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El Establo Mountain Hotel is a charming and picturesque retreat nestled in the heart of Monteverde's breathtaking cloud forest in Costa Rica. Surrounded by lush greenery and stunning landscapes, the hotel offers guests a comfortable and immersive experience in one of the world's most renowned ecotourism destinations.

The hotel features a variety of accommodations designed to cater to different preferences and group sizes. From cozy rooms to spacious suites, each option is thoughtfully designed and tastefully decorated, providing guests with a tranquil and comfortable escape. The rooms offer modern amenities, plush beds, and balconies or terraces, allowing guests to enjoy magnificent views of either the cloud forest or the sweeping Nicoya Gulf.


El Establo Mountain Hotel prides itself on its commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation. The hotel implements eco-friendly practices, including energy-saving initiatives, water conservation measures, and waste management programs. These efforts aim to minimize the hotel's ecological footprint and contribute to the preservation of the precious cloud forest ecosystem. Furthermore, the hotel actively supports local communities and engages in initiatives that promote the region's rich biodiversity.

The hotel's restaurants offer a delightful culinary experience that showcases a fusion of traditional Costa Rican flavors and international cuisine. Guests can indulge in a variety of delectable dishes prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The restaurants' inviting ambiance, coupled with panoramic views of the cloud forest and surrounding landscapes, creates the perfect setting for memorable dining experiences.

El Establo Mountain Hotel provides an array of facilities and activities to ensure guests have a truly enjoyable stay. The hotel features a heated swimming pool where guests can relax, unwind, and cool off. The trails allows guests to exercise routines while enjoying views of the lush surroundings. For ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation, the hotel's spa offers a range of treatments and massages using natural and organic products.

Monteverde is renowned for its abundant biodiversity and stunning natural attractions. The hotel's prime location offers easy access to the iconic Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, where guests can embark on guided hikes through enchanting trails, traverse hanging bridges for a unique perspective, and witness the incredible diversity of plant and animal species. The hotel's knowledgeable staff can assist in recommending restaurants and boutiques, ensuring that guests can fully immerse themselves in the wonders of this magical area.

El Establo Mountain Hotel takes great pride in providing exceptional service and creating memorable experiences for every guest. The friendly and attentive staff is dedicated to ensuring that each visitor's needs and preferences are met, allowing them to have a comfortable, enjoyable, and personalized stay in Monteverde.

In summary, El Establo Mountain Hotel offers a comfortable and immersive experience in the captivating cloud forest of Monteverde. With its well-appointed accommodations, strong commitment to sustainability, delectable dining options, and convenient access to the natural wonders of the region, the hotel provides guests with an unforgettable and enriching stay in the heart of Costa Rica's biodiversity hotspot.


Hotel Tags

  • Midrange
  • Resort
  • Eco Style
  • Spa
  • Family
  • Hilltop
  • Yoga
  • Business
  • Sustainable

Hotel Amenities

  • Breakfast
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Room Service
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Fitness Room
  • Trails
  • Tennis Court
  • Resort Activities
  • Conference Room
  • Gardens
  • Handicap
  • Computer Station
  • Parking
  • Wifi
  • Wifi Free
  • Laundry Service
  • Cable Tv

Room Amenities


  • Cable Tv
  • Safe Deposit Box
  • Mini Fridge
  • Phone
  • Internet
  • Alarm Clock
  • Tub
  • Hair Dryer
  • Sitting Area
  • Balcony OR Terrace

Family Suite

  • Cable Tv
  • Safe Deposit Box
  • Mini Fridge
  • Phone
  • Coffee Service
  • Internet
  • Alarm Clock
  • Tub
  • Hair Dryer
  • Living Room
  • Sitting Area
  • Mezzanine Bedroom
  • Balcony OR Terrace

Honeymoon Suite

  • Cable Tv
  • Safe Deposit Box
  • Mini Fridge
  • Phone
  • Coffee Service
  • Internet
  • Alarm Clock
  • Hot Tub
  • Tub
  • Hair Dryer
  • Sitting Area
  • Balcony OR Terrace

Junior Suite

  • Cable Tv
  • Safe Deposit Box
  • Mini Fridge
  • Phone
  • Coffee Service
  • Internet
  • Alarm Clock
  • Tub
  • Hair Dryer
  • Sitting Area
  • Balcony OR Terrace


Latitude: N 10° 18' 47.02"
Longitude: W 84° 48' 56.67"


  • Overall 85.8% (598 Guest Ratings)
  • Cleanliness: 91.4%
  • Comfort: 84.9%
  • Meeting Expectations: 82%
  • Staff: 87.4%
  • Value: 83.4%


Quite a grotty hotel, very dated, not very well thought through (eg bedside lights that you can't turn off whilst in bed because there's no switch nearby!)


