Starting at $97 per night


The Arenal Paraiso Hotel Resort and Spa offers guests an affordable eco-resort option in front of the ever-impressive Arenal Volcano. Surrounded by rainforest and tropical gardens, guests can experience the amazing natural beauty of the Arenal area from the comforts of eco-friendly guest rooms. The lodge's private hot springs take center stage with 13 thermal pools of varying temperatures, shapes and sizes. They are connected by a gently flowing stream with small waterfalls and surrounded by palm trees, tropical plants, and gorgeous scenery. In addition, Arenal Paraiso offers a swimming pool, restaurant and bar, spa and wellness center, a small fitness room, a computer station, and free WiFi in designated areas.

The impressive and beautiful Arenal Volcano offers an incredible backdrop from just about anywhere in the region. Visitors come for not only the gorgeous scenery but also for amazing hot springs and ecotourism. Arenal offers a slew of adventure and nature tours, so there is something fun or exciting to do for just about anybody! Adventurers can go canopy ziplining, rafting, waterfall rappelling, or choose from a wide range of other fun and thrilling activities. Nature lovers can hike through the jungle at the base of Arenal Volcano or the canopy at the Arenal Hanging Bridges. A safari float on the nearby Rio Penas Blancas offers an exciting way to see an abundance of animals on the edge of the river. Cano Negro offers incredible wildlife observation opportunities from a covered riverboat near the Nicaragua border.

Arenal Paraiso is a perfect place to relax and unwind between adventures. Aside from the thermal hot springs, the resort also has a nice cool water swimming pool and lounge area. Guests can also indulge in spa treatments at the lodge's own Mayim Spa, which offers a variety of relaxing beauty and body therapies including solo or couples massages and salon treatments.

The Oscar Restaurant is open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The included breakfast consists of mostly traditional Costa Rican breakfast fare. The lunch and dinner menu includes a variety of pasta, steak, chicken, seafood, and vegetarian options with a Costa Rican flare.

Rooms at the Arenal Paraiso Hotel are rustic but comfortably equipped. The Standard Rooms are the most basic option with amenities including air-conditioning, cable TV, mini-fridge, phone, coffee maker, and most offer a partial volcano view. The Superior Rooms are larger bungalow style accommodations that offer the same amenities but with the addition of an in-room safe, hairdryer, and large terrace. Villas are perfect for families as they offer two bedrooms, each equipped with a private bathroom. The Master Bedroom has a Jacuzzi and volcano view balcony. The Villas also have a living room and refrigerator and microwave.

All in all, Arenal Paraiso is a great place to stay if you are on a budget and want to experience an affordable eco-resort. The onsite hot springs are complimentary for guest use, allowing you to save time and money versus visiting costly offsite springs. This is not a luxurious hotel but does offer a wide range of amenities that often are only available in higher class hotels. So if you want to save money for your adventures, experience an eco-friendly hotel in front of Arenal Volcano, and be able to indulge in hot springs between adventures, Arenal Paraiso Hotel just may be a great fit for you!

Hotel Tags

  • Budget
  • Midrange
  • Resort
  • Eco Style
  • Spa
  • Family
  • Hot Springs
  • Sustainable

Hotel Amenities

  • Breakfast
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Pool
  • Hot Springs
  • Spa
  • Fitness Room
  • Conference Room
  • Gardens
  • Handicap
  • Computer Station
  • Parking
  • Wifi
  • Wifi Free
  • Laundry Service
  • Air Conditioning
  • Cable Tv

Room Amenities

Standard Room

  • AC
  • Cable Tv
  • Mini Fridge
  • Phone
  • Coffee Service
  • Volcano View

Superior Room

  • AC
  • Cable Tv
  • Safe Deposit Box
  • Mini Fridge
  • Phone
  • Coffee Service
  • Hair Dryer
  • Terrace
  • Volcano View


  • AC
  • Cable Tv
  • Mini Fridge
  • Phone
  • Coffee Service
  • Hot Tub
  • Tub
  • Living Room
  • Two Bedrooms
  • Balcony

