The San Vito Wetlands offer you the opportunity to explore various flora and birds that grace the region. This naturally lush region is tempting for photographers and nature-lovers alike and is rich in vegetation throughout the year.

San Vito National Wetlands: A Natural Treasure in Costa Rica's Southern Heart

A Wetland Wonderland

San Vito National Wetlands is a haven for nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers alike. Its intricate network of lagoons, marshes, and waterways provides a rich habitat for an astounding array of wildlife. As you traverse the tranquil trails, you'll be greeted by the melodious chorus of resident and migratory birds, including the Yellow-throated Toucan, the elusive Collared Trogon, and the elegant Great Blue Heron. With over 250 avian species, this wetland is a birdwatcher's paradise.

Flora and Fauna Extravaganza

Beyond the avian wonders, the wetlands teem with diverse flora and fauna. Here, you'll encounter capuchin monkeys swinging through the trees, white-tailed deer grazing in the meadows, and reptiles like spectacled caimans sunning themselves along the water's edge. The lush vegetation showcases the beauty of tropical flora, with vibrant orchids, towering ceiba trees, and water lilies adorning the landscape.

Trails of Discovery

Explore the wetlands via a network of well-maintained trails, each offering a unique perspective of this natural wonderland. The "Sendero de las Aves" (Birds Trail) winds through prime birdwatching territory, while the "Sendero de los Monos" (Monkeys Trail) promises thrilling primate encounters. The "Mirador de los Cocodrilos" (Crocodile Viewpoint) provides a safe vantage point to observe these prehistoric reptiles in their element.

Conservation and Education

San Vito National Wetlands stands as a symbol of Costa Rica's dedication to conservation. The wetlands play a crucial role in the conservation of regional biodiversity and offer educational programs to raise awareness about the importance of wetland ecosystems. Visitors can engage in guided tours and gain valuable insights into the delicate balance of this thriving ecosystem.

Plan Your Visit

Whether you're an avid birder, a nature lover, or simply seeking tranquility amidst natural beauty, San Vito National Wetlands welcomes you with open arms. This wetland sanctuary invites you to immerse yourself in its serene waters, lush landscapes, and captivating wildlife. As you meander along its trails, you'll not only discover the magic of Costa Rica's southern heart but also become a part of its ongoing conservation story.

Weather and packing

The South Pacific is a region of vast contrasts in weather. Temperatures remain the same nearly year round with average day time highs in the upper 80s to low 90s and night time lows in the upper 70s. Precipitation varies by month with the months of December through April being the driest.

Visitors should pack a bathing suit, towel, shorts, tee shirts, appropriate shoes, rain gear, sun block, and insect repellent.

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Latitude: N 8° 47' 7.48"
Longitude: W 82° 57' 29.74"

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