We enjoyed the soccer court and the night walk.


Hotel was wonderful. A bit warm without air conditioning and internet did not work in the rooms.


I know we were in the rainforest and all, but If every restaurant in the area can have wifi, I see no reason that the rooms should not have wifi. I found that inexcusable. Also, there were spiders and bugs in the room. Again, I realize we were in a rainforest, but if Rio Celeste (also in the rainforest) didn't have problems with bugs, why can't this place prevent that? Breakfast was crowded.


Staff were friendly. Shuttle drivers were always on time and willing to help us navigate a large property!


Very nice hotel. The grounds were literally a mile long but we had a great view.


The shuttle was appreciated as it was a LONG way uphill to our room. The rooms were very noisy as you could hear everything!! The staff were great and courteous! Great night walk!


I loved hiking around. It obviously is NOT for older people or those with disabilities. There are stairs that cannot be avoided in the hotel. But, I enjoyed it. The only issues were: 1) bad soundproofing-I could hear every room and some people were loud and 2) breakfast organization not great to lines and seemed like large tour groups were there.


We were all cold at night and the loud wind on the windows kept us up.


Love this hotel - we had rooms at the top of the hill so the views were great!


A beautiful hotel set in the mountainside looking down at the valley and Pacific Ocean. We were in the 800 block of rooms, and would suggest this or the 900 block to get the best views. Breakfast options were the best of all three hotels stayed at. Hotel was withing walking distance of town and restaurants. Recommend Restaurant Thomas & Thiago which is a 5 minute walk outside of the hotel.
Only negative, would be that the shuttle service to get up to your rooms stopped at 10pm. Hotel should consider having shuttles available for later if people want to go into town for food/music/bars, as it is quite steep and DARK at night.


Room was chilly (no heat). Room too far from front desk and breakfast, requiring frequent shuttles. Breakfasts were only average! Massages were wonderful and best part stay!


Hotel was great and the staff that we interacted with here always happy and courteous. The stay was awesome.


This hotel is a little outdated, which we knew in advance. Aside from that, the grounds and room were nice. The road throughout is entirely uphill which meant we had to call a shuttle any time we wanted to go somewhere which was a little inconvenient. Our biggest complaint was that there was no fan or screen on the patio door for air. It was very hot and uncomfortable for sleeping. Most of the staff was great. The server at the pool bar made us get our own menus, walk back to place our order and then again to get our drinks. There were no other guests in the area. He seemed inconvenienced by us.


Nice staff. Good breakfast. Small room for 3 at the end of a long and sometimes noisy hallway. Shuttle service was inconvenient. Restaurant was expensive. WiFi was terrible.


While the view from our room was AMAZING I'm not sure it was worth it. We hated having to take the shuttle up and down every time we wanted to leave our room. I'm a runner, in really good shape, I found walking around this property exhausting!!! We did love walking into Santa Elena for more dining options. We also did zip-lining offered by the hotel on property which ended up being great! The included breakfast was delicious.


We loved Monte Verde, it was so peaceful and calm....the hotel was very nice and super comfy! The staff was very nice and super accommodating.


Restaurant was a bit overpriced.


We loved the grounds and the staff but the hotel itself was slightly outdated


The wifi in our building was very inconsistent. The restaurant prices were high for lunch and dinner, but we just went into town and ate meals.


The food at the property was delicious, the night tour was a great addition, and the transportation to the rooms was appreciated.


A little loud...could hear the others talking. Fantastic food at the restaurant!


Magnificent views of the valley from the rooms and a good breakfast with lots of fresh fruit. There were playful koatis outside in the morning to greet us.


This was a very physically demanding hotel. I think in the description it should state how many times you have to climb steps to do anything. Other than that the resort amenities and room were amazing. The breakfast we did not care for, we only went the first day. The restaurant was not very clean, it was crowded. No service. We just did not care for it. We found a coffee shop at the bottom of the hill that had amazing people and a wonderful breakfast and snacks. Golf carts that could be added to room would be a great addition instead of shuttle to travel about the resort.




The hotel is lovely, the view spectacular. The room was a bit sparsely furnished. Although there were two double beds, the room had one rocking chair for sitting. This was not a bad hotel, We had good meals here and the staff was pleasant, helpful and kind.


The restaurant was very good. The accommodations are in need of an update. No one should stay in the honeymoon suite unless you like to be in a room with no door to the bathroom, including the toilet!


