Our representatives are located in Costa Rica, so we will provide you with firsthand knowledge and local expertise.  We will also be here for you when you are in Costa Rica and available 24/7.  We know who to work with, but more importantly who not to work with.  This in itself is of great value.  In addition, it will also significantly reduce the odds of anything going wrong.  In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, we will be here to help.

We provide honest pricing and never have hidden fees.  You will always receive a comprehensive summary of what is included in your itinerary so there will be no doubts about the services you are reserving.

We are a reliable, safe, and secure company to work with.  We have assisted thousands of clients since opening our doors in 2007.  We are certified and in perfect standing with several agencies, including an A+ record with the BBB.

We provide secure payment options and payment plans when requested.  We will always work for and with you.

By reserving with us and having realistic expectations, you will receive the best that is available within your budget and gain world class service.

You can click on this link for a more comprehensive page of why we believe you should choose us or this link to learn more about us, our business philosophies and plans for the future.


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