip to Cano Island for an incredible snorkeling or diving experience if you're certified (scuba is extra). Pirate Cove is sure to provide an exciting and memorable experience on your vacation to Drake Bay. Reserve your stay today! This package does not include transportation to and from the lodge.

Sample Itinerary
  • 3 nights at Pirate Cove Hotel
  • Cano Island Tour and Snorkeling - Pirate Cove Hotel
  • Corcovado National Park Tour San Pedrillo Station - Pirate Cove Hotel
Starting at $480 per person*

*Sample rates are per person, double occupancy [Oct dates]

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The Osa Peninsula Offers Some of the Best Eco-Lodges in Costa Rica!

The Osa Peninsula is home to some of the coolest eco-lodges in Costa Rica! And most of the best are in Drake Bay, taking advantage of the proximity to the San Pedrillo and Sirena Stations. Copa de Arbol is in a league of it's in for luxury. If you want the best of the best, this lodge is a show stopper. Casa Corcovado, Aguila de Osa, and La Paloma Lodge are also high-end eco-lodges with quality amenities, acute attention to detail, and fantastic service. Pirate Cove and Drake Bay Wilderness Resort are great options for anybody on a budget. They provide reasonable quality no-frills lodging with outstanding customer service and a high focus on the overall experience. Poor Mans Paradise and Corcovado Adventures Tent Camp are even more budget friendly. As the name implies, Corcovado Adventures Tent Camp is a tent camp. Poor Mans offers wooden cabins that have an open air tent-like feel. Remember, a visit to the Osa is a trip into the wilds. Expect rustic accommodations and an unforgettable all around experience. Don't expect conveniences like air conditioning or television. Sound like paradise? If so, reserve your trip to the Osa Peninsula today!

Activities & Things to do in Drake Bay

The Osa Peninsula is a magical place for wildlife observation and ecotourism. Corcovado National Park is one of the best locations in the world to observe wildlife and all around biodiversity. Nearly 5% of Earth’s species live in this one small region! The San Pedrillo Station entrance is just south of Drake Bay, a 15-minute boat ride from most lodges. The Sirena Station is Costa Rica’s most remote national park ranger station and also one of the best places to see exotic wildlife. Sirena is further south, about 45 minutes from most Drake Bay lodges by boat. The Pacific Ocean is to the west and south of the Osa, and the Golfo Dulce is to the east (connected to the Pacific). Many species of dolphins and whales use these waters to rear calves making dolphin and whale watching tours very popular from the Osa. Cano Island is just west of the peninsula. It’s considered by many to be Costa Rica’s finest scuba diving location and also a fantastic place to snorkel. Sound like your type of destination? If so, consider adding Corcovado and the Osa to your Costa Rica vacation!

Transportation to the Osa Peninsula

The Osa Peninsula is a cool place, but you’ll have to pay to get there! The Osa is the most remote region in Costa Rica, and there are no public roads through the park. From San Jose to the tip of the Osa or Sierpe, you’re talking about a six-hour drive. From Sierpe, you’ll take an hour+ boat ride to your Lodge in Drake Bay. If you’re staying in the Puerto Jimenez area, you can continue driving south for another couple hours and points south such as Matapalo or Carate will add up to a couple more hours. Domestic flights are available from San Jose, Manuel Antonio, and other select destinations to Drake Bay or Puerto Jimenez. Flights be a real time-saver, but strict baggage limitations and cost may be a consideration. We offer many transportation options to and from the Osa Peninsula. Give us a call to reserve your flights or transfers, 1.866.853.9426.

What areas should I combine with the Osa Peninsula on my vacation?

While the Osa Peninsula is Costa Rica’s most remote destination, it ties in well with other southern destinations. You can also connect Drake Bay with Arenal Volcano or Tortuguero via domestic flights. Let’s take a look at some of the great places you can add to the Osa on your Costa Rican vacation.

Located opposite of the Osa Peninsula geographically, Tortuguero is a great destination to connect with Drake Bay and Corcovado with a flight. Tortuguero is another remote destination with rustic eco-lodges. It is only accessible by boat or plane, and the lodges are spread out along the famous canals. Visitors will have the opportunity to see an abundance of wildlife, jungle, and rural culture. The flight to Drake Bay usually takes a few hours including layover(s). Most visitors to Tortuguero stay for two nights.