The property is very large and the vans to pick us up from our room didn't always show up on schedule which was stressful. The rooms are simple but nice, good views. Breakfast was fine. The pool area was pretty. We did the night tour which we loved.


Wifi was pathetic, there was poor choice of vegetarian options, room service was unacceptably bad.


This is a beautiful hotel!


The hotel was exactly as expected based on PTW and our individual research. Feedback and guidance for others considering this hotel should include mention of the steep hill that needs to be traversed to your room (by hotel or readily available shuttle) and the amount of noise heard in the room while others are moving to/from their rooms.


The travel distance between room and reception was hard. The breakfast options were limited. The pool was too small and not heated.


Nice views and very fun to see coatis near our patio. Nice night tours offered by the hotel, too. The negatives were the room was, it was difficult getting to the room from the reception, and the front desk didn’t activate our room keys properly, causing us to get locked out of our rooms.


I thought the room was beautiful


I would not stay here again. The room itself and views were good. But because the hallways are large and made of concrete and rock you hear everything everyone else is doing. The buildings at the top of the hill looked abandoned. I'm wondering if it is because of covid. The restaurant had really good food but it was expensive. We went to hike some of their trails but they were not maintained and reached a lot of dead ends. They walk to town from the hotel is manageable.


Queen beds not wanted. Had to use transportation anytime to go anywhere, including, restaurant, pool, or lobby. The restaurant food was good. The breakfast was not up to standards. People served themselves (COVID-19 restrictions were inadequate.).


The beds were very hard. I wish I could remember the name of the young man that was shuttling people up and down to the rooms. He was very kind.


Obviously not quite as well appointed as Arenal, however given this is an Eco-Lodge it is extremely nice and comfortable and once again, Staff was excellent in all respects--friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to serve.


The only issue with this hotel was was it our room was at the top of the mountain , we had to call shuttle services whenever we had to go outside and back to our room. We were little hesitant to call the shuttle


The only qualm I had was being on the first floor and having limited privacy with the picture window. Any of our neighbors could walk by and see right in. However, the views were amazing. It was so cool to be above the rainforest and see down to the bay. Listening to the howler monkeys was probably a highlight of my time there. We also did their offered night tour and seeing the jungle at night was amazing. We saw a sloth, snake, a sleeping toucan, and several frogs, and a tarantula. Oh, and lightning bugs: one my favorites and something I miss having seen many times in growing up in the midwest. Very cool!


This was our best experience. The hotel is very comfortable. The staff are always available and helpful but remain inobtrusive. They were also helpful in coordinating local activities. It is locally owned and they were willing to provide local dining and activity recommendations. The onsite trails and zip lining are a lot of fun and easy to access by just walking up the mountain, A night walk at the hotel itself exceeded expectations. A big shout out to Rony Castro for his remarkable knowledge of the animal and insects life we witnessed. I recommend going to the Monte Verde Cloud Forest preserve for the best hiking in the area.


Mixed feelings as it was our least favorite place bcs staff was rarely available… took long time to get things or get them on the phone. Location was beautiful but not close to much and hard to get transportation to places.


Nice stay at this hotel. The location of our building uphill requires some workout to get to from the front of the hotel, but shuttle was provided to get us up and take us to the front. Onsite restaurant was quite good. Their lunch specials were good value.


The hotel has some some upsides, but there’s major downsides as well. The views are spectacular, the location was convenient for getting to town and local hiking/sites and the nature on property is beautiful.
That being said, the place feels run down- like it was in its prime 10-20 years ago and has gone downhill since. Speaking of hills, the entire property is located on a very steep incline, and the free shuttle service (just one vehicle- not a running circuit of shuttles) they offer is super unreliable- sometimes coming within 5 mins of calling, sometimes in 30 mins, and sometimes not at all. The rooms are LOUD due to echoes, very thin walls and door jam gaps- I had trouble sleeping with ear plugs in. We were in the 200 block and the road noise was pretty terrible. Although the rooms have decent space, there’s only a bed and rocking chairs for furniture and zero closet space. Some staff was friendly and helpful, while others were short and seemed annoyed. Speaking with one employee, it seems they are understaffed and that leaves everyone spread thin.


When planning our vacation, we considered switching to a different accommodation. We were advised by PTW to stay at El Establo. They were completely correct. The grounds are absolutely stunning. Our only disappointment was that the pool was unheated and the air was too cool (in June) to go in.