Handicap Accessibility

  • Accessible Path Of Travel
  • Accessible Bathroom
  • Roll-in Shower
  • Disabled Parking
  • In-room Accessibility


Latitude: N 10°30'9.75". Longitude: W 85°18'14.13"


  • Overall 89.0% (459 Guest Ratings)
  • Cleanliness: 91.6%
  • Comfort: 88.7%
  • Meeting Expectations: 87.3%
  • Staff: 89.5%
  • Value: 88.0%


This hotel was a beautiful little oasis. We loved the cabins. The staff was friendly and helpful. The hot springs were not very hot the first night but after that they warmed up and we spent several evenings in the hot springs.


Construction at the pool but hot springs were still quiet n relaxing.


I had such a wonderful time in Puerto Viejo that it was hard to follow that. Puerto Viejo had offered me an authentic Costa Rican experience but Arenal Paraiso felt very touristy. The room was nice and the hot springs were fantastic. Parts of the hotel were under construction. The staff were friendly but Azania was better. The prices were way over inflated for what you got - which is what you get in a place that is aimed at tourist. Travelling by myself, I priobably shouldn't have gone to a resport and spa. It felt a little lonely after a while and becuaes Fortuna Town wasn't easy to get there I felt isolated at the resort.


Clean lodge but in a worn out condition at some places. Room was very noisy because of the fridge (had to unplug it) but also because next to a busy road. Breakfast selection was good however the quality poor with some products not being fresh from the day (eg bread). The dinner menu was on the contrary good but maybe a bit pricey for some dishes. No WIFI in rooms only at reception. This is fine however this was not a secure network, so forget about doing transactions. The place is also huge and can be quite long to cross over to the hot pools. This was not high season yet and pools were already busy, not sure how this would cope with full occupancy. Also bear in mind away from everything and need a car to go out the hotel. Otherwise all services


Building work going on at the hotel plus location of our first room before moving disappointed us a little with this hotel


Great staff. Room comfort just adequate.


My biggest complaint is the restaurant in the resort. I think it's way overpriced and service was very poor. I made reservations every time I went there but end up waiting long time for service or food. They promised early boxed breakfast on the morning of my departure (it was very early) and I checked with them like 3 times, yet they still forgot about it.


Wonderful staff, funny and helpful. My only concern is not knowing one could not walk as there are no actual pedestrian paths in La Fortuna and a cab ride a short walk away cost $ 12 each direction. Further distance in Monteverde was only $3 ! But I would certainly still recommend the hotel as this is not their fault.


Hotel was more isolated than we thought. The restaurant was overpriced and not very good, but there was no other place nearby


We enjoyed the privacy of our room. The restaurant was very over priced. The canopy construction in the pool bar area was quite distracting. Overall, it was ok.


We did not find this hotel as welcoming as the other hotels. The rooms were nice enough but had no warm touches. There were no comfortable communal areas and no bar except in the pool which is not ideal when it is raining. The restaurant had no atmosphere and the service was poor- this was particularly noticeable as everywhere else we had exceptional service, both in hotels and at other restaurants. We enjoyed going into La Fortuna even though it was a taxi ride away.


Beautiful resort. Charming rooms. The rooms had a funny smell and were a little stuffy and the beds were not very comfortable. Those were little things in overall experience. Really enjoyed staying here in this setting.


This was a large hotel. I was a lone traveller, so tended to get ignored in the dining room. The staff were quite efficient, but there was little warmth or greeting from them.


