July often features a mini dry season and sees many families visiting Costa Rica for the warm weather. If you plan your trip during the month of June, be sure to check out our guide and tips for the best areas to visit.

July Weather

July can be a strange month for the weather in Costa Rica. Though it is the Green Season, there is often a mini Dry Season, locally known as veranillo or little summer, from the beginning of the July and lasting through most of August. Temperatures are fairly constant with other months as elevation has more effect than seasonal patterns. Generally, it is a good idea to carry rain gear with you during the month of July, particularly in Caribbean areas.

The Northwest Pacific coast is still usually pretty nice.  Daytime temperatures are normally in the upper 80s to lower 90s.  Rain can occur, but usually only happens in the late afternoon or early evening. 

On the Central Pacific coast, rain can usually be expected in the late afternoon and evening. Temperatures are usually in the mid to upper 80s.

July is hot and steamy on the South Pacific coast and Osa Peninsula.  Day time temps usually reach the low 90s.  Hard rains occur practically every day in the late afternoon, but the mornings and early afternoons are still usually beautiful.

The northern Caribbean coast is generally wet with rain all day on some days. With the high temperatures, it will be hot and steamy. The southern Caribbean coast experiences less rain than in the northern Caribbean, but it will still feel hot and steamy. Pack light raingear, as you will need it! 

The Central Valley and Arenal has the usual comfortable upper 70s temperatures.  The mornings are generally nice with showers developing in the late afternoons.


July is becoming widely considered as High Season due to the good weather and high number of families traveling.  Early Booking Bonuses are offered by some hotels, so you can still save money by traveling at this time of the year if you reserve far enough in advance.  Last minute reservations at quality accommodations can be difficult during the first two weeks of the month.


You can expect to save around 10-20 percent off normal high season pricing and our company often offers special deals for advance reservations.  Please inquire if you would like to receive information on any of the promotions we offer.

Holidays and Festivals

July 17- Fiesta de la Virgen del Mar- Festival of the Virgin of the Sea in Puntarenas. Procession of fishing boats carrying a statue of the Virgen del Monte Carmelo (city’s patron saint) with parades, dancing, music, food, fireworks, and regattas. Playas del Coco also celebrates this festival. 

July 25 – Dia de Guanacaste- celebration of the annexation of Guanacaste from Nicaragua in 1924. Traditional bull fights, parades, music, cattle and horse shows and rodeos are very festive and fun!


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