It was a huge beautiful room but the layout was odd. The space between the bed and the furniture was so tight 2 people couldn't pass. Excellent bathroom! Excellent restaurant. Pretty upscale hotel.


nice facility


The travel on the van from hotel room to everywhere was very clean, it smelled of sweat and dirt. Otherwise it was good.excepially with the hotel activities


The hotel itself was a bit sleepy, but the views were breathtaking! I really enjoyed watching the sunrise here.


awesome view from hotel. Monteverde was awesome!! weather was great too!


beautiful view from room!


Place was great with beautiful views. Close walk into town and restaurants was nice.


Customer Service was not strong here. The accommodations were nice but sparse. No extra added touches to make you feel welcome. Use the shuttle whenever possible, especially when transporting luggage...very hilly!!


Disappointing pool area very uncomfortable lounge chairs


Rooms need to be updated and repaired when not working. Lacking in areas to sit outdoors, including rooms. Staff at this resort were not not a happy crew. The resort offers trails which we started out on but turned around and came back as there were many loops with no trail markers and we felt as if we were in a maze and would get lost easily.


No wifi in the rooms which no one there would admit. 30$USD for a small bag of laundry(we declined). Remarkable view from the balcony! Amazing sunset Ill never forget. Large clean rooms with puzzling design. Overall a good and interesting experience.


Hotel is spread across hundreds of acres on a steep mountainside. Pretty and clean but below true luxury level. The rooms were a little dark and spartan, but big and with unforgettable sunset views from the mountainside that you don't want to miss. The property is VERY steep; you can walk, but uphill is a workout. They'll van shuttle you quickly any time, anywhere and there are flower lined sidewalk trails when you do walk. Pool area is modest but nicely done with a bar, a gym and great views. Didn't hit the fancy restaurant; the main restaurant is a total fail. All indoors, a poorly decorated large room (so you miss out on the beautiful views outside). Lunch/dinner menu is mundane (burgers and pizza mostly) and WILDLY overpriced for the quality. Breakfast buffet (included) is ok in a Hampton Inns sort of way. THE GOOD NEWS: There are about 10 truly excellent casual restaurants just steps from the hotel entrance. The sandwich place across the street is brand new, cheap and great. we had a real CR dinner at an excellent, warm casual family-owned diner and terrific organic italian food, but there's lots more there and in town a short taxi ride away.


There is really cold in the rooms, rooms are very noisy. However our room was big and clean the temperature is killing the experience. Staff at the reception not much helping, not filling the requests you haveto come back and ask again.


The views and the hotel were beautiful.


The best part was the view out the balcony of the bay and ocean further off. The road was very steep and hart to walk up several times a day. Thus transportation was used. There was no heat or cool controls in the room. The breakfast was good. If we were there longer we would have used transportation to explore the town.


The amenities and everything were really spread out and there was no hot tub. The weather was cooler and a hot tub would have been so nice. It was fine and we loved seeing the wildlife and sunsets and views from our balcony. The rooms were big. The shower was AWFUL! Maybe 5min of hot water. The shower is huge but the head faces the short side of the shower and is super high and strong making it really uncomfortable to shower in or relax. The bathroom window opens to the hall so you can hear everything in the morning making sleep impossible. During the wind our balcony door was banging so loud. We had to get up and stick a pillow case in it to stop it. The gym was pretty pathetic. But not many people were there, so I’m assuming it isn’t an amenity that gets used a lot. We could’ve spent less time here. It was our least favorite. But the views were gorgeous!


Rooms had good views, but the property required a lot of walking (or waiting for a shuttle) to get around. Very little noise insulation in the rooms - you could hear the conversation someone was having across the hall with someone on their cell phone (both sides of the conversation!). Good overall.


The rooms were very loud. We could hear doors slamming, and lots of sound echoing from the hallway. It was difficult to sleep.


A beautiful hotel in a beautiful area!


the facility was fabulous. as was the food/dinner buffet.


Very loud hotel due to the design and can't be helped. The lights int he halls shine into the room and keep you up. The bathroom had a very strong urine smell. For the size of the hotel the pool was very small. The location was very nice and the view and staff were incredible.


Overall an amazing hotel but the food was very overpriced


Hotel had a big room but had a very poor lighting especially at night that i have to use my headlight lamp around the bathroom in order to see what i am doing.Aminities on this hotel was very poor .We dont have any honeymoon welcome sign and any decor unlike in some other hotels that we been.All we have is a king size bed and a view of trees in our patio. If i ever go back to Costa Rica El Estabo Hotel is not gonna my choice.


There was some problem with the tub in our room leaking, it took a couple visits from staff to fix it, but it wasn't that inconveniencing. Otherwise, we loved this resort! Beautiful grounds, we had rainbows and coati in front of our balcony everyday!