This was our first stop after the airport and the rental car place and we had an unfortunate situation with one of the desk clerks. We arrived early and were kindly given access to the grounds (we had lunch at the expensive restaurant) and told by the guy at the desk to ask back @ 2:30 pm to see if our room was ready. It was not, so we went on a walk and came back at 3 pm which was the actual check-in time. The woman in charge told us our room was not ready; check back in a while. We ended up sitting in the lobby as we were too tired from an entire night on the plane with no sleep to do anything else without access to our luggage which was in the car. I finally asked one of the two women if she could let us know when our room was ready (as we were sitting within sight of the front desk) rather than having us ask. Over the next hour, they proceeded to check in at least six other parties (some quite large) that arrived without even glancing in our direction or checking on the status of our room. At 4 pm, I went up to the woman in charge and asked if she would please check on our room again as we were very tired and she asked WHAT our room number was (seriously? we've been here for 3 hours and she was there the whole time) and said, "Oh it's ready." She was very rude (as if we were in the wrong) and made no attempt to apologize for the hour delay or their oversight of the whole situation. Although we were extremely tired and a bit disoriented, we were very polite and understanding. This stood out because it was THE ONLY rude and inconsiderate person we ran across during our trip. The staff could have kept us updated, could have apologized for the hour delay or could have made the effort to let us know as soon as the room was ready. After all, there we were, all four of us very tired and patiently waiting right in their lobby watching all the other arrivals being checked into rooms that were ready for occupancy for two hours. We felt slighted and uncomfortable and as if we were being punished for arriving early. Staff seemed perfectly comfortable chatting to each other during breaks and checking in other guests but were very dismissive of us. Fortunately, this was an isolated experience which was not repeated. But it did color our enjoyment of this particular place. Our cabin was large and the beds were good but the the fans were not properly tightened (we fixed two), the showers and tub were super annoying and not in good repair and one of the toilets remained clogged and unworking during the whole visit though they said they would handle it. We just used the other toilet. Also, there was a pretty sizeable leak in the kids' room that was right in the middle of my daughter's bed. We pulled the bed out from the wall so the mattress wouldn't get wet and the front desk was dismissive of that as well..."Well if it stops raining, we may take a look at the roof." But they didn't and the maids just worked around the bed in the middle of the room. The restaurant staff was very nice, breakfast we very good and the maids were as well...just the management staff was not very pura vida.


Hotel was very quiet with few other diners and no social area or bar to spend time in. The pool area was under significant reconstruction with welders active during our time there which meant we could not enjoy the pool or pool bar as much as we would have liked. The food in the restaurant was expensive. If we did not have a hire car then I think it would have been challenging to stay there.


The room had a slight smell but I think it was just plumbing issues and not something easily fixed.


Great location with forest view and mountain view. lots of greenery around it. We loved free breakfast. Restaurant was nice, reasonable and friendly staff. Safe box was handy. Some bugs were problem but overall good.


Don't like resort style hotels, would have loved a place with more freedom and walking distance to other places, restaurants, etc


very nice hotel and location is awesome.


The resort was beautiful and the staff was extremely accommodating. The breakfast was delicious!


When we arrived it was raining. There was nobody to take us to our rooms. The hotel vehicle was out & we would have to wait 1/2 hour for it to return, so we had ton walk I the rain with our luggage to get to our room.
The card lock was faulty & we had to return to reception 4 times before it would work.
No kettle in room, only a coffee maker that didn't work properly.


Our view in the front was of the volcano, and the view on our back patio was over a canyon, with trees filled with hummingbirds each day. We could sit on our patio and photograph birds to our hearts content. Wow. We loved the hot springs as well and the food was delish. I felt I was in a dream.


Beautiful grounds and wonderful service




Had occasional problems with our room cards not opening the cabins which was frustrating. Otherwise, really enjoyed how peaceful sitting on the porches and watching the volcano could be! Great pool too. We had a fantastic taxi driver who was willing to pick us up regularly and if he was not available, he made sure a really competetent and fun driver was there for us. The lobby staff were a lot of fun and really helpful telling us the great little places to try for lunch. We enjoyed doing a "garden" walk after breakfast each day as the gardens here were so beautiful - only problem was we wanted to know the names of some of the plants/slowers we were taking pictures of but the lobby staff said there were SO many varieties, they could not be listed!


Beautiful resort


Gorgeous view. Loved the hot springs and pool. Close to the Centro of La Fortuna. Very nature like hotel and rooms were small cabins.


