Canopy zipline is probably the most popular activity and is available from most tourist destinations.  This is an adventure activity that allows you to soar through the treetops from platform to platform via cable and harness hooked up to a zipline. 

The hanging bridges are similar in the sense that it allows you to go through the forest canopy, but at a much slower pace.  The idea of this tour is to walk through the canopy on bridges so you can explore the flora and fauna.

Hiking is very popular in Costa Rica.  There are many options available through national parks and protected areas.  Some specialize in wildlife observation, while others are a little more extreme.

Rafting and boating are available in several forms.  You can go whitewater rafting on some of the best rivers in Central America.  Safari float tours on a rafting boat are also popular, but at a slower speed.   Riverboat safaris are a great way to see wildlife in areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.  Catamaran cruises are a popular way to take in the tropical coastline and are usually combined with snorkeling.

Volcano tours are always popular and usually combined with a stop by thermal hot springs.  Most of these tours are at the base of the volcano and take you through the jungle.

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