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Costa Rica Beaches

Costa Rica BeachesCosta Rica has well over 700 miles of combined coastline between the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea.  Many of these beaches are backed by rainforest, while others are the main attraction for booming towns such as Tamarindo or Jaco.  Some are surf beaches, while others are ideal for swimming.  One thing is certain; if you want a beach destination, you are in the right place!  Click on the link above to read more about Costa Rica beaches. 

Costa Rica National Parks

National ParksCosta Rica national parks, reserves and refuges account for an astounding 14,000 sq. km or 28 percent of the country's territory! They protect numerous of species of wildlife including over 800 species of birds, 250 mammal species, 225 reptiles, 175 amphibians and thousands upon thousands of species of plant and tree life. The various ecosystems are spread between 12 unique climate and life zones which cover everything from tropical mangroves to cool cloud forests higher than 10,000 feet in elevation. Click on the link above to read more about Costa Rica national parks.

Costa Rica Volcanoes

Costa Rica VolcanoesCosta Rica is positioned along one of the more active sections of the global Ring of Fire.  There are more than 200 volcanic formations, some of which are more the sixty million years old.  Six of these volcanic formations are considered to be active.  Click on the link above to learn more about these volcanoes, which are iconic Costa Rica attractions.

Recommended Attractions

Recommended AttractionsCreating a recommended list of Costa Rica attractions is a little like picking a needle out of a haystack.  There are many to choose from and they all have their unique characteristics which make the special. Therefore we have selected a handful of our favorites for your consideration.  For a more comprehensive view, check out our beaches, national parks sections, volcanoes and hidden treasures sections.  Click the link above to see what Costa Rica attractions we recommend the most.

Costa Rica Hidden Treasures

Recommended AttractionsThis section is dedicated to the many hidden treasures that Costa Rica is NOT famous for.  You probably have not heard of these places and certainly would not come to Costa Rica with the sole intention of visiting them.  With that said we believe the little things count and know that some of these small stops can actually result in the makings of a trip of a lifetime.  Click on the link above to read more about these off the beaten path Costa Rica attractions.

World Heritage Sites

World Heritage SitesCosta Rica is home to three World Heritage sites.  Each is different with unique habitats, characteristics and attributes.  Click on the link above to learn more about the amazing Costa Rica attractions.



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