The room was far from the office, breakfast area, the approach was not easy, again we have to claim steep hike between room and breakfast area. It was tiring, but the room and view from the room was very good. Also not much choice on vegetarian food, also Go cart taking long time to come even after 2 reminders to go to breakfast area.


This was my favorite hotel -so beautiful and peaceful with an amazing view!!! We found a lovely family owned restaurant called Thomas & Thiago that was close to our hotel and had vegan options. Los Lagos Restaurant was great too because they had vegan options. :-)


The views from the hotel and the grounds were very pleasant. Being on a steep slope was challenging but our accommodation was much closer to the restaurant so not an inconvenience. We took the hotel transport up to the very top of the grounds , wandered the trails and then walked down. We ate at a local restaurant.


I knew what to expect of the hotel after reading reviews. It was in a perfect setting of nature, on the side of the mountain with spectacular views and wonderful opportunities to hike and see the area. The restaurants were excellent and we used the shuttle to go to the top and hike down. The pool and gym had a nice area to sit. My husband would have used the gym if it had had an exercise bike. We booked a night hike which we enjoyed.
The room was simple with comfortable rocking chairs to sit on as we looked at the view of the sunset. The smell of sewage in the bathroom was related to the drain under the sink and we mentioned this to the hotel as we checked out. The water drained slowly. The lights were low or there weren’t any in some areas and we understand that this is to respect nature. We weren’t bothered by the noise of the corridor.
Despite a few issues we loved being at this hotel and would recommend it. The staff were pleasant and accommodating.


We found this hotel a bit odd. The rooms are huge with beautiful views but the furnishings are spartan - no dresser, no chairs or extra tables. Because the rooms are so spacious it would be easy to turn them into luxurious rooms. Be prepared for stairs and steep walks. We were in the buildings closest to the only open restaurant but we still had 129 steps down to breakfast and 129 back up. The hotel is near a couple of great restaurants to give options plus it's only a shot walk downhill to the town. Nov uphill walk back if you don't spring for a taxi.


Great location and access to activities


This hotel was also paradise. Excellent, friendly staff. Lush accommodations. Beautiful property and views of agouti and coati every morning.


Situated on the bottom floor accessed through a stone-lined hallway, made our room feel a bit like a dungeon. The lighting in the room was very poor -- not enough even to read by. We did appreciate the location close to the restaurant. There was a nice acknowledgement of granddaughter's birthday.


Fantastic hotel.


Increíbles instalaciones y atención maravillosa.


Only issue was not enough light in the room


This place was nice but not our favorite.


While it was cooler here, but a fan was needed however they ran out and only 1 of our rooms was accommodated with a fan


different type hotel, yet very enjoyable. again great staff and attentive. Next time would like to stay at rooms in highest buildings on mountain side, great views. Restaurant staff and food very good.


A more basic hotel compared to Tabacon with less of the conforts we enjoyed previously. Older hotel and the fixtures and fittings were a little out dated. Despite this, it was still comfortable and acceptable.


The hotel was less than expected. It was somewhat run down, electric covers were open, the outside landscaping was overgrown, for example a grown palm tree blocked the view of our 2nd floor balcony. We also felt the floor was very uneven.


A beautiful hotel in a fabulous location!The view from the bedroom was phenomenal.Lots of wildlife around.


I did not like this hotel due to the steep hill separating the housing buildings from the restaurants, pool, trails, reception, and front gate. It was difficult to access the facilities. The road was dark and scary at night. The walking distance to the center of town was an obstacle to exploring nearby restaurants and sights.


Friendly, informative staff at check-in. Beautiful setting. Like the proximity to Santa Elena - could walk there or take a quick taxi ride. Very hilly but we like the excretes.


The beds were very uncomfortable the staff were very good.


Did not like this hotel that much.


The only complaint is it was LOUD!


The hotel was comfortable and fine but in our opinion lacked soul and coziness. The restaurant was also fine but very busy to times. Open windows to the hall area made quite substantial amount of noise from other people that were walking in the hallway.
The room became quite hot during the day/evening which made it hard to sleep. We were not informed that there were no fans or AC.


Nice hotel, but could use a little upkeep. We had some problems with our shower and ran out of hot water. The breakfast buffet was very good. We would have loved to have outdoor seating on our deck. I hiked some of the trail and would have benefitted from some trail markers. Otherwise, beautiful views and attentive staff mad it a very nice experience.


The staff were extremely friendly and helpful


Great view and location but we ran short of time to enjoy the hotel amenities.


Needed more light!


Room too far away and needing a shuttle is annoying


We were very surprised at how vast this property was at this hotel. We thought we could walk to the top to do the hike but quickly realized we needed to use the in house shuttle. The staff was there to provide the shuttle.


