Starting at $230 per night


Pirate Cove Hotel relies on providing comfortable and aesthetically pleasing accommodations for all guests of the hotel.  Located on Costa Rica’s Drake Bay, this eco-lodge grants vacationers access to one of the most pristine parts of the entire country.  This small hideout allows guests to rent comfortable cabins, bungalows, or the standard hotel room.  With Corcovado National Park located nearby, Pirate Cove Hotel is perfect for any nature lover.  Hotel amenities include all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), a restaurant, and a bar. There is a 25-pound-per-person baggage-luggage weight restriction for flights or boats to the hotel.

Drake Bay is a natural oasis of untouched rainforest, lively wildlife, and some of the most clear waters in the country.  Rather than your standard, all-inclusive resort where you are paying for comfort, Pirate Cove Hotel brings the same comfort in a completely different way.  Life is simple in Drake Bay, nature reigns supreme over just about everything else.  Though you won’t walk out of your room to a handcrafted cocktail, you get much more at Pirate Cove Hotel. A pure nature experience is very hard to find sometimes, but Pirate Cove has done an excellent job at providing guests with perfect accommodations for connecting to this unique unadulterated part of the jungle.

The beauty of Pirate Cove Hotel is that it’s located in Costa Rica.  Getting to this area can be quite an adventure, but it’s worth the trip.  Visitors are able to tour around Corcovado National Park, which is rated as one of the most bio-diverse places in the entire world.  Guests can also try snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, and even whale watching while they stay at the hotel.  With our comprehensive list of tours in the area, it’s easy to have the vacation of a lifetime!

Guests can choose from three accommodation options.  The Bungalow features all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), screened windows, orthopedic mattresses, polished wooden floors, a private bathroom, a ceiling fan, and a small terrace with a hammock and chairs.

The Cabin includes all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), plenty of storage space, a private bathroom, a ceiling fan, 24-hour electricity, and a private terrace with a hammock and deck chairs overlooking both the Pacific Ocean and Drake River.

The Standard Room features all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), screened windows, a private bathroom with hot water, air conditioning, a table, and deck chairs.

When you choose Pirate Cove Hotel as your accommodation option, you aren’t just signing yourself up for a standard beach vacation, because the Drake Bay area has so much more to offer. Note: Our price includes a $15 per person national park fee that cannot be refunded in cases of cancellation. This is a great hotel for all nature lovers or people who generally love the outdoors.  Due to the variety of accommodations, Pirate Cove caters to several different groups of people.  Families with children, solo backpackers, and couples will all enjoy their stay at Pirate Cove Hotel.

Hotel Tags

  • Budget
  • Midrange
  • Ecolodge
  • Remote

Hotel Amenities

  • Breakfast
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Gardens
  • Wifi
  • Wifi Free

Room Amenities


  • Fan
  • Internet Free
  • Terrace
  • Ocean View


  • AC
  • Fan
  • Safe Deposit Box
  • Sitting Area
  • Terrace
  • Ocean View


  • AC
  • Safe Deposit Box
  • Internet Free
  • Jungle View

Cabin Deluxe

  • AC
  • Fan
  • Safe Deposit Box
  • Internet Free
  • Sofa Bed
  • Sitting Area
  • Terrace
  • Ocean View


Latitude: N 8° 41' 51.22"
Longitude: W 83° 39' 14.21"


  • Overall 94.4% (68 Guest Ratings)
  • Cleanliness: 95.9%
  • Comfort: 90.3%
  • Meeting Expectations: 94.7%
  • Staff: 96.3%
  • Value: 94.9%


Great location.


Loved this hotel and the staff!


Lovely place, we were a bit upset that dinner was at 6 on the dot and we missed the sun set every night. Allowing for a bit of flexibility or starting g later would have been great. Great spot though and nicely laid back.


It was fantastic!


We actually loved it! Secluded. Beautiful. Not far from town. Staff is super nice.