Didn't realize it was going to be spread out like a camp but was very nice. Only problem was that it was expensive to go back and forth to town.


This place exceeded expectations. Every part was beautiful and the hot springs had a great view. Even with how open it was, we didn't see a lot of bugs in our room. Breakfast was nice.


This hotel was listed as a 3* so I was expecting the worst. It was clean, great food. When sun came out perfect location to view volcano. The hot springs were not fancy but perfect to
Soak in after a day of hiking.


The hotel completely met our expectations. We loved the hot springs, and the proximity to the volcano. However, with young kids, I would have preferred a hotel with a shuttle to la fortuna.


Beautiful property and a great place to relax


They really need to add wifi to the units. Also, it was a little inconvenient for us, since we did not have a car to drive into La Fortuna.


we found the cleaning staff amazing


Areas of improvement -- internet available in rooms, change the breakfast menu up from day to day. We stayed four days and the breakfast menu was the same all four days.


nice place...due to its location we needed to rest a taxi to go anyplace...a shuttle would be nice...


Staff was wonderful. Had a few issues with the door keys and the toilet flooding.


Service staff excellent but front desk terrible. Not being able to make calls even though there is a telephone in the room was one problem. They place the call and connect you. This caused mixups. They said they didn't know about the local bus which was clearly just untrue.


Setting was gorgeous. I loved the front porch with the rockers. Breakfast was great. The pool area was nice. My only concern was the front desk was very unorganized. between helping current guests. checking guests in and checking guests out it was hard to get help. Also we like a cup of coffee in the afternoon after our morning tours. The first day the housekeeper readily supplied with a second packet. The second day when I asked at the front desk for a second packet the manager said you only get one packet a day.


I am only giving a 7 because I think the pool should be heated and the drinks were too expensive.


Staff could have more communicative.


We did experience a few items with this resort. We did hot have water several mornings as we were preparing for our day. We did call and it was fixed quickly. Some of the hot springs were without water. Our room was at the far end of the resort beside a farm. Instead of the jungle environment we were expecting we heard farm animals - roosters in the morning instead of howler monkeys. We did request to move to a different area which was closer to the jungle where the units were the same cost however were told all were booked. This turned out not to be accurate as we observed no one in the unit(s) throughout our stay.


The only thing that was a disappointment was their "hot springs", We never used them as they didn't look very "healthy" and we ended up going to Eco Tamales and had Tabacon at the end of one of our tours.


restaurant service needs major improvement !


Wish they had heat, it was cold,windly and rainy


Big resort with hot springs. Beautiful garden and trails. Big, deep and clean swimming pools. Spacious cabins surrounded by flowers and plantations, all facing volcano. Great breakfast buffet. We really love it. It was recommended assertively by our agent Antonio. Really want to say THAND YOU to Antonio.


The staff was rude and did not help us with our luggage up and down a large hill when we arrived or checked out.


The hotel surroundings were beautiful. The front lobby staff was great. However the restaurant staff were unfriendly and the food was not so great. We had a toilet that was leaking all night and they never fixed the problem during our stay.


We had a great time at the Arenal Paraiso resort-- the food was great, the hot springs were nice, and the staff were helpful. The only feedback was that they could have a better first aid kit on hand. Our daugher cut her knee really bad on one of the steps in the pool and when we asked for some help they only had a really outdated and poorly stocked first aid kit. We did the best we could with the limited supplies and the few bandaids we had brought from home.


The resort was beautiful. the view was awesome and when our air conditioner was not working someone to fix it immediately.


Food was very average. Breakfast pretty weak.


Lovely hotel with great views. Bathrooms were a little too basic.


Loved the bungalows.


Private cabin with great view of Arenal Volcano right out our window. Thanks


We loved the view of the volcano and the hot spring pools.


More luxurious than I was expecting. Lots of wildlife on site. The food and amenities were great.