Arenal Volcano is Costa Rica's top attraction for a variety of reasons. The hot springs resorts attract visitors from all over the world. Adventurers will have more options and better tour operators than anywhere else in Costa Rica. Nature enthusiasts will love riverboat safaris, hanging bridges, hikes through the jungle at the base of the volcano, and the awe-inspiring La Fortuna Waterfalls. The flight from Drake Bay to Arenal takes a few hours including layover(s). Most visitors to Arenal stay there for three to four nights.

Manuel Antonio is another great destination to connect with the Osa Peninsula on your vacation to Costa Rica. Manuel Antonio is on the Central Pacific coast near Quepos. The area has some of the prettiest beaches in Costa Rica, loads of wildlife in the national park, and an abundance of adventure activities. You can either take a boat to Sierpe and then drive to Manuel Antonio (around 4 hours total) or take a flight from Drake Bay to Manuel Antonio (around 1 hour). Most visitors to Manuel Antonio stay for three to four nights.

San Gerardo de Dota is a cloud forest destination in the Central Highlands. Similar to the Osa, eco-lodges in this area are rustic, specializing in the experience over luxuries. While Monteverde is more known than San Gerardo, San Gerardo is a better highland bird watching destination. Resplendent Quetzals and many other species are common here. This area is high in elevation, so dress warm and be prepared for rain. From Drake Bay, you can take the boat to Sierpe and then drive to San Gerardo de Dota (around 4.5 hours total). Most visitors stay for two nights.

Dominical and Uvita are a little north of the Osa Penisula in the Costa Ballena region. This beautiful area is home to plenty of wildlife and unspoiled beaches. Dominical has big waves and is better for surfers. Uvita is home to Marino Ballena National Park, which encompasses all of the beaches (you must pay to access the beaches daily). From Drake Bay, you can take the boat to Sierpe and drive the rest of the way (around 2.5 hours total). Most visitors to Costa Ballena stay for three to four nights.

As you can see, despite its remote location, the Osa Peninsula can easily tie in with other great destinations on your Costa Rica vacation. The Osa is a beautiful place to visit and should be high on your list if you want a remote adventure with plenty of wildlife.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I plan my trip to this region?

It is hot, humid, and rugged in this region. Three to four nights is usually the ideal stay.

What should I do with my rental car when I visit Drake Bay?

You should not attempt to drive to Drake Bay as there are several river crossings. You can park your car in Sierpe and then take the boat to Drake. The Las Vegas Restaurant offers a secure parking area. You must request this service in person on the day you arrive. Two boats are available daily (morning and afternoon) during the high season but there is only one morning boat available during most low season months. The times vary by the operator, so contact us to arrange your meeting before you go.

When will I find the best prices?

May through November

What is the weather like?

The Osa Peninsula is one of the rainiest regions in the world. It is also quite hot. Daytime temperatures average in the 90s and nights are usually around 15 degrees cooler. Rains can be severe from mid-August through mid-November. January through April is the driest period. The rains start again in May and slowly build back into heavier rains as the year goes on. No matter when you visit, be prepared for rain.

Which airport should I use?

San Jose Airport (SJO) is the best airport to use for vacations that include the Osa Peninsula. There are flight options between SJO and Drake Bay and Puerto Jimenez Airport. It is also much closer and affordable than Liberia Airport for ground transfers.

Is it a good fit for me?

The Osa Peninsula is a fabulous destination, but certainly not for everybody. It is wild, rugged, remote, and can be uncomfortable. The Osa is a destination for ecotourists that want to go off the beaten path in search of exotic wildlife in a remote region. Visitors must understand that most eco-lodges are set up for the experience versus modern comforts. In many cases, this can be just a step up from camping and in some cases such as Corcovado Adventures Tent Camp, it is camping. Transportation is either costly and limiting (domestic flights) or long and adventurous (land and boat). There are bugs, insects, and dangerous wildlife. If you’re reading this and have any doubts, you may want to look into a stay in Manuel Antonio instead. If this all sounds like a dream come true, you are going to love the Osa Peninsula and Corcovado National Park!

Where is the Osa Peninsula?

The Osa Peninsula is the large peninsula on the southwest coast of Costa Rica. The entirety of Corcovado National Park is on the Osa Peninsula.


Latitude: N 8° 41' 10.72"
Longitude: W 83° 39' 50.61"

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