Visiting the hot springs in Costa Rica is a must for most travelers.  The soothing and relaxing springs are a great way to wind down after a day...

The Best Hot Springs in Costa Rica:

Arenal Volcano Hot Springs

Tabacon Hot Springs:  Tabacon is by far the most recognized hot springs in Costa Rica.  The hot springs are located within the resort property and fed by the Tabacon River at the base of Arenal Volcano.  While the resort does receive a lot of day and night pass visitors, there are many private and secluded sections that provide a natural jungle back drop.  Alternatively, there are common hot spring pool areas near the restaurant and wet bar.  Tabacon does sell out frequently, so advance reservations are highly recommended.

Los Perdidos Hot Springs:  The Los Perdidos Springs are located at The Springs Resort.  This is about 20 minutes from town on a bumpy dirt road, but when you arrive, you arrive to a luxurious resort and hot springs facility.  While the landscaping is beautiful, the hot springs at Los Perdidos have more of a man-made feel to them.  The pools are of various shapes, sizes and temperatures.   Similar to Tabacon, there are many secluded areas or you can socialize in the larger pool by the bar and spa.

Ecotermales Hot Springs:  Ecotermales is the smallest of the public hot springs in the Arenal area.  The property only allows 100 visitors at a time, so advance reservations are a must.  While there is a small stream, most visitors stay in the pool area.  One advantage Ecotermales has above the other public springs is service.  The property is run by a local family and they really enjoy what they do.

Baldi Hot Springs:  Baldi Hot Springs is the most commercialized of the hot springs in la Fortuna.  It is conveniently located to town and offers a reasonable entrance fee.  There are 25 different pools of varying sizes and temperatures.  They also have a hotel on the property.

Titoku Hot Springs: The Titoku Hot Springs are an affordable small hot springs property located next to Baldi.  The facilities include 8 hot spring pools of varying sizes and temperatures.  The springs at the top are the hottest and then as the springs cascade down to the lower pools, the temperature decreases in each pool.

Paradise Hot Springs:  This is the newest hot springs in La Fortuna.  The facilities include 5 hot spring pools and one cool pool for cooling down.

There are also many resorts in the la Fortuna area that offer guests private hot springs.  Arenal Springs Resort is our staff favorite with a beautiful hot springs area that is surrounded with lush and colorful tropical gardens.  Other hotels in the area with hot springs include Hotel Silencio del Campo, the Royal Corin, Hotel Los Lagos, Hotel Arenal Paraiso and Arenal Manoa.

Worth noting is the Tabacon River is a free public hot springs river.   It is located just below the Tabacon property and mostly utilized by locals.  Visitors should be vigilant with their belongings as petty theft is common there.

Rincon de la Vieja Hot Springs

There are several hot springs in the Las Pailas section of Rincon de la Vieja National Park.  While there is no entrance fee to use the hot springs, visitors must pay the $10 per person entrance fee to the park.  Vistors to hot springs in the Rincon de la Vieja area should note that this is a very hot area, with day time temps usually reaching the low 90s.

Hacienda Guachipelin Hot Springs:  Hacienda Guachipelin is an adventure ranch located on the border of the Rincon de la Vieja National Park.  The lodge has a hot springs stream running through and they have constructed Jacuzzi like pools off of the stream so guests can enjoy the springs safely.  Visitors can also be painted with volcanic mud prior to using the springs.  Day passes to the facilities are available or you can stay at the lodge.

Borinquen Resort:  Borinquen Resort offers a large hot spring fed pool for guests or day pass visitors.  This is a nice upscale lodge with a sprawling property near Rincon de la Vieja.

Other Costa Rica Hot Springs

There are many hot springs in the Miravalles Volcano area including a couple public access hot springs.  Rio Perdido is a new hot springs resort in this area.  The hot springs river is totally natural and the facilities they have constructed above it are luxurious.  The facilities offers day passes and hotel rooms have recently been opened. Similar to Rincon de la Vieja, this is a very hot area.

Tenorio National Park has a few hot springs that fed into the Rio Celeste.  While these are generally unmarked, look for rising bubbles in the river and chances are likely you have found a hot spring feeding into it.

The Hotel Rio Perlas, located in the Cartago area, offers hot spring pools.  While it does not provide a natural feel, the waters are indeed hot spring fed.

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