Again, the property was very hilly and needed a shuttle to get around, had to call twice for a shuttle to pick up my luggage when checking out. Otherwise, everyone was nice and helpful, pleasant.


We had a beautiful view. Well located to walk to local restaurants. Staff was very nice. Good breakfast. Hotel goes high up the hill but the vans that drive you to your room and the pool work well.


Beautiful hotel. Server at the main restaurant, Rommel(?), really went out of his way to make sure we were happy.
Trails at the top of the property were a bit scary –too easy to get lost.


Hotel is very spread out over a hillside; need to take a shuttle to get to higher buildings. No soundproofing between rooms. We had to switch rooms due to noisy family next door (switched to much nicer room). Restaurant not great.


The views from this hotel are unbelievable!! The staff was wonderful! The shuttles always came within a couple minutes of calling for one. However, the buildings are very echo-ie and I couldn't get good rest here. I also didn't feel like there was much to do. The property is very spread out. The spa was wonderful!! Definitely worth going to once.


Hotel was lacking lighting. It was so dark in the room you couldn’t read a book.
Trails on property not marked.


Beautiful sunsets.


Enjoyed our stay very much. Liked having an outdoor patio overlooking the hillside/inlet.
Particularly nice that we could easily walk into town for dinner.


The view from our room was exceptional! Transportation shuttles inside the resort were great.
The filet tenderloin steak I ordered in the hotel restaurant was too tough and I sent it back.
The rooms were not soundproof and conversation between rooms could be heard.


The restaurant was not very good and very expensive. We should have gone across the street to the restaurant where someone said it was good and much less expensive.


Room layout was a bit odd. Bathroom sink and desk were set very high, even for someone like me who is six feet tall.

The coati that we could see from outside our room sometimes were neat.


Good location. Easy to walk into town for dinner. We got a little lost on their hiking trails which were not well marked and quite overgrown. There was alot of noise from the hallway, but luckily, the other people that were staying next to us were also "early to bed", so it wasn't a problem for us.


Would choose a different hotel in Monteverde or Santa Elena with smaller property.


The el establo was sort of the low point of a very good overall trip. The hotel I found a little too rustic for what it was billed as.


Wonderful staff, lovely hotel, beautiful setting - loved the view including the spectacular sunset!


Views were amazing but overall the hotel needs updates. The staff are not friendly.


Great hotel!


The hotel met my expectations. We did not select a top end hotel because we had so many excursions


The bath water came out brown after telling them multiple times, it never got fixed. Also, the house keeping kept giving us less towels each time they came. We only got one and had to call down for more. We were a couple in the honeymoon sweet, why only one towel?


rooms were dirty and the walls were very thin. food was overpriced. view was exceptional.


Nice spacious high ceiling room and comfy beds. Beautiful Mountain View’s. No alarm clock, no AC, but the room was cool due to high altitude. Shower was too slow. No hot water for the tub.


700s had amazing view


People weren't specially nice, or not nice at all. the hotel wasn't much confortable


A lot of walking . The area was spread out & very difficult
Walking .


Rooms were ok. Staff at the front desk were friendly and the tour desk was as well. The bathrooms were VERY dark, could hardly see anything. Nice set up in the mountains though and we purchased the Zip Line tour and Night Walk tour that was offered on the premises. Zip Lining was fun, night tour rather disappointing, but not the guides fault. Animals do what they want!! We also purchased the coffee tour from the hotel's tour desk which was great.


We were happy we stayed here....but it’s a weird and strange place. Layout was really weird. We did not see anyone. Breakfast was ok. Very strange layout...kept up all night by wind slamming doors ect.


This was my favorite hotel of the whole trip. It was the most relaxing, warming and inviting hotel. Staff was great, breakfast was great. The view was absolutely perfect during the day and even better as we watched the clouds roll in over the city. It gave me the sense that I was seeing the cloud forest and its environment in action and make me feel like I was experiencing something special.


Another beautiful hotel with an incredible view!


Initial impressions not good at check in as the receptionist didn't offer a safe key even though there was one, and didn't tell us the shuttle would be coming to take us up the VERY steep hill. Things improved after this except for 2nd day breakfast which was "a la carte" due to low volume of guests. It was terrible. A heater in the room would have been useful and somewhere cosy to have a drink and get warm and dry. When we had a problem with ht roof leaking they moved us quickly so not problem with that.


beautiful setting.


