The tropical dry forests of Junquillal Bay stay warm throughout the year. They make for a perfect adventure with beach camping and plenty of natural beauty to enjoy.

Explore the Tropical Oasis of Junquillal Bay Wildlife Refuge

One of the refuge's most enchanting qualities is its tropical dry forests, where warmth is a constant companion year-round. Here, every day offers the promise of adventure, from idyllic beach camping to immersing yourself in the abundant natural beauty that surrounds you.

Discover a World of Exploration

For intrepid explorers, Junquillal Bay Wildlife Refuge provides a playground like no other. Whether you're seeking solace in the gentle lull of the waves, eager to delve into the mysteries of mangrove swamps, or yearning for an invigorating hike through the dry forest, this refuge has it all.

Step onto the well-maintained hiking trails that wind through the heart of the forest, and keep your senses alert for the enchanting wildlife that calls this place home. Spot several species of monkeys as they swing through the trees, watch graceful iguanas basking in the sun, and perhaps even catch a glimpse of the elegant white-tailed deer that gracefully roam these lands.

Your Refuge, Your Time

One of the joys of Junquillal Bay Wildlife Refuge is that it beckons you to create your own schedule. Whether you're an early riser yearning to greet the dawn or a night owl captivated by the allure of the moonlight, this refuge welcomes you 24 hours a day. For those seeking visitor information or assistance, the refuge's offices are open from 8 am to 4 pm, providing a friendly and informative resource to enhance your experience.

As you embark on your journey through the Junquillal Bay Wildlife Refuge, be prepared to be mesmerized by the intricate tapestry of nature that unfolds before your eyes. This is a sanctuary where the harmony of mangroves, dry forests, and coastal beauty come together to create an unforgettable Costa Rican adventure.

Weather and Packing List

The Northwest Pacific is one of the driest climates in Costa Rica. The beach areas have a fairly steady year round temperature with daytime highs averaging in the upper 80s to lower 90s. Night time lows are usually in the upper 70s. Precipitation varies through the year with the nicest weather between November and August.

Visitors should pack a bathing suit, towel, shorts, tee shirts, appropriate shoes, rain gear, sun block, and insect repellent.

Fun Fact: Junquillal Bay Wildlife Refuge is part of the Area de Conservacion Guanacaste World Heritage Site.

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Latitude: N 10° 57' 55.05"
Longitude: W 85° 41' 3.03"

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