Sport Fishing in Costa Rica: Reel in the Adventure of a Lifetime

1. Quepos/Manuel Antonio - Home of the Pacific Sailfish

Quepos, located on the Pacific coast, is often referred to as the "Sailfish Capital of the World." It's famous for its year-round population of Pacific sailfish and marlin. Anglers come here to test their skills against these magnificent creatures. The nearby Manuel Antonio National Park and vibrant town offer a plethora of other activities for non-fishing days.

2. Playa Flamingo - Blue Water Paradise

Situated on the North Pacific coast, Playa Flamingo offers fantastic offshore and inshore fishing opportunities. The rich waters here are teeming with marlin, sailfish, dorado, and tuna. The area's luxury resorts provide a perfect blend of relaxation and angling adventure.

3. Tamarindo - Pacific Playground

Tamarindo, with its consistent offshore action, is a dream destination for sport fishing enthusiasts. Roaming the blue waters are marlin, sailfish, and trophy-sized dorado. After an exciting day on the water, explore the bustling town's restaurants and nightlife.

4. Papagayo Gulf - Fishing in Style

The Papagayo Gulf, located in the Guanacaste region, is known for its luxury resorts and exceptional sport fishing. Anglers here can target roosterfish, snapper, and grouper while enjoying top-notch amenities and stunning ocean views.

5. Golfito - Southern Gem

On the southern Pacific coast, Golfito is a hidden gem for sport fishing. Its pristine waters are home to marlin, sailfish, and tuna. The town's laid-back charm and nearby Corcovado National Park add to the allure of this fishing haven.

6. Drake Bay - Off the Beaten Path

Drake Bay on the Osa Peninsula is a remote and secluded sport fishing destination. It's famous for its roosterfish and snook, offering a unique angling experience in the heart of a rich marine ecosystem. Drake Bay is also a gateway to Corcovado National Park, making it perfect for nature enthusiasts.

7. Puerto Viejo - Caribbean Flavor

On the Caribbean coast, Puerto Viejo offers a different kind of fishing experience. Anglers can target tarpon and snook in the area's estuaries and rivers. Combine your fishing adventure with the vibrant culture and cuisine of the Caribbean.

8. Tortuguero - Jungle and Fishing

Tortuguero, known for its sea turtle nesting sites, is also a fantastic place for freshwater fishing. Explore the labyrinthine waterways and try your luck with tarpon and snook. This is a unique destination where jungle meets the sea.

9. Nicoya Peninsula - Surf and Cast

The Nicoya Peninsula, with its mix of world-class surf breaks and excellent fishing, is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Santa Teresa and Malpaís offer beach and point breaks, while the peninsula's coastal towns provide access to abundant fishing opportunities.

10. Jaco - Costa Rica's Sport Fishing Hub

Jaco, situated along Costa Rica's Pacific coast, is a premier sport fishing destination. Offering a diverse array of marine life, anglers flock to its rich waters to reel in marlin, sailfish, dorado, and roosterfish. Local fishing charters, guided by experienced captains, ensure a successful outing. Beyond fishing, Jaco's vibrant beach town atmosphere offers a lively nightlife scene and excellent dining options, making it an ideal destination for anglers and adventurers alike. Whether you're a fishing enthusiast or a beginner, Jaco promises an unforgettable sport fishing experience along the picturesque Pacific shores of Costa Rica

Tips for Sport Fishing in Costa Rica:

Check out our sport fishing map for ideas of what type of fish can be caught in each area as well as the best times of the year for each species.

The best places to fish in Costa Rica

The best sport fishing locations in Costa Rica with easy access


Papagayo, Flamingo, Tamarindo:  November - March

Jaco and Manuel Antonio:  September - November

Uvita, Osa Peninsula:  August - December


Papagayo, Flamingo, Tamarindo:  May - August

Jaco and Manuel Antonio:  December - April

Uvita, Osa Peninsula:  January, February and May - July


Papagayo, Flamingo, Tamarindo:  November - March

Jaco and Manuel Antonio:  June - October

Uvita, Osa Peninsula:  All year


Papagayo, Flamingo, Tamarindo:  All year

Jaco and Manuel Antonio:  All year

Uvita, Osa Peninsula:  All year


Papagayo, Flamingo, Tamarindo:  May - October

Jaco and Manuel Antonio:  May - October

Uvita, Osa Peninsula:  May - October

Entire Caribbean:  All year


Entire Pacific coast:  March - May and September - November

Caribbean coast:  March - May and September - November

Inland locations:  All year


Papagayo, Flamingo, Tamarindo: All year

Jaco and Manuel Antonio:  All year

Uvita, Osa Peninsula:  All year

Entire Caribbean:  All year


Papagayo, Flamingo, Tamarindo:  May - August

Jaco and Manuel Antonio:  June - August

Uvita, Osa Peninsula:  June - August

Entire Caribbean:  February - June


Northern Caribbean coast and canals:  May - October

Cano Negro and Rio San Juan:  All year


Papagayo, Flamingo, Tamarindo:  August - October

Jaco and Manuel Antonio:  June - September

Uvita, Osa Peninsula:  August - December


All year in each designated location.


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