Stunning location, we had a really good stay. The verandah overlooking the forest allowed us to see lots of birds up close and we spent hours sitting there. The zip line canopy was a real rush and the two instructors we had were just brilliant. The only thing we felt was lacking was that there wasn't a bar to get drinks. The food in the restaurant was a little variable, we had both good meals and not so good but the place offers some great views of the volcano


Restaurant staff was amazing!!


The hotel was too far from the city...too much like an enclosed compound not friendly to one leaving it to go to the city. Cabs referred by the hotel were always 20% more expensive than calling on ones' own. Meals were exceedingly expensive!!!!! Breakfast was included and excellent but both lunch and especially dinner were exhorbitant in comparison to everything else...and the quality was not there to justify it.


Given the rainy weather, we felt stranded to our room with few options and places to go given the remote location


Nothing wrong with the place itself. The location was only okay.


Helpful staff and great views! The hotsprings were wonderful. Would recommend renting a car once in Fortuna so one could get to the town and be able to easily go and come from hotel as there is no shuttle. Taxi fare can add up.


Compared to the two other hotels, Arenal Paraiso had less attentive staff and a more commercial feel about it. on next trip i would choose another place. our room had a few ants.


Stunning views, the cabin was beyond expectation and the breakfast each day were out of this world!


very nice hotel, we loved the hot springs with different temperatures as you went up the mountain.


All very good though room decor a little tired.


The main problem with this hotel is that the wifi does not work on the rooms.


Beautiful place to stay. Had my own casa, situated so it was private, and rockers on the porch with a view of the volcano. Very clean, kept up and the Bed and pillows very comfortable. Lovely gardens, pools. Listening to the birds was so nice, and a sloth in the tree next to the restaurant! The buffet breakfast had wonderful selection and fresh fruit. The people were Very polite and helpful.


Great room with view of volcano from screened porch. The hot springs, pool, buffet breakfast, restaurant, staff and bar were all exceptional. 5 star!


Great place to stay. One of our favorites on this trip. The breakfast buffet here was the best out of all hotels.


Restaurant overpriced for the quality. Staff could have been friendlier. Bar tender at the pool bar had limited abilities and always played the same music. But overall, not too bad.


Room was VERY small for four people. Too small. Resort was too far out of town for me. I would have liked being closer to town so we could walk and get food or go shopping.


Staff was very nice to prepare an early breakfast when we had a pickup before normal breakfast hours.


Wonderful hotel. The only improvement I can think of is that it would have been nice to have a complimentary shuttle into town since we were kind of isolated on the hotel grounds.


The staff were wonderful, the grounds beautiful, and the hot springs were just what we needed! The lunch and dinner menus were a little pricey, but the pool bar menu hit the spot for everyone.


The pool bartender- Pablo - was really friendly and we had a great time talking with him!


It was a nice location and hotel. The dinners were ok, I thought could have been better.


The front desk staff were excellent. Very helpful.


I did not like that it was on a hill had to walk up and down that hill a lot we had several people in our group who can not walk because of leg and feet problems but every thing else was perfect


The view is definitely a plus. The ladies at the front desk were a let down from where we just came from and the beds where no where near as comfortable as The Falls. Several of the hot springs were closed, very disappointing. We had to go to the lobby to get WIFI. Breakfast staff was Great.. the plant and wildlife made the stay worth it. We saw a Sloth!! But all in all I doubt we will be back here.


Great hotel - beautiful view of the volcano, enjoyed the hot springs, pool & wet bar. Best breakfast everything you could imagine on the menu.


We loved this hotel so much, it was more than what we even hoped for!


The hotel was much farther from town than expected. Unless we wanted to pay an extra $25.00, we were stuck at the hotel


had a issue with the hot water in the shower, but maintenance was there within 10 minutes of the call. The heated pool not so clean.


Food is restaurant wasn't too good, especially vegetarian offerings. Lovely grounds and staff


I loved this hotel. I love how it was broken into little bungalows that were your own and that they had a covered porch. It rained a lot while we were here so that was perfect to sit outside, but be protected from the rain. The staff was pretty good. We loved the natural hot springs as well and that this was close to la fortuna!


