All adventure tours are provided with quality safety equipment when needed such as life jackets, helmets, harnesses.  Each of these items will be tested by your guides prior to embarking on your adventure and sometimes again during it.  All tours are explained thoroughly and safety procedures and instructions are provided when necessary.

Anybody that partakes in an adventure activity must realize that accidents can happen that are of no fault to the company involved.   To minimize such risks, you must always listen to and follow the guide's instructions.

Consult with your doctor prior to signing up for any adventure activity.  Anybody outside of the ages of 15 – 55, that is pregnant, has high blood pressure, hypertension, heart disease or any other medical or physical limitations should carefully consider whether or not an adventure activity is right for them.  It is also your responsibility to provide such information to the tour operator in writing prior to signing up for the activity.

Tours will be cancelled or postponed when weather conditions present a threat to your safety.

To summarize; Costa Rica is real, rugged and should not be confused with Disneyland.  Adventure tours can be dangerous, but there is much less risk if you are in reasonable physical condition to partake in such activities and listen to guide's instrcutions.  If you are unsure if you can or should, please ask your doctor prior to signing up for an adventure tour.  


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