Very loud, echoing hallways


the view from this hotel was amazing but the layout was a little more spread out from what we had at Arenal. It was easier to walk to local sodas for meals than it was when we were in Arenal, so I enjoyed that aspect of being able to experience more of the local flavor and have a chance to put my Spanish to work speaking with local shop owners.


Hotel was great, but very inconvenient to get to pool.


The pool was too chilly to swim, it would have been nice if it had been heated.


Did not like having to take the shuttle. Staff wasn't very friendly but the room was nice.


Hotel VERY dim. We had to use our iPhone lights just to unpack and see things. So spread out and on a steep hill made it difficult to get around. Breakfast quite chaotic. The bed on the upper floor of each room was very, very hot and despite what they say,. they do need air conditioning. Would not go there again.


Great location to be able to walk downtown. We were sad the lower pool and workout area were no longer available.


We saw coati mundis and kinkajous out outside our patio door. Amazing sunsets!


I wouldn't recommend this hotel. Spread over the mountain we needed transportation every time we wanted to leave the room (to go to the pool, bfast, etc you actually had to call for a van). Also, you need a taxi to go downtown. Not a very warm place. Some coldness to it. The upside were the views.


Very nice hotel. Quiet. Although a bit of a hassle to get up the hill to the restaurant, well worth it as the food was excellent.


In the mountains, the hotels are spread out and requires a shuttle to go anywhere. But if you are ready for that, its no big deal.


They need more lounge chairs at pool


Breakfast was pretty awful. Rooms in need of updating. Wifi was non-existent except on the balcony. My expectations were set well, though, on this hotel.


Beautiful place, friendly staff, HUGE room, but the room was dark and stuffy. There were so many steps!


Beautiful setting


Great place, but a bit isolated from town center.


Everyone was very nice and the hotel is very special. The food seemed kind of not absolutelly top dog but the breakfasts were very very good


Being so far from the restaurant they should have in room coffee service. Being in the heart of coiffed country the coffee was substandard. The view from the room was spectacular.


It was hard to follow up Royal Corin. The room felt 'stripped' down of conveniences. Busy, busy time!


Facilities were good. I underestimated how large the property is and how difficult it is to walk the property. Restaurant was good. Breakfast quality was poor. They should include omelettes and pancakes made to order with the included breakfast. Staff friendliness and helpfulness was inconsistent. Please ask the front desk staff to smile more and act more helpful. They are the hotels first guest services contact and should set an example.


Not a great property especially after coming from Arenal Springs. Really awkward layout on the mountain side. Only one restaurant open at any time. I would suggest you recommend another hotel for your clients.


This was the nicest hotel I've ever stayed at. The view was amazing and the room was incredibly huge. The staff at the restaurant and bar were outstanding and made great recommendations for restaurants in town.


It was very cold with no heaters or extra blankets. There were no room amenities, such as a coffee/tea maker, which was frustrating since we were so far away from the reception desk. The room was very far away from reception/breakfast/town with a very steep road (and no sidewalk) between anything. We had to rely on shuttle service which was not consistent. We often had to wait up to 30 minutes for a shuttle to bring us from our room to the reception area. Would not recommend to anyone.


Breakfast should have more vareity and hot food


Great location but strange hotel rooms, with no cupboard or closet we were living out of our suitcases.


This was a nice hotel but again the restaurants and bars were over priced. Fortunately, it was not located far from other places to eat. There was no AC but the weather was nice so it was not missed.


The pool closest to our room was closed. Rather disappointing. Also the food was ok. Our lunch in the main dining room was very expensive given the quality. We ate at several locations off property that offers much better food and value.


This was our favorite hotel it was beautiful and all of the staff and amenities were amazing.


The food wasn't as good, and there were some giant bugs in our room. We loved walking into town, very close to downtown and eating dinner there


Clean hotel but not as friendly of staff. Did not love the restaurant.


hard to get around the property


The rooms were like an echo chamber. Lots of stone in the architecture and with no air conditioning you had to keep all windows open including into the common hallway. We experienced a wake up alarm at 6:30am every morning with the maids and service personnel starting their day. Very loud and simple to archaic accommodations in the room. We would have preferred a boutique hotel in Santa Elena (?).


We enjoyed this hotel. The room was a little empty but the view was great! The staff at this hotel is great. We loved their fine dining restaurant!


I didn't like that you had to driven everywhere. It was kind of a weird experience.


We were really glad we were in the block nearest to the reception as easier to get down to restaurant/ into town etc. The concierge was fantastic . Full of knowledge and so helpful especially when I mixed up the date of a trip seamlessly rearranging for us. The guides at the hotel were brilliant - we did the night walk and we loved the hummingbird feeding stations. Once they knew we loved birds they would point out ones to us or help us Id them. Again would definitely return


We were pleased to be in a room near the bottom of the site so we didn't have to rely on the transport vehicle. The onsite night nature tour is excellent.


