Tico Time - Relax it's a Vacation

Everything is a little more relaxed in the tropics and things move at a slower pace. Fifteen minutes late might just be considered early for an appointment and it's so ubiquitous that they even have their own phrase for it "Tico Time."

If your tour pickup is a little late please spend the time relaxing and watching the birds in the gardens. Our reservation, confirmation and re-confirmation system works and you haven't been forgotten. If it's more than 15 minutes then give us a call (locally, 2694-0019) and we'll find out what the delay is.

Changing Your Mind

Costa Rica relies on international tourists and it's quite unlikely anyone will hop on a plane to fly down and fill your hotel room or take your horseback ride.

Because of this and cultural norms the standard operating policy in Costa Rica is no refund for cancellations with less than two weeks notice and partial or no refund even with more notice.

If you're willing to pay for the cancelled room or activity we'll help you make changes while you're traveling if availability allows, but reserve the right to charge $25 per change per person to cover the cost of our employee's time (more for super saver plan).

Keep in mind that even if you're willing to accept the expense of making changes, that while we work at a U.S. standard pace, most of the providers we're working with are strict observers of Tico Time and changes might not get done as quickly as you (or we) would like.

EEEEK! There are Lizards on the Wall

Those lizards are geckos. They eat mosquitoes and they're your best friend in the tropics. Even the most modern steel and glass skyscrapers in downtown San Jose end up with bugs inside and there are no hotels or resorts in Costa Rica that can completely seal out the environment.

It's the rainforest, so you should expect at least some rain. Coming prepared can make all the difference, so remember to bring rain gear and quick dry clothing/shoes.

Ecolodges and beach bungalows are built to provide you a reasonable level of comfort while visiting unique and often remote locations. Please don't assume that amenities like televisions and air-conditioning are available.

The room descriptions on your itinerary are complete and accurate so you should review them now and make sure you'll have what you want. If not, the sooner you let us know the less expensive it will be to move you to another accommodation.

We're not able to change the culture or the climate and you won't change it either so please understand the things that work differently and respect the possibility that the way you're used to might not be the only way. After all, those Costa Ricans, they have a different word for everything!


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