It was surreal being the only guest for the first few days, but my hosts were absolutely lovely, the food was DELICIOUS, and I was able to sleep comfortably in my room with no issues. Gorgeous views, convenient but secluded location. I loved my time there!


Loved the situation of this hotel. Would have preferred an air conditioning. HATED the rigid 6.30 eating time, the common dining experience and the rushed food service. Food quality was good


this is THE place. we all will come back. One guy of the crew over all.....PRIMO, who teached us the real value of the PURA VIDA living


Very nice hotel and great location and helpfull staff


The staff was so helpful, knowledgable and kind. I trusted them and enjoyed


Wonderful place with a great view. Having kayaks to use was a bonus.


We enjoyed staying here. The room was perhaps a little small for four adults, and the shower was tepid rather than hot. But this didn't really matter. The food was great, although families with picky eaters might have battled a bit with the lack of choice. We liked that we could use the kayaks, and that there was coffee and juice available all day. The setting was beautiful and the sunsets were magnificent.


Excellent accomodations. Another one of my favorites.


Fab stay at the Pirate Cove. Lovely food and nice service. Really enjoyed this!


Very cool experience


Our cottage was lovely but it would have been nice to have air conditioning. The staff was wonderful and accommodatinng.


Shared room with the other couple first night which was ok in the end. Loved pool area food and relaxed vibe


This is not a luxury resort. It is primitive but cozy and clean. Fantastic location. Beautiful beach!. Meals very very good and staff very helpful. We loved our stay here.


A very different place. More rustic, but very comfortable and with everything we needed. The food was excellent and had fun getting to know other international guests. Almost unbelievable to stay so close to the beach!


We absolutely loved Pirata. The location is beautiful, staff really lovely and the simple style of the hotel was perfect for us. Our favourite venue of the holiday.


Very uncomfortable sleeping ...we did not get air conditioned room, our fault though. Would suggest hotel install a/c in all rooms...people will pay for it! Please suggest better towels...very thin quality. Also equip room with more towels if have more than 2 people.


We had to pay additional $10/day (in cash) for the Air Conditioning to the Hotel. It was extremely humid and hot that one can survive without Air Conditioning in the room.


We didn't enjoy the stay here. The local staff was awesome, but the owner made us rather uncomfortable.m (he left after the first night we arrived but that stayed with me throughout). Although the site was in an amazing beach location, we were really expecting to be situated more amongst the wildlife. We felt a little trapped at this location. Also, there was a huge student group staying at the hotel, so unlucky for us, that affected our stay negatively since it was our honeymoon. For beach lovers, this may be a great hotel, but we had come to Drake Bay for the wildlife and didn't feel like we were as immersed in that as we would've liked. Also, there were mangos that fell on the tin roof several times throughout the nights, and the noise was so startling and loud. Had we been better informed, we would've chosen to stay at a more expensive location that was better situated for wild life or not gone to Dake Bay at all.


Suzanne was always attentive and helpful. Food was excellent and attractively served. Loved our balcony.


This was a highlight of our holiday. The location was perfect, both for access to the beach and for Corocovado tour. The staff were very friendly and helpful - special thanks to Susanne who made everything happen so smoothly. The small size of the hotel made it very relaxing to stay here.


The food was great...made special accommodations for our Vegan diet. Loved the communal eating .


This hotel is fantastic the staff are so kind and helpful! The location is unbeatable as well as the amenities. All meals were super delicious can't say enough good things about this hotel it is Amazing!


One of my favorite places to stay. Food was good, staff was good, and the new addition of the pool was nice for cooling off in the afternoon. Iguanas and macaws visiting every day was a bonus.


Susannah and the rest of the staff were very helpful and caring. I was given a pair of rubber boots to wear during the hike into the Park. They came in real handy. The food was well prepared and delicious.


Our room didn't have AC and it was devilishly hot. Our friend's room did, so we sent the kids to sleep there. The river & ocean were beautiful and we had a grand time swimming, kayaking and seeing all of the beautiful birds and animals. Definitely a Highlight of the trip!