Starting at $145 per night


Enjoy world class hot springs and lush jungle scenery at the Tabacon Hot Springs. And did I mention that its locate right in front of the iconic Arenal Volcano?

At around 5:30 you will be picked up from your La Fortuna area hotel and brought to the famous hot springs resort. After checking in for the evening pass, you will have access to the hot springs and facilities. The resort offers clean locker rooms and changing areas, so bring along a little extra cash for a locker. Its well worth the money.

The Tabacon hot springs originate in the depths below Arenal Volcano. As rainwater is absorbed and filters down through fissures it makes its way down to the magma chambers which are closer to the surface at the volcano. The magma heats the water, making it rise to the surface, collecting minerals along the way. This results in three mineral rich hot springs that flow through the Tabacon property. The springs are then diverted into smaller springs and pools that vary in temperature, shape and size.

The various pools and springs that can be enjoyed in the resort range in temperature from 77 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. There are many to choose from so finding your own place is rarely an issue unless you are there during the peak season.

Those that want to share the fun with others can enjoy the hot springs fed swimming pools. They even have a waterslide for kids!

During your visit to the resort you will be provided with dinner at the Ave del Paraiso Restaurant which is located near the main pool area. This is a buffet style meal that usually features a nice selection. We recommend setting the earliest available time slot when you check in. Earlier times usually result in a better and fresher selection.

After relaxing and bathing at the Tabacon hot springs for approximately four hours (subject to change) you will be returned back to your hotel. We recommend working out your ideal pick up time with the guide before he drops you off.


  • Enjoy an evening of natural thermal hot springs at a world class resort
  • Jungle setting in front of Arenal Volcano

What to Bring

  • Camera
  • Sturdy Shoes
  • Bathing Suit
  • Clothes To Change Into
  • Towel
  • Cash If Using The Locker At Tabacon

Location and Availability

The Tabacon Hot Springs Evening Pass - Sunset Tours is available from Arenal, Arenal Zone 2, and Arenal Zone 3

Tour Time

  • 5:30pm

Tour Type

  • Hot Springs

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Recommended Ages

All Ages


Latitude: N 10°29'17.03". Longitude: W 85°16'41.05"


  • Overall 88.7% (49 Guest Ratings)
  • Experience: 88.3%
  • Expectations: 87.6%
  • Guides: 89.5%
  • Logistics: 89.6%
  • Value: 91.2%


We enjoyed a relaxing evening at the hot springs. The buffet supper was mediocre. The hot springs were awesome. It was a great time. The taxi drivers seat belt in the back seat needed repair.


Driver was great. The included buffet was just mediocre. I would do this trip again, but probably without the included dinner.


Though we enjoyed this experience we were expecting a more private, quiet experience. We did not realise that the pools were this large or popular. This was partially our own fault for not doing some research into this. I would suggest that more information about the Tabacon hot springs be put into the description.


The ambiance is great and the property was big enough that crowds weren't an issue. The waterfalls were beautiful and nature-like atmosphere created a nice experience. I like HOT temperatures so was a little disappointed that the pools were not as hot as I would like. The buffet gave a wide range of foods so was very enjoyable for me.


I didn't like being bused to another hotel to walk around and find hot springs or giant hot tubs. we had real hot springs at our hotel I think we paid 75 each. I don't recommend this trip. very crowded.


A heads up on how much key deposit was would have been nice. The drinks were pricey.


Too touristy and comercialized.


Was expecting more of a tour.


This was more of a self-guided tour of the hot springs, which were great to swim in at night. It was also nice that the dinner was included, since none of our other activities had dinner included.


Again, absolutely stunning. Will definitely do it again


Another highlight of the trip. The next time i would love to stay at a hotel that has springs. I was sore from the waterfall and the springs fixed me and my wife right up. We loved the hidden areas that were more private. The buffet food was also very good.


I had never been in hot springs before - this was a great experience. And when we (and the other folks with us) wanted to leave a little early, the driver came and got us.


It was a sunset tour. I would not recommend this if you are travelling with Kids. perfect for couple.