In Costa Rica:

Daily 7am - 7pm: 2694-0400

Nightly 7pm - 7am: 8703-9142

Before You Arrive:

United States and Canada: 1-866-853-9426

Anywhere else: +506-2694-0400 or +506-8703-9142 (after hours)

We can't do anything to help if we don't know you're having a problem

The most important thing for you to know is that we can't do anything to help if we don't know you're having a problem. We've made it as easy as we possibly can to contact us so please call for emergency travel assistance day or night (call 911 for medical, fire or police emergencies). All hotels, tour operators and drivers have a land line or cell phone and will let you use it.

Communication is essential

In the unlikely event you have a complaint or issues with a provider, we will have little to no leverage if you tell us about it after the fact. Please help yourself by letting us know what is wrong immediately.

We can usually help with reasonable requests

While we cannot change the weather, change traffic patterns or reopen a temporarily closed roadway, we can usually find a quick and easy solution to most reasonable requests.


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