I don't have any major criticisms of the hotel. The only area of improvement for the hotel is having a shuttle to La Fortuna available for guests. Having to take a taxi every time we wanted to go to the town to explore or try out a restaurant was a bit of an inconvenience.


The biggest drawback in this hotel is that wifi wasn't accessible in the hotel rooms. Other than that it was a really good hotel.


What a great resort. We loved it. Staff was not nearly as friendly as at the Parador but it really didn't matter much. The grounds and the wildlife was great and that view was unbelievable!


The rooms were very nice. The restaurant was expensive for the quality of food for dinner and lunch. Breakfast buffet was good.


Great hotel.


It was not the very nicest hotel but then our budget did not allow for that. But the staff was very nice, professional, and courteous, the hot springs were enjoyable, but not really as hot as I was hoping. The breakfasts were great and the grounds are beautiful. Overall it was a good value. Not high end luxury by any means.


Very nice hotel. They did drain the hot springs several times so we could not use them. The main pool was very cold, no one was using it.


My elderly mother had difficulty going up and down to the restaurant. It would have been nice to have a golf cart or something to help them get around. Plus, we had to move our suitcases up and down.


This hotel was fabulous! I loved the individual houses as hotel rooms with the porches that beckoned me to sit and bird watch. The food was excellent and the staff was helpful and readily available.


The environment of the Hotel is beautiful. The staffs are well trained. But we arrived the hotel early(around noon time) and we could not get into our room till exactly 3:00 pm, not even 1 minute earlier. If the check out time is 12:00, shouldn't the room be ready earlier?


Although the mattress was a bit uncomfortable the cabin was quite enjoyable. Having separate buildings was good.


The only complaint I have is how expensive the food is at the restaurant at the resort. I found the food just ok and the pricing really expensive.


The hot spring pools were not very warm. Not sure if is the norm, but were disappointed. Roofing looked not in great shape. Staff were helpful & friendly, and tried to show you birds & animals.


Gorgeous hotel--views of the volcano and exotic pool/hot springs.I just wish it were closer to La Fortuna, as we like to walk around foreign towns.


Great Staff. They were a bit busy when we checked in and never had time to fix a phone in one of the rooms, which later proved a problem when a toilet overflowed and there was no good way to contact them except running to the reception desk. It was just one of those things that happen. But they were overall wonderful. Greeted us and were very friendly. Full of helpful hints too.


Love the place! Only downside was that it wasn't within walking distance of Town, but they had great amenities at the hotel.


The pillows were bad! The bed was good. There were no chairs.... The A/C was amazing! The food was great and the waiters were amazing. We especially loved the hot pools!


Only wish is that the rooms could have had wifi.


A bit resorty for us, but again the kids loved the pools, which we liked as well.


Arenal Paraiso was a beautiful resort. We enjoyed the hot springs every day/night in a very tropical and private setting. The buffet breakfast and all the dinners were delicious. The property had a fantastic view of the volcano. The staff was very friendly. Our bungalow was very comfortable and large. The property exceeded our expectations. I will highly recommend to my clients, family and friends.


It was a nice resort overlooking the volcano and the 'hot springs' were definitely a plus.


Great breakfast and we loved the room. The hotel grounds were beautiful and the room was clean and very comfortable. We only wish we had time to sit in the hot springs!


I loved that there were hot springs and a wet bar and a hiking trail (and more, but I do everything) all at this hotel!


Staff at the hotel were very friendly. The gorunds of the hotel were very well kept. I recommend the hot springs to anyone that stays there!


We were surprised to find out that there was no iron, but everything else was great- the staff, the ambience, etc.


Driver was great


The Hot Springs were better than expected and the room was comfortable for a family of four. The hotel staff was very friendly and helpful.


Needs better wifi and better AC unit, Ac did not respond that well to remote....


Love the cabin and its location. most would find it old and out dated but we like it that way. we don't like over priced stuffy hotels. coffee every morning on the front porch watching the wildlife and volcano. loved the rocking chairs.