Very friendly and informative staff. The shuttles to the room and the reception desk were very prompt and timely. We had a great time staying at this hotel.


This was our least favourite hotel. Front desk staff were not very friendly or helpful. Our biggest complaint is that the hotel was hosting a couple of bus tours. As a result the dining room was packed with long lineups for breakfast and dinner. Our first dinner, we had to wait 30 minutes to be seated and the service was very slow. I think the hotel should forewarn its non-bus tour guests about this. The hotel should also allow reservations for non-bus guests; maybe set aside a separate dining area. Even though we were not on a bus tour, we felt like we were. We are not paying a discounted bus tour rate but this is the level of service that we received.


Lighting in the room and bathroom was very poor. Bathroom was beautiful and the shower didn't leak after we adjusted the shower head. The highlight was the spectacular views from the balcony. Be sure to go to the pool area. Beautiful and none like I've ever seen before.


It was ok. The shuttle is difficult to rely on and the staff was fine. Also it's quite noisy in the rooms.


Beautiful hotel but not built to absorb or keep out noise from room to room or room to hallway - noisy. Amazing views from the room! A bit of a hassle to call the vans all the time to get to and from the room, but they were prompt.


The rooms were beautiful. The view was spectacular. But the site really restricted and movement and required transportation up and down to the room and the check in. The transportation was prompt but still somewhat restrictive.


Great staff,super restaurant....FOOD and SERVICE excellent excellent location...What a view...


Excellent staff and accommodation. I'd tell others to stay there, and again we appreciated the recommendation from you. The complex was much bigger and had much more to offer than I anticipated. Only issue, the food was not very good here.


Very basic accommodations. The boys liked our room because they were also able to sleep on a king-sized bed on the loft. We only ate breakfast at the hotel - it felt like a college cafeteria. We didn't use the pool or spa.


views from the rooms were amazing - staff very friendly - shuttles very timely and reliable - very few amenities in room - no coffee maker - ugh!


The receptionist was not friendly at all!!!! This really made my experience there not the best.
Bartender, Jorge, was friendly.


It is a beautiful hotel but it did not have the same level of community and staff friendliness that our other hotels did.A lot of that may be due to how spread out it was and that it was low season so it felt very quiet. No one at the pool.We were also in a building far from the lobby so had to take a shuttle or walk far when we wanted to go anywhere and I would have preferred a more compact hotel where it was easier to get to food, lobby, good wifi, and town.


Our experience with the staff varied. We had wonderful service from the concierge (10), but were not able to contact the front desk easily for shuttle service and hot water service. One night we arrived back to the hotel about 9:00 P.M. and there was no one at the front desk, nor was there a way to contact the shuttle service to get to our room. We waited in the lobby until a shuttle eventually appeared.


Originally we were assigned a room in a building with a big group of loud students. Staff switched us to a room in quieter building which was good. Original building was also very far from hotel entrance so we would have had to take the shuttle. It was much better to be in the building that was within walking distance of the hotel entrance and restaurant.


The Hotel was nice but the shuttle service was extremely poor. One morning the breakfast was at the bottom restaurant but the next morning it was at the top restaurant but nobody informed anyone of the change. Tie that to the very poor shuttle service it was frustrating especially when we had to get the transfer at a specific time.


It was hard because Arenal was so nice so in comparison this place was not as pristine but the beds were comfy and the room was on first floor with a great view and close to pool and breakfast which was great. The staff was not as welcoming as the Arenal. The restaurant at top of hill was bizarre with terrible service but breakfast was good and it was great we could walk to town and grocery store right close.


Really beautiful place. Great staff. Food more expensive than we thought it would be but super good up at the top restaurant. Bottom restaurant was average in taste. Loved our waiter!! Liked being close to the lobby where we were. The pool above is astounding and the spa was incredible. Very happy with it.


We loved the hotel. We did not expect, however, the number of stairs or the incline that the resort was built on. A shuttle was available and, in almost all cases, was available when we needed it. The staff was outstanding and the food delicious. We found a scorpion in our room and the staff was quick to remove it. We would return to this area.


Loved the bird feeders at reception! Very helpful concierge that had to get us out of a couple of "jams". "High end" restaurant was fabulous - good food and exceptional service. However, walls in the rooms were paper thin and you could hear every word/television of next door "guests" so it was noisy.


The pool was not warm enough to go swimming since it is cooler in that area they should heat their pool more


Interesting story how the hotel began. Excellent views.