We enjoyed the cute cabins and the amazing view of the arenal volcano. The daily breakfast was great and the staff was more than accommodating.


This hotel was pretty far from town and taxis were really expensive for the trip. Our room was also quite a hike up from the lobby and more central parts of the hotel. Wifi was spotty. Very nice front porch.


Accommodation were great, staff was courteous, very friendly, always ready to assist us.


We found that the hotel restaurant was pricey and considering we'd have to use a taxi to go to another restaurant, eating there got expensive.


This was my favorite hotel on the trip. We loved having our only little "cottage" and the hot springs were awesome after our day of adventure. I would recommend this place to anyone. The restaurant was marginal but everything else was fabulous!


Again, the staff were great! The setting was peaceful. I recommend that 2 full days here would be sufficient. As with the previous hotel, having an option to walk into town to have more opportunities to explore the town. Spa services here were great!
The hotel room was quite small = perhaps to be expected with the last minute booking.


Beautiful grounds. Would be nice if the hotel ran a shuttle into town on the hour or every other hour, there seemed to be plenty of vehicles.


A very nice and comfortable hotel ,breakfast was very good. Dinner was good but only for one night as we thought menu was limited. Staff was friendly and helpful.


The only issue I had was that the mattress was old and not as comfortable as it should be.


Excellent canopy zipline facility on site.


a bit of a walk to and from our little carts might be a nice feature! The spa was fantastic! The hot pools were ok but nothing to rave about. The drinks were expensive. Breakfast buffet was nice.


A bit far from town


One of the mattresses was sagging: when I mentioned it to staff, it was replaced immediately. Now THAT's service.


We loved this hotel. Having our own little casita was great and we enjoyed watching birds from our front porch. The only problem was that we arrived at 11:00 in the morning and had to wait 4 hours to check in. We enjoyed the hot springs after our excursions.


Loved how the hotel fit into the surroundings. We received great service with everyone that we encountered.


the hot springs were nice after a long day of activities.


We had a fantastic time here, can't wait to come back. No complaints at all :)


Loved the hot baths!


loved the individual cottages, would have preferred a queen or king bed instead of two doubles which reflects the comfort rating, staff were hit and miss in terms of friendliness, amazing food, would have appreciated if a shuttle service was offered into La Fortuna as Taxi transfer is expensive and we did not have enough cash on us and no bank machine near by


Very beautiful hotel


This was a beautiful area


I liked the hot springs--very nice. There were some busts in our room.


Very nice hotel. Hot Springs were a bonus.


Great hotel, again friendly staff, the hot spring was phenomenal especially at night. The hike to the fall behind the hotel was awesome. The casitas are great very private, beautiful, lush grounds, and great breakfast.


All the staff were friendly and very helpful. I loved the time I spent there.


The hotel was nice, a little dated, but clean and nice. The staff were very helpful and we enjoyed the nice breakfasts. The dinner menu wasn't the best.


Great staff at check in, very helpful.


We would have enjoyed staying in a nice hotel/resort in the town of La Fortuna. Staying in the resorts, we felt, did not allow us the opportunity to acquaint ourselves with the people and culture of Costa Rica as much!!


Would stay here again. Lovely hotel, great restaurant. Also did the zipline (canopy) here and it was SO much fun!


The hotel was clean and the staff were very friendly. Food was great! Hot springs were great also.


We liked this hotel and its spectacular views of Arenal. The grounds are quite lovely and are a paradise for birdwatchers like ourselves. We did make the trek down the back trail to the waterfall. We discovered that the trail is very dangerous but could not turn around to get back out. We did make it down to the road which helped us find our way out. Perhaps a more serious sign about the extreme difficulty of this trail would be wise.


The property is great, the hot spring pools are phenomenal. In general the hotel property is in excellent conditions. The rooms, though, are a bit dated and need some upgrades, especially in the bathroom. The restaurant had a decent menu in variety and quality, but the tablecloths were sometimes dirty and unpleasant to look at and to eat on.


Unique free standing cabins! Very pleased with this hotel experience. Some concern upon arrival when no hot water and refrigerator inoperable, but both fixed immediately upon notification. They could use a bit more comfortable seating around their outdoor bar. I think they could increase their profitability with this opportunity. Guests would be more comfortable if there were luggage racks available.


The beds were not that great but we made due, Everything else was awesome.I would not recommend the massage service. It was pricey and not good.


The hotel was beautiful and the staff was nice. We really like that we got to stay in our own little private house. However, it was just my husband and I so we requested one queen or king sized bed in the room and we got two standard beds. We just used the other bed for our luggage but it would have been nice to just have one bed and a lounging area. Plus, the beds were not very comfortable. We could feel the wires and they were very squeaky.


Beautiful views and an abundance of wildlife on the grounds. The restaurant provided delicious meals as well.


Needed more options for breakfast.


One of our favorite places while on vacation.


The staff was helpful and enjoyable to talk with.


The whole hotel site is beautiful and well placed in the area. We had a great view of the volcano from our porch. Everything was clean and well provided for. The cute towel arrangements were a nice touch! We loved having access to the hot springs pools and having our choice of hot springs. It provided an excellent way to relax after a day of hiking or white water rafting. This is definitely a repeat choice for us. We will come back!


The hotel apparently didn't have king sized beds. The double beds they had were very uncomfortable. The grounds were gorgeous. The hot springs were a very nice treat. The wet bar and the bartender Pablo were fantastic. He was very friendly and accommodating. The onsite cats and dogs were a fun addition. We utilized the onsite spa for a couples massage and it was very very nice. We wish we could have seen the volcano but it was too rainy/foggy. They provided onsite laundry which we used a lot.


Would much rather have not had a long up hill walk to my room which was located next to the laundry.


The food was great, the employees were friendly and helpful. The room had a great view of the volcano.


Beautiful resort. I wish it would have been a little closer to a town because we ended up eating most of our meals there.


We loved the hotel!! and the hot springs too.


Food was the weak link. Not bad but not inventive and with no transport available (without $$ taxi) to La Fortuna one is a captive client


My favorite. The view was amazing and the hot springs were as amazing as the view


Beautiful facility, with beautiful grounds, private cottages very clean, comfortable and charming. Also the view of Arenal Volcano was outstanding. Biggest disappointment was the food. Some of the food was good, some rather poor quality.


Loved that it had its own hot pools! Gardens are amazing. Breakfast buffet was great!


Very nice. In the future I would like to return and go more hiking on my own (without a tour guide, it's nice to have a few little private adventures). To do this I would like more tips on where to walk. We hiked on our own in the direction of the falls and would go farther next time. I liked the physical layout of the resort. We spent much time walking about and examining the flowers and trees.


Beautiful. The staff was very nice and remembered our names. We felt very comfortable and at home.


We loved particularly the hot springs and the restaurant.


Grounds were too manicured and we were greeted each day to the sound of leaf blowers. Least favourite of the places we stayed, but still very nice. Just not really our style.


Another great place also made you feel like you were in the rain forest....


The location meant having to take a taxi into town, otherwise no complaints about our stay there. Very good breakfast.


The hotel was further from La Fortuna than we had thought it would be, so had to take taxi's in to explore the town at night and for dinner, which was okay.


It is hard to follow the Parador, so to be fair--it would be hard to rate...Arenal Paraiso was fine. There were things that didn't work--the phone, the safe...service was sub par at the desk--they were probably overbooked for what they could really do well. It was fine.


did not have hot water .No telephone in the room to even call the front desk to tell them.After telling them in person nothing was done. Called PTW and they helped .That evening we had hot water but only in the evening and not past 9 am


They were very helpful when we came too early.


On site restaurant was great. And we saw a sloth in the trees here! Room was clean. On sight hot springs were pretty nice. Expensive to take a taxi into town, so location wasn't quite ideal. But